♫ Battle Symphony ♫

Another Linkin Park song and this one has lyrics that we will all define in a different way. For me these lyrics are saying “I use Music to battle” whatever that battle is. We ALL have a battle going on, we all find coping mechanisms to help us fight our battles. For me it’s always Music. My family and close friends are a given in terms of ‘They are my first thought” but outside that Music is the saviour of my soul and mind. I find getting lost in a song, the lyrics, the beat; we can own it and play it till it gets stuck in our minds for days and days, even forever. I had one of my sons visit me during the week and his Wife, an amazing woman joked about my son “He plays the same song for days on end” 😀 But this is something my own partner says about me. It is a running joke, just fun that some of us use Music to heal ourselves. Just find the right lyrics or right words and it can make us turn to something else. As I always say, when we lost #Anger #Hate and #Fear, we become something else. But it ain’t easy, to try and lose these 3 emotions is a battle. Being #Anger is easy, being #Hate is easy, being #Fear is Human. Being the opposite of these 3 emotions takes hard work as the basic human instinct is to hate, to be angry and to be fearful. I have been anger, I have been hate and I am often fearful still. But all I can do, same as you, is try. All anyone can do it try, maybe not for ourselves, but we must find reason, even when there is no reason. Again, just my own thoughts.Thought I can have and own from time to time. Written by someone who loves me and helps me every day of her life FOR FREE. I did not promise her this life, but I do what I can.

I worry more for others than myself. We live in a World where GREED has poisoned the souls of the people in charge, and those of you who can read this MIGHT think your life is awful, trust me it could be worse! You could be in Syria, Iraq or worse Yemen where Genocide happens daily with the use of bombs and bullets paid for with money that COULD build hospitals, hire Dr’s, help the poor and in need. I know many people don’t help themselves but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, some people just get thrown a life and it’s hard. Yet the people I voted for don’t have full control. I am helped and I am thankful, but I look to other Countries and my 1st thought when I am allowed to own a thought is “OH HOW LUCKY WE ARE HERE”, wherever Democracy allegedly exists. Yeah, like Spain? Yeah Democracy right?, right?

My own father tells me always “I cry for humanity” and now I am an adult with kids and a life I did not offer to those around me, I see it too. If only our Politicians were not so scared easy to DO BETTER. Money has ruined us all. A clean slate is needed. In the meantime, find God, find whatever gets you through your hell, even if you don’t think you are in or going to hell. The World will judge YOU anyway and our Future will look at our leaders today and say “WHY DID THEY KILL THIS WORLD” Damn us all for allowing our World to have to BATTLE to breath!! In the very sense of the Word. Our Future will spit in our graves and I don’t blame them 😦


Battle Symphony (Official Lyric Video) – Linkin Park
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The Broken Family Unit – It’s a Global Selfish Uncaring World!! God is Money!

Lately as I wake up to an uncaring World torn between what they desire and what they think they want, and also the lust for Money everywhere is very hurtful to stand back and watch. I remember when I was a child in the 1980’s, Family was close, if one fell, we all fell, then helped each other back up. Today the ‘Family Unit’ is broken and all I can see is Money and Ego getting in the way. My Father is in his early 70’s and lives on a small Island somewhere; he has Dementia and NOBODY CARES, NOBODY GIVES A SHIT ABOUT HIM. It seems I am the ONLY person who keeps in touch with my Father, he has NOBODY really, he is alone with his thoughts and I have no idea being 700 miles away and unable to travel to him for ‘Many’ reasons, how bad things are for him, and everyone else is just caring about the people they stayed close too, like siblings, MY OWN, who turned away to the other side of whatever family. Jesus, the more I think about it, can I blame them? Pause for thought Shaun!

Me and my Nana in 1973

I remember when my Dads Mother, my Nana passed away, she died alone and unhappy. Often I think back to her, the top of my Family Tree and cry. I cry because ‘SOMETHING’ made people walk away from her, in the end she died alone and thinking nobody cared. I took ALL the blame because I was a bad kid, but I still tried, as I did along with one Aunt who sadly passed too were the ONLY PEOPLE to try. I visited most nights to make sure my Nana was in bed ok, the gas was turned off and she was safe. This was back in the 1990’s. I remember the wake after the funeral, the guilt I felt was self inflicted. My Aunt who has sadly passed away was there and came to me. She gave me a hug and said “Penny for your thoughts” I then told her what was on my mind, my Aunt cried a little and said words that helped, and I will never forget her for that and many reasons.

