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Review Sentence – Ex-Eton Pupil Andrew Boeckman – Shared Images of 2 year old being raped

Alleged Peadophile Andrew Picard

Alleged Peadophile Andrew ‘Picard’ Boeckman

[ PLEASE SHARE] This guy used his Mothers maiden name in a Court of law. Surely a petition worth signing here. We all debate and hate when we hear children, kids like our own are abused or exploited for the sick minds of the so called “Establishment Untouchable’s” This just proves that “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” Had this been any other man he would have gotten a prison sentence, but because he is rich and from a rich family with alleged ties to Freemason’s he got away with an awful crime. We don’t like this, there is no excuse for not sharing this everyone. Lets act instead of just always sharing. tTweets at the bottom as usual to other people telling this story.

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Salt in the wounds of victims of childhood sexual abuse, what message is this sending out to those who choose to aid and abet the rape of innocent children? I am disgraced at the lenient sentences passed down by Judge Peter Ross!

Andrew Picard had 2,000 indecent images of children on his computer
Top lawyer’s son sat in college dormitory sharing pictures in chat rooms
Was caught aged 17 sharing material with an undercover police officer
He admitted child porn charges but was given suspended jail sentence

A former Eton College student avoided jail today despite making and distributing ‘appalling’ indecent images of children and bestiality film clips. Andrew Picard, from Westminster, London, was found with more than 2,000 pornographic images of children on his computer at the prestigious school near Windsor, Berkshire.

The 18-year-old son of a top lawyer sat in his college dormitory sharing the pictures in chat rooms and was 17 when he was caught sharing material with an undercover police officer.

Picard, who was arrested at Eton after his IP address was traced there, admitted ten counts of child pornography – and at Oxford Crown Court was today handed a ten-month prison term, suspended for 18 months. He was let off jail after being credited for his work with doctors in the past year to address his offending – but this was said to be a perk of his privileged position.

The offences dated from January to February last year when Picard made indecent images of youngsters and shared them via chat messages on Skype. Thousands of images and clips were found on Picard’s computer and hard drive that showed acts so appalling that Judge Peter Ross could not bring himself to describe them. Others showed children as young as two being raped and forced to have sex with dogs.

Cathy Olliver, prosecuting, said the undercover officer had entered a ‘teen’ chatroom, for those aged between 13 and 19 years, on February 9, 2015, when he was contacted by a user called ‘AP16MUK’ – standing for Andrew Picard, aged 16, male, from the UK.

Picard messaged the undercover officer asking: ‘Do you want to see pics of boys and girls your age, nude?’ Boasting of having hundreds of videos, Picard added the officer on Skype and shared indecent images of a boy aged ten and girls aged eight and 14 years.

Asking the undercover officer for proof he was aged 14 years as he said and not some ‘old’ man, Picard later shared a video of his own face. ‘His IP address led police to Eton school in Berkshire where staff were able to identify him as a pupil,’ Ms Olliver said. ‘He was arrested from school on suspicion of distributing indecent photographs of children.’

Picard admitted one count of possessing indecent pictures of children, one count of making indecent pictures of children and eight counts of distributing indecent photos or recordings of a child. Detectives found 1,185 indecent images and videos on his computer and on hard-drives seized from his school dormitory.

They also discovered chat logs from the chatrooms where Picard boasted about the ‘quality’ of his videos and asked users who claimed to be as young as 14 to exchange naked shots of themselves for indecent videos he would provide. Ms Olliver said it was a feature of Picard’s offending that he would send images in return for the user to strip, showing him their ‘underarm or groin’. She added: ‘There are aggravating features, the children are very young, in obvious pain and distress, and the number of photographs distributed.’

Dressed in jeans, trainers and a navy jumper, brown-haired Picard squeezed his eyes shut as Judge Peter Ross described some of the vile Category A material found in his possession.

One of his videos showed a girl as young as three being raped, while others showed young children being forced to have sex with dogs.

Sallie Bennett-Jenkins, QC referred to her client’s remorse and pointed to the good work he had been doing with doctors in the past year, undergoing constant treatment with numerous doctors and psychiatrists.

‘This is a young and very able man who has hopes for the future,’ she added. ‘He was able to have this opportunity [to seek help] and this was something Andrew sought for himself, by himself.’

Sparing Picard jail, Judge Ross said a term of custody would undo the good work he had done in the past year undergoing extensive counselling.

He said: ‘This defendant Andrew Picard was a privileged young man. His family are clearly wealthy enough to send him to school in Eton. ‘Quite how you found your way into this unpleasant world Mr Picard, the world of chatrooms and exchanging this material, is not clear to me. ‘Why you did it doctors and others have sought to explain – the emotional difficulties you had, issues around your sexuality.’

However he blasted all those who deal in child sexual exploitation, saying they were not ‘victimless crimes.’ ‘All too often in these courts we see the internet and chatrooms providing a degree of assumed detachment in terms of what is said and the material that is viewed.

‘Please make no bones about it, these are children, some of them very tiny, and they are being abused and tortured simply to provide sexual gratification, mainly, to adult males.

‘All over the world, too often in the third world, children being made objects of the most appalling abuse. ‘It forms a currency and you played a part in that. You were seeking to obtain your own sexual gratification.’ A mental health treatment requirement was added to his sentence for 18 months, which will continue with his existing providers. He was made subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order and was ordered to pay £1,200 in prosecution costs.

