♫ One More Light ♫ A Song for people trying to see the World – Imagine


When we sit down and don’t speak because we may worry what others may think, we oppress ourselves and each other. When we stand up and speak, we liberate ourselves and those around us. Before we can see the World and understand the World around us, first we must understand ourselves, accept ourselves and learn to like ourselves. Only then can we turn and look at the World without the basic human emotions that cloud our every thought, day and impulse. These 3 emotions are #HATE #ANGER and #FEAR. Once we remove, if we can remove these emotions, then life becomes something else, we become something else. Self importance dissipates and we see the World, we hear the World, we become less selfish and more caring towards first our own lives and Worlds, then the actual World itself. Selfish people doing selfish things for selfish gain will in the end be alone, those who decide to reach out are never alone. Down the right-hand side of my blog are video’s, each a video I seen that gave me power of my own thoughts. The video that hit me most is the Charlie Chaplin great dictator speech, it is Words spoken in 1940 when our World was at War, but the Words ring true today, the images speak of the selfish acts that many of us can feel. Some feel, some can’t. We must respect this because to be free is to allow freedom of others, as long as no harm is being done, sadly much harm is happening Globally as I type, as you read. People are in Genocide being killed for Selfish reasons, yet only a few of us care. If each day every living soul awoke with one purpose, example of purpose would be ‘To make one person smile’ Imagine we ALL did this, we could change the World over-night. The very thing many of us crave is in sight, but the blind are blinded by consumption of selfish acts by selfish perverted people. We must stand up, we must unite. I know I am not alone, and neither are you. Will you look only at yourself or will you look at the World and care? I grew up with an elder telling me “I cry for Humanity”, so my Childhood till today has been a journey of discovery of self, my World and yours. Education is simple if we know it exists outside our own front door or even our own minds. Life is hard, yet many make it harder, so logic tells us life can be easier. Living in the moment meant this moment only, moments of self reflection come and go for me personally, what about you?






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Who do you ♫ ‘Turn Too’ ♫

In life we can ALL become selfish and think we are all alone, the only one to suffer, it can cause #Anger #Hate and #Fear, this happened to me, maybe it still is, I can never be sure. I transmit my every thought, but often here I am just sharing what I can share with you. Away from the internet ‘I turn’ to many things, music, love, helping, healing and hoping. One day at a time, one moment at a time is all I can do. The thought of ‘What about that event or party in 3 weeks’ is a feeling I just can’t do, so I stopped. I can only live RIGHT NOW. Where I get confused is, why do some make an already hard World, harder for themselves? Denying their own emotions, their own feelings. Never talking to a LIVING SOUL about how they feel, it’s TABOO to talk it seems these days, so people like me don’t fit into what ‘Society Expects’ from a grown man 😀 Pathetic or what? Sadder still I see the denial everywhere, I want to help, to speak, to hug even, but people can’t sometimes and I don’t know why. If we just ‘Say what we need to say’, then our burden is less surely? I have been traumatized so badly I can look ANYONE in the eye and see sadness or happy and all in-between. Who cares, these are just my thoughts at like 5am on a Friday morning unable to sleep and in as much pain as an Elephant giving birth maybe? 😀 I have no idea. This song is sent directly to the Heart I see most, the heart and soul that helps mine. You know who you are honey, thank you for guiding me, thank you for knowing and understanding me. Your strength is a mystery to me, but I just stand in AWE and thank God you choose me, and we ‘Turned to Each other’ – Thank you, ❤ you are my Rock. Why this song? I guess the lyrics, and a slight resemblance of ‘Something’ 🙂 #SameSongTwice #Real & #Lyrical


Melanie C – I Turn To You [Lyrics Version]
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Melanie C – I Turn To You [Official Version]
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What would you do if your found our life was a lie?


Nice guys, right?

