Brexit means England will stand alone, Ireland will be united and Scotland will be a nation again

Fidelma Cook.

I am sharing this as many can’t read from the source:

NOT that long ago I wrote about living with a constant low-lying swirl of rage and irritability. It was, of course, to do with Brexit and, if anything, it has got worse, becoming a silent scream of impotent angst.

You may say, rightly, that I have too much time on my hands to scour the internet, read all the papers, tune in to Parliament live, and you’re probably quite right.

Two English friends, in favour of Brexit although living in France, were here the other day and, in different circumstances, it could have come to blows.

I am beyond rational discussion in the face of ignorance, for that is what I hear when confronted with tired cliches, demolished week after week.

In fact I am beyond stating a case for staying within the EU; if anyone cannot see beyond the charlatans peddling a right wing coup, then hell mend them.

Give me one, just one, positive case for leaving the EU and I will listen to you. Hello? Anyone there? No, because there isn’t one.

I am beyond being calm, measured, understanding. I have no empathy with those who are set on a course to destroy their own country in the ludicrous terms of ‘sovereignty, taking back control, will of the people.’

Usually when on a rant, I semi-apologise that I am viewing all through a telescope from another country.

And it’s true, as I’ve said time after time; I’m no longer linked into the nuances, the pub talk, the flow of the country I left behind.

I’m not in tune, or discussion, with the many people I knew or met daily or listened to in overheard chats, overheated arguments.

I admit I sit, a silent watcher, crouched over a Mac, trying to make sense and gather thoughts via social media and websites.

But today I’m not apologising any more. Life ‘back there’ doesn’t cease because one lives in La France Profonde. If anything it intensifies.

Particularly when Brexit is about to destroy so many lives in this/your country, and the one that is mine now for the immigrants who have made it so.

Distance, the telescope, whatever, actually casts the cold eye and makes one sit back in shock at all that is taking place.

Distance makes me appalled and saddened, deeply saddened, at a Press that is often partisan, not forensically detached.

Distance makes me pick over every argument and find the Brexiteers not only wanting, but shameless in their headlong rush to create a lie.

This week I watched live as Parliament ‘debated’ the amendments sent back from the Lords. Debated? Hardly, with two days to do so.

Perhaps after all my years here I have become a little foreign – a little questioning in my appreciation of democracy in action.

During the first devolution debate I reported for the BBC from the Palace of Westminster. That is a tale to be told for another day, but let me say I was shocked and often disgusted by all I witnessed there.

When, with instinctive journalistic verve I wanted to report certain facts, I was warned off in no uncertain terms. Told that was how things were.

And told that I couldn’t expect airtime and not to be so naïve about life in the House.

A touch enthralled about being in the centre of power I acquiesced and convinced myself that my nightly Reporting Scotland reports were honest at least. And they were.

I closed my eyes to the rest.

So, I was not surprised in a way to watch the jeering and hissing over the amendments that came before the House last week.

That’s what they do, although, since the introduction of cameras, they have become a touch more circumspect.

And then, we had the non-discussion of Scotland’s devolved powers and an arrogance and disdain that led to a walkout.

I have said, many times, in this column that I do not feel it right to discuss Scottish politics.

But there comes a moment.

I found the disrespect in the House towards Scotland and its representatives beyond all acceptable behaviour. And, like many commentators I believe that was the day the fight for independence took a giant leap forward.

On display was all the contempt that England has shown over and over again to its neighbours. Some of the statements made about Ireland and its border issue have been breathtaking in the ignorance and insensitivity of those making them.

By the end of this debacle England will stand alone, Ireland will be united and Scotland will be a nation again.

I hold no political allegiances, have never and will never take membership in any party, but were I in Scotland and asked to vote in an independence referendum, I would not hesitate.

While the English Government peddles hate and closed doors, all I see coming from Scotland is inclusion and social care.

I see a country looking to a future, a future in Europe, not a past founded on race memories of a colonial shame.

And I would say cut yourself loose – run for the hills while you can. The ship is sinking but you don’t have to go down with it.

The time has come






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Amazing Photos of Scotland from Space



Tim Peake

Some stunning images of Scotland from space here, found them on twitter via user Tim Peake or username @astro_timpeake who is a British Astronaut aboard the ISS (International Space Station) The image above is of South East Scotland, you can see my home from there 😀 And also the Forth Bridges that take you North into the Highlands. Stunning images, one below is the entire UK and EIRE (Ireland) Got to say, amazing catch by Tim.



Snow covered Scotland


UK/Ireland at night


Scotland and Northern Ireland to the left


Edinburgh, Scotland


Scotland at night


Probably taken at the height of Summer, still snow 😀


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Findings: 27,000 Palestinian Children Killed, Injured or Detained Since 2000


