Brexit means England will stand alone, Ireland will be united and Scotland will be a nation again

Fidelma Cook.

I am sharing this as many can’t read from the source:

NOT that long ago I wrote about living with a constant low-lying swirl of rage and irritability. It was, of course, to do with Brexit and, if anything, it has got worse, becoming a silent scream of impotent angst.

You may say, rightly, that I have too much time on my hands to scour the internet, read all the papers, tune in to Parliament live, and you’re probably quite right.

Two English friends, in favour of Brexit although living in France, were here the other day and, in different circumstances, it could have come to blows.

I am beyond rational discussion in the face of ignorance, for that is what I hear when confronted with tired cliches, demolished week after week.

In fact I am beyond stating a case for staying within the EU; if anyone cannot see beyond the charlatans peddling a right wing coup, then hell mend them.

Give me one, just one, positive case for leaving the EU and I will listen to you. Hello? Anyone there? No, because there isn’t one.

I am beyond being calm, measured, understanding. I have no empathy with those who are set on a course to destroy their own country in the ludicrous terms of ‘sovereignty, taking back control, will of the people.’

Usually when on a rant, I semi-apologise that I am viewing all through a telescope from another country.

And it’s true, as I’ve said time after time; I’m no longer linked into the nuances, the pub talk, the flow of the country I left behind.

I’m not in tune, or discussion, with the many people I knew or met daily or listened to in overheard chats, overheated arguments.

I admit I sit, a silent watcher, crouched over a Mac, trying to make sense and gather thoughts via social media and websites.

But today I’m not apologising any more. Life ‘back there’ doesn’t cease because one lives in La France Profonde. If anything it intensifies.

Particularly when Brexit is about to destroy so many lives in this/your country, and the one that is mine now for the immigrants who have made it so.

Distance, the telescope, whatever, actually casts the cold eye and makes one sit back in shock at all that is taking place.

Distance makes me appalled and saddened, deeply saddened, at a Press that is often partisan, not forensically detached.

Distance makes me pick over every argument and find the Brexiteers not only wanting, but shameless in their headlong rush to create a lie.

This week I watched live as Parliament ‘debated’ the amendments sent back from the Lords. Debated? Hardly, with two days to do so.

Perhaps after all my years here I have become a little foreign – a little questioning in my appreciation of democracy in action.

During the first devolution debate I reported for the BBC from the Palace of Westminster. That is a tale to be told for another day, but let me say I was shocked and often disgusted by all I witnessed there.

When, with instinctive journalistic verve I wanted to report certain facts, I was warned off in no uncertain terms. Told that was how things were.

And told that I couldn’t expect airtime and not to be so naïve about life in the House.

A touch enthralled about being in the centre of power I acquiesced and convinced myself that my nightly Reporting Scotland reports were honest at least. And they were.

I closed my eyes to the rest.

So, I was not surprised in a way to watch the jeering and hissing over the amendments that came before the House last week.

That’s what they do, although, since the introduction of cameras, they have become a touch more circumspect.

And then, we had the non-discussion of Scotland’s devolved powers and an arrogance and disdain that led to a walkout.

I have said, many times, in this column that I do not feel it right to discuss Scottish politics.

But there comes a moment.

I found the disrespect in the House towards Scotland and its representatives beyond all acceptable behaviour. And, like many commentators I believe that was the day the fight for independence took a giant leap forward.

On display was all the contempt that England has shown over and over again to its neighbours. Some of the statements made about Ireland and its border issue have been breathtaking in the ignorance and insensitivity of those making them.

By the end of this debacle England will stand alone, Ireland will be united and Scotland will be a nation again.

I hold no political allegiances, have never and will never take membership in any party, but were I in Scotland and asked to vote in an independence referendum, I would not hesitate.

While the English Government peddles hate and closed doors, all I see coming from Scotland is inclusion and social care.

I see a country looking to a future, a future in Europe, not a past founded on race memories of a colonial shame.