Edinburgh, Scotland – My Home

20 years on and my Family on BOTH SIDES is broken, I don’t see my own Sons any-more as ‘THEY DON’T WANT TO GET INVOLVED’ But involved in what? Life? Family? Love? Yeah it’s a confusing emotion. My own Mother is in a bad place and it’s SO HARD as I have NO IDEA how bad things are for her, not a clue, nobody speaks, nobody seems to give 2 fucks any more. It’s all ‘Me, Me, Me’ wherever I go, the IRONY of it all is wherever I go it’s all about ‘SHAUN’, and this is from people I have never seen in 20 years or seen in the passing a few times over the time we had two sons I am so proud off along with their Mother and now 2 little girls that literally keep me alive. But looking back I look back and smile, Edinburgh is my home, I want to leave the mess behind, but Edinburgh taught me all I know. Life just happens but Family from Childhood all moved away from Edinburgh, often I ask myself “IS EDINBURGH SO BAD” I don’t think so, it’s a beautiful place

Via: The Lake Poets on YouTube


I see a World so uncaring, so Money oriented, so scared of ‘EMOTION’ it hurts, afraid to ‘Talk deeply’ even one time and move away from it. I have never left my Childhood in the sense I am still living my life around the same people and same area of Edinburgh, Scotland. But the Family unit IS BROKEN wherever I look, anywhere I look, most if not all families just DON’T CARE, and the ones who do care are selective on WHAT SIDE OF FAMILY THEY CARE FOR, sadly many chase the money and side-step people who are ill. It’s horrible to watch. Again I am ‘Irony’ I know it! But like many I get blamed always, so I may as well be irony and just take blame right?

I have two little girls here aged 8 and 7 years old; they are starting to take note of NO FAMILY. They don’t know why, I MUST take some blame as I do have a car but LIFE JUST SAYS I CAN’T DRIVE SOMETIMES. My partner does her VERY BEST to show my Girls life, but it’s ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to sit with Family in all directions be them blood or not these days. People just hate, fear and loath over money or emotions life somehow forgot to teach a generation of people. Where did we go wrong globally, can you see it, do you even care? I know I do, but it’s like trying to fart against a storm to stop if. Yeah Scottish humor right there, got to keep smiling yeah?

What happened to us?

What happened to us all? What happened to you? What happened to me? What happened to us? Will you read this and ACCEPT BLAME? Because these days all I get from these kinds of people is ‘IT’S NOT MY FAULT’, YEAH! People just TAKE THE BLAME. I am a Grandfather in name only; I don’t see my Grandchildren and I am at the stage of giving up on EVERYONE. HOW FUCKING SAD IS THAT? And THEY will read this and just accept and not try to make up. I get it, sadly I understanding it. The worst decision I ever made was to wake up to this World, it’s IN DIRE TROUBLE

Right now if I could I would sell up, get a passport and take my Girls to Australia where I have some family who still ACTUALLY CARE. Recently I had 2 Cousins who flew from Australia to Scotland to spread ashes for a parent they lost and ONLY around 12 people or so showed up from the Scottish side of my Dads side of the Family, a family that is FUCKED. I am irony because I was not there myself, but I respected them by not going as certain people just want to get drunk and cause FIGHTS because they think ‘Being a Tough Person’ suits their style. I was one from 20 people who stayed away TO RESPECT my Australian family, I am not alone, about 10% of the Family turned up for them, Australia to Scotland and THIS!

[NOW HEAR ME OUT FFS] I was on HEROIN Levels of Drugs till a year or so ago till a voice in my head said “Tell the Dr you want out” and my Dr was amazing and changed medication allowing me to wake up JUST ENOUGH to see two little girls beside me, but also others who just ARE NOT INTERESTED in anyone bar themselves, I respect private people, I must respect hate, anger and fear in others because like you, do we have a choice? My pain is no worse nor no less than yours, my issues one and the same as you who read this. Put aside health and money for a moment and I see it, my friends see it, Family I do speak to feel like I do. It’s hurtful and awful.