When I did this blog called A story that should ‘Haunt Israel for all of time’ – Palestine’s Lost Children on 31st of January I was telling a truthful story our main stream TV and paper media do not tell us. Much of the truth we get from inside Palestine comes from ordinary people like you and I whilst asking for help. Many attempts have been made to help them from a few Countries via boats heading for Gaza but the IDF stopped the boats, on one occassion someone died on these ‘Peace boats’ If you think they were not in peace please understand I helped fund 1 boat a little that left Ireland, so the people trying to help are genuine and real. I also asked a question about American Religion when I asked American Christianity Will Happily Keep Palestine Occupied. Why? on October 5th 2015 and sadly that is the truth. This is how many Countries now recognise Palestine and it might actually be a little higher, I wrote this Tomorrow Wednesday Ireland will become the 136th country to recognize the ‘State of Palestine’ on December 10th 2014. I don’t get why Christian American’s don’t get what the rest of the World can see. I know one Christian (There are 100% more) who would happily see WWIII happen to protect the scripture in their bible, another tells us “They should be in Jordon” but that is a time travel comment and not an answer to the 2016 problem where people, kids are dying every day. When I share a story I am not giving my thoughts only, I am sharing facts from news agencies who do tell the truth. How some American’s can sleep at night is beyond me, truly beyond me. As usual links to other sites carrying this story and a ton of tweets from all over our World at the bottom. This needs fixed and this needs to be viewed more and the UN need to grow a pair and bring Isreal to task over the testing of weapons in landlocked Gaza where Isreal kill almost for fun. Don’t believe me? Look at this image then the one below, they both tell a story,  yet hate is going to cause War and more deaths to children. Christian America, look hard, think less as you do and expect the wrath of God for not caring this is happening!! DAMN YOU TO HELL!! And I don’t enjoy writing that, but if these people are keeping kids occupied and killed, then God will deal with them. Where they think their Religion gets off here is a mystery to the World should you look, because I don’t understand it and I know I am not alone, our WORLD wants Palestine recognised, no war, just peace, and it will happen and Christian America will then look and expect and hope for a war. It’s in the Bible sadly, so it must happen


These people will be damned by the God they so worship for being EVIL

02 Palestine-Gaza-Al-Dalou1-1024x682

I am sorry to share, but this happens most days, we just don’t get told

UN Voted YES to investigate Isreal for War Crimes in Gaza

UN Voted YES to investigate Isreal for War Crimes in Gaza


The World stands behind Palestine, but no hate for Isreal USA news will tell people. Already over half the World stands with Palestine




About 2,070 Palestinian children have been killed, and more 13,000 injured since the outbreak of Al-Aqsa Intifada in 2000, until this past March, official sources have reported, according to Al Ray.

Israeli occupation forces detained more than 12,000 Palestinian children since 2000, while nearly 480 children are still languishing in Israeli prisons. Of them, almost 95% were severely tortured and beaten during the arrest campaign and interrogations intervals, a press statement issued by the Ministry of Information stated.

The statement added that Israeli forces annually detain nearly 700 children from different districts, under the pretext of throwing stones at the Israeli troops and settlers, adding to the Israeli violations which Palestinian students face at Israeli checkpoints centered on the entrances of cities and camps.

Moreover, the problems of rampant poverty directly reflect their impact on children, especially in the Gaza Strip, with the economic siege having been imposed for nearly ten years, now. The regression of the economic situation has prompted many Palestinian children to leave school for work, where the percentage of the children aged 10-17 enrolled in the labor market amounted to about 4.1 %, according to Palestinian Central Bureau of Statics.

The statement also explained that 85% of children in Jerusalem live below the poverty line. According to the Association for Civil Rights, the number of East Jerusalem residents is 371,844 Palestinians, 79% of them  live below the poverty line, as a result of the harsh policies and measures of the Israeli occupation against them.

The school dropout rate amounted to 40% in Jerusalem schools, while the city suffers from a lack of maternal and child health centers, since there are only four places compared to western Jerusalem, where there are 25 centers in the care of children.

~~End Story~~

I am asking if it’s any different from this story in terms of impact
Via YourAnonCentral on You Tube

HISTORIC EVENT – Vatican City recognizes ‘The State of Palestine’

Sturgeon to launch SNP manifesto for “UK-wide delivery” #PalestineState

Italian MPs to vote on recognition of Palestine as a Sovereign state

Same stupidity and ignorance: Why Americans believe all Muslims hate and kill – Religion hates ‘Open Minds’



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Traditional Irish Blessing – Used by the Scottish & ♪ I wish I was in Glasgow ♪

irish-scottishHaving some Irish blood and Irish feelings in my mind, a good friend Anne Bell sends me things from time to time, same as I send her and many others who send me things. Often we have to share bad things but now and again we share the good things, the things that make us remember people we lost, people we long to speak to and hug just 1 last time. Anne, you know my heart well enough to send me this. I thank you.. x Being Scottish and with a hint of Irish, you can get a lump on the back of your throat often. Let people sing about love and our caring nature. NO HATE

Traditional Irish Blessing
Via: E-Water Flashed on You Tube

An Irish Blessing

Author Unknown

I wish you not a path devoid of clouds,
Nor a life on a bed or roses.
Nor, that you might never need regret,
Nor that you should never feel pain.

No, this is not my wish for you. My wish for you is:
That you might be brave in times of trial
When other’s lay crosses upon your shoulders.
When mountains must be climbed and chasms crossed,
When hope scarce shines through.
When every gift God gave you might grow along with you,
And let you give the gift of joy to all who care for you.

That you might always have a friend who is worth that name.
Whom you can trust.
And hope will be, in times of sadness,
Who will defy the storms of life by your side.

One more wish for you:
That in every hour of joy and pain, you may be close to God.
This is my wish for you and those who are close to you.
This is my hope for you, now and forever.


