linkin Park – The Messenger – Chester Bennington – Live unplugged – Lyrics

Sometimes the lyrics of a song just ‘Make Sense’. We can use them as our own, that is the beauty of Music, we can play it till it gets stuck in our minds, lodged so deeply we sing it and own it. This is SENSATIONAL from Chester. He might not be here no more, but we can keep ANYONE alive by sharing what they stood for.



Linkin Park – the messenger – Chester Bennington Live unplugged – Lyrics
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A Brilliant Message I Got From A 21 Year old Scottish Kid – #LGBT #MARIJUANA

10501772_883516741683786_6282876781490405677_nVia a family member, he is showing me here the same certain family members I have can and would share also, he is a young adult (I am only 41 😀 ) For a lad so young in years, just amazing young thinking. We must be thankful in Scotland we have 10’s of Thousands of clever young people. These young people and their energy will first free Scotland from an uneven Union. Then it might catch on. As I wrote about ‪#‎Iceland‬ below when oppressed people see real democracy and a people who’s will is just too strong to stop they then see it, want to help and then help it happen in their own World. Like I say always when people say “But Shaun you can’t change the World and neither can I” Then I simply reply with “Stop trying to change THE World instead change your OWN World first” – Trust me that statement I have said for a year or so writing, is something I am doing I am living the message here now, it’s amazing and I re-joined and am reconnecting with old friends and some family, I am so lucky I only have M.E (Myalgic encephalomyelitis) as for half a week when I had to go to Hospital (I KNOW, YAWN, I KNOW) The Dr’s were concerned at my symptoms, so blood etc was taken, so all good, I now have a name people will and have said “Sorry Shaun I didn’t know you were this bad” and I think “OMG Don’t say sorry, just have fun and speak to me like I am your best mate” LOL.. And I see it in others also. Our World tires of oppression and people who want to JUDGE OTHERS. Sad people, maybe sad for good honest reasons judge others. So here we have a 21 year old Scottish kin, clever lad really, an adult but young adult addressing two ideologies to the people who can see what he shares on Facebook. That takes balls, well done ‘This Family Member‘ you are my friend 1st, know this 😉 I say no names on here, but for sure, like a close relative your principles are not to judge others but to free others and respect and allow others to live. So proud pal. I live this idea or way of thinking. The LGBT Movement is one I was and still am HEAVILY involved with as it’s a Human’s right to be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender 🙂 #LGBT. I helped in a small way here in Scotland when we MADE our Government and it’s leaders stand aside and allow Gay people to get married, as I say about any nation that want’s better, the power and energy of it’s Youth will help free them with the wisdom from their elders, like YOU I am a decent parent and I have two young sons who can share things like this openly, same as I do and most people I connect with can do, now that is amazing to me, I don’t hate I just am alive with fun 😀 Beware World, Bro if you read this, we are getting minging drunk with the boys and Padre if he can make it, and I will run up a road threatening people with my willie hanging out screaming “I am going to feck you so bad” To be fair the guy did hit me 😉

This message is SO SIMPLE. Religion and hate take the message with stupid like

This message is SO SIMPLE. Religion and hate take the message with stupid like “That is Jesus upside down on the cross” They miss the message of “PLEASE! LIVE AND LET LIVE, STOP JUDGING ME” Or whoever feels judged…Why you guys judge? Tell us all, please! lol

