An Independent Scotland is happening – SNP Haters, Freedom Haters – Deal With It!!

I made a decision about 2 years ago to stop blogging about a free Scotland, because the timing was not right, the landscape was not aligned to its values, and the EGO of people was making me tear my hair out. Only recently I had ANOTHER argument with a Scottish Freedom Fighter who was EGO. He took to the stage in Glasgow during the march and spoke; he had his stage, and presumed he was important. HE IS IMPORTANT, but he is no more or less important than you or I who also want a Free Scotland. We must be one, and I can say with hand on heart “A FREE SCOTLAND IS GOING TO HAPPEN AS I PREDICTED” Scotland will be free and Independent by the year 2020, you can take that to the bank, in-fact you can take it to the newly formed Scottish Bank started by the SNP. One of my last blogs I thought the year 2020 would be our Freedom year, and then I doubted, now I KNOW it is coming. A reminder before you read the rest below

June 28th 2015: #IndyRef2 – 2020 ‘Vision#ShaunyNews Copyright ©

Today the stars have aligned, the motion of a forward together Scotland is visible and there for all to see. There will be no Rape Clause in Scotland. Our amazing Scottish National Health System is untouchable. Nobody in Scotland will pay the Bedroom Tax. Carers will get more money; Disabled people will be treated fairly with honesty there if applicable. Tuition fees remain free and they are to go up. So to all you Scottish people who hate the SNP, I have some Questions:

  1. Do you or anyone you know in Scotland pay the Bedroom Tax
  2. Do you or anyone you know in Scotland pay for Prescriptions
  3. Do you or anyone you know in Scotland pay for Education?

There are many things Scottish born people who dislike the SNP take. Yeah they take the freebies and hate Scotland at the same time. Do you know freeloading Scottish people? Sad pathetic selfish people who take all the free things Scotland gives yet give us History lessons as to why they don’t like the SNP. We must with a peaceful mind point out all those in Scotland who take the freebies and ask “Then why do you hate being Scottish, why do you hate the SNP”

Scotland is standing up, the marches are getting bigger, we no longer need the MSM to show us what we already know, we have woken up, we have stood up, we have became less selfish and we are becoming a better Scotland while the SNP and Scottish Government prepare our amazing Scotland for Independence. Make no mistake, behind the scenes the SNP along with others is setting up the framework for an Independent Scotland ready to trade GLOBALLY! Forget Europe, Scotland can and will trade globally. Many see Europe as a means to hate a Free Scotland with comments like “Why trade being owned by Westminster for being owned by Europe” – Yeah! This confuses me too.

This is our time

This is our moment

This is our land

The time is now

We are finally ready to be free, and we will be.

I said I would not write about Independence till I could see it happening. Friends and family who read this, TRUST ME, this is happening. Freedom is coming to Scotland, and there isn’t a thing Westminster can do. We are too strong now, we have had enough of Austerity, we have argued with each other over trivial points to the stage we have stopped. We are finally ready to go forward into the WORLD and within Europe with the tools we need.

Get Ready Scotland. It is coming faster than most could ever believe







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11,000 jobs at Faslane Naval Base at risk in Independent Scotland – Fear over hope?


With Independence looking more likely than unlikely the question must be asked, what will happen at Faslane Naval Base, is this more fear over hope, the issue on “Scottish people losing jobs” Propaganda so to speak? I don’t want Nuclear bombs 60 miles from my house, but them on the Themes in London, yeah, never happen! Thatcherism KILLED the shipyards in Glasgow, but now it’s all wrong? Well isn’t that sensationalism? 

An internal briefing by defence giant Babcock, distributed by the Better Together campaign, said “it is unlikely that Clyde as a conventional naval base would require the same numbers of support personnel particularly when the number of naval personnel will reduce significantly”. But the Scottish Government said it anticipates Faslane will require the same number of military personnel that it has at present, as well as a large number of civilian jobs, as it makes the transition to become Scotland’s main naval base and joint force headquarters. Speaking on behalf of Better Together, Labour MSP Jackie Baillie, whose Dumbarton constituency includes Faslane and Coulport, said: “It is clear that if Scotland leaves the UK then the jobs of 11,000 workers on the Clyde would be at risk. The nationalists’ plans don’t come anywhere close to providing that level of employment in the future. “This would not only devastate the families of the workers involved but also the local economy in my constituency too.”

A spokesman for Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “Transitional arrangements will support both the day to day operations and the workforce levels at the base. “We anticipate the same number of military personnel as now as well as a large number of civilian jobs – both during the transition phase and thereafter. “Of course defence contractors such as Babcock and other companies in the sector will be very well placed to secure defence contracts both during and after the transition. “Work to reconfigure Faslane is expected to involve major construction activity, and thus will also help create and protect jobs in the area.

“The Scottish Government expects that, at the end of the transition, the number of military personnel at Faslane will approximately match numbers there currently, and be supported by a significant number of civilian personnel. Given this continuing commitment to jobs on the Clyde it’s no wonder that veterans of the UCS (Upper Clyde Shipbuilders) work-in are backing a Yes vote in September” Derek Torrie, Unite convenor at Faslane and Coulport, said: “Those of us working at Faslane and Coulport are in no doubt that the security of our jobs is best served by remaining in the United Kingdom. Any other outcome is a threat to our future employment.”