I Wish I Was In Glasgow – Billy Connolly
Via: Paddy Barry on You Tube





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♫ Hozier ♫ On the ‘Evils of the Church & Religion

Andrew 'Hozier' - Byrne

Andrew ‘Hozier’ – Byrne


Dark green part of Ireland, where Hozier is from

Hozier speaks very truthful and honestly about this amazing song that was most played (I think) in 2014, he is an Irish lad, raised Catholic and seen the vulgar part of ‘Catholicism and Religion, the Church in general. Through his small interview below to his life performance of the song below, to the Official Video with Lyrics below, Hozier has ‘Taken us all to Church in my opinion. I know American people will just be waiting to be offended by what I present here but let us not forget a few things. Catholicism for me is a vile and evil Religion born out and from Murder, Rape and Torture! Some way to start a Religion right? So we wonder why thousands of Priest’s have been sent to the middle of nowhere in Ireland or sent to the safety of the walls of Vatican City, once in Vatican City you are under a law that does not apply to the rest of the World, Vatican City has it’s own police, post office, shops and pretty much is not part of Earth in the sense people can be brought to account for having sex with young kids, boys mainly. These vile old men should be in Prison getting a taste of their own medicine, but no!! We all know why the last Pope stood down but nobody will say it out loud, when Catholics read this THEY HAVE NO ANSWERS so hate and delete and block me. So America, you are easily offended in many ways, not you all but maybe about half, listen to a man, like me, born into Catholic/Christianity hatred that has been part of my bloodline longer than the USA has existed, obviously Hozier and MILLIONS of others can see and feel. Yet people 5,000 miles away stick their fingers in their ears and say “LA-LA-LA-LA” In hope their reality stays proper, they know it’s perverted and evil, American Catholics are very different to Irish/Scottish and European Catholics in basic understanding of condoning this action by a crooked and perverted entity that calls itself ‘Religion. So you can read on and reply or say ‘LA-LA-LA’ And believe you can sin all week and get a free pass on Sunday. images The lyrics to this song are probably the most powerful of any song I have shared on Social Media. First to understand the song listen to Andrew ‘Hozier’ -Byrne about why he wrote the song, watch him perform it live on UK TV then watch official video WITH LYRICS. Then 2 from a hundred video’s of American Religious, lack of Education hatred. Over here in Europe Priests were raping young boys ‘Allegedly’ HUNDRED OF YEARS BEFORE THE USA WAS EVEN DISCOVERED! I present an argument only here, but an argument of adult debate. So who is Catholic with a brain clever enough to debate morality about all I say here? #TryMe Please try and enjoy an unreal song with as much power as anything we can define as ‘Powerful to the human soul’ Please understand, I can’t nor will I hate, but I will ask questions others are too weak or dumb to answer. A few links then interview, then music videos of sheer powerful lyrics


Hozier on Surprise Hit “Take Me to Church” (Full Interview)
Via: The National on You Tube

Hozier – Take Me To Church – Later… with Jools Holland – BBC Two
Via: BBC on YouTube

Hozier – Take Me To Church (Lyrics Official Video)
Via: subsconalex on You Tube


Reaction to Take me to church via: ‘American’ Dashric


Take me to church reaction video via ‘American’ Rania & Bianca

Catholic Cardinal Keith O’Brien abused boys ‘Dating back to 1985’ <Click)

Lack of main stream media reporting on Sex Scandal in Vatican City and UK Politics nearly made me stop <Click)

Catholic mass grave sites of 350,800 missing children found in Ireland, Spain, Canada <Click)

Vatican defrocks top archbishop for child sex <Click)

All blogs and articles I have written and shared here <Click)


Andrew ‘Hozier’ -Byrne, born 17 March 1990. Is an Irish singer and songwriter from Bray, County Wicklow. He released his debut EP, featuring the hit single “Take Me to Church”, in 2013 and his second EP, From Eden, in 2014. His debut studio album, Hozier, was released in Ireland in September 2014 and globally in October 2014.


Hozier was born in Bray, County Wicklow, the son of a local blues musician. He attended St. Gerard’s School before he began studying music at Trinity College, Dublin, but dropped out midway through his first year to record demos for Universal Music. While at Trinity, he became involved with the Trinity Orchestra. He was a member of the chorale ensemble Anúna from 2007 to 2012, and appears as a soloist on their 2012 release Illumination singing “La Chanson de Mardi Gras”. He toured and sang with the group internationally including performances in Norway and the Netherlands.

2013–15: Take Me to Church and Hozier
Main article: Hozier (album)

In 2013, Hozier released the EP Take Me to Church, being the title track becoming his breakthrough single after it went viral on YouTube. It reached number one on the Irish iTunes singles chart and number two in the official chart on 25 October 2013.

More Love, Less Hate 


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Double Standards From English National Side -While James McClean is CRUCIFIED!

James respectfully, quietly turned around at 'God save the Queen

James respectfully, quietly turned around at ‘God save the Queen

Abusive and/or insulting words towards a member of the opposition is what got Kirk Broadfoot his 10 match ban. He used words so severe he got the biggest ban the English Football Association have ever given out. The Ref heard it and reported him, a game on March 14th 2015 it was, and the FA banned him for 10 games. Yet James McClean stands silent, not giving his moral’s to anyone, just in silence not facing a flag. England traveled to Ireland on June 5, 2015 and did EXACTLY as McClean did, yet not a PEEP from the Loyalist, Unionist media on what England did. Are you surprised? McClean has since moved to West Brom after the incident happened in a Championship match between Rotherham and Wigan last season. Now I sing Flower of Scotland or Scotland the Brave, I would not stand for ‘God save the Queen for my reasons. I don’t hate, I find it impossible to hate, I just get confused by people and things done and said by these Loyalists <Click) for my take on these hateful people….