And I would say cut yourself loose – run for the hills while you can. The ship is sinking but you don’t have to go down with it.

The time has come






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An Independent Scotland is happening – SNP Haters, Freedom Haters – Deal With It!!

I made a decision about 2 years ago to stop blogging about a free Scotland, because the timing was not right, the landscape was not aligned to its values, and the EGO of people was making me tear my hair out. Only recently I had ANOTHER argument with a Scottish Freedom Fighter who was EGO. He took to the stage in Glasgow during the march and spoke; he had his stage, and presumed he was important. HE IS IMPORTANT, but he is no more or less important than you or I who also want a Free Scotland. We must be one, and I can say with hand on heart “A FREE SCOTLAND IS GOING TO HAPPEN AS I PREDICTED” Scotland will be free and Independent by the year 2020, you can take that to the bank, in-fact you can take it to the newly formed Scottish Bank started by the SNP. One of my last blogs I thought the year 2020 would be our Freedom year, and then I doubted, now I KNOW it is coming. A reminder before you read the rest below

June 28th 2015: #IndyRef2 – 2020 ‘Vision#ShaunyNews Copyright ©

Today the stars have aligned, the motion of a forward together Scotland is visible and there for all to see. There will be no Rape Clause in Scotland. Our amazing Scottish National Health System is untouchable. Nobody in Scotland will pay the Bedroom Tax. Carers will get more money; Disabled people will be treated fairly with honesty there if applicable. Tuition fees remain free and they are to go up. So to all you Scottish people who hate the SNP, I have some Questions:

  1. Do you or anyone you know in Scotland pay the Bedroom Tax
  2. Do you or anyone you know in Scotland pay for Prescriptions
  3. Do you or anyone you know in Scotland pay for Education?

There are many things Scottish born people who dislike the SNP take. Yeah they take the freebies and hate Scotland at the same time. Do you know freeloading Scottish people? Sad pathetic selfish people who take all the free things Scotland gives yet give us History lessons as to why they don’t like the SNP. We must with a peaceful mind point out all those in Scotland who take the freebies and ask “Then why do you hate being Scottish, why do you hate the SNP”

Scotland is standing up, the marches are getting bigger, we no longer need the MSM to show us what we already know, we have woken up, we have stood up, we have became less selfish and we are becoming a better Scotland while the SNP and Scottish Government prepare our amazing Scotland for Independence. Make no mistake, behind the scenes the SNP along with others is setting up the framework for an Independent Scotland ready to trade GLOBALLY! Forget Europe, Scotland can and will trade globally. Many see Europe as a means to hate a Free Scotland with comments like “Why trade being owned by Westminster for being owned by Europe” – Yeah! This confuses me too.

This is our time

This is our moment

This is our land

The time is now

We are finally ready to be free, and we will be.

I said I would not write about Independence till I could see it happening. Friends and family who read this, TRUST ME, this is happening. Freedom is coming to Scotland, and there isn’t a thing Westminster can do. We are too strong now, we have had enough of Austerity, we have argued with each other over trivial points to the stage we have stopped. We are finally ready to go forward into the WORLD and within Europe with the tools we need.

Get Ready Scotland. It is coming faster than most could ever believe







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What Does Scottish Independence Mean To You?

Coins in a jam jar

A Good friend I trust, Bill Glenn and I had a chat earlier this morning, Bill is a man I respect for what he is, what he gives to others, he inspires through words, he like you and I wants to see Scotland come together, be one and not divided and of course FREE, there are so many amazing people like Bill, real good men and woman trying hard to define their reasoning. Got me thinking so I thought I would ask just 1 question

“What would Independence mean to you”?