Picard’s wealthy family live in prime real estate next to the Houses of Parliament in Westminster. His father is a managing partner in the London office of a large American corporate law firm. The judge added: ‘It has been said that you and your family have suffered deeply as a result of your arrest and public exposure. ‘Your family didn’t deserve that but it is a consequence of this sort of offending. Inevitably your privileged background and where you were going to school added a degree of frissance to the reporting.’

Attorney General Uk
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U.S. General Openly Admits ‘We Helped Build ISIS’ – Was ‘Robin Cook’ Right?


This story is a year old and I am struggling to understand how I missed it. Facebook user Andy Bayne shared this in the group One Scotland Now this is a story I have been telling for many months now. I said the USA, London and Israel were indeed supplying ISIS with war. I will share some images below and we simply have to ask “Who is funding ISIS” Because someone with SERIOUS money is supplying the Islamic State. I will leave some links here below, you can click on them. Good share by Andy, and one I am glad I spotted as it reaffirms my research that indeed ISIS is the bogeyman created and invented same as other groups to cause issues around the World. Remember Robin Cook? Remember what he said? Why he died? Allegedly of course. When this happened I must admit I never gave it much thought, now with images of US Officials historically meeting Saddam Hussain and lately John McCain pictures with the leaders of the Islamic State, you can find that image in “I was right” below.

Retired General McInerney Says U.S. Helped Build #ISIS
Via: Libertas Bell on You Tube

Put it together and it can’t be denied anymore. Only a closed mind will dismiss all this. Being Scottish and nearing freedom from the London war machine it is important my kin understand the World we enter as a free Scotland. Should all this be true, what does it mean? I know many just share and like, so I hope this can actually create debate, Scotland we know media lies now, for others in the World you too are noticing the lies or seeing things are not ‘As told’ to you by your media and Government. Also at the bottom of this and all blogs I do are 3 blogs from this same story or similar, so if you want to research yourself, it is all here, well all I know anyway. Please, help yourself and research if needed, I know many inside the USA who are adamant their tax dollar’s are going to ISIS. There are Millions of Americans who believe this to be true, and it is very easy to see if you know how to use Google and You Tube properly. Just search key words and I guarantee you that you will find a lot more, especially Americans doing Vlogs, Audio blogs. Strange this, all along I am looking to see if I can find a GOOD source to admit the USA are in-fact funding ISIS, and here it was all the time. I was right, the blogs are below. The people who said “Read this” or “Watch that”, seriously, thank you all. It’s amazing fun but also very important at the same time. Should all this be 100% true, our World is Hell and most of the people reading this or able to read it, eat, sit, watch TV, take a shower, live good lives are living a lie, me included. Part of me doesn’t want to write this, know this, believe or understand this, but it’s true, we were right, our Governments create these terror groups, our tax goes up and we feel safe in the 1st World. Hit me like a brick this did. Staggering! I had already proved with Documents where ISIS funding was coming from and here we have a good man, I asked several American friends if they knew this man and the people who knew him said “Good honest man” So American’s trust and like this man and he said “USA FUND ISIS” Why on EARTH is this not the biggest breaking news ever? This was on Fox News, this is why the story died in the main stream media, they got it and spun it to death the other way. Thankfully people do blog the truth. And for me I must say I am satisfied in a fun way for all my research being correct.. WOW! 


Was Robin bold enough to tell is the truth that he died for? Allegedly

The final truth Muslim Brotherhood is in USA Government and fund ISIS?

Iran Claims Two British Planes Shot Down in Iraq Carrying USA Weapons for ISIS Terrorists

UN Report Reveals How Israel is Coordinating with ISIS Militants Inside Syria

ISIS/Islamic State Commander hints cash and training are Coming From the USA!!!!

America Funds Terrorism! McCain and ISIS. I Was Right!

They even made up a story about my Country Scotland!

They even made up a story about my Country Scotland!

Via: http://countercurrentnews.com/


General Thomas McInerney recently acknowledged in an interview that the United States in fact helped to build the terror group and would-be Caliphate, known as the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS). This admission that “we helped build ISIS” comes from an honest look at the fact that the group obtained weapons directly from the United States

When asked General McInerney what he thought of the idea of arming so-called “moderate” Syrian rebels McInerney said that the U.S. policy on Syria, and Iraq had been a failure. “We backed I believe in some cases, some of the wrong people and not in the right part of the Free Syrian Army and that’s a little confusing to people, so I’ve always maintained….that we were backing the wrong types.”

To be clear, many of the rebels fighting the Assad regime in Syria are in fact “the right types.” But for some reason, the United States has time and time again backed what McInerney admits were “the wrong” rebel factions: those aligned with ISIS, and in some cases, ISIS itself.

During the interview, the two discussed what was purported to “show some of those weapons from Benghazi ended up in the hands of ISIS – so we helped build ISIS.”

Whether you agree with his policies across the board or not, it is worth acknowledging that Senator Rand Paul openly suggested that the truth behind what was going on in Libya was an illicit arms smuggling program, which trafficked weapons to terrorists in Syria. “I’ve actually always suspected that, although I have no evidence, that maybe we were facilitating arms leaving Libya going through Turkey into Syria,” Paul said in an interview with CNN. He added that he was “never quite understood the cover-up — if it was intentional or incompetence”.