This blog came about as I have been up all night and am bored. When it is just you and your mind things can be thought that might or might not be true. For people with Fibromyalgia this is common practice. We dissect our life into parts and then ponder what parts are true and what parts are lie

For me I tell the truth, or as much as I can to everyone, I am the most honest person I know, don’t ask me a question if you already know the answer because I will tell you what you don’t want to hear. I don’t sugar coat shit for nobody

Once a woman asked me “What do you think of me” I replied “You are an alcoholic arsehole” Now on the basis of just what I said that sounds harsh, but trust me, this woman deserved to and had to hear that truth, it changed her a little

When it comes to life, I hate a liar. I can handle people who tell a white lie for a reason, that is life, we can’t go telling the world our truth, we need to keep things for ourselves. People who lie I don’t like. People who don’t talk are worse. I have this saying you know, goes like this “HARSH WORDS CAN HURT…BUT NO WORDS HURT MORE…YOU KNOW WHERE YOU STAND WITH WORDS”

Lyrics, call it a poem, hehe

I have lived by these morals since I was a kid. My Dad used to beat the shit out of my Mum, and she always said “You know where you are with a punch in the face, words hurt and confuse” I don’t like to talk about all this in public, but in reality I could be making all this up, right 😉 But why would I? What do I have to gain. I don’t lie, I just hold back the truth sometimes. I have to, my life may depend on it. Long story

I recently or lately have begun to question mortality and life more than I ever have before. I don’t know why. Call it a 6th sense or something. Something don’t feel right, something isn’t right. I can’t put my finger on it. If I can be truthful I have a good life and I am thankful for all I have, the people and more. But in the end, the very end, we are alone with nothing.

Irony never escapes me, irony I believe is there to teach is things in life. When we see irony up close and personal it can bring a new perspective to life. Like the picture above of the nice lady with the big boobs, well it’s actually a guy with pretend boobs. Many men will drool over pictures like this doing dirty things to themselves, I honest to God don’t do that shit, pointless. If the woman isn’t the same room acting sexy, then it’s pointless right? So where is the Irony in life? Well I guess the Irony is “Being fake” People who are fake are Irony, they are trying to be what they want other than just being who they are


Careful what you wish for

I don’t know what brought this blog on, but I am sure in time, irony will kick my ass and let me know





Trying to be the best I can as I always do

Suddenly someone with a size 10 shoe appears

Before I know it it’s in my balls and Im laying down

Screaming because I dared to be myself and true to me


I have always been the same lad born in Edinburgh

I came from the place in Edinburgh the enema would go

Now i’m alone in the middle of the woods with a dog

The Blair Witch Project came to me, I never asked


I have a saying I use it always, fairly simple it goes like this

If you don’t like me kiss my ass, Ill smile and wave goodbye

Being a good father isn’t easy but how can I be 2 people

One day I am a great Dad the next im Jack the Ripper


So I will write my words for you all to read, talk about and scriutinise

No matter what I do this is how it will go down so why fake it

I just smile put up a middle finger turn around smile pretend and fake it

We can only change the World if the World want’s changed


I learnt a lesson just this week, to try to change others is a waste of time

Everyone writing thier stuff and hopeing people read it, then move on

I gave you all a change to share it, care it, you turned around and fucked it

Don’t treat me like a fool, it’s been tried before I walked away smiling


Want to be a nasty bastard, fine just don’t try me I got that shit mastered

I will be myself and look after me, want to talk behind my back, thats fine

When comes the time to choose and the results are in I will always shine

See I have this habit, it isn’t a drug, but please be sure I ain’t no mug

*AUDIO BLOG* – Being honest and learning from mistakes


Below is an Audio blog about the two written blogs below this one. It is a 10 minutes listen, and I hope you can all spare 10 minutes to listen. They join into the blogs below, plus a little bit more. I love doing these Audio blogs, and I hope people from all over are learning how to understand me 🙂

Look out for me FAILING BADLY at trying to say rejuvenated, I couldn’t get the word out so just changed my speech direction. You may laugh! lol

I said at the end I talk to a friend on Twitter, I meant Skype. Duh!

Anyway, please listen, and ANY comment, please leave them below


Coming out of the disabled closet


Just to start, coming out of the closet, for me, is a way of exposing the real you to the world, or your family and friends and loved ones

I have spent the last 10 years of my life, maybe a year or two less, slowly throwing myself into the closet or the bubble I blogged about a while ago. And lately I have tried as best as I can to explain to loved ones and friends that I am disabled. I think most knew, but I don’t think many knew to what level. The last two days I have been in bed, not only due to pain, but because of a sinus infection, it is getting better, this is why I am finally doing this blog, Friday morning I couldn’t even see the keyboard lol

So here I am, to family, friends, loved ones, and anyone else that is reading this, “I am disabled with Chronis Pain Syndrome” There were times where it may have looked like I didn’t want to see or speak to family, my Mum especially. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to see you, it was because I didn’t want you to see me. And as my Partner says to me “Don’t be silly” and she is right.