Your answers will differ from others but please give good reasons for a Free Scotland you desire. I say this again, I have not heard 1 no voter give good reason for voting no, not 1 no voter has said WHY they voted no. I have heard thousands of reasons for voting yes however, real reasons with real fiscal meanings also. We can go it alone yet the lies and the media have taken many while others seem to vote no to spite their own kin. I will never understand the hateful no voter, not all no voters are hate, some are hate some are confusing. I don’t hate, I don’t fear. I have good reasons to want a free Scotland and they are simple. This is MY LAND, OUR LAND and we give it freely to London, why? We have the money in hand not ‘Cap in hand’ to go it alone. I want my two girls who are 5 and 6 years old to grow up free from oppression and austerity, my 2 sons who have moved out to have kids themselves in a free and equal Scotland, I want my kids and your kids to grow in a nation that loves to help and helps to love, we Scot’s are a caring bunch, I mean the real true Scottish kin, we welcome anyone, help anyone if it is right to do so, we are an AMAZING race of people. What are your reasons for wanting a free Scotland? Below I left some images and a 2 video’s. The video directly below when I first seen it I could feel the tartan in my blood shoot up my spine, PROUD TO BE SCOTTISH I was. I know no voters who are proud to be Scottish yet happy to allow London to increase poverty and try oppress us. Lets just focus on 1 thing at a time, 1 question at a time. Give us your reasons, lets focus on just your reasons for an Independent Scotland. 

[VIDEO] Andre Rieu – Scotland The Brave – Amazing Grace







A Strong Woman

















images (1)



Girls at highland dancing competition contest at the annual Braemar Gathering near Balmoral in Grampian region of Scotland...AW2JKY Girls at highland dancing competition contest at the annual Braemar Gathering near Balmoral in Grampian region of Scotland












[VIDEO] Cap In Hand – A song 20 years in the making






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Anonymously, a friend has asked me to share this. Obvious who has the page, not obvious who asked me to share it. Just had to make that clear. 

This is the official Facebook page:

Public · Hosted by Sis Jay
 Janice Ross

Rose Harvie has offered to do a talk if that’s if interest? ‘If it is any help, I have done an Open University course on fracking, and a couple of talks based on the course and other research. Rose Harvie’




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Has the ‘Yes Movement’ been derailed?

Scotland-Magnified-webI used to do a few blogs a day, now I am doing a few a week. The same old imaged and questions, valid for sure, but repetitive for many. Spoke to a few on Skype and other ways and it seems many feel the same as myself. The Yes movement has become an angry one, I am not saying everyone is angry but what we are writing is being distorted by ‘whoever’ for ‘whatever’ reasons. I seen it many months ago, I called them shills and I thought if we didn’t out them as 1 unit of people we would fall as individuals. Well sadly this is the way I see it happening these days. I still want a free Scotland and will do all I can, like you, like many people by sharing the truth be that truth huge or so small we can’t see it till someone points to it. The movement is divided to the point yes voters now argue.

Opening our eyes to a hard truth is a start

Opening our eyes to a hard truth is a start

Until there is purpose and reason for me to write and research again I bow out for now. Really is just the same talk, images and stories, it’s getting boring and the yes movement is not what it was before the 2014 referendum. I have said it for so long now that I am actually being swayed by the very actions of the people I am trying to point to and say “They are liars and no voters”

download (1)

No way will I give in on a free Scotland but when people ask me “Why do you always work on your own” when people ask if I will become part of their movement my response is always the same “Who do we trust” I know who I can trust but the people I know I can trust, are they trusting the correct people? No hate, just observations of boredom from me, no biggy people. Keep on keeping on and maybe one day we will be free. Because right now we are talking and saying nothing, walking and going nowhere. People not allowing the freedom of expression and information, why? I have been saying liars and thieves have been on our door step for a decade now, only now I see people seeing the so called ‘Conspiracies’ as fact, but we need more than just acceptance of a truth.

For now…….

Alba gu bràth


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Why does Scotland read Main Stream Media? Scottish Alternative is our truth!