In addition to ISIS obtaining weapons from Libya, Aaron Klein was told by Jordanian officials that, many members of ISIS were in fact trained by the United States at a secret base in Jordan in 2012. The official stated that “dozens of future ISIS members were trained at the time as part of covert aid to the insurgents targeting the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Syria.” If you believe this needs to be headline news, then help SPREAD THE WORD about how ISIS rose to power so quickly, with so much Western funding and weaponry backing them up.

~~End Story~~

Una delle foto del lungo convoglio di pickup con a bordo uomini armati e incappucciati e bandiere nere dell'Isis, pubblicate da un sito jihadista, El Minbar, con il titolo

Someone has bough ISIS all these Toyota pick ups


This is military and political, who funds? We must ask

Militant Islamist fighters parade on military vehicles along the streets of northern Raqqa province June 30, 2014. Militant Islamist fighters held a parade in Syria's northern Raqqa province to celebrate their declaration of an Islamic

Militant Islamist fighters parade on military vehicles along the streets of northern Raqqa




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Alex goes to London as Nicola keeps Scotland well


Amazing night. This was UK Elections, SNP had 6 seats, now over 50 SNP Members leave Scotland for London to give Scotland a HUGE VOICE in London. The youngest Female MP ever in the UK won tonight, Tasmina Sheikh , the first Scottish Muslim female MP won. Scotland now waits till the Scottish Elections in 2016 is in the strongest place it has been ever. Scotland, we did it. We stood up, we demanded and we won. We will keep standing up to help Alex down in London and we back Nicola with all we have because Nicola is a real person, not a Politician acting like a person, a person who happens to be a Politician. Scotland do you understand we are one of the only real democratic people on Earth? We are! And we will keep pushing harder now. The Smith Commission is something the SNP can tear it up and re-negotiate. Well done Scotland! Well done Alex Salmond for being voted into Westminster I need to sleep now 😀

Scottish Leader Jim Murphy GONE!!


Labour Scottish Leader Jim Murphy is gone


SNP’s Mhairi Black becomes Britain’s youngest MP since 1667

20 years old!!! Beat a Labour big hitter and Labour strong seat

20 years old!!! Beat a Labour big hitter and Labour strong seat


Danny Alexander lost his seat!!! 


He was not the best


Well done to Tasmina Sheikh , the first Scottish Muslim female MP. 


Ist Muslim Woman SNP Memeber Tasmina Sheikh

For now…


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Danny Alexander and the private dinner with Telegraph’s ‘dodgy’ donor

Caught Bonny

Danny Alexander – Caught Bonny

Via: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/liberaldemocrats/11465753/Danny-Alexander-and-the-private-dinner-with-Telegraphs-dodgy-donor.html

The last article I just did was about the fairness of Alex Salmond and the SNP in General. https://shaunynews.com/2015/03/12/why-indyref2-isnt-just-a-pipe-dream-for-scotland/ This Westminster criminal behaviour I spoke about and here it right in our faces, Danny Alexander propping up the Tory Party, make no mistake, this is where the fake money was going. The Telegraph got him to believe they were donors and wanted to financially help the Lib Dems. Well you will see the video’s in the link after Via: at the top, you make your mind up what Scotland you want, what people you want living in it and running it because all I see here is Westminster at it’s best. Cheating and in the end the poor suffer


With the Budget only days away, Danny Alexander was locked in crucial talks with the Chancellor and the Prime Minister over the Coalition’s final package of tax and spending plans. But in a lavish restaurant, a respectable distance from Westminster, an even more important group of people were waiting to hear from the Chief Secretary to the Treasury earlier this week.

Gathered around the table, were eight of the country’s most influential people – who the Liberal Democrats hoped would financially support their forthcoming election campaign. Among those gathered in the private room – as Mr Alexander swept in 45 minutes late – were the man entrusted to run the Government’s shareholding in state-owned banks, the former chief executive of the world’s biggest hedge fund and a representative of a wealthy Dubai-based businessman.

Also present was an undercover reporter from The Telegraph – who had recently made an illicit donation to the Liberal Democrats – which, just days later, had led to him being ushered into the select dinner. It is thought to be the first time details of how a political party privately sets about trying to woo financial backers have been made public.

From the tone of the conversation, it appeared that several had already provided money to Nick Clegg’s team – and were passionate supporters of the Liberal Democrat cause – but their apparent support for the junior Coalition partner was not previously known to the public. The host for the evening was Lord Fox, the former chief executive of the party, who is now a director of a FTSE-100 engineering company.

His pitch was simple: “To win, we are going to need resources and we are going to ask you to help us,” he told the table. “Now some of you can stick your head over the parapet and have done in the past and for that we’re very grateful and will certainly be asking you again. Others I know because of your professional position and where you are find that much…much less easy to do. “And of course there is a way, in terms of anything under £7,500 [that] isn’t reported and doesn’t have to be reported to the Electoral Commission. There’s nothing shifty about that, nothing rare about that. It’s just the way the rule works, that’s the threshold for reporting.”

The Villandry on Waterloo Place in London (Paul Grover/The Telegraph)

The Villandry on Waterloo Place in London (Paul Grover/The Telegraph)

While he hoped his guests could feel able to “put your head over the parapet” the party “would really understand” if they would rather give discreetly.

