If you read this, research it’s truth and STILL don’t like the SNP, I can only say “You are selfish and/or scared” EVERYTHING above is what the SNP Government provides for EVERY Scottish person. So next time you get paid, please look at the list above and TRY and understand how a Devolved Scotland is helping your bank account. So when you vote Tory or Blue Labour, understand the SNP are financially helping you, holding you up and supporting you. The lies will be believed, people will say things like “THE SNP SIDES WITH NAZI GERMANY IN THE 1930” as a pathetic time travelling ruse to make you dislike the SNP. Also Labour canvassers are TODAY telling people in Motherwell, pensioners in Motherwell that “If you vote SNP you WILL lose your Free bus pass” This is a Lie! This is one of many lies that the old might fall for again.

Forget the Unionist and Loyalist hater, they are gone and will vote against the SNP out of racist and sectarian thoughts filled with hate and blind love of all things Royal and Tory. I say again ‘NOT TILL FISCAL TROUBLES HIT YOUR POCKET WILL YOU CARE” and “NOT TILL ILLNESS OR DISABILTY HIT YOU OR LOVED ONES WILL YOU UNDERSTAND BEING IN SCOTLAND WITH THE SNP WILL HELP YOU”.

Who in Scotland can deny the truth of the list above? Do some research and do the right thing for SCOTLAND! Not your bank account or your faith in anything outside your own life. I know some who hate the SNP and tell lies, I know people who tell me “Shaun, Foodbanks don’t exist, it’s a lie” Some believe it to be true, some just don’t see suffering. Trust me; if the SNP scrapped all the fiscal help to ALL PEOPLE LIVING IN Scotland, people would change their tune. I am wasting my time here, but the list above, seriously read it and ask “Where do they help me” and also “If all this help from the SNP stopped, would it affect me” Also leave you with a document I was sent today by a friend. Take it as you see it, or ignore it blindly, selfishly or with hate. I want Scotland free for all our kids, for Scotland in 100 years from now when we are all dead. What about you? Even forget the SNP if you must and just think ‘What would a free Scotland be’ – And people are STILL falling for the Tory/Labour and Media lies 😦 Tragic it is


Learn from the past Scotland:

April 17th 2015: ‘UN Human Rights Chief’ Compares UK Media to Nazi Propaganda

September 16th 2014: Scotland – Why did you vote Yes or No? Did you have reason? Have you changed?

September 10th 2014: Scotland – We can’t be scared nor selfish, don’t be the Worlds joke!

September 19th 2014: Scotland Vote No In Referendum – Selfish, Scared People, Well Done!

July 13th 2014: Why We Can’t Be Selfish In This Vote Scotland

July 22nd 2015: Fascist State Westminster Establishment? – The List!!

February 19th 2016: The awful Social Media Impact on the Scottish Yes Movement

November 29th 2014: Ex BBC Business Editor Slams The BBC For Anti-Scottish Independence ‘Propaganda’






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JFK assassination – Strange photo nobody can explain!


His head exploded moments before? This photo doesn’t fit

Cold borning Tuesday night in Scotland and I was on You Tube doing some fun research on whatever made me curious, then I stumble onto a guy’s You Tube channel and I swear his voice sounds like he is from Edinburgh, but like me he might have his ‘posh’ voice on so the World can understand us 😀 Yeah we have to slow talking down a lot and pronounce and announce better. This is a really good find this image above and the guy in the video below is asking a really obvious question. If you watch ALL video’s like the Zapruder Film and others you see one thing, but the 1st thing that struck me with this image was “Who took this picture?” as it seems like something you will see on Google Maps, just a very strange photo. Maybe JFK’s head is actually blow to bits and this image doesn’t capture it or his head has not been blown to bits, would be interesting to see some thoughts on this one. From my Scottish brother below, enjoy. Also just so we all remember, the US Government have admitted lies were told about JFK’s death, here it is here for those who never seen it Finally, The USA Admits Covering Up JFK Assassination – As We All Knew


JFK assassination strange photo I can’t explain it? 2015 UPDATE READ DESCRIPTION!!!
[VIDEO] Via The Creepiest Of Pasta on You Tube

^ Click Play ^


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More Proof America is being De-Americanized – The roots of all Evil


I WRITE WORLD NEWS, SO THIS IS GOING GLOBAL, NOT JUST SCOTLAND. I AM NOT SAYING I BELIEVE THIS, I AM SHARING AMERICAN PEOPLE’S VIEWS ON THEIR OWN COUNTRY! You will probably not read nor watch the video’s so I have planted a small placement here to show who has actually read it or not, see if you can spot it. Also below I will leave a ton of Tweets from American people like you and I.