Slept for a while then woke up early today, watched some TV a Movie, sat at PC with cup of tea in hand them proceeded to read some shared information and stories in 32 Scottish freedom yes movement Facebook groups. Now I know I have said before many times that I strongly believe with others that there are Government paid people all over Social Media saying 1 word or 100, basically anything to create hate debate between people who are after the same end result, people like you and I who see Scotland can go alone and have proven this fact and without hate, I don’t see hatred from the Yes Movement but I do from the no movement. Do we need reminded?

God Save the Queen Glasgow Loyalist Style

Unionist intimidating Austin Sheridan Glasgow

I actually sadly know a few of these ‘Like minded people’ and they are idiots, on their own most guys who can look after themselves would have then in tears in under 30 seconds but as a pack animal the Loyalists in Scotland brings shame like the video’s above, yet people who voted no for valid honest reasons still want to like? or perhaps put up with this Loyalist hatred? Remember I wrote about my personal feelings on these ‘Loyalists, they are Football Casuals in the main, pretending to understand politics, they don’t do politics they do fighting and beating up Yes voters because ‘Their pals are doing it’ These “Unionists/Loyalists” in Scotland – Facts <Click) I stand by that statement on 99% of these fools.

You fine with this being your kids or grandkids future Scotland?

You fine with this being your kids or grandkids future Scotland?


We can all play this game when the police are around can’t we? Most PRAY the police turn up, fact!

Why is it in all these groups we are sharing always stories from Main Stream Media? Lies and stories to fool us. I do believe it is important to know your oppressor but is it possible we give them too much column inches? I am an ‘Alternative news source’ Same as Wings over Scotland and many more, also the same as Tommy Sheridan, I stand for and with the yes movement but with no hate. If the yes movement turned to hate and we had a Scotland full of these haters then I say we stop the independence movement today and just let the main stream TV/Paper media fool the Scottish people who don’t research as much as they should. Like other bloggers many will like this article but only 10,000 will read it even though it’s sharing to many more. I say always I am above nor below any man, I have opinions but they are very well researched opinions. Should I be put on the spot with a hard question by a no or yes voter I am in a position to at least be able to debate the actual laws and workings of any given debate, this is what researching is, sadly Scottish people still want to pay certain print media on days like today when everyone buys the Sunday papers. The only way we can get our media to tell the truth is to stop buying from them. In-case you think the media does tell the truth, here are some reminders for you if you are still uneducated on the matter. Divide and conquer has been used through our our species history going back 2,000 years and more, this is EXACTLY what is happening with our Media here in Scotland. Go research and prove me wrong…? I did a blog a few weeks ago, within 2 minutes of me hitting publish a Facebook group member said “Your spelling and grammar is awful” Strange thing was, it was mostly video’s and images, but still nobody could have read it in less than 2 minutes, look out for this! Please!

I can spot them after a few posts

I can spot them after a few posts


So what else did the media say about Nicola to make people dislike her?


Not just 1 paper, this was just the tip of the iceberg


We shared this image only for ‘Shills’ to accuse us of using kids for votes or issues


Please don’t fall for what the main stream media tell you, this has to be the worst, laughable!


Then it got really silly!

So we know the media lie, we know the media and Labour called up all over 65’s who were Labour members before September 14th to tell them “If you vote yes, you lose your pension” I have shared the graph of voting age groups over and over you should have seen it by now. I am not saying “Please read my blog” here but what I am asking is, try and stick to alternative news Scotland. I remember before the vote I asked a question and I was correct all along.

September 10th 2014: Scotland:  We can’t be scared nor selfish, don’t be the Worlds joke! <Click)

September 19th 2014: Scotland Vote No In Referendum – Selfish, Scared People, Well Done! <Click)

I had a gut feeling before the referendum there was a silent majority, I said “Don’t be selfish yet when we look at what Labour called and told pensioners then we again look at this graph, we see myself and others had every right to be nervous about ‘Selfish voters’ I said selfish at the time but in truth, like many I wasn’t voting for ME, I was voting for my kids, your kids, all our kids and for Scotland in 100 years from now. Selfish people living in their here and now refused to believe Scotland would become one of the wealthiest nations on Earth overnight had we voted yes. I blogged the truth and so did hundreds of others. Our biggest import is tourism and whisky as both combined make us more than our oil does, so again ‘Don’t believe me, go research’ We can’t do it all for you. IndyRef2 is close and we will be free soon but I am still worried about the people like the land owners, the modern day nobleman appeasing the same crown their bloodline did in the 1100’s, yes nearly 1,000 years ago!

