If Only We Could Be Strangers Again….

I started doing this blog or ‘personal diary’ around the year 2011 for reason’s I really can’t remember. It was called ‘Praying for one more day’, so I guess the title of the blog then was my reason. I came across as pathetic and wanting off sympathy maybe? I don’t actually care how many people read this page anymore, but I just checked and between 200 and 400 people read my page every day! Who are you…lol? Why? Why do you read the ramblings of a mad-man? Come forward and speak, please?

It is now late 2017 and here is ‘ShaunyNews’ I used to share World news the Main Stream Media would not cover, in a vain attempt to give others knowledge of the TRUTH. Oh how pathetic I was.

Anyway, this has taken an hour so far just to get to this stage; I may as well share a story. I just watched a movie starring Will Smith called ‘Collateral Beauty’ and wow did I cry like a little girl! But how UN-manly of me to admit I cried right? If you watch movies and love what a movie can do to you, like a song can, I advise you watch this movie. But only if you can take the emotion that is shared in the movie. I am warning you, this movie is upsetting! An emotion we all hide from in 2017

Collateral Beauty Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Will Smith Movie
Via Movieclips Trailers on You Tube

I mean what is a man in 2017? Tough, courageous, thoughtful? Brave? I really don’t care what the World says a man should be, I only care what my heart and soul tell me what is right these days. Every day is a battle for me, but EVERY DAY IS A BATTLE FOR EVERYONE, It took 6 years of typing on this page for me to figure out we all have a something, a thing that holds us back, an emotion we hide and protect ourselves from. Why? Well it is socially unacceptable behavior to show emotion in the year 2017, especially if you are a man. Yeah it all confuses me too!

Today the pain is killer, my mind is a mess. This process of getting up, living, then going to sleep again is now past Groundhog Day for me. The eventually of my existence is neither less nor more than yours, I know this much. Social status, how rich we are what we do, what we don’t do is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Today in 2017 not many people care enough, but I don’t think many realize they do it. Social Stigma, people pointing at our every action is something many avoid, yet here I am making myself a target, and that is ok, no! Really it is

The only certainty in life is Death, so till that day arrives should we live freely?

Often I do think about my past and everyone in my today and yesterday and think “What if we awoke total strangers to each other tomorrow”? What then? Would we walk past each other, would we stop and think ‘Déjà vu’? That is a thought, just a thought but one a movie invoked in me to write about.

See life can be as simple as just breathing in then breathing out, smiling and trying for the right reasons. Looking at what we do have as opposed to what we wish we did have. Stopping to notice how lucky we are in an uncaring World of 2017. Take a look at the news on the TV from time to time and then just stop and look around your own life. It ain’t so bad is it? But this all sounds easy to do, sadly for me it is not easy, everything is hard, I could blame people or life, so I will just blame both 😀

When will you start to live the way you want, and not the way life dictates how you should live? What binds these invisible shackles of oppression to us? Social stigma and Social bandwagons out-with our own control? I told you I think a lot! If what I write here is wrong to anyone, I would hate to know what is correct or ‘Socially Acceptable’ to the people of the year 2017, today I mean. After-all, my Words here will still be here LONG after I am gone. I would love to be around to see what people think of me, or maybe about the way I am able to express myself. I guess I will never know yeah? But do know I do look outwards to and at other people and dissect them in a way to purely understand them, God knows I try! But the only people I can look to or at and see fun, happy, honesty and love are my two Daughters. What World will await them? This is 2017, when they are my age it will be roughly the year 2055, how bad or good will the World be for them? NOW THAT GIVES ME FOOD FOR THOUGHT!

Till the next ramblings….