There is no suggestion that any of the guests were involved in any wrongdoing. However, for the undercover reporter present, the advice on offer was familiar – ashe had already donated money to the party and been thoroughly advised on how to avoid the public limelight in the process. But, what sort of access to the highest echelons of Government could a donation to the Liberal Democrats buy?

The evening began much like any other private function that may have been held at Villandry in St James’s. Attentive staff took drinks orders as guests were led into the private room by the maître d. As a pianist played in the background the guests, some of whom had previously been generous backers of the Conservative Party, engaged in small talk on pub licensing and the election debates.

Lord Fox greeted the Telegraph’s undercover reporter as he approached the group. “I’m Lord Fox, but I never use it. I work with Emma in fundraising.” For Emma Cherniavsky, the Lib Dems’ chief fundraiser, the reporter was now a familiar face who she thought was a wealthy Indian businessman. Ms Cherniavsky, who is responsible for ensuring the party has as much money as possible to spend on reaching voters, told the reporter of her reservations about a recent political broadcast featuring Nick Clegg. “The hard thing about those broadcasts is, in a way you want to do something cheeky or funny or something that’s going to get people’s attention,” she said. “But when you’re the deputy prime minister you sort of have to be the statesman, so in a way, I think we’ll see more interaction on social media and voters getting mobilised.”

Ms Cherniavsky’s observations were the first in a series of insights that the businessmen would gain during the evening from a party clearly wishing to capture their interest – and their money. The conversation over drinks was peppered by Ms Cherniavsky and Lord Fox with references to their as-yet absent guest of honour. “You can ask Danny how that’s going tonight,” Ms Cherniavsky said when she was asked about the disagreement between the Lib Dems and Conservatives over the Budget. In a discussion about the location of the restaurant, Lord Fox noted that with “Danny coming up from the Treasury – it’s very useful for him as well”. “Syed” – the undercover reporter – was one of nine people chosen to attend the private dinner with Mr Alexander – the second most senior figure in the Liberal Democrats and the minister, along with George Osborne, responsible for the nation’s finances.

Another guest, Mark Petterson, the director of a large wind farm developer, who said he had been invited on a number of government trade missions, explained he was a “card carrying member” of the Lib Dems, who he believed were “a good bunch”.

When the guests were invited to sit down for dinner, another attendee, Daniel Shakhani, the chief executive of a private investment firm, pointed out that Syed had been placed at the head of the table. “That shows the respect they have for you,” he said. Lord Fox then politely invited everyone seated at the table to introduce themselves to the group before the arrival of their first course. First was Jitesh Gadhia, senior managing director of the Blackstone Group, a US private equity giant. Last summer Mr Gadhia was appointed to the board of UK Financial Investments (UKFI), a limited company set up in 2008 to manage the Government’s investments in banks bailed out during the credit crunch.

Opposite him was Robin Budenberg, one of the architects of Gordon Brown’s bailout plan, who was chairman of UKFI until January. Following Mr Budenberg came an introduction from a bespectacled man in his 50s, who introduced himself as Peter Clarke. “I used to run what was then the largest hedge fund in the world, Man Group,” he said. “I am now retired but I keep involved in investment management.”

Then came introductions by Heather de Haes, an Australian-born businesswoman involved in a series of arts and property ventures, and Martin Read, the chairman of Laird PLC, a technology firm, and a former director of British Airways, Boots and Asda. Another guest explained that he managed the London interests of Mohammed Galadari, a Dubai-based businessman who owns the Crowne Plaza hotel in the City, but was unable to attend the dinner himself. Mr Galdari was, though, “a very keen supporter of the party”.

When he finally arrived, Mr Alexander made his apologies in a way that only one of the most senior figures in government could. “Unfortunately this dinner is taking place on the day in which we have to finalise the Budget, and I’ve just come from an important meeting that went on for 45 minutes longer than planned so we haven’t quite managed to do that yet,” he said. “So I apologise profusely.” Then came the moment that apparently many of the guests had been looking forward to – an opportunity to put questions to Mr Alexander and raise points of concern. Dr Read, complained about the number of procedures that anyone setting up a small business needed to follow. Mr Alexander expressed sympathy with Dr Read’s points, revealing that he had “a very personal perspective” because his wife had been setting up a business over the past three years.

“She was working and then she took time out to have kids and then she wanted to go back to work and then the route she chose was to set up her own business. And actually, it’s been very interesting for me as someone who’s trying to take some of these decisions to see the trials and tribulations. And she’s not even yet trying to employ anybody. She’s just setting up on her own and delivering services and interacting with the revenue and – all the different things that.” He added: “It is bloody hard work and it is stressful and people who do that are making a big contribution to our society, not just to themselves and yet we still I don’t think make it as easy as we should for people to do that.”


A number of the guests congratulated Mr Alexander on the work of the Coalition, and the role played by the Lib Dems, while others questioned the minister on topics ranging from welfare to the result of the referendum on Scottish independence, and the general election. Ms de Haes, who now lives in Switzerland, suggested Mr Alexander should be looking at creating an “incentive” in the tax system “for people to come back to England”. “It’s not about avoiding tax, it’s about a fair tax system,” she said. Much of Mr Alexander’s pitch to those present was the danger faced by the EU referendum – and how businesses needed to speak up to avoid the alleged “danger” of a British exit.