Based on financial facts, go look

Based on financial facts, go look


No voters lost out, no voters were lied to most. yet yes voters are fighting for this ‘Vow


And this is why they went from 40+ Westminster Scottish seats 1!!




They lied and we retired about 30 of them for life


Look forward. I am 40, what would I say to my Grandson when asks me when I am 80 years old?


Even Europe was willing to take a Free Scotland. All the Information of being free and how we could was there!!



This is how simple the choice was. Did you vote selfishly?


Alex I respect, we let him down, well 1 age group did


Did we feel sorry for ourselves? No, we became the 2nd biggest membership party in the UK. 2nd biggest!


In the year 2020, the circle of life will free Scotland, Westminster know it, we are held for moments today


Do you get involved or are we all talk?

Div and Conq

Sun Newspaper England Vs Sun Newspaper Scotland – Same Day!

Scotland – Short videos – Yes has to happen, no will kill Scotland <Click)

♪ Scotland The BRAVE ♫ We must be Brave <Click)

Why we MUST listen to our past and look to our future Scotland – As the polls are very close <Click)

Scotland, listen and be at one with our future!Looking back, what a no vote offered wasn’t given. But look what we missed out on, remember this?

As always I aim to offend nobody, just through facts out there #Alba

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Tommy Sheridan asks us to vote SNP before Edinburgh march [Dates Inside & Video]

UntitledTommy Sheridan Hope Over Fear Tour Dates <Click) All the dates, all areas where we will march

Great news for East Coast Scot’s today this. The ‘Hope over fear tour’ that was sadly denied in Glasgow last month when a Pro-Union group asked the Glasgow Council if they could march also, basically Unionist groups submitted permission to stop Tommy, I would believe these angry people, as many are, did this knowingly, sadly on police advice Tommy was denied a peaceful walk in Glasgow because a group of people who in all fairness would possibly cause trouble and ruin our peace, this is what we ARE and WILL free ourselves from sooner than I think many Scots realize. I do not suggest for 1 second all Union supporters are bad people, I know Unionist voters who would still vote no, but they are amazing people so this tells us that not all no voters are the hatred we have seen too often in Scotland over matters of independence. But before you bash me in the teeth with your keyboard understand the Glasgow Council didn’t allow with reason being “Possibility of trouble or violent clashes” Now I am just saying this, I have never heard 1 pro-independence march/protest/whatever having any trouble caused by the people involved in or who arranged these marches. However do we need reminded what a very small % of people do want to be and show anger on our streets against something many of them do draped in a Union flag hating us as much as Westminster do but with total lack of reason and understanding of the political and human side of our movement here, Scottish people I am talking about, why? I once told my thoughts on them. These “Unionists/Loyalists” in Scotland – Facts <Click) I don’t hate anyone I just struggle to understand the people I speak about and share videos about in the blog link above

The lad is about to help Scotland become free, he backs  freedom, lets back him with support!

The lad is about to help Scotland become free, he backs freedom, lets back him with support!

The date I did this was September 29th 2014 and I guess I was still angry at what all yes voters at the time thoughts had happened, that we may had been cheated, images and video’s covered the internet of alleged irregularities as well as the guy with the bags of votes, I wrote that blog maybe not angry but not taking the no vote very well, as at the time with everyone I knew, nobody knew many no voters, we were in shock. So here we go again, Tommy is gearing up for more of the same as we approach the vital Scottish Elections in 2016 with the potential to almost loosen the shackles from Westminster. We have a real chance to wipe the floor in more regional places like we did winning 56 from 59 seats this last May 7th, the swings were huge and only a minor miracle at this stage of play will keep Labour in any kind of real power in Scotland, we can really paint the Country Yellow and keep it this way with a surefire Referendum accompanying a good political SNP win next year. Please never let us forget nor lose reason of focus when we ask “Why did the Glasgow Council call off the March with Tommy and Yes support” of why it was not given permission. Know it’s reasons!