Joan Rivers in the 1st video below says “Michelle Obama is Transgender” [A MAN] Then Rivers died shortly after in a strange botched operation. Now I don’t believe things like this so I went on a few weeks research to debunk this, basically prove all this wrong, and I could not. I am left here almost in shock at first Joan Rivers saying Obama’s Wife is a man dressed as a woman. DO NOT BELIEVE ME, GO AND WATCH THE VIDEO AND YOU WILL HEAR IT YOURSELF. This is going into the realms of satanism in the USA. American people are sharing this information. I am not sitting here saying I believe it, however when I did watch these video’s I found it hard to debunk them. One thing I did find is America is almost split right down the middle with Religion and Non Religion. Many inside the USA tell me “Satan runs the show here” or “America is run by Satan” and more I hear “Most of the people here are brainwashed by media and religion” Why would American’s tell me this? Why are American people so scared? Why can’t average American people like me debate in a manner befitting an adult? I listened to these people but I didn’t believe nor did I want to believe them, even as I type this it is a hard pill to swallow. [No pun intended] I watched a documentary, was over an hour long and it was from the deep south where people REALLY do live unhappy Religious lives as they believe the Devil is out to get them at every turn, may I add most of the school/College shootings are happening in these areas. What does that tell us about these people saying the Devil is at Work and owning the USA. I don’t believe in the Devil, I just believe people are bad, people are evil in the sense they are occult often. The occult is at play in the USA, there is no argument as it is in your face, images below


Google away, there are many images like this – Very strange


Again, is it just wind, or are Americans correct on this one?



This does ‘SEEM’ to be a story


I mean what is this?



Through my 3 years being a blogger and researching I have asked what is happening in the USA more and more. I said I would stop blogging about the USA but what if this is all true. What if Michelle is actually Michael? Millions Worldwide are transgender and could this explain why many of any or non faith believe Obama is dragging the USA to a bad place. I pray for you guys what I wrote here, and I firmly believe this man should be next POTUS. Why The USA should vote Bernie Sanders and rejoin humanity – In 1 short video Sadly like my Country Scotland were denied our Freedom from London, for now, I don’t think Bernie will win, even in 90% of the USA vote for him.

ron-paul-mitt-romney-rick-santorum-crowd-draws-again-as-not-reported-by-lame-stream-mediaHillary WILL be your next POTUS and when it happens you can ask me how I knew. For me it is very obvious from the outside looking in why Bernie will not be allowed to be POTUS. We had big piece of proof to back my words up when this happened last week. Finally, The USA Admits Covering Up JFK Assassination – As We All Knew. So I ask simply a story that was called a lie all these years ago, a story the USA kept telling it’s people and the World, a huge lie. My 6 Year old Daughter and your Dog could sit and watch the famous Zapruder film and say “His head went backwards” So to sum up, if we can say “You lied about this” can we then turn around and say “What else are you lying about” Clinton denies having oral sex with Monica Lewinsky, Watergate seen more lies and Nixon stood down was another lie. The more we look at 9/11 we see inconsistencies, all I would say is “Prove to me a plane hit the Pentagon and I will maybe look at it again” Because no plane hit the pentagon, so we apply the same logic to the stories above and we can see lies. Can anyone else remember any other lies to come from the USA. Sure the World tells lies but the psychopaths run the USA and have a button to kill us all. This is a worry for many around the World. I don’t expect ANYONE to even read this text never mind watch half an hours worth of Video’s proving at least Joan Rivers called Michelle Obama out as a man. I can handle ignorance, but don’t deny your ignorance. America you are in Hell and it is going to get worse. I hope your God exists as you wish

[VIDEO PROOF] Joan Rivers – Michelle Obama Is A Man
Via FisherOfMen on You Tube

Many Video’s showing how America is changing
Via FisherOfMen on You Tube

Obama Sacrificed Joan Rivers For Exposing Tranny Michelle Obama!! 2014
Via FisherOfMen on You Tube

IRREFUTABLE PROOF that Michelle Obama IS A MAN 24/7
Via Christiaan Baron on You Tube

Obama calls Michelle ‘MICHAEL’
Via Spiritwolf Of the wild on You Tube






The Georgia Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones written in 8 languages

English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian — each relaying 10

English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian — each relaying 10 “new” commandments for “an Age of Reason.”