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The Gift of Forgiveness


A friend called  Kathryn Ventura shared this video with me this morning, I used to hate, be anger, and look to blame others for my life, for my weaknesses. But I discovered that by dropping hate, anger and fear, we can free not just ourselves, but help others to the light. My life goals used to be selfish ones, I never gave thought to another person’s feelings, I was irony but not by choice. As I grew and became and found myself, an inner peace I found by myself with a little help I guess, life became fun and free. Money didn’t matter and all that did matter to me was love and being nice. Then I spoil all that and say “I will kill anyone who harms the people I changed for” But am I any different from anyone else? No, we are all the same; we are just different versions of each other. Respecting and allowing our minds and souls to give people hope and help is a virtue by our OWN. No sentient being or higher power can change us, for me that is a placebo, an act of brain washing our own selves. No, to BE, to become, we must tolerate what we dislike in the World and in each other. Yesterday I sat in a Church and watched a gorgeous little girl, 8 years old have her first communion. My partner and I, it was our friends Daughter. As I sat in the Church Yesterday I remembered the old Hymns and I sang. Jesus was above me on a cross. Was that chance? Or was that choice? We can’t answer questions till we understand the question. Understand the question, and then only then we do so can we find the answers. This can be whatever you want it to be; the centre of our World can be anywhere. Try, try and help. But always we must turn the coin around and say “Do not take my kindness as weakness” That phrase there is what we battle every day. Well some of us do. Don’t try, don’t dream. DO! BECOME! AWAKEN! FREE YOUR MIND FROM THE ENCLOSED AND JUST LOVE. Because let me tell you, killing people can happen without blood, and it’s VERY EASY to hate and kill people in that sense. What is hard is ignoring the negative and becoming better not just for yourself, but for everyone around you. We can’t change this World friends, but we can change the World around us as the individual. We must become one; we must accept difference and often hate to see light. Light up the darkness, as it says at the top of all my social media platforms. I don’t want numbers or views, I want to create moments, I did before, and what I am about to do is create more. Shauny.

The Gift of Forgiveness
[VIDEO] Via: Humanity Healing on You Tube
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Why I stand in #Solidarity with Palestine

Down syndrome and dog video, WOW – A Dog is for life – Not just Christmas

quotationGuess it’s that time of the year we try to get the message to people, well it is the title. This happens globally, people giving kids pets only for the fun period to wear off. Dogs for me are amazing creatures, they sure have more love in them than most of us Humans, they want and ask for nothing, they expect love, the same love we should be giving them. Sadly this is not always the story, the cat and dog homes prove this. We got Lisha, our dog who is much a part of the family as could be from Edinburgh Cat and Dog Home, she was a rescued dog. So I am just saying, love your pets, don’t impulse buy a pet folks, please if you do, make that pet a priority.

I have a video below that almost made me cry. The video is of a young amazing boy who has Down syndrome, I ask you watch this video and not be touched in your heart. I found this video a while back and have blogged it before, I guess at this time of the year we need to press home the message that we must look after our pets all year, not just January

Enjoy the most touching video I have seen in a long time, it is just amazing the love the dog displays. You got a pet? You will love this video…

Sweet Mama Dog Interacting with a Beautiful Child with Down Syndrome. From Jim Stenson.
Via Jim Stenson on You Tube

Was that not something huh? x

For now…


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500 Likes in a week on my new blog. 163 followers



THANK YOU PEEPS! 😀 This place just blows me away. The kindness and goodness in people in here knows no bounds!

Love and God, my story



love for God


Love is love, we love people, they love us back, and that really should be it, yeah? God is there should we choose yeah?

Well I wanted to do this blog on Love and God for a few reasons. I think as a species many of us take love for granted. We know and accept love from others, but do we truly understand love and God? Some will say they do, I am not sure, read on, you be the judge

From my 38 years on this blue globe I have been lucky, I have a massive family and love was always there, taken for granted maybe. Many of my family including myself have been sharing pictures from family from as far back as the 1800’s but also from the last decade or so, and some have left us on Facebook, it brings back tears and smiles

When I look at a picture of my Gran or my Aunt or my Uncle who have left us, I look back and think “They told me they loved me” and then I think “Did I truly love them back” I do this often

So it brings me to the point of this blog. We all have family many miles away, in another country, or many miles away, I do. And the very last thing I say is “I love you” one letter and two small words that take a second to say. Do we say this often enough? From my point of view no, I do, but I know many who don’t, people rush about in our world, caught up in moments and forget to say these words. So I say them, so I can never live in regret at not saying this simple quick phrase

I will give you an example. Katie, my Nana died 15 year or so ago now, and I used to go to her home every night to check she was ok, lock the door etc as I lived near, the last night I went I did not say “I love you” the next night I failed to go and visit her, something got my attention and I just did not go. She died that night. This is the Photo of her in the afternoon before she died. This was the day after Boxing Day; she was at my Uncles house.