“I agree with you about the European Union question. It’s a massive one,” he said. “If I think about the number of businesses who came to talk about Scottish independence and the risk that that posed. EU exit is the same thing multiplied tenfold because it applies to every exporting, investing business in the UK and then there’s the knock-on effect in terms of unemployment and so on. “And, look – I wish the issue of a referendum on Europe in the next parliament was not on the table, but it is. It’s probably no comfort to you whatsoever but I think that we would win that referendum handsomely.”

As the guests prepared to leave, Ms de Haes told Syed how she had “tried to push the tax issue” with Mr Alexander, “but you know he doesn’t go very far with that”. However, during the dinner, the Chief Secretary did boast about cutting the top rate of tax to 45 percent – a Conservative policy initially blocked by the Liberal Democrats. With the evening drawing to a close, Syed was ushered to one side for a private conversation with Mr Alexander and the Liberal Democrat fundraisers.

Mr Alexander appeared to have been briefed on our undercover reporter’s fictional background – striking up conversations about Syed’s business ventures in the Midlands and London and discussing Indian politics. He discussed with Mr Alexander his enthusiasm for investing in social housing, referring to previous discussions about how he and the party might “complement each other”.

Mr Alexander reassured him that the Government had been trying to make the planning system “more friendly with people who want to get on and develop”, believing it is a “really important” issue. “We’ve been trying to make, in general, the planning system and so on more friendly with people who want to get on and develop. We think it’s really important. Actually with social housing there is also a very good return because there is demand for it, there is remuneration for it from the government. So it offers … it’s secure in that respect as well as serving a good social purpose.” The discussion then turned to the fictitious Indian businessman’s potential support for the party. Ibrahim Taguri thanked him for his support, but hinted that he was “running out of time” to make a significant donation in time for the bulk of the election campaign.

Mr Alexander said: “We are the movers and shakers, and we are the people who are just making it happen differently. But we also need people to get behind us. And I know you’ve got behind Ibrahim, which is brilliant, wonderful, amazing. Please keep doing that. But if you felt able to get behind the party more generally it would really, really make a difference to us.” He later added: “I just want you to know that I personally am very, very grateful for what you are doing and for what you are offering to do, and to reassure you, it genuinely will make a difference to the results of the election,” he said. In the context of what we were talking about tonight – I mean really it will make a difference, so I won’t intrude on the details, but genuinely it would make a difference.”

And, with the pitch complete, the evening was over.


Daniel Shakhani (Paul Grover /The Telegraph)

Daniel Shakhani, chief executive of RDS Capital

Formerly at Goldman Sachs and the Royal Bank of Scotland, Mr Shakhani, 37, is now chief executive of a private investment firm handling the portfolio of David Reichmann, a property developer. The firm also advises clients including Michael Milken, the billionaire American former financier. Mr Shakhani is chairman of the London branch of the Young Leaders Circle run by Mr Milken’s think tank. Mr Shakhani is on the board of Hand in Hand, a charity set up to fight child poverty.

Jitesh Gadhia (Bloomberg)

Jitesh Gadhia, senior managing director at the Blackstone Group

Mr Gadhia, 44, has worked in investment banking for more than 20 years, holding senior positions at Barclays Capital, ABN AMRO, a Dutch bank, and Baring Brothers, where he witnessed the collapse of Britain’s oldest merchant bank. He joined the advisory business of Blackstone, a US private equity giant, in 2010.

Mr Gadhia, a Cambridge graduate, has previously donated £190,000 to the Conservative Party and another £18,000 to the Conservative Friends of India – with the most recent donation in November 2014. In September he made his first donation to the Lib Dems, of £25,000.

Robin Budenberg

Robin Budenberg, former chief executive and chairman of UKFI

A former senior banker at UBS, Mr Budenberg , 55, took a significant pay cut in 2010 to become chief executive of UK Financial Investments, the body in charge of the taxpayers’ stakes in bailed out British banks.

While at UKFI he played a significant role in negotiating the departure of Stephen Hester as chief executive of RBS and oversaw the sale of Northern Rock. In 2012 he was replaced as chief executive and became chairman. He joined Centerview Partners, an investment banking and advisory firm, last year.

Peter Clarke (Bloomberg)

Peter Clarke, former chief executive of Man Group

Mr Clarke, 55, was chief executive of the Man Group, the world’s biggest listed hedge fund, for six years until 2013, having previously served as company secretary and finance director. He left the firm following a slump in its share price which led to pressure for him to stand down.

He joined Man Group in 1993 having worked in investment banking. He is a qualified solicitor and practised at Slaughter and May, the City firm. He has now retired.

Mark Petterson

Mark Petterson, director of Warwick Energy

A chartered engineer and former employee of BP, Mr Petterson has worked in the electricity, gas and oil sectors for more than three decades.

He co-founded Warwick Energy in 2000 after the collapse of Independent Energy, where he previously worked. He set up the new firm with the men who ran Independent Energy, after the firm became overcome by billing problems. The men denied any wrongdoing. Mr Petterson, 54, is responsible for Warwick Energy’s offshore wind projects.

The company built the 30-turbine Barrow wind farm off the Cumbrian coast, as well as the Thanet offshore wind farm , comprising 100 turbines around four miles off the Kent coast. It also helped develop a 67-turbine wind farm off the Norfolk coast.