The so called offending moment by James

English National side did what James did. Where is the outcry?

English National side did what James did. Where is the outcry?

The charge was that during a league fixture between Rotherham and Wigan Athletic on 14 March 2015 Broadfoot used abusive and/or insulting words towards a member of the opposition. McClean was recently rebuked by Tony Pulis, manager of his new club, West Brom, for turning away during the playing of God Save the Queen before a match on their tour of the US. This was not to the pleasing of ex Glasgow Rangers defender Kirk Broadfoot who told James what he though of his actions to the level he got banned for 10 games. Now I have been told what was said but I won’t and never will hate enough, as a person to share what what said. The 10 match ban tells the story!

10 Match ban's are not given out for nothing. So this tells the WHOLE story

10 Match ban’s are not given out for nothing. So this tells the WHOLE story

Do a little research and you find the rule breach. An Independent Regulatory Commission hearing deemed the Scot (Broadfoot) had “used abusive/and or insulting words towards a member of the opposition, in breach of FA Rule E3(1)” Knowing football rules as I do, the fact it was a record 10 games should leave NOBODY in any doubt about how bad Mr Broadfoot’s comments were. Broadfoot, 30, was also fined £7,500 and ordered to complete an education programme. They were BRUTAL! And in-line with Loyalist, Unionist thinking and general hatred. I rest my case, I am just sharing so people can see BOTH sides of this ugly coin! 

A Quote from a rag newspaper at the time:

Abuse has been raining down on James McClean all morning after a picture emerged showing him bowing his head and turning away from the flag when the British national anthem was played at a friendly yesterday.

It is an unusual conundrum for Premier League players. The national anthem is not typically played before club friendlies.

But West Brom are in America at present and were playing against South Carolina outfit, Charleston Battery. The home side decided to honour the clubs with a rendition of their country’s national anthems.

Here is the entire game, which was streamed live from the US club’s youtube account, replete with some rather dodgy commentary and the sound of lads talking in the background.

This is the hatred Scotland and the UK could do without. James didn’t hate, he had his morals and reasons. What about the English national team? Are they ok to ignore or respect a National anthem? This is what we MUST get rid off in Scotland and the UK. It’s what run’s our Country sadly. Images and Video below

Good old Loyalist. Get them on their own, different story, TRUST ME! ;-)

Good old Loyalist. Get them on their own, different story, TRUST ME! 😉

These people WON the September 14th Scottish Referendum. They won, and these video's show how they celebrated, sad or what?

These people WON the September 14th Scottish Referendum. They won, and these video’s show how they celebrated, sad or what?

To finish this blog I will share something. A young Spanish Catholic kid came over to Scotland in 2001 to play for Raith Rovers then Dundee in 2004 before a transfer to Glasgow Rangers. Now keep in mind, Spanish, Catholic kid. He left Scotland in a BAD WAY! The culture surrounding Glasgow Rangers Football Club and parts of Scotland in general changed the kid to this hatred, after he left Rangers and went home to the comfort and safe surroundings of his home in Spain, this is just a general way of explaining this ugly culture, I will leave a few other images that are similar to this. People have been jailed for Social Media crap, spouting all sorts about Scottish and Irish people and Religious remarks, many have seen a jail sentance




A Lawyer against the hate died, the Vanguard Bears, all tough guys, thought this would be fun!


Ex Celtic player was diagnosed with Leukemia, this is how THE LOYALIST thinks. Awful or what?


The guy who did this got jail time I am sure. You can clearly see the message


Been happening for decades, still they sing


Allowed by the media, no biggy….


Catholics who came to Scotland were threatened. This was a Polish goalkeeper. Death threats from this hate


Maybe time to, not surrender, more step into 2015 and stop this crap!


This caused another Catholic trouble, he got sent bombs and bullets! But James above can’t turn around @ ‘God save the Queen?


Christian’s in Manchester. They are Christians, they are Religious right? They sing about it, do they go to Church? Hmm. IDIOTS!


Catholic’s are even attacked in stadiums with 16,000 people in them, live on TV to Millions. Guy did a few months in prison, he is what I call, a fool. Told him to his face one, more or less

Some tweets by people at the time:

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Battle of the Celtic Nations in Images… Ireland 1-1 Scotland #Pride

1-1 Final score as Scotland take the spoils..

1-1 Final score as Scotland take the spoils..

Scotland needed not to lose....

Scotland needed not to lose….

Joy for Eire

Joy for Eire

Sean Maloney celebrates his goal, 1-1

Sean Maloney celebrates his goal, 1-1

Enya joins in!!

Enya joins in!!

Shaun kisses what we all represent

Shaun kisses what we all represent

Battled hardened Celt's look to play chess in a masterclass tactical game

Battled hardened Celt’s look to play chess in a masterclass tactical game

Captain Scott Brown takes orders from the boss, IT WORKED!

Captain Scott Brown takes orders from the boss, IT WORKED!

Walters puts Ireland 1-1 up from offside....

Walters puts Ireland 1-1 up from offside….