She was looking at my Cousin here, with love in her eyes

She was looking at my Cousin here, with love in her eyes


This was her last picture, and I remember standing at the funeral in bits saying to myself “Why did you not go and visit you idiot” I really hated myself and was beating myself up. Then one day, years after, a family member put it different context for me, one I had not thought about. This family member said “Had you visited that night, you would have been the one to find her dead, and she would not have wanted that for her Grandchild”  And in an instant I felt the pain turn from, pain to love and a weight came off my shoulders in an instant

I would have been the one to find her in the hallway, dead. Was there divine intervention here? Was it made so that a younger Shaun would not find her? I often ask myself this, and this is the second story I had to share in my “Quest for God” in my life. I already shared the other story about my two kids before they were to go on their first holiday away from me and their Mother (Miss Shaun) I was so worried for them, this was 10 years ago, they were children, I looked to the sky and asked God to look after them, then as I looked at a small portion of a very big sky, 2 shooting stars flashed past my eyesight. Out of this BIG HUGE dark night sky, just where I was looking, these 2 shooting stars flashed before me. I thought “My god” at the time and presumed this was from God, and from that to day to this, I know this is where my interest in God and TRUE love started. I loved, yeah, but this gave me new insight into real love

So love is an easy thing to say, but do we take it for granted? We can easily turn on the nightly news and look at the world and say “How can this be love” But I often say this “An individual act of kindness” and I say it often. One person at a time, one individual at a time, we can change our ways and love more. And perhaps mean it more. I love my Kids, and my heart hurts when theirs do. I know this as real love. Love that hurts as I care so much, am I the same with an Aunt or an Uncle? I don’t know. My brothers and sisters I love, but to this extent? I don’t know, all I know is I love them.

Love is a topic that I could talk and debate about all day long. My two stories I shared above drew me to god. And there were NO OTHER reasons I could think for these events to happen with my Gran and my Kids. Not finding my Gran dead and the two shooting stars

Was this an individual act of love and help from god? Or was it just chance? Twice? I find that hard to believe

Love and guidance to you all

Shaun x

Why do we blog?


A new blog with a very hard answer to an easy question on the face of it

Why do we blog? For me it is to reach out, to share, and to tell my story, not it all, but the parts that I can and do. I also blog because I like to read, I only started reading books midway through last year, I am more of an online reader. I was in my late teens when the internet came online, and even back then, reading online subjects of all matter was my thing. For some reason I couldn’t or didn’t want to commit to a book, now I do, as to write, you need to read, so get ideas and learn

I have said this many times in many places, but I love humility, it would be easy to look at our world, in any part of the world, watch the news and feel bad about what we see, but blogging here, or anywhere I guess allows us an insight to other people, other cultures, other religions and ways of life. We get to meet and talk to people here and elsewhere, as I do Skype Audio with many, and a good laugh it is, many people who share a common goal, and that is sharing.

Not all come here with the intention of sharing, some just come here and perhaps don’t know they are sharing, but be it a poem, a picture, a song, a blog, a work of art, no matter what it is, it is sharing. The Word Press community is something else, it inspires me, it cheers me up, it makes me laugh, it makes me cry, and I feel all emotions when I read others content. People who are dying, people who are ill, people who are disabled like me, people who are well, just people sharing and loving and giving and helping

It is an honour for me, a lad who has only been blogging for a year, 10 months of that has been about Soccer, I only really started sharing myself here say 3 months ago, and I started blogging just to share my disability in the hope someone would talk back and share theirs, and they did many times over, hundreds of people I connect with here, each day it seems like I am meeting 100 new people. But these awards to the right, am I that good a blogger to be able to say I deserve them? I don’t know, others judge this, and it seems yes. But at the back of my mind I am like “Me, really?”