I can almost remember this, I was always youngest

But Family members of mine will read this and see HATE, ANGER OR FEAR. The 3 emotions one of my Parents pressed me HARD to lose from my mind over many years. Always one of my parents was telling me “Shaun, hate anger and fear will drag you to the grave”!! So I listened and now all I do is hurt. I woke up to a level of dysfunction so badly I just want to smother the pain in drugs and say ‘Not interested’, this morning I TRIED TO REACH OUT TO A BROTHER AND A SISTER due to a worry I have for one of my Parents and I got NOTHING BUT ‘SHIT THROWN BACK IN MY FACE”, same old bullshit like “Aww Shaun!! People get old and it’s JUST LIFE” << WHAT ON EARTH HAS HAPPENED TO US ALL? I am close enough with many people still who hurt people with lack of caring people and it’s so hard to see. I have my life partner here HURTING daily because of lack of love from her OWN! You can’t deny this if you read, BUT YOU HAVE CHOICE TO FIX IT, and we are here should you decide to ‘GET INVOVLED’ in love of Family

I see 1 option for my Daughters, and it’s a new life, new ways, somewhere where people care. My only doubt and question is “DOES IT EXIST?” I fear it does not. But as long as I have air in my lungs and a mind to try hard, I will protect my Daughter from Hate, Anger and Fear like many friends and family and I who have young kids agree on “WE WILL NOT ALLOW OUR KIDS TO GROW UP AND BECOME SELFISH AND UNCARING PEOPLE” And I refuse to do this with my Daughters, AT ANY COST! Even if it hurts me to walk away totally.

I wish I felt the emotion to this picture….1975 I think

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THIS WORLD? I remember a Family so close on all sides, then I seen Drink and Drugs, abuse, hatred and more and people just slowly did what I IRONICALLY AM SAYING HERE…They just walked away! The old saying of “If you can’t beat them, join them” seems my only option for my Daughters. This rant, as it will be called a rant! if anything, it’s just a confused question of ‘HOW AND WHY’ can I help two little girls see love and happiness? I will do my best to search for answers for MY 2 DAUGHTERS!!! I must therefore be like the rest and turn around, walk away and say “I love you, but I must look after my own”

THE IRONY OF IT ALL IS KILLING ME! I am fucking BADLY disabled, my body lives in pain and my mind is FUCKED. Yet I feel I am the only person looking at our kids, all our kids, globally and thinking “HOW CAN I MAKE IT BETTER” – But then I pause, reflect, and KNOW there are people like me who want to mend the ‘Broken Family Unit’. How we sit back and allow each other to hurt and die alone, how we allow our minds to be turned by actions of perversion be them literal or fiscal is beyond my thoughts.

….I am lost, but I must find a way for 2 little girls. AT ANY AND ALL COST. No longer will I allow myself to be #Anger #Fear or #Hate, I purged my soul of these 3 deadly emotions. Sadly most people I see have not, most have 1 or 2 or all 3 emotions of Anger, fear and hate. Why?

It was ACTUALLY fun before….. lol – That is me crying North-West Scotland as my Sibling laughs 😀 Good times!!

Whoever reads this, and I only get about 300/500 reads per day these days [NOT THAT NUMBERS MATTER, I would rather 50 REAL people read it than 1,000 uncaring people read this, I am asking why has our World walked away from itself and to what? Money the illusion of happiness through the illusion of money?  But then I know people reading this will just point the finger back at me and my kind, and allow the circle of #Anger #Hate and #Fear to be in their very minds and souls, and transmit it to their own. So I MUST protect my girls from these emotions, so they grow to be free from these emotions. IF IT’S MY LAST ACT AS A HUMAN, THEN SO BE IT, I ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE WITH LOVE AND A SMILE.


When in Rome……..You know the rest surely! We give up on each other too easily. Why?


I miss them all…All I knew!