Tensions stay on the park, these things happen

Tensions stay on the park, these things happen

Sadly this is a game we love, this is passion not hate

Sadly this is a game we love, this is passion not hate

The 'Celt's doing what WE know only to do

The ‘Celt’s doing what WE know only to do

Man of the Match Mulgrew keeps the ball away from Irish scorer Walters

Man of the Match Mulgrew keeps the ball away from Irish scorer Walters

Scotland's own Rod Stewart gets ready to Road the Scottish Celt's to victory

Scotland’s own Rod Stewart gets ready to Roar the Scottish Celt’s to victory

Strachan and McCall change the style of  play as Ireland set out to fight

Strachan and McCall change the style of play as Ireland set out to fight

Tussles all over

Tussles all over

Brilliant image of a wee boy, a Celt all the same, same tree, different branch

Brilliant image of a wee boy, a Celt all the same, same tree, different branch

Celt's (With a K  Sound) enjoy a light drink

Celt’s (With a K Sound) enjoy a light drink

Gordon Strachan ponders tactical Scotland in Eire

Gordon Strachan ponders tactical Scotland in Eire

Roy Keane stares his amazing hatred as a football man, no hate here

Roy Keane stares his amazing FEAR as a football man, this stays ON THE PARK ONLY!



Morrison and Coleman battle as the Celt's both look for the win

Morrison and Coleman battle as the Celt’s both look for the win



Some view

Some view


Hutton and Given, team mates at Aston Villa respect before battle

Hutton and Given, team mates at Aston Villa respect before battle

Maloney fires Scotland to a point as Scotland gear up for France

Maloney fires Scotland to a point as Scotland gear up for France



All Images via: SOURCE <Click)

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Why The SNP Must Change This Uneven, Religious Singing Law



This came  via this uneven media source here: I won’t name, but click here if you want to go THERE! (Click here)  At your peril you understand.  The story is below, my opinions are directly below. Before anyone cries the source shows where the REAL problem is with this football singing law, it can’t be dismissed now as the numbers are there, surprised as I was to see them on the site I did. No hate ok, just FACTS. This message I share passes South Africa, Palestine, Hong Kong to Ferguson and more people who are in our shoes but mostly in bloody shoes. This is a message of human emotion, not hate. IF YOU HATE I CAN’T HELP YOU. This is my way of explaining to myself and hoping I understand it tomorrow of why the SMALL detail of hate may destroy us. I have God in my heart, but often others use God as a tool to oppress. Palestine is such a story. I don’t judge, I cry. So read this how you want, but know the message is love, solidarity, kindred, and all in-between. I beg 

As I shared before…….

In life I see people walk, but walking nowhere. 

In life I see people educate themselves but not apply it in life 

I see in life people becoming then stop, they become and don’t become anything more, they just become

People can be cruel, but I ignore, you should too. Whoever I speak too here

In life I see people talk, but not speaking any truths or real values, just empty words for the sake of a noise

In life, my life here in Scotland I see individual acts of love and kindness. 

We make dreams but don’t live them, we see a dream, feel a dream but don’t act the dream nor try, why all this? I ask to learn yes…

scotlandThe SNP I voted for me my kids, 100 years from now as well, but they cast many of us to one side with this law, this is the reason and the reality of Scotland trying to be free right here in terms of votes. Ian Duncan Smith and his death plan CLICK HERE is biting many of us, why we see Celtic fans giving to food banks in amazing numbers it makes it feel democratic, but is it?. Many want an #IndyRef2 but we MUST win it, we don’t? we lose for 30 years and more go hungry, suicide (Sadly) and worse, you guys know the story I am not telling you a story you don’t know, here is the problem friends > Scotland do we have enough votes to be free? We need more than 50%  The SNP must drop this disgrace of a law against Catholics and Celtic fans. I know my boss here Wullie is VERY active in this story already but if the SNP want to free us from a disgusting, evil twisted regime of peadophiles, liars and thief’s they MUST change, adapt or drop this uneven law. The stats point to a truth below but still, when I go to Celtic games or watch on TV, whatever, I hear #Solidarity, do we have problems? Yeah, but a VERY SMALL ONE! The stat’s don’t lie, we can’t hide from the 10% below but we sure as HELL CAN POINT TO THE 30% BELOW AND GET ANGRY. I know anger is the easy choice bhoys and ghirls but we must keep singing the songs that are born from slavery, murder, rape, injustice, the 10, I could go on and on and on, we all know the why’s and how’s. This is a very uneven law, the SNP may lose 20% of what we need to get higher than the present 50% from May 7 2015 % the 45% on that hateful night in Glasgow the 30% came out and attacked the people who, like you and I stand in Solidarity with say? Palestine, not because! The 30% DO wave Israel flags for the wrong reasons, it is pure venom and hate. We just know how the little guy feels and we stand shoulder to shoulder with all people who suffer injustice and are wronged, Worldwide I see who are oppressed as we are today. Like in the USA where Rosa Parks and Selma ARE TODAY STILL, where there are more (I hate this word) bi@ck men in prison than there were in slavery in 1850, that is fact friends. Check! This is our story in a different land so this proves ALL our points friends, it’s GLOBAL! We must understand that if  Scotland is to be free what World we enter alone, Ireland is free and that I love, Scotland I want free, do you? Well can you FEEL THIS HERE? Feel it? Don’t be angry, just feel the information, it STUNNED ME when I seen it and touched my heart because I feel it also, anyway enough about me, this is for why

The utter injustice in our society is Masonic and Establishment, call it what you like. I just call it corporate greed and hate, many 1st World countries are almost Fascist states, the #PoliceStateUSA I write about daily is a pointer, please, click HERE for that story. I love America and it’s people but sadly around 150 Million white CHRISTIAN Religious people or whatever we want to call their religion I DO RESPECT because I refuse to become the hate they want us to be, they have  the Conquer and Divide tactics in play the Roman Empire brought to the World and are holding the World back and would willingly and happily see Palestine bombed back to the stone age and Iran flattened because of an old book and a willing media paid. Yes friends, the Media and issues in our World I spoke about way back on certain sites 10/15 years ago are now showing, we seen it first hand last year and we see it again with this:

Paddy Ashdown: SNP coming south to burn Westminster, Like Balkan War! – Shocking Remarks!!