So why do we blog? I see many blogs and read many blogs and I have yet to not read a subject I have heard about or am aware about, but I will and have came across the odd thing here and there where I am “WOW” because of what I am reading. There are so many nice people here it is untrue. And if this Word press represents a percentage of people from all over the world, then the world should be good. 92% of the world believes in some form of religion or God.

So why do we have war and hatred?  I know this is an easy answer to some, but to me, I don’t get it. I have seen hatred and sat beside evil in my time, and it teaches you not to surround yourself with it, you are, as a person who you surround yourself with in life. I tell my two son’s this every day, and I will keep saying it till they tell me to shut up, lol

It is my duty as a Father to ready my kids for the big bad world out there. It is not that bad, well not where I am, but bad things happen everywhere, so we all have a duty to teach not just our kids, but everyone, that bad is bad, good is good, and humility is humility. If only we could see it on TV and on the Global stage, but we don’t, the news shows us war and death, every night. When I watch the news it depresses me, but I am nosey and want to know, and the world looks terrible. Then I come here and speak to people from Australia, USA, Iran, South Africa, China, Japan, Russia, you name it, I have crossed paths with people from, as have we all

On an individual level people are nice, but as a people, as a nation some are not, and I can’t figure this out either. Why do we accept intolerance and racism and hate and more? Because we are scared to open our mouths in fear of conflict?

But blogging is good, meeting new people is good, understanding new cultures is brilliant, learning new religions is good and the main thing when you share and read is, you must be able to accept opinions, even when they go against everything you stand for, within reason yes, but basic human opinions, we must tolerate, and on here we do

So I blog for those reasons and more maybe. Why do you blog? Why share, why take the time to give a little to strangers? Same as me, enjoyment? Or a true purpose? I matters not, as long as you are sending love and some caring message, then it is good

We all have our reasons, and they really are unimportant, the main thing is we do, and we do it well, and we learn and share and love and care and all these other good things in life, on here we see a different world. Well I do anyway. Not different from the world outside the front door of my house, the whole world, all of us, from every corner

Keep on blogging, keep on sharing, and keep humanity and humility alive I say, allow yourself to respect everyone from everywhere regardless of what religion or colour, creed or nation they stand for, they are the same as you and me, where they are from, what they do, even if you dislike what they do, be better, care and debate, don’t argue. Because if we do it here, then maybe it will spread and our world will be a better place. I believe in God but can’t understand why 92% of us believe in him in all his shapes and forms and we have wars, all over the planet, and I mean no disrespect here, anyone religious will not take that as a slight against God or their God, people who love God accept, they teach, they show us, they tell us God loves us, so religious people can’t hate, at least this is what I am told when I speak to God loving people like myself. I don’t partake to any one religion, I believe in an all knowing God, a God that loves us all no matter the religion we follow. Maybe I am wrong, but MY OPINIONS MUST BE RESPECTED as I search my path to enlightenment and on here, people accept that and help and share and send me links and its brilliant. If we don’t try to love and be kind, what is the point, what does this tell us?

If we can’t tolerate and debate that is bad, otherwise, this explains hate. I am searching for God, and if I see religious people hate, it makes me take one step back. Take religion out of the blog altogether, I just hate, hate!

And I hope you all do also, please, this blog came from my heart and I just want to see more love in our world, not just on here, but everywhere I look. Am I a dreamer? We will find out, or at least I will one day

Thanks for reading, and I have tagged this to DEATH, lol. This isn’t about God or Religion, I know I mentioned this, but I also mentioned lots of other things. Keep caring people, I love it


To “YOU” A thank you!! From me, to you, in Audio. Please Listen

I do this well.

I do this well.