Heather de Haes(Sven Klinge)

Heather de Haes, founder of Arts Global

Ms de Haes, 60, is an Australian-born former flautist with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra who set up a series of arts-related businesses in London during her 20 years living in Britain.

In 1999 she set up Arts Global, a charity working to “empower” emerging artists across the world.Ms de Haes, who now lives in Switzerland, has also worked in property, with a biography on the Arts Global website stating that she has used “her artistic skills to add value to prime properties in London, western Switzerland and Manhattan.”

Martin Read

Martin Read, chairman of Laird PLC

Dr Read, 65, was chief executive of Logica, an IT and management consultancy firm, from 1993 and 2007. In 2001 it was reported that he cashed in shares and options worth £27million, awarded for delivering big profits.

He has previously served on the boards of Invensys, Aegis Group, British Airways, Siemens Holdings, Boots and Asda. Last year he became chairman of Laird, a technology firm. He is also a director of Lloyd’s of London and the Government’s Efficiency and Reform Board. He has served on the Conservative Party’s advisory board on public sector productivity.

Representative of Mohammed Galadari

Mr Galadari, 49, is a Dubai-based businessman who has previously given £255,250 to the Conservative Party. His last donation to the Tories was £25,000 to the constituency party of Mark Field, the MP for Cities of London and Westminster, in 2011. At the dinner a representative of Mr Galadari, who manages his hotel interests in London, said that he is a keen supporter of the Liberal Democrats. In 2008 he was reported to have bought the Crowne Plaza hotel in Blackfriars, which falls within Mr Field’s constituency, for £80 million.


Lord Fox

Lord Fox Lib Dem peer and former chief executive

Lord Fox, 57, is communications director at GKN, a motoring and aerospace components firm based in Redditch, Worcs. He has held the role since January 2012, before which he was chief executive of the Lib Dems for almost three years, a period spanning the 2010 general election.

He was previously communications director at Smiths Group, an engineering company, and director of corporate relations at Tate & Lyle, the sugar firm.

He was made a life peer by Nick Clegg, joining the House of Lords in September 2014.

Emma Cherniavsky

Emma Cherniavsky, chief fundraiser for the Liberal Democrats

Ms Cherniavsky replaced Ibrahim Taguri as the Liberal Democrats’ chief fundraiser in July 2014, joining the party from International Crisis Group, a non-governmental organisation working to prevent or resolve conflict.

She had previously worked at Human Rights Watch, another NGO, for more than a decade initially working at its Southern California branch, before serving as founding director of a network of the group’s committee members across the world.

She studied international relations at Brown University in the US, before obtaining a masters in international law at The John Hopkins University.


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Thatcher ‘Turned Blind Eye’ To Paedophile MPs -Whole thing about to be exposed


Thatcher knew

Via: http://news.sky.com/story/1440761/thatcher-turned-blind-eye-to-paedophile-mps

Shocked and stunned is how I feel just now, one of the world’s biggest TV News stations, if not the biggest has went a step further in allegations of the UK Pedophilia ring. Now remember the Peter Hayman files I posted https://shaunynews.com/2015/02/28/are-these-the-missing-peter-hayman-sex-files-ukusa-sex-scandal/ I asked simply ‘Are these the missing files’ Theresa May said they were lost, likely destroyed, Do we have them? I still don’t know if they are and I know many others have them also, not any breaking news here. I said exactly this July 13th 2014. Again I will leave you with links from what I did before, videos and links at the bottom

This guy goes back to 1981! Maybe firther

This guy goes back to 1981! Maybe further

Are These The ‘Missing’ Peter Hayman Sex Files? UK/USA Sex Scandal


The Tory Prime Minister is said to have held a meeting with a rising star, who was tipped for promotion, and told him: “You have to clean up your sexual act”

The Tory Prime Minister is said to have held a meeting with a rising star, who was tipped for promotion, and told him: “You have to clean up your sexual act”

Thatcher covered up Conservative Sex Scandal – WOW MEDIA ARE GOING WITH IT!


Anthony Gilberthorpe pictured in London

Anthony Gilberthorpe pictured in London

Tory child abuse whistleblower: ‘I supplied underage rent boys for Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet ministers’ As Media go for Tories and Westminster HARD




Bigger collection of links – https://shaunynews.com/?s=UK+Sex&submit=Search


SHOCKING! Thatcher Didnt Turn Blind Eye To Pedophile Politicians, SHE PROMOTED THEM!
VIDEO Via TruthTube451 (AKA MrGlasgowTruther) on You Tube

Exposed! British MP Slams Ex PM Thatcher for Pedophile Cover up
VIDEO Via Dahboo777 on You Tube


Former prime minister Margaret Thatcher knew about politicians sexually abusing children – but failed to act against them, an MP has told Sky News. Simon Danczuk, who exposed Sir Cyril Smith as a prolific child abuser, said: “There is no doubt about it now, from what we know, that she turned a blind eye to people who were quite clearly paedophiles. That is absolutely clear. “It is a real stain on Margaret Thatcher’s legacy and I don’t get any pleasure from saying that, but she turned a blind eye to it.”

The Rochdale MP also claimed the Government is refusing to publish at least four other files on historic child abuse because it was worried about what information may come out before May’s General Election. He added: “(The Cabinet Office) have resisted publishing these documents for over 12 months – that’s not acceptable.