East Vancouver

East Vancouver

Why are American people showing these images?

Why are American people showing these images?

Again we must apply logic and ask

Again we must apply logic and ask “Why did he say this, and to whom”

American Christianity Will Happily Keep Palestine Occupied. Why?

Scotland, America, Immigration, Literacy, Palestine, Russia and more……

Homeless man sums up American society, Our World, 2015, TODAY

Super Famous American Muslims for STUPID RACIST Americans!

Voting Donald Trump is bad for our World – Makes USA more Fascist

Communism, Fascism, Marxism and the USA

A question to the people of the USA


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Finally, The USA Admits Covering Up JFK Assassination – As We All Knew


Wanted better World

Wanted better World

Small victory for these darn pesky Conspiracy Theorists today. The USA have admitted through sharing of historical top secret information that all these years, all the denial, all the people stating the total obvious that ‘The USA killed their POTUS” Before anyone questions the source please go to the bottom of the page where I share other news outlets and also tweets from random people. So who still thinks our Governments are truthful? If the USA did this way back in 1963 we must ask what they have did and lied about since and also today. This is the proof the searchers of truth wanted and got. So for everyone who scoffed at the thought the USA could kill it’s own leader for NOT wanting war, I would love to hear your thoughts. A victory for common sense right here. His head went back the way, my Daughter who is 6 would figure this out but it took all these years for the truth of the brutal USA Government to be known, and don’t think they stopped lying, they lie to you today and the World also. They denied spying on the World then were caught. And American people (some) say “The World hates us all in America” That is not really accurate, it’s just we are confused with at least half of the USA’s populous who as so darn dumb! Suck it up World and give truth seekers some respect. This audio is probably one of a few things he said that the REAL OWNERS of the USA didn’t like. I posted this 100 times and today I am smiling knowing me and other ‘Truth Finders’ are not all ‘Wired to the moon’ We are correct in much of what we share. Now we ask why and what reason’s the USA Government left it so long to allow the truth to come out? This is what the most powerful man on Earth said, then was killed for. This opens a bag of worms for the USA and our World on a lying Media and Government. Scotland, this means us also



Even if you have to wait over 50 years, eventually the truth will out… Here are the documents of proof

Suspicions that the CIA covered up JFK‘s murder have finally been confirmed, according to an explosive Politico report out this week. Fifty-two years after the President’s death, declassified documents show that the CIA were in communication with alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald before JFK’s murder in 1963, and they were monitoring his mail since 1959.

Not only that but John McCone, who was Chief of the CIA at the time, allegedly hid evidence from the Warren commission, set up by Lyndon Johnson to investigate JFK’s assassination. The spymaster and other senior CIA officials are accused of withholding ‘incendiary’ information from the commission and therefore perverting the course of justice. The CIA has admitted this.

The Politico report is based on evidence given by CIA historian David Robarge. He has claimed the cover-up was intended to keep the commission focused on “what the agency believed at the time was the best truth- that Lee Harvey Oswald, for as yet undetermined motives, had acted alone in killing John Kennedy.” McCone directed the CIA to provide only “passive, reactive and selective” assistance to the Warren commission, meaning the investigation was severely compromised and did not follow up any other leads which may have been crucial in the search for truth.

Robarge also believes that John McCone, who died in 1991, withheld vital information relating to various CIA plots to assassinate Fidel Castro. The historian points out that these plots may well be linked to JFK‘s assassination – there’s a strong chance his murder was a revenge attack for CIA operations in Cuba- but McCone’s unwillingness to explore other potentialities outside of prime suspect Lee Harvey Oswald could have resulted in a grave miscarriage of justice.

JFK was America’s youngest ever and most charismatic President, and his death shocked the nation. Alternative murder theories are popular across the States: A 2013 poll found that only 30% of Americans believe Oswald shot JFK, and that he acted alone. 61% believed that others were involved in a conspiracy (see the embedded video to find out why).

David Robarge first published these exclusive claims in a secret internal CIA magazine in 2013. His claims have now been declassified and can be publicly accessed here on the George Washington University’s National Security Archive. Robarge has also written a biography of John McCone, but his book continues to be classified. What else might the historian have uncovered? Here’s hoping that the full truth of what happened in Dealy Plaza on that fateful day will very soon be common knowledge.

Top 10 Reasons To Believe There Was A Conspiracy To Assassinate JFK
Via Top10