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♫ One More Light ♫ A Song for people trying to see the World – Imagine


When we sit down and don’t speak because we may worry what others may think, we oppress ourselves and each other. When we stand up and speak, we liberate ourselves and those around us. Before we can see the World and understand the World around us, first we must understand ourselves, accept ourselves and learn to like ourselves. Only then can we turn and look at the World without the basic human emotions that cloud our every thought, day and impulse. These 3 emotions are #HATE #ANGER and #FEAR. Once we remove, if we can remove these emotions, then life becomes something else, we become something else. Self importance dissipates and we see the World, we hear the World, we become less selfish and more caring towards first our own lives and Worlds, then the actual World itself. Selfish people doing selfish things for selfish gain will in the end be alone, those who decide to reach out are never alone. Down the right-hand side of my blog are video’s, each a video I seen that gave me power of my own thoughts. The video that hit me most is the Charlie Chaplin great dictator speech, it is Words spoken in 1940 when our World was at War, but the Words ring true today, the images speak of the selfish acts that many of us can feel. Some feel, some can’t. We must respect this because to be free is to allow freedom of others, as long as no harm is being done, sadly much harm is happening Globally as I type, as you read. People are in Genocide being killed for Selfish reasons, yet only a few of us care. If each day every living soul awoke with one purpose, example of purpose would be ‘To make one person smile’ Imagine we ALL did this, we could change the World over-night. The very thing many of us crave is in sight, but the blind are blinded by consumption of selfish acts by selfish perverted people. We must stand up, we must unite. I know I am not alone, and neither are you. Will you look only at yourself or will you look at the World and care? I grew up with an elder telling me “I cry for Humanity”, so my Childhood till today has been a journey of discovery of self, my World and yours. Education is simple if we know it exists outside our own front door or even our own minds. Life is hard, yet many make it harder, so logic tells us life can be easier. Living in the moment meant this moment only, moments of self reflection come and go for me personally, what about you?






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No Scottish 2nd Referendum soon!

Many Unionist thinkers took this as 'NAZI SALUTE'

Many Unionist thinkers took this as ‘NAZI SALUTE’

Many will reply to the title and image and look stupid, only you can see this if you care to look. Yeah, in many Unionist places I dwell, as they dwell in our debate pages this image above was said to be “Nazi Salute” by many or some, doesn’t matter. What does matter is what we in ourselves believe. I will be voting SNP 1&2 in the Scottish Elections on Thursday 5th May 2016 along with I hope most. I seldom get involved in heated exchange on any platform around Scotland and our Freedom movement because 9 times out of 10 it turns to HATE. Yes we are all seeing, should we look, hatred within the Yes movement and it’s turned VERY PETTY! I did this blog with 2 video’s of Eddie Izzard at Madison Square Garden’s and it went down badly AS I KNEW IT WOULD. Eddie Izzard – Noah’s Ark and Moses! – Madison Square Gardens USA

Hated for saying we should vote no OR because he was on the  BBC?

Hated for saying we should vote no OR because he was on the BBC?

See, we are living in the past as a movement, we see things and name them, often badly. We share the same stuff from the BBC and other outlets over and over and over, I think I have seen the same images posted 1,000 times now…WE GET IT!! So how do we move forward as a Yes movement? I don’t have the answers but I see right now many are questioning Nicola and the SNP. Today the best chance of a 2nd Referendum is if Cameron and the Tory take the UK out of Europe, I think that would trigger an almost immediate 2nd Referendum date at least. I for one want Scotland to be in Europe, there are many pro’s and con’s for being in Europe and I see the good and bad points. For me HUMAN RIGHTS is one I feel we need. But often I look at the Refugee crisis hitting Europe and Europe as one are not dealing very well with this crisis, so it does make me thing often. See it’s good to question things always, to turn the coin around. 1 example is TONS of people replied with “Eddie Izzard was on the BBC” and that was it! Zip, leave it there. I replied with “But so was Kevin Bridges” and got hardly any replies. So it begs the question of “How clever are we in Scotland in terms of how we the people steer the Yes movement”Because Nicola and the SNP are saying NOTHING!! If we only understand the power we hold as a Yes movement and become one, we will be free sooner than we know and Nicola and the SNP are desperate for us to stand up. Sadly I can’t re-write this blog here because I can’t see different, WE NEED A NEW DIRECTION Scottish Yes Movement – Is in total control of the Unionists?

NOT WHAT I BELIEVE...But lets see who is REALLY on game and reading each other

NOT WHAT I BELIEVE…But lets see who is REALLY on game and reading each other

Still too tight wherever we look.

Still too tight wherever we look.