David Starkey branded ‘serial utterer of bile and bilge’ for ‘offensive’ comments comparing SNP to Nazis

and this, you can click all 3 these to see the truth, linked to the source and true and there is worse. 

‘UN Human Rights Chief’ Compares UK Media to Nazi Propaganda

I will leave my thoughts here. I may be right, I may be wrong. I write about our World, I have reached 1.2 Million people in 10 Months on ShaunyNews and a further 800,000 on AceNewsServices <Click) where, like here I write for the boss and the total honor to tell the stories our media we now all know won’t tell us. I could go on and tell you worse but if you are really that bored or interested go to my personal blog and use ANY key word for ANY story and I have covered it. Please friends! Do not confuse my 2 Million readers as bragging, I am just fecking delighted I am able to reach the World, my World and yours. The injustice does not sit in Holyrood alone sadly, it is Global, the SNP want equality? Then they must not pander to unionism nor loyalism for votes in a predominantly Protestant Country. I share, now it is you who must understand the logic and morality behind it all…..Good luck!

I hope you are all enjoying a good summer and are ready to see the Ronny Roar on European nights. I love you all as my Kin and I don’t, I can’t hate anyone. I tell news for a living here and there now. I was poisoned with drugs for a mystery illness before, today I have M.E (Myalgic encephalomyelitis) This is my issue, we all have an issue, we all hurt, we all have a story so I deal with it. For past regressions I can only say, in-fact I can’t say, I can only share this with you all, a song will speak for me, this is almost, for me anyway what the spirit of the Celtic Family Represent. HH to all, Wullie I hope this is ok, I had no hate here, just a story mate. Have I offended anyone I am sorry but please tell me where and how I offended you. We must understand why we need to hate or dislike something. We can’t just be angry and LIKE THE 30% MAJOR problem as I shared in the link above and the copy/paste below. Keep it real people, all I want is peace, no hate, please don’t READ HATE HERE, if you see hate this is your issue not mine

Let the People Sing The Malleys
VIDEO MADE BY TaastyHD ™ | On You Tube

~~Story told by said ALLEGED vile outlet below~~

The number of people charged under the controversial football hate crime legislation has fallen slightly, according to Crown Office figures. They showed 193 people – all but four of them men – were charged in the year to the end of March. That number was down from 206 in 2013/14 and 267 the previous year.

The figures showed that the accused had an affiliation with top of the list!! Rangers in 30% of the charges, Aberdeen in 16%, Celtic in at 10% and Hibernian in 8%. Some 16% of all charges were connected to the Dundee United versus Aberdeen match in December last year. (Well we can clearly see where the issue really is Celtics people) 

A further 7% were connected to Hamilton v Motherwell in September and 7% to the Scotland v England match in November. Court proceedings have begun in relation to 168 of the 193 charges.

‘Hateful behaviour’ 

The report on the figures said the average age of the accused had risen from 23 to 27. Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012 criminalises hateful, threatening and otherwise offensive behaviour that is likely to incite public disorder in relation to football. Last year people were accused of offences that were “threatening” in 61% of the charges and “hateful” in 30% of charges. Behaviour was described as “otherwise offensive” – for example including a reference to celebration of loss of life or support of terrorist organisations – in 13% of charges.

Of the 58 charges relating to “hateful” behaviour, 50 charges involved incidents of religious hatred, down on previous years, while 4% involved racial hatred, and no charges involved sexual orientation. As in the previous two years, derogatory behaviour towards Roman Catholicism (84%) accounted for the largest proportion of religious abuse.

Academic evaluation

Six charges (12%) included behaviour that was derogatory towards Protestantism.

One charge included derogatory behaviour towards Judaism, and one charge included derogatory behaviour towards Islam. Fewer charges occurred in football stadiums than in previous years, with the majority relating to incidents outside grounds or in town or city centres on match days.

An academic evaluation of the act, published by the Scottish government, said football fans said they had not noticed any significant decrease in the amount of problematic behaviour since the new laws had come into force. The report also said police and stewards in football grounds appeared to be concentrating on groups of young fans – terming them risk groups – and losing focus on more serious offenders, perhaps away from stadiums.

There has also been some criticism of the act from within the legal profession, with some sheriffs “emphatically critical” of it. Successful prosecutions have fallen from 73% to 52%. Minister for Community Safety Paul Wheelhouse said: “We have seen a raft of encouraging statistics and evidence published today showing that hate crimes in Scotland are on the decrease, both on the streets of Scotland and in our football grounds and this is to be welcomed.

“Religious crimes are down, race crimes are down, crimes in relation to sexuality are down and we’ve seen a decrease in crimes of offensive behaviour at regulated football matches in Scotland. Whilst the legislation we brought in two years ago has had its critics, the latest statistics show a steady decline in offences at stadiums and a YouGov poll shows 80% of Scots support the Offensive Behaviour Act.”

“We will not be complacent and will continue to monitor how the act is working very closely going forward. However, I believe the legislation is working. The evaluations, backed by the latest statistics out today, demonstrate that the act has had a positive impact and our approach has delivered real improvements in behaviour at football and online.”