Like the other dead guys, death stopped charges being brought

Like the other dead guys, death stopped charges being brought

“They refused to tell the public who nominated Cyril Smith for a knighthood. A journalist managed to get that out of them after going to the Information Commissioner. It was indeed David Steel. “And we now know they are resisting publishing at least four other files relating to historic child sexual abuse.

“We have to ask the question: Is the Cabinet Office fit for purpose?” Asked whether Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg were colluding in a “cover-up”, he said: “You can’t really reach any other conclusion, can you. “Cameron has spoken on this issue and said we’ll leave no stone unturned. But his lack of action says otherwise. “Nick Clegg has failed continually to really put any action in place.

He’s the Deputy Prime Minister. David Cameron is the Prime Minister. “They are at the top of government. The buck stops with them. Why aren’t they calling for all these documents to be published? Why aren’t they insisting on more action? “The reality of it is, this is the truth of the matter, we are approaching the General Election. This isn’t party political, but they are concerned about what information is going to come out before the General Election, that’s the truth of it. “And the second point is they’re more concerned about protecting legacies – the legacies of previous politicians. That’s just not acceptable. We need less polishing of halos and more lifting of stones.”

The Cabinet Office has denied trying to cover up information about Downing Street’s knowledge of Smith’s abuse of young boys before he was knighted. Documents show Mrs Thatcher was made aware of the claims about the Liberal MP before he was handed the honour in 1988.

The 19-page dossier of information on the decision to give Smith the knighthood contains several letters, including an undated one from a Political Honours Scrutiny Committee member to the then prime minister.

In the letter, marked secret, Lord Shackleton said police investigated Smith in 1970 for “indecent assault against teenage boys” between 1961 and 1966. But, the letter noted, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) decided “there was no reasonable prospect of conviction”.

The letter to Mrs Thatcher said the case was reported in the Rochdale Alternative Press and Private Eye, adding: “One may regret this kind of press reporting but it could be revived if an award to Mr Smith were made.” Lord Shackleton also said it would be “slightly unfortunate” if this “episode” stopped Smith, who died aged 82 in 2010, receiving the knighthood. But he added: “We felt it right to warn the honours system would be at some risk if the award were to be made and announced.”

The documents were released to the Mail on Sunday following repeated demands for disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act since April last year. The documents were only made public on Friday after an intervention by the Information Commissioner, the paper said.

Home Office Minister Lynne Featherstone told Sky’s Murnaghan programme: “Those Cabinet files, in my view, should without doubt be published. “We have to get to the bottom of this, high or low, it doesn’t matter. Wherever we find it, we have to root out sexual abuse, child sexual abuse, child sexual exploitation.”

A Cabinet Office spokesman said: “There is no cover-up nor was the Cabinet Office forced to release this information by the Information Commissioner. “This is a sensitive and complex case and it is right that we considered advice from a range of officials. After considering the advice, the Cabinet Office decided to disclose information.”





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Man On House Of Commons Roof

Police are at the scene

Police are at the scene

Just breaking via: http://news.sky.com/story/1440742/man-on-house-of-commons-roof

Police have been called to the Palace of Westminster as a man is on the roof of the House of Commons. The fire brigade and ambulance service are at the scene and a police boat is on the Thames.  Officers were made aware of the man on the roof at 9.15pm. There was no immediate information as to why he was there.  Campaigners have used the roof for stunts in the past, including protesters in 2008 demonstrating against a third runway at Heathrow. And a year later dozens of Greenpeace protesters climbed on to the roof to call for action on climate change.

Speculation at this stage

Speculation at this stage

During that protest, they unfurled banners which read: “Change the politics, save the climate.” Sky News Political Correspondent Jason Farrell, who is at the scene, says there is no banner visible so it is not known whether this incident is related to a protest.  Earlier in the day, more than 5,000 protesters gathered outside Parliament for a climate change demonstration.

More follows…


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Politicians Greed Vs Benefit slashing Suicides – Wake up, vote them out! -Suicide Contact Numbers

As Austerity cuts deep into the poor and disabled they people WE PAY to work FOR US deny us, cheat, steal, and nothing is done! WAKE UP EVERYONE

As Austerity cuts deep into the poor and disabled they people WE PAY to work FOR US deny us, cheat, steal, and nothing is done! WAKE UP EVERYONE

It’s important we try and help the disabled and vulnerable https://shaunynews.com/2015/01/25/if-you-do-one-thing-today-share-this-you-will-be-saving-a-life-suicidehotlines/ < Is a link that if you see and don’t share, in my eyes makes you selfish, it takes seconds to care people. We have people committing suicide over Benefit cuts all over the UK and this is more than sad, especially when we look into the expenses scandal that is still happening in Westmonster. I don’t have to care about other people, I could turn a blind eye and say “I am ok, why should I care” I am asking, WHAT DO YOU SAY? Do you want to out these thieves or do you have a bought house, triple glazing and a comfy life and don’t care? Wake up! George Osborne and Ian Duncan Smith have (Allegedly) used expenses for food, for TV Licences and more, things you and I must pay for, work hard for, whatever. I will share what I can below..But the Suicides at the hands of ATOS were awful, this is still happening, people are taking their lives due to benefit cuts while the people we pay to help us spend OUR MONEY, a Millions o£ pounds and more every year for things like Dog beds, light bulbs, Sky TV, the list is awful. Are we sheep Britain? Prove your worth and join in, why leave it to others. If you think “Aww others will protest” you are selfish. Do it for the living, vote these scumbags out, if you think only about your own bank account, you are selfish. Sorry, I speak to the truth, should we ALL stand up we can beat these thieves



Iain Duncan Smith LAUGHS during Bedroom Tax

British MPs in expenses controversy
Via Channel 4 News








Hugo Swire energy Prices

image-9-293038881 (1)

The man who runs the finances of the UK himself



The man who runs the finances of the UK himself




Via http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/government-benefit-cuts-are-already-being–blamed-for-the-deaths-of-three-vulnerable-people-and-there-may-be-60-more-9942735.html

Nothing quite says ‘Merry Christmas!’ like accusations of a government cover-up over a series of benefit claimants’ deaths.