I like to do the odd Audio Blog. If you have spoken to me, liked something, commented on kindness, debated with me, helped me, gave me wisdom or understanding THIS IS FOR YOU

So PLEASE!! Everyone, find 20 minutes and PLEASE listen. It is fun in bits, I added some fun pictures, and it is a thank you to “YOU” from me

I would be honoured if you listened and replied 🙂 or liked


Thank you, Shaun

Love is love, don’t try to change it – Music Video (Bruno Mars)

downloadSome people can go their whole life looking for love, some find it and throw it away, some find it and keep it close, at all costs. Sometimes when I blog I throw in a song, to, well, capture the moment I guess

This is a song we all should know, “Just the way you are” Bruno Mars, and it is this message in love I like. When you fall in love, when you connect with another human being on a level of love, we don’t change them. We keep them as we got them, and we remind them every day, that we still like what we liked the day we met them

I love music, it is universal, it speaks in all languages and style of music is unimportant, the message is. I know people who fall in love then try and change a person. Can anyone relate to this? I guess so. I am not perfect, far from it. I try all the time to make myself a better Father, and lover and Husband

And the only way I figured out I can do this is by allowing my partner to be herself, how dare I try and change her, and vice versa. I know many couples who almost hate each other, I see and hear of men and woman on the internet, who are married, STILL looking for extra love. I am not to judge here, please no; I am just a person with a keyboard, a heart and a bit of experience in love

I love this song for the message and what the message is, I hope you do also, if you are in love, or new to love, keep the person you FELL IN LIVE WITH and remind them, every day, about love

Ohhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhhh[Verse 1:]
Oh, her eyes, her eyes
Make the stars look like they’re not shinin’
Her hair, her hair
Falls perfectly without her trying
She’s so beautiful
And I tell her everyday
YeahhI know, I know
When I compliment her she won’t believe me
And it’s so, it’s so
Sad to think that she don’t see what I see
But every time she asks me “Do I look okay? ”
I say[Chorus:]
When I see your face (face face…)
There’s not a thing that I would change
‘Cause you’re amazing (amazing)
Just the way you are (are)
And when you smile (smile smile…)
The whole world stops and stares for a while
‘Cause girl you’re amazing (amazing)
Just the way you are (are)
Yeah[Verse 2:]
Her lips, her lips
I could kiss them all day if she’d let me
Her laugh, her laugh
She hates but I think it’s so sexy
She’s so beautiful
And I tell her everyday

Oh you know, you know, you know
I’d never ask you to change
If perfect’s what you’re searching for
Then just stay the same
So don’t even bother asking if you look okay
You know I’ll say

When I see your face (face face…)
There’s not a thing that I would change
‘Cause you’re amazing (amazing)
Just the way you are (are)
And when you smile (smile smile…)
The whole world stops and stares for a while
‘Cause girl you’re amazing (amazing)
Just the way you are (are)

The way you are
The way you are
Girl you’re amazing (amazing)
Just the way you are (are)

When I see your face
There’s not a thing that I would change
Cause you’re amazing (amazing)
Just the way you are (are)
And when you smile
The whole world stops and stares for awhile
Cause girl you’re amazing
Just the way you are



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A 72 Year old message that still has meaning in our sick world

If only..............

If only…………..

I have posted this video before, but I want to again now I have a bigger audience of caring people. This is my only reason

In our sick world, we can all look around and see acts of individual kindness; this is what we have left, people being nice on a human level. As a species we do care, as a civilization we are lost. Somewhere, somehow, something went wrong, Corporate greed (And I have blogged this) has made our world a greedy place.

I see individual acts of kindness most days be it here online or in the street, I watch the nightly news and I ask myself where did this kindness go? Name a country not in War, at War or in Civil War or on the Brink of Civil war, you will struggle. If there is a country with 500 soldiers in a war zone, that country is at war.

What went wrong? Where did we get lost? What can we do? How can we do away with greed? How can we fight for a better world? Just a few questions posed in the clip below.

The clip below is 72 years in the making, done by Charlie Chaplin, this is was not scripted the way he said it, he winged it, it was spontaneous and during World War II

I ask you all watch this. I have posted it before, but when I had like 100 followers, now I have more followers and more love and intolerance and humanity in my friends here, I would like to share this video one more time. And if you can, PLEASE give me your thoughts.