The friends I have can do this also, I surround myself with people at both spectrums of life, basically both ends of living people do like A. People who can be tough and take on the World and provide for family and have fun to B. People that can open up and cry and have fun and SPEAK THE TRUTH, tell their story without caring what others say or think, be or if we like it or not. Humans who can do it all, laugh, cry, smile, be angered by injustice but most important they/we don’t hate, we just exist, I see others just slowly in a Groundhog Day manner get through life and I don’t know why I just must help and if they don’t want anyone’s help then we can say ‘We Tried’ and we do it always with a smile, So, yes (YES YOU) People do judge you/us, all of us no matter how we live, so we just live and if people with all due respect want to be unhappy, then we can only help them smile, if not then it’s just sad and life got them. I know people who are in a bad way medically who can make me crack into laughter that hurts me 😀 People who have fun NO MATTER what life throws at them, once we reach that ability we can handle the unthinkable that WILL come in any shape or form better, we are so open we are prepared and ready for life, but before and in-between, WE WILL SMOKE CANNABIS and allow Gay people and Bisexual people as well as men or woman who want to be the opposite, live! Live and let live right? And also the stupid unreal at times misconception that smoking Marijuana, Hashish, Weed whatever you want to call it is less safe than drinking wine/vodka/beer and others at the same level some smoke hash is just so untrue. Alcohol can kill a family, person and all in-between, Hashish smokers watch TV at night, me only I only smoke it when the dogs been out last walk and girls are asleep then I relax. Weed etc is legal in many part’s of our World and will will be available to all for Medical and recreational reason’s in Scotland soon too as well as all over the World, the World is waking up I seen it on Dr’s Heroin Prescriptions but I see it clearer and more today. A joint is like 2 glasses of wine It doesn’t make people lazy nor make them turn to Heroin 😀 honest I research HARD on issues I don’t agree with or am confused with. I know Teachers, Policemen-Woman/Nurses/Dr’s/ and everyone and anyone be them high on (No Pun Intended) salary or low in salary, living in a box in a field or a mansion, WHO SMOKE CANNABIS. I don’t understand people who say “You shouldn’t smoke hash” But I respect their opinion, just know it ain’t going to stop me from smoking it 😉 I smoke it FIRST because I like it and 2nd it helps my pain I won’t lie. People sit and get well drunk on all sorts, argue and become hateful, but us Teachers, Policemen/Woman/Nurses/Dr’s/ and everyone and anyone in-between who want to smoke a joint are bad people? GET THAT THOUGHT TO F@K!!!!  These songs below the image and text is what I am talking about!! 🙂  The 2nd song “All my Loving” At 1 Minute 15 Seconds you will see a grown man cry 🙂 The guys is older than me and crying. Ask yourselves why. Maybe if the answers are all good and proper, our World would be better and we will all get along just fine 😀 So what holds us back? Religion? (It is an issue, nobody can come at me and say it’s not, I can prove it is) Hate? Gossipy People? People who are so poor all they have is money? Bigots? Racists? and any other people who as the image say’s clearly is ‘HOLDING THE REST OF US BACK SO WE CAN PARTY” I don’t have the answers friends, just reason, be it for me only? x


Imagine – John Lennon (Original video with lyrics in English included)
VIDEO Via David Holguin on You Tube

This song promotes peace, love and talks about Consumerism. But 1 line

This song promotes peace, love and talks about Consumerism. But 1 line “Imagine there’s no Heaven” show’s Religious hatred by the Religious people’s comments on the song and it’s message they can’t understand due to a Religiously trained controlled mind. Not all Religious people. So bring Religion here and hate me please. All you do is prove me right, you prove us ALL correct Religion is a problem in this World. (Biggest Image Tag EVER Here 😀 )

I personally understand the reasons why the image above is so powerful and why a 21 year old Scottish young man shared it with his World on Facebook… Do you understand? Do you care? As I say, don’t try and change the World, just try and change your own or make a difference in your own World. Trust me, I do, no brag, just amazing. You awaken and the message on the image above and the two songs below/ one above become so, so easy to understand. And you know what? I don’t have 1 piece of hate in me and neither did the guy who shared the image or the guy who said it 😀 YEAH!!! I am not alone 😀 I am an idiot standing proudly with my equal idiots be them Scottish or Liberian or Russian, it matters not. I realized just in the last month slowly as my Dr’s poison drifts from my system, even though all along I was just a DICK…That I still was human, so with a clear head and free will now I can be me and I STILL don’t care.. Please try and reach that point. If you need help ask a friend. Don’t live a life of unhappy then on your death bed think “I should have done this or I should said that” Do it now! Say it now!! Or forever hold us all back bud sadder stop yourself from living in circles going around and around, walking going nowhere, speaking but saying nothing. Many will hate us. Me? I just don’t understand you, my life is full of fun people who make me crack up and hurt with fun. They are friends, family, my sons, my partner but most off all 2 little girls 4 and 6 years old who have helped me with EVERYTHING from the day they were born to today at 7am and beyond for many decades I hope. And they don’t even know it. Yes friends, my 2 little princess’s help me see the World through the eyes of a child and that is just fun, I hope if you have kids you get this too, even my older kids give me the same fun and help me! But I am a dick, why? Because deep down I am a child, I am immature, stupid, annoying, I draw on walls (OK I WANT TO DRAW ON WALLS BUT MY PARTNER WOULD BEAT ME HARD) 😦 I am a just a  man. We will leave it here #Peace and #Solidarity, no longer will I allow negative to enter my body because a group of people through one person pulls me back, I proved above people do think like me, they say 1 image can speak a 1,000 words, this literally DID JUST THAT 😀 I move forward and evolve and I see it in both my sons and others and whoever shared this image and I had to blog it, I would have blogged it had I had seen it myself on any site. Anyway…Have some fun with two old songs…PS: Don’t forget now! The 2nd song “All my Loving” At 1 Minute 15 Seconds you will see a grown man cry 🙂 Be happy! Don’t allow others to take that right away from you. Love them back, maybe they will get it one day? If not, we love them anyway