Lets see who reads, gives opinions and hates. The yes movement is an UTTER SHAMBLES today. People will say “Ah but when a 2nd Referendum comes we will come together” So I ask simply, how do we come together and get a 2nd Referendum? All I see today is Yes Movement hate in SOME places. I say always at the bottom of blogs “Let us see who actually reads this” and it is so obvious Unionist hate is there in the Yes Movement it is untrue!! Do you see it or will you stay on your bandwagon of false hope? Did you even read this. blamedemotivatorI don’t have the answers for today but if we look back through Scottish History we can be proud, yet we don’t apply these Scottish values in today’s modern World. Did we get cheated in the Scottish Referendum? The answer is irrelevant because we have to get a 2nd Referendum date ASAP before hate takes the movement for at least a Generation. I will vote SNP twice, I will write what I see as the truth. Never in hate, 2 emotions you are best without are hate and fear. If you can look past these 2 emotions things become clearer and also hurt. The abuse many like me get is UNREAL, but I am still here, sadly many just stopped and went back to life. I have to do this for my girls. Two wee girls around 5 years old. So I challenge you all to tell me and yourself and others “WHERE ON EARTH CAN WE SEE A SECOND REFERENDUM?” – Hate me or like me, it won’t stop me from telling a truth myself and others see so much. I want Scotland free so bad I would give my life to see Scotland free knowing my family will walk into an oppressed World and pray we end up like Iceland for example. The rest is up to you Scotland

alba-gu-brath alba_gu_brath_by_quadraro-d2xt1ch


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An Image from Palestine yesterday. Do we believe God sends us signs? If we do, is this one?


Why music can heal your heart

pink-floyd-comfortably-numb-track-from-the-wall-album-d5k54aFor my 16oth blog here, I wanted to do something with meaning that we can all relate to, well for me anyway, you will have your own

♫ This blog is, well what says it is. The picture above says it all. Music is medicine for the heart. For me, it always has been. When I have been up, down, in the middle, music has took me places my mind needed to be. Making love to my partner there are songs we love, we can all relate I guess. There is a song for any and all feeling we have. There are songs from when I was a kid, some make  me feel good, some bad, they bring back differing memories each song.

One thing about music is, it heals, it helps, it comforts, it brings hearts together and it is universal in the way it speaks to us. These are a collection of songs that have special meaning to me. Feel free to tag your own video in with a reply. These songs all have a amazing and profound meaning to me, so I thought I would share with you all

Let the music send the message ♪

These songs are for you all.

Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are

Bryan Adams – Heaven

Chris Isaak – Wicked Games

Bon Jovi – Always

R.E.M – Everybody Hurts

Take That – Rule the World [In Session — At Abbey Road]

John Lennon – Imagine 

Michael Buble – Lost

Bob Marley – Stir it up

Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb (Live 8 concert)

Billy Joel – Innocent Man

Some will like them all, some will like none, but that is what I love about music, there are no rules. Just your own.

Worst pain ever today……


I get pain all over my body, sometimes my knee, sometimes my shoulders, sometimes my hips, sometimes my ankles, even my feet, and many other places. Today it is lower back

I awoke and could walk, but every step was like an electric shock to the area, the pain was 10/10 I was in agony. I called my GP he just said “Take more pills, and use more gel on the area” So I did, and it took 20% of the pain away.

Lower back pain for me can be the worst of all pains, as that one area makes it hard for all your other joints to move properly. The cause is the way I slept last night, people usually sleep in one way, I slept in an almost foetal position, and I am told not to by the pain experts, but when asleep, you are not aware of how you will end up sleeping

Does me no good!

Does me no good!

When I do sleep like this, it is feels like my lower back has fused and I can’t straighten up, and today, I spent 3 or 4 hours in agony after I awoke, trying to just relax whatever it was that needed relaxing. Even now, it is still sore, it was that sore leaning forward to drink a cup of tea hurt my back and my neck. This is Chronic Pain, I wouldn’t wish it on an enemy, if I had one, it is degrading and horrible and days like this I just want to stay asleep, as when asleep, there is no pain, and I did for a while, I just went back to bed and the pain and medication knocked me out

I just hate it, it sucks, its shit, it’s more that agony; I don’t have a word for this pain. Today is a day I needed to be somewhere and do something’s, and I couldn’t, so I let people down, and that brings guilt, but I was reminded by everyone and their dog’s today “It isn’t your fault

I promised myself I wouldn’t give into this bastard pain, and try and live normal, today?