When did our world turn to a War zone? When did the unloved hate, when did we lose our way, what caused it, and how do we stop it. This is a VERY STRONG message here, and because it is so old, it has lost no relevance 72 years since it was made.

I will say no more, you be the judge, because we are are all the cause and the cure, we did this, we allowed this, why?

This is me, you and the people you speak to, we all can change this

This is me, you and the people you speak to, we all can change this

With love and humanity, Shaun x

Define beautiful in a person

Boring plain old me..

Boring plain old me..

This is a blog I wanted to do for a while. My partner did a little modelling when she was younger. She had not before I fell in love with her, I fell in love with the woman, that came next; she is beautiful in many ways, inside and out.

Many Woman are very nice looking, but ugly on the inside if you follow, trust me I have been on the wrong side of many, they think because they have the looks they can have any man, and I guess that is kind of true, but not all men are sex hungry fools, I certainly am not

Anyway, when I talk of beauty, I talk about what I hear, what I feel, how the person comes across, how the person looks is secondary to me

But we are all different, and this is good, if we were all the same, it would be Orwellian and 1984 and boring, so it is good we have differing kinds of people.

Men, I did a blog on Men, so this blog is about Beautiful people in any and all of the sense of the word, if that makes sense, I hope it does. I know friends, nice lads, some are married some are not, sadly many cheat on their partner, they need to feel like they can say “Look what I did”

For me if you meet ANYONE, and on the first night Sex is on the agenda, you know both people are that type of person and some expect a relationship from this, but then get disappointed when they realise the person is just in it for Sex. Many people go up town to meet people, score the first night, and then get upset when it was just a one night thing

That is not beauty that is ugly, inside and out. I know many beautiful woman, my partner is fine with me having girl pals, I was like this before we went out then got together, so nothing has changed, I like a good night out with my pals, get drunk, even though I don’t really drink, I think we all need a good blow out for time to time. My partner and I live in the area we grew up in almost, so people we both knew we meet a lot, and I have found myself online trying to explain to girls “Sorry, I am not like that”

But this is about beautiful, Men, Woman, young girls at college and young lads also. The song below hits the mark for me. I know a man who dresses as a woman, is he any less beautiful than some blond woman with big chests or a man with a 6 pack and good looks? No, the answer is no

Beauty is on the inside. People can be facially good looking. I feel in love with Kylie Minogue as a young man, but it is just a stupid thing we all do, my partner likes a famous football player (Soccer) player and has pictures of him on her phone. Big deal, lol

Kylie. Good on the eye. But what is she like as a person?

Kylie. Good on the eye. But what is she like as a person?

Rudi Skacel, a fancy man my Partner likes. He is actually a decent man

Rudi Skacel, a fancy man my Partner likes. He is actually a decent man

So what is beauty? I will let you decide, as everyone is different. This is my blog, so please, feel free to add a comment on your opinions; this is what debate/blogging is for, people have hangups and go through life thinking beauty they see portrayed on TV as “This is how I should look” This is not the case, and TV is wrong to do this, in my opinion, I know many woman and men who look at magazines and TV and copy beauty they see. Again the song below, I think covers my argument here well. I hope you agree. Some people are Gay (Religious issues there) But being Gay isn’t a choice, Gay people are attracted to the same sex. And I know many gay people, men and woman, I have never met any nasty horrible people with any, they are happy people, but get judged. This is 2013, the world has moved on, so have feelings and emotions, should we just ignore this and condemn gay people to hell? I don’t think so. But I know gay people. So my take on it may differ from someone who judges Gay people without knowing them. They are just NORMAL PEOPLE for the love of God. Sorry, but this is a bug bear for me. And I in no way want to upset anyone with my views, all these are, are my opinions, feel free to fire your opinions into this blog. Debate and blogging is for this, so lets……..

This video speaks VOLUMES for the point I am making, and again, a superb song

We all know the singer in the Video above, she was bullied at School for being ugly. I don’t know her, some of her videos can be “you know” This one is her speaking from her heart.

My partner is good looking to me on the outside, but the person on the inside is so much more. And she knows this also.

My partner is good looking to me on the outside, but the person on the inside is so much more. And she knows this also.