~~End Story~~…For now… 

This song has a power I am STARTING to understand.
We can be both love and compassion, but NEVER hate.
A Great Big World, Christina Aguilera – Say Something
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America can be a beacon for love , America is changing, This proves it. KEEP GOING USA!!


The plane represents Air Force 1. Just for the stupid ones I say this

Dear American Government 

America I have written many thinks about you. America, many of you believe you are the center of Humanity. You are one of the newest people on Earth, Gun control, Racism and Abortion are just 3 of the issues you are figuring out. You are a young nation but you control the World in many ways. Around 150 Million Christian Americans dictate the World we live in today, keep Palestine enslaved. Hamas are not and have never spoke for the VAST Majority of the people in Palestine, by it’s very truth is less than 5% of the population are Hamas, the rest are political victims and Religious casualties, controlled, cap in hand, land locked people, but still a population I guess. I don’t get angry over this issue, so please, if you are CHRISTIAN AMERICA, you have the the love of God in your heart and will love me and all I have to say because your bible told you to do tha….Em hold on, that isn’t right.

American Made

American Made

See what you guys away in SAFE America fail to understand is, over here in Europe many of us are in the exact same ethical position as the people in Palestine. I said before that when I was a kid I, along with my friends lived in fear of an Irish/London/Elite/Royal War. I understand the fear of this. I live in a Country with no English people at it’s political helm yet English Government control me and my Kin (Family and friends and all Scot’s.) Irish, Bosnian, Polish and many more understand control and oppression within the last 50 years. The same 50 years ago that the USA was the most racist Country on the planet. Below you will hear the truth that there are more Bl@ck men in Prison TODAY than were under slavery in 1850, but I don’t have to remind you America, you know your own History right? 😉 In my Country, to call another Bl@ck is JAIL, and  rightly so, how dare we label another. How do you feel when I blame “Christian America?”


Image made by an American person

You are over the pond, safe but look over to where I live with 45% of our 7 Billion Earth populous in Europe or 0000.0000000001% if you live in Scotland and I am JUST FINE to be that low number let me tell you. When Scotland free’s herself form London rule and unethical non democratic people I want to stand in my City with my people and sing song’s of rejoice that were born out of murder, rape torture and control. Talk to Irish people you see the same. Telling me Hamas are ALL Palestine is an insult, it is like telling me ALL my Scottish family, friends, kin and Irish family are ALL IRA! Please do not disrespect us and label us, I beg. But American, you are clever, you already know this


Look closer to Home America, my History is as a child and over 1,000 years at least. Your’s is 200 years give or take a decade or 3. You are blind to War’s you MUST FELL you impose o the World. A Russian draft on Iran’s nuclear ENERGY process allowed Europe, China, Russia, Australia, Africa and the USA avoided the USA from bringing War to Iran. We made peace and in your loving Religious hearts you MUST see that as a sign from your God of peace. In Palestine you fail to see the truth. Again all I can show you is what your 5% American World, a VERY SMALL portion of this World, 5% of all People. Yet you are Happy to see War over here from the safe view of the safety of the USA from bombs and suicide bombers. 9/11 was one day, a VERY SAD DAY I STILL CRY OVER. Over here we have lived through this for 2 centuries. You know NOTHING nor CARE what we think. You think the US of A is the center of our World. Sadly your Dollar is being held up by the Bin Laden Family, yeah! The same Bin Laden who Seal Team 6 killed on the spot and threw into a sea of sharks. Check I have the image to prove Bin Laden Died. Also most or all of Seal Team 6, THAT SEAL TEAM 6 are dead, but it’s still called “Seal Team 6” But American, you are clever, you already know this


As you can clearly see, the official image the USA leaked to the media on the far right is indeed a Dead Bin Laden. The image in the middle is some stranger and the 1st image is….If you can’t see it you don’t want to. This is the reality of the lies being covered over your eyes, you believe it because the News told you. If anyone believes the above image is Bin Laden? Please stop being human and go live in a field eating grass. This is not to you America this is to your Media, Government and Religion. Divide and Conquer was first used by the Roman Empire, then the Soviet Union. the Ottoman EmpireOttoman Empire and the English Empire. All off these “Empires” fell, all were over 50% of Humanity. You are 5%, your Dollar is falling, Jade Helm and ISIS are your new 9/11 and your God has failed you and our World.

Below is a video I CAN PROVE SHOWS AMERICA IS CHANGING AND STARTING TO UNDERSTAND LOVE, EMPATHY, PEACE AND MORE. But you deny it’s essence. LET ME BE CLEAR, if you agree with me you are awake, if you disagree you are asleep. Many off you just abuse me, I try to ask why then you block me. You can’t debate. But you know about the Roman Empire, then the Soviet Union. the Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire and the English Empire, so you are a clever bunch, your education system is that good you are 37th in literacy. Basically Scotland, Norway, China, Russia, Iran, Palestine are more aware and cleverer than you are. These are factual figures, go check, you are so darn clever so you know how to source information. Below is something that moved me in a BIG way and I felt it in my Hearts as did the people sitting then standing in tears crying at guilt or anger or through murder, rape torture and control. Bl@ck Gospel Choirs sing in rejoice and love. White Christian people who have never been harmed EVER sit and talk about each other and sing the most boring songs you can know, while Bl@ck America ROCKS!!! Born through murder, rape, control and slavery. From slavery came love. What happened? I won’t stop writing this because I come from one of the top 5 Cleverest Countries on Earth and you are stupider than say, Mexico, YES!!! Mexico are more clever than you.