But that’s exactly the festive message that disability rights groups say the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) is sending out to the poor and disabled this week, with the news that they are still considering whether or not they will publish their reviews into 60 benefit-related deaths < Read this guys and gal’s 

The response came following a Freedom of Information request from the Disability News Service in which the DWP admitted to carrying out 60 peer reviews into deaths of customers since February 2012. In response to another FOI request to publish the conclusions of those reviews, the DWP said it required a further month under a section of the Freedom of Information Act to determine whether the information was “in the public interest”.

However disabled and anti-cuts campaigners have accused the government of “petty obstructionism” and attempting to cover up the truth that their policy of welfare cuts is leading to the deaths of vulnerable individuals. And who can blame them? The Government has repeatedly denied any links between benefit cuts and deaths, despite the fact that there is evidence to the contrary.

Like the case of David Clapson, a diabetes sufferer who was found dead from acute lack of insulin after his benefits had been stopped. There was no food in his flat – or in his stomach, an autopsy found – and he had just £3.44 in his bank account. Why? Because the ex-soldier, who was reportedly found with a pile of printed CV’s near his body, had been deemed not to be taking the search for work seriously enough.


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Sturgeon: I’m going to spread progressive alternative gospel across England

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will make the case for a “progressive alternative” at Westminster with a series of visits south of the border ahead of the general election


Via: http://linkis.com/heraldscotland.com/b2AoC

It is understood Ms Sturgeon will take part in speeches and events in London and other cities throughout the UK over the coming months. Polling has indicated that the SNP could hold the balance of power in the event of a hung Parliament. Ms Sturgeon has already ruled out any deals with the Conservatives, but has indicated her party could be prepared to help Ed Miliband into Downing Street.

In an interview with the i newspaper during a visit to London earlier this week, the First Minister said: “One of the things where the SNP could really make a difference, if we are a force in the next Westminster Parliament, is to build alliances for some of the progressive changes we would like to see.”

Commenting on distrust of the SNP, she added: “Part of the reason I am spending time in London and will be spending time in other parts of England is to make the case that that’s been misplaced.”

Ms Sturgeon has already indicated that a formal coalition with Labour at Westminster is unlikely. “I’m not ruling it out entirely. I think it’s more likely if we were to be in this scenario, that the SNP would act in an issue-by-issue, confidence-and-supply arrangement,” she told the newspaper.

In a speech in London earlier this week, she said a Labour government would have to abandon “failed” austerity policies to win the support of SNP MPs.

Scrapping the Trident nuclear programme would also be key in any potential deal with Labour after the election, Ms Sturgeon has said.





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London: Watch incredible moment man tackles machete-waving thief after city centre jewellery heist


By @ShaunyNews Via: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/watch-incredible-moment-man-tackles-5030706#rlabs=5

Check this amazing scene. A Watches and Diamonds shop was raided and some guy just jumped on the back of the thief with the machete, unreal!! #Hero

A HAVE-A-GO hero risks his life as he tackles a machete-wielding thief following a raid on a jewellery store. The incredible footage shows the brave city worker jumping on the back of one of the helmet wearing thugs in front of stunned lunchtime shoppers in London. But as the brave worker tries to rugby tackle the robber he is met with a two-foot machete before the thug escapes on foot. The drama occurred outside the upmarket Carr Watches and Diamonds store in Liverpool Street at 2.30pm yesterday and was captured by a passer-by with a camera phone.

The city worker who bravely tried to wrestle the robber to the ground denied being a hero. Speaking exclusively to our sister paper the Daily Mirror the man who wishes to remain anonymous said: “There’s no hero, there’s been a robbery. Someone’s come in and swung at us. It’s been very traumatic.” The robber was part of a gang armed with sledgehammers and a machete that carried out the broad daylight raid on the luxury shop.

Via Mail Online

A police officer is also threatened with the machete when he confronts the raiders, who had used a concrete slab to smash a toughened glass door before breaking glass cases to steal watches worth thousands of pounds. Armed police rushed to the scene and one man was arrested, but two other suspects are still on the run. A City of London Police spokesman said: “We were called at 14.34 on Thursday to reports of a smash and grab in progress at a jewellers in Liverpool Street. “Officers attended to find three men on two mopeds outside the jewellers. An officer at the scene was threatened with a machete when he confronted the group. “Officers followed the suspects to a car park in Gravel Lane where one was arrested. The machete has also been recovered. Armed officers also attended. “The group used sledgehammers to smash windows of the jewellers. A sledgehammer has been recovered. There are no reports of any injuries at this time. Two men remain outstanding.”

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