Are you Dragging your Childhood along behind you? – Are we right to ask this question?


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Well here I am again, awake at Silly 0’Clock sitting bored with a cup of coffee trying to wake up. Then I had a chat with a loved one I have known my whole life, it got me thinking, so I am writing this, I have no idea what I will say, I just wing these blogs, enjoy 😉 x The last few days I have been in bed a bit, got speaking to people I have met from a few parts of the World and also family here in Scotland. It seems many are dragging their childhood along behind them every day, I know this from provoking feelings I did in a few blogs I did before this one just days ago, certain people came and asked me why I wrote them and this tells me my blogs do bring questions to others, as time goes on more and more people ask me about blogs, in reality my life is more important, a life away from the Internet, but it’s healthy I believe to just say what is on your mind, as long as you are not hurting other people, so this blog came about from people I know and love in real life and people I love to bits as friends from all over the World. It’s something I don’t do but it did get me thinking about these people, some I love dearly, I had no idea some family were so messed up because of their childhood. I had a happy Childhood but I would be lying if I said I could easily drag it behind me. LOOK! We all have a story right? Some had an amazing Childhood, some awful and then everything in the middle is either hard or just not good to hear about.


What was this kids Childhood? You know him?

When I was sitting listening to or reading what I was I couldn’t help look back at my own Childhood, but I switched that thought off because I am now helping my 4 kids be adults, especially the girls who are 5 and 6. I have a few family members, both sides of the family who say to me “I wish I could write like you do” I reply “You can” Then they reply “But people talk about you” 😀 Now I AM aware of this, and I say to these people who want to write their life down even using a pen name (Made up name) to ‘just go for it’ People can use their own name and face as I do or make a name up and just write, I do know when you reach out, people do reach back. I have so many people in my family that are almost evil to the point I wonder if they are dragging a childhood behind them but because they don’t want to talk about it, but know I, like you, have amazing family also, sadly in some it sticks to them like glue and they can’t wash it off so live in harms way, they can’t get past it. The advice I give to people who want to write about their Childhood is “DO IT” Because if you don’t it may stop you from growing. Like myself, how could I bring up 2 amazing sons and 2 daughters if I was stuck in the past? I couldn’t do it. So if you want to write, share? Then do it. The day you stop doing what others say is “Bad” or “Stupid” is the very day you become what society has told the haters to become, then you yourself become silent to the suffering you want to offload


The whole Social Media world will share quotes like the one above almost every day, so ask yourself “Why do they share them” The only answer I think people share these images for is because it’s the closest they can come to sharing a dark past they can’t escape from. I write what I do and when I hit publish the weight of it’s emotions go away, this is why I write these kind of blogs,they are therapeutic to me and help, so, who am I harming? We live in a crazy World these days. Often I look back to my Childhood and it feels like a dream or a movie I once watched, the reason I can do this is because I release all the crap emotions when they come at me. We all get them, every Human gets emotions they don’t want. So to those who give people like me a hard time for smiling whilst releasing the demons of my past, don’t sit and give others a hard time for getting rid of their Childhood or life feelings when you are stuck struggling to cope with yours. Almost it seems people are trying to find a love that is impossible to find or figure out these days, people confused by love or the lack of love, it can be impossible for some to find or even share love ♫  

UB40 – Impossible Love (Lyrics)
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Live and let live I say. I always use Music to get my points across. If we look at the World and think “OK, Who can I use as a benchmark for a lost Childhood” The first name that comes to many of us, and I know this through Debate, is Michael Jackson and his song “Have you seen my Childhood” I was a MEGA Fan of Micheal Jackson as a kid 😀 I think I got it from a sibling, so I always think of that person when I think of how I used to love Michael Jackson as a kid, my room was just Micheal Jackson posters wall to wall 😀 Today people would say “Sad person” but again I come back to the age old question of “Why can’t people just let people live?” It must be said not everyone from my Childhood had it bad nor do they care what I write, they encourage it, most encourage me to keep writing when I am thinking “This is getting very boring” So I keep going and in reality it’s the ramblings of a 42 year old guy who is able to talk openly about his past. But I must say, I share 10% of my life with the Internet, some things we must keep inside or close with a trusted and loved shoulder like say? My own partner or friends that can listen, then go get drunk with, that is what life is about for me “Tell the story then move on” 

Michael Jackson – Childhood (Michael Jackson’s Vision)
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So that was it really, well for now anyway. I have a great life today, tomorrow it may change. My spiritual guide lives on an Island far away and we talk many times a week, often we argue but always we pick the phone back up. This person explains their Childhood to me, their regrets and things they are not proud of, this helps me become that person. Long story short, this person saved me from becoming them, and in turn then changed, we saved each other. We talk about it a LOT. But we mostly laugh. This person tells me “You are the only person in the World I can sit for more than 5 minutes talking too” See this person hates phone talking, I am the ONLY person they can phone chat to for hours, but that came about because we BOTH TRY! Either way we all have our ways but that is cool

How many of us as kids and still as adults are left with this

How many of us as kids and still as adults are left with this “Who do I side with” It is a REAL question for many

Young Shauny - No News :D

Young Shauny – No News 😀

Many people dislike things so we have to respect people’s ways, the day we start to point and mock and tell a person how to live is the day we become society ran and stop being ourselves. I let that go MANY years ago. I write 20% of blogs about myself, have done way over 10,000 blogs across the board, had I not written what I did  I would be in a real bad place so I am thankful for this platform to speak to myself. I shared a few blogs recently and I should not have, people have a right to not read or read and reply. I remember I did a blog on a girl called Kim’s site, Deliberate Donkey it’s called, it’s way down the right hand side of this page, I think 8 people from Scotland I know have read it, I did it on an American site for that reason. One family member read it and agreed and left a reply, only for 3 years later another family member almost crucify me for it 😀 Yet I had spoken to EVERYONE about writing it. People forget in life and then they lash out, confusing or what? Anyway I think I am done here. For those stuck in the past I say go and share your suffering because if you don’t you become the opposite of what I am and millions like me, you become nasty and horrible. I can flick a switch and become a bad guy sure, but knowing I control that switch is key. Do you control your switch? Please, ask yourself that question. For now…

More love, less hate


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