Via: ~~


Plans for a pro-independence rally through Edinburgh to mark the first anniversary of the referendum are expected to be given the go-ahead by the city council later this week. Tomorrow councillors are expected to approve the Yes 2 Scotland event, which will see a march along King’s Stables Road, the Grassmarket and to the Scottish Parliament.

If granted permission by Edinburgh City Council’s licensing sub-committee, the event will take place a week tomorrow, 18 September, exactly one year after Scotland voted by 55 per cent to 45 per cent to stay within the United Kingdom.

The Edinburgh rally looks likely to be given the green light, despite a pro-independence event organised by supporters of former MSP Tommy Sheridan in Glasgow being banned amid police fears of clashes and disorder. Glasgow City Council has taken the decision to deny Hope Over Fear permission for a rally in the city’s George Square after a pro-Union group made a rival bid. The authority said it had received advice from Police Scotland that two events clashing could spark public order issues.

Last month the council said it had declined both applications. The absence of a rival event in Edinburgh means that the march through the capital is likely to get the green light. A report to the licensing sub-committee states: “The council has limited powers available regarding the control of such events. These powers should only be exercised to prevent public disorder, risk to public safety, damage to property, or excessive disruption to the life of the community.”

~~End Story~~

Tommy Sheridan on the voting system For 2016 SE – Tommy asking we ALL vote SNP 
Via Ian Russell on You Tube


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American Radio debates ‘Scotland will leave the Union! Talking our World too


Soon to be BIG NEWS 

John Hogue's book

John Hogue’s book

Diane Milligan on Facebook shared this video done by Bob Bain’s Farside | Paranormal Podcast from the USA. It’s talking Scotland at the start I would ask you listen. This man is saying Scotland will 100% be free in a few years and uses the same reasons myself and others do. We know the small detail and always the small detail will set you free. PLEASE LISTEN SCOTLAND!! Also it is asked if England and Scotland will war each other. I don’t think this will happen but it was an issue in my mind once before. PLEASE LISTEN SCOTLAND! This is a guy called John Hogue talking about his book. Now many will auto-think “Money maker” NO! He used to be a blogger just like you and I and then just went for the truth at all and any costs. Book to the left and here is the link for the book HERE <Click) I ask Scotland you listen to Diana’s video post about this subject, you need to hear this about Scotland and the World. I have said it often myself, Scotland is part of an oppressed World and we will be free soon, very soon into an oppressed World. We must know this information or it could go badly wrong AGAIN!! Learning means education and Scotland rank 3rd in the World in literacy. It’s high time we showed the World this is actually true, we are slowly getting there as John says in the video below, don’t fall for their lies again, lets turn Scotland MORE Yellow. You can read this lad here also @JohnHoguePrphcy Scotland we must become knowledge very soon

The start of a bigger movement

The start of a bigger movement


Predictions for 2015: World Predictions for 2015-2016 | Prophetic Forecast with John Hogue
VIDEO Via Bob Bain’s Farside | Paranormal Podcast on You Tube


As England leave Europe, Scotland will leave the Union

As England leave Europe, Scotland will leave the Union


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#IndyRef2 – 2020 ‘Vision – #ShaunyNews Copyright ©

© of ShaunyNews Media

© of ShaunyNews Media

Above is a #statement I made thinking #2020 will be the year for #InyRef2 with perfect vision 😀 Others have started to use it and Main Stream Media ‘may’ steal it, so!! LOL