Image made by an American person

I will now prove everything I said gives me and YOU in the USA hope that things can, will and are changing. Below is probably, for me at least the most powerful emotion I have seen from America in my life. White and Bl@ck people alike stood, clapped and cried at what you are about to view below, a song and 2 American men men, 1 a Muslim who managed to show Humanity (Our World and all the people who  can afford to watch the Oscars that some PEOPLE in the USA are evolving. Sadly, yes, people who love God want to stop this process and all the other process’s I have mentioned above. Don’t be the World joke America “STAND UP”..”HANDS UP” …”HEARTS OPEN” and walk into the World I know and love alone with the rest of the developed World. You ARE waking up but the asleep are sending the rest back to sleep. I love America, I love Americans, my main room here in my Scottish Castle is a shrine to the USA. Why? You can hate me or ask me. You can agree and tell me why or you can disagree and tell me why. Or you can do the EASY THING and hate me 🙂



The reason I write, mainly my purpose

The reason I write, mainly my purpose

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HISTORIC EVENT – Vatican City recognizes ‘The State of Palestine’


This is about 12 old news, I don’t know how it escaped me, but brilliant. So! I will be darned. In the space of a month the World stopped War with Iran, although Americans don’t like it. Now we have this, now this is 2 weeks old but I just scanned the wires and this came up. I read some forums and Catholics all over are almost suicidal, some are quoting scripture. So again “VATICAN CITY RECOGNIZES PALESTINE” This is brilliant news, amazing news and where there was death and war we are SLOWLY seeing forms of peace. Prince Charles shook hands with Gerry Adams from Sinn Fein in Ireland. This has been an AMAZING few months where we are actually seeing peace being agreed all over Europe. I am DELIGHTED with this news. Two video’s below, Israel says “This does not promote peace” I ask why? how? This is peace, how can this be counter productive? 135 Countries now recognize Palestine and it will be over 200 by the end of this year. I had a debate with a friend over this a few weeks ago when I said “Europe and the World will free Palestine” they asked me “How can they do that” I replied simply “By recognizing Palestine” My friend told me before this happens that their Christian teachings tell them a “War must happen 1st” Well sorry to disappoint you Religion, but the World IS AND WILL keep recognizing Palestine as many Countries are sick to death of War. America is a War machine and I don’t expect them to stop War any day soon. This is the best news in MANY a year. I want peace, I crave peace, for the World, for my kids, just for humanity. Sadly Religion gets in the way and RELIGION IS COUNTER PRODUCTIVE IN ‘SOME’ QUARTERS! Deal with it, the World is changing now as the Bible told you all. If I have to sit and listen to scripture, just words from some book then you (I call you Religion, I am talking to Religion) must understand the World does not read the same books as you, we want peace! I have had historical issues with genocide, murder, rape and more through family generations ago in Ireland so don’t tell me I don’t understand what Genocide is or what peace should be. This is brilliant, it’s been a good few months. Meanwhile in America, Jade Helm has you, it seems God is shining a light at the World but forgot about the USA, wake up America, the World is changing. My word changed because I wrote about it with all my Scottish Kin, we changed our World, you can too. I talk to anyone in the World here, become the change you want to see or hope for, don’t sit for war because your religious teachings have told you this.

Why I stand in Solidarity with Palestine

Vatican : The False Prophet officially recognizes Palestinian Statehood in New Treaty
Via SignsofThyComing on You Tube

Vatican Officially Recognizes The State of Palestine
VIDEO Via Me The People Perspectives on You Tube

~~~~Via: ~~~~

VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Vatican officially recognized the state of Palestine in a new treaty finalized Wednesday, immediately sparking Israeli ire and accusations that the move hurt peace prospects.

The treaty, which concerns the activities of the Catholic Church in Palestinian territory, makes clear that the Holy See has switched its diplomatic recognition from the Palestine Liberation Organization to the state of Palestine. The Vatican had welcomed the decision by the U.N. General Assembly in 2012 to recognize a Palestinian state. But the treaty is the first legal document negotiated between the Holy See and the Palestinian state and constitutes official diplomatic recognition. “Yes, it’s a recognition that the state exists,” said the Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi.

The Israeli foreign ministry said it was “disappointed” by the development. “This move does not promote the peace process and distances the Palestinian leadership from returning to direct and bilateral negotiations,” the ministry said in a text message. “Israel will study the agreement and will consider its steps accordingly.”

The treaty was finalized days before Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas visits Pope Francis at the Vatican. Abbas is heading to Rome to attend Francis’ canonization Sunday of two new saints from the Holy Land. The Vatican has been referring unofficially to the state of Palestine for at least a year. During Pope Francis’ 2014 visit to the Holy Land, the Vatican’s official program referred to Abbas as the president of the “state of Palestine.” In the Vatican’s latest yearbook, the Palestinian ambassador to the Holy See is listed as representing “Palestine (state of).”

The Vatican’s foreign minister, Monsignor Antoine Camilleri, acknowledged the change in status, given that the treaty was initially inked with the PLO and is now being finalized with the “state of Palestine.” But he said the shift was simply in line with the Holy See’s position. This isn’t the first time that the Vatican under Francis has taken diplomatic moves knowing that it would ruffle feathers: Just last month, Francis referred to the slaughter of Armenians by Turkish Ottomans a century ago as a “genocide,” prompting Turkey to recall its ambassador.

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