I am told ALWAYS “Shaun where 1 word or 2 words are enough, you write a BOOK” And I am thankful for that comment 😀 Means I am a full person. I can go to each end of the life spectrum and just live and be happy. All I ask is you do the same be you a reader and stranger or a family member and you love me or hate me. Lets make this World more fun! LOL

Paul McCartney – Live and Let Die (Live)
VIDEO: Via Paul McCartney Music on You Tube

All My Loving- Paul McCartney (Live)
GROWN MAN CRYING VIDEO: Via Alex Umali on You Tube

I want peace, not hate. If you don't understand any of this, research, trust me, it's something you will have to do soon

I want peace, not hate. If you don’t understand any of this, research, trust me, it’s something you will have to do soon


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Someone like you & Rolling in the deep – Adele Live at the Royal Albert Hall

Great song writer and her ability to share is amazing

Great song writer and her ability to share is amazing

It is classed in Scotland as “Not cool” for a Man to post things like this, but I don’t conform to this fake man rubbish.

I am teaching my Daughters to sing, and she my eldest can sing Rolling in the deep, it is nearly bedtime and we are listening to this.

This is 15 minutes of the end of the concert. It is true, sad, happy, emotional, powerful and amazing and more. So please, With Courtney, Chloe (My two Daughters) and I, Please enjoy this with us. I teach them at age 2 and 3 years old the meaning of expression, if they want to. They love this. So from us 3, to Word Press, please, enjoy a master at work.

The crowd interaction along with acoustics in the Royal Albert hall and Adele and her powerful voice and expression make this one to keep. When she cries, my Daughter cries. It really is a remarkable 15 minutes of powerful sharing and emotion, then Rolling in the Deep to end. Please enjoy

If you are happy today, EVERY mistake you ever made was worth it




The title of this blog is fairly easy to grasp I hope, and kind of says what it does on the tin.

I know many people, as do you who have had a terrible life, or a terrible past, or have had things done to them as young people, or been through traumatic events in their live

I can only speak for myself, but I have had the above happen to me. And I guess many reading have also had hardship in the past.

But please, ask yourself this question “Am I happy right now”

If the answer is “Yes” then every bad moment or mistake, horrific piece of news, bad experience was worth going through. Because what came before in our lives made us who we are today, I see so many people living in the past, remembering any of the events I am painting a picture about and they hold onto these bad memories and it stops them living today

Let them go. Have a look around, look what you have NOW, I am guessing many are now thinking “Well I guess I am happy in my life” If so, then why do people live in the past? We get one shot at life, and it is short, shorter for some. I live for today, this moment right now and the hope of tomorrow and what it may bring.

If I lived in my past, and stayed there, I would have issues, bad issues. I would like to thank another blogger for making this blog possible; something I read inspired this blog.  Many live in the past. And again, if you are REALLY happy today, realise all that happened in the past moulded you into the person you are today

I know not everyone can be happy, and others will have  reasons they can’t be 100% happy, but really, how many people reading this can honestly put their hands in the air and say “Yeah, this is correct” I bet a few?

Live for today, remember yesterday for a moment, really remember the good memories, look forward to what tomorrow may bring, but don’t live your life unhappy because of something  you have been through in the past. It is gone. I know a man; he has all the money in the world, enough to make King Solomon blush! And he is very unhappy. He has it all, but he lives remembering a hard time he had in his life 20 years ago

Not everyone will get this blog, not everyone will understand this blog, not everyone will agree with this blog, but this is just my thinking. I lived in the past once, and I hate myself for wasted years. I live for today, I live for right now

Try it, see what happens. The horrible things happened to make us stronger, I believe this to be

There is saying in Scotland “You have to be pulled through the shit to see the roses” I hope this makes sense to people

The beatles sang it well, Yesterday, we all love the beatles, many will take different things from this song, for me, it reminds me why I don’t live for yesterday