So today, I walk out of this stupid closet and tell the world “This is what I am now” Like me or dislike me, this is it. And it is hard for me to write this, dignity stripper, but the story must be told. I have many, MANY friends now on this blogging forum that I can only say thank you to, and I have, I did a thank you Word Press blog, because so many have been there with a comment or advice, so I have to thank my extended word press family, this is what you are now, everyone has a heart and cares and shares, again, thank you for allowing me to be brave and do this blog

I fear no man, I have no fear of anyone, but I do fear not being able to provide for my family, I am talking to the people in my house here. I also fear leaving them too early. But I think the time has come to man up and get myself ready to step into the world of the living and the thing I am most passionate about, being a football manager. It is a place that holds no prisoners; I will have to get my mind and body ready. Criticism I will get, you always do as a Manager. This is something I am already immune to, I just need to get my mind and body right to go win and make more memories. I also need to get my mind and body right for the people in my house and my family

No longer am I going to sit and wait on what I was waiting for, and I have no idea what I was waiting for. But I will tell this thing I was waiting for I am no longer at your mercy, go and don’t trouble me again, I have my strength back. Can anyone else relate to this “Waiting on something” ?

So to family, friends, anyone, I am Shaun, and I am disabled, and in bad sometimes horrific pain every day, and I need you to know this, and I ask you respect me still for being the new me I am. I hated it and I still do, but I must step out from its shadows and become a man again.

This is what I am doing today


Sharing your heart with others

share your story


Everyone will have their own story, this is mine.

When I first decided to be a big brave boy and share and open my heart to strangers, I did so reluctantly at first, with a bit of hesitation and trepidation, now it comes easy, as it will for most, the more you do things, the less you think about it, and the more you just say it or do it

There are times when I share things and I say to myself “Should I share this” like my Suicide blog here: http://prayingforoneday.wordpress.com/2013/02/07/suicide/ Looking back I, I read it over and I feel stupid, but when we all decide to share our feelings and be truthful and just have a bit of feeling in our hearts by replying to others who share, we have made a conscious decision to open the door to our soul so other people can see in and help, or encourage like we all do with our friends on here

Sometimes I can read 100 blogs a day and follow people through a blog they wrote, and then leave a small reply. When that person replies back with a “Thank you” isn’t that just an amazing feeling? I think it is. We stop what we are doing, we read, and we see a person is suffering or whatever, so we take a little bit of time to write something, anything to help them, and when they answer back, for me that is a special moment. It means that person can debate and is open to helping you also; THIS is what this place is all about, in my opinion

So I open my heart up, some of us do, sometimes I blog things I see in the world, with my spin on what it may mean, and it creates debate, and I “LOVE” to debate, being a talker and a big one at that, 🙂 I love to debate all things, from us as people, our pain, our love, our family to Earth and space, religion, God and all in between. I am still a bit “Looking for a word here” confused by a blogger, who I do like and think is fantastic. They asked me my thoughts on Jesus, I answered and no reply from then. I still sit here thinking “Did I upset the guy” or does he just not reply when the agenda is not what he likes? I have no idea. But this is blogging.

In life, no matter what you do, if you have the bravery to put your head on the block, as it were, or put yourself in a position to be judged or debated, don’t get upset when that happens, because it will. I say this often, I was a Soccer (Football) manager, and I have to say Soccer as 60% of the people who follow me are from the USA or Australia for some reason. But being a Manager, you get abuse from other people, it comes with the territory of putting yourself out there, and if you DARE win and be good, like a good writer here, people get jealous, and I still to this day don’t understand this hatred of people because of this. I don’t claim to be good at anything, I just try. I said many times, I am just a lad with a keyboard sharing

But to all, and my saying has started to spread “Keep on keeping on” Keep blogging, keep debating, realise there are MANY wonderful people here who will take that moment to talk to you and tell you how they feel and give you advice.

I sure will. I will open my soul here as long as I am here, I hope you do also, because as the picture above says, we might just bring meaning into one persons heart, and if it happens to just one person, then it was worth it, but when we do, we open ourselves up to debate and perhaps criticism, this is just part of being brave I guess, but don’t let it put you of sharing your inner most thoughts, as if you feel it helps you and others, it is worth it