Shaun 0-1 Pain

I lost. I had no choice, I just gave in. And as I sit here, I ask, is there more to come? Is the pain going to get worse? Is this for me? Or do I do what I preach and fight, do I lift myself up in agony and go, do I say “No” and just keep going? I am a fighter, give me a fight and I will win, it is in my nature. Today I lost, and that hurts my pride, but makes me want to fight harder to try and find ways to stop this pain.

I promise myself right now, I am not taking this, I won’t give up, I will fight, and I will do as I tell others. But today was awful. Really bad, and it’s days like this I wish I did not over do sport when I was 21 and younger, when I remember all my coaches from Soccer to Boxing telling me “Take it easy” I used to run, no, sprint up hills, I used to do extra soccer practice, I stayed behind in the gym and did extra in the ring with my coach, who was the Scottish Middleweight champion  at the time. And even he said “Take it easy tiger”

I should have listened.

So if you are the same, you pushing yourself too far, to fast, to hard? Stop, please. It does come back to hit you, hard.

Slow down tiger

Slow down tiger


I wish – My 1st attempt at a poem




I wish I could walk like I used to do

I wish I could play with my kids in the park

I wish I could be the man I once was

I wish I could be him, not just because


I hope as I age my pain slows down

I hope as I age my wisdom helps me

I hope for my kids a wonderful life

I hope for myself I was once as I liked


I pray and ask questions in hope

I pray when I am down, also when I up

I pray who is listening, who could it be

I pray that one day wisdom falls down on me


I live for my kids and my partner I love

I live to learn more and to see things improve

I live to see God in all of his Glory

I live for the hope of telling my story


I ask that only I live a free life

I ask that my kids are happy and free

I ask that my family are kept and are warm

I ask that I can defend from the incoming storm


I share as I am able to do so

I share as I know it helps others

I share in the hope others share

I share because I so dearly care

I wish.


A 72 Year old message that still has meaning in our sick world

If only..............

If only…………..

I have posted this video before, but I want to again now I have a bigger audience of caring people. This is my only reason

In our sick world, we can all look around and see acts of individual kindness; this is what we have left, people being nice on a human level. As a species we do care, as a civilization we are lost. Somewhere, somehow, something went wrong, Corporate greed (And I have blogged this) has made our world a greedy place.

I see individual acts of kindness most days be it here online or in the street, I watch the nightly news and I ask myself where did this kindness go? Name a country not in War, at War or in Civil War or on the Brink of Civil war, you will struggle. If there is a country with 500 soldiers in a war zone, that country is at war.

What went wrong? Where did we get lost? What can we do? How can we do away with greed? How can we fight for a better world? Just a few questions posed in the clip below.

The clip below is 72 years in the making, done by Charlie Chaplin, this is was not scripted the way he said it, he winged it, it was spontaneous and during World War II

I ask you all watch this. I have posted it before, but when I had like 100 followers, now I have more followers and more love and intolerance and humanity in my friends here, I would like to share this video one more time. And if you can, PLEASE give me your thoughts.

When did our world turn to a War zone? When did the unloved hate, when did we lose our way, what caused it, and how do we stop it. This is a VERY STRONG message here, and because it is so old, it has lost no relevance 72 years since it was made.

I will say no more, you be the judge, because we are are all the cause and the cure, we did this, we allowed this, why?

This is me, you and the people you speak to, we all can change this

This is me, you and the people you speak to, we all can change this

With love and humanity, Shaun x

If you miss someone, and want to be with them, this song is for you


Sometimes I find myself blogging and sharing on a whim, no reason to, wasn’t planning to. But “Shaun being Shaun” I think of others. I know a friend misses his Daughter, I know a Father who misses his kids, I know a man who misses his Mother, that man is me. So this blog is for anyone who misses someone, for any reason, for any emotion.

Love, Peace, Individual acts of kindness, Hope, Praying, kindness alone, Humility, Humanity, Love. Respect, are words I am thinking as I type here.

Love and peace to all

Shaun x



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