The image, logo, statement, 2020 word, vision word in context, this context being ‘I believe and said “Scotland will have a second Referendum in the year 2020 I say with good vision” All words, images and logo with saying and meaning in a political context are owned and reserved by ShaunyNews Media <Click) I am aware ‘2020 vision exists in Binocular vision and any Astigmatism terms’ ShaunyNews terms added a Scotland image I made with all text. In the end I suspect a vote on Europe MIGHT free Scotland in the end. I am going for 2020…

Might never happen, but I own this one 😀 Cracking saying, others can use it, share it, but only in © image above 🙂

We just never know in life 😉 And give me peace as I just found out  I HAVE M.E. (Myalgic encephalomyelitis) Give me this 😀 All fun, but I love the saying

ShaunyNews Media


This message is SO SIMPLE. Religion and hate take the message with stupid like





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SNP threatens to call another independence referendum – Do we have over 50%

28A0867B00000578-0-image-m-12_1431591363445 2899BD1A00000578-0-image-a-11_1431591357440

This is days, maybe a week old but a few alternative news agencies and others are sharing this today. My only hope here is we have over 50% Last time I checked we didn’t. I want free, you want free, you may want to stay in the Union. All aside these are the facts here > Scotland do have enough votes to be free? We need more than 50% <Click) Should we have #IndyRef2 and lose we lose for several Generation, if we wait till 2020, my vision is still focused, we can do it. That gives us math here to play with. The over 65’s at 70% lost us the vote for freedom, I can’t and won’t hate nor be angered at Scotland’s people, a Political lie and willing Whitehall serving Media played tricks on us, THANKFULLY Scottish people have brains and we painted the town yellow! If we allow 2014 to pass and wait toll 2020, logic alone will say 20% at least of over 65’s have sadly passed by 2020 and around 15% new voters come into play, our new youth who can vote. So does this = #IndyRef2 or do we have 50%? On May we may have wiped the floor yellow but facts are facts, sadly, I presented them in the article above, it was 50% SNP in may in HUGE Swings, so is this a hint it can be the 75% we all seen on the lead up to #IndyRef1 that the Main Stream Media would not share? All polls did by others, 10’s of thousands all showed 75% #Aye, so this is what surprised us, then this image told a truth or a lie. It matters not now, we must look forward and make sure now. Scotland 2016 Elections will tell Scotland a better clearer truth. If we can empty Westminster and replace with the likes of SNP in huge numbers, Tommy Sheridan’s party and the Greens, we change Scotland for EVER, and we never get the bad Tory nor the red Tory (Labour) EVER AGAIN…We can do this, but if this is our future we want, we MUST become 1, inform, engage, share and be knowledge. I said before #IndyRef1 we CAN’T be selfish, the ones who leave sooner due to human nature were scared by Labour, for this we must turn our backs for GOOD..No promise from the Red Tory can be seen as a truth and anyone who does needs a check up from the neck up! 


Facts..Oh wait!!! Lord Ashcroft 😦

More facts

More facts<??

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is expected to confront Prime Minister in face-to-face talks and will argue that he has ‘no mandate’ in Scotland.

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The Scottish National party has threatened to call for another vote to break up the UK unless the government agrees to devolve more powers to Edinburgh, adding to concerns in Westminster over the prospect of a second independence referendum within a few years.

Stewart Hosie, the SNP’s Treasury spokesman in Westminster, warned in an interview with the Financial Times that if the British government failed to go further than the devolution package of measures already on the table, it could trigger another ballot.

MPs will debate those measures in the Commons on Monday, with SNP MPs pushing for amendments to allow Holyrood to claim new powers rather than having them devolved from Westminster.

Nicola Sturgeon, the first minister in Scotland, has said the SNP would only include plans for another referendum in an election manifesto if there was a “material change in [Scotland’s] circumstances”. She cited as an example the possibility that Scotland voted to remain in the EU in a referendum that saw the UK as a whole choose to leave — something that current polls suggest is unlikely.

Don't let this image haunt us for all of time. We can't fight hate with hate guys

Don’t let this image haunt us for all of time. We can’t fight hate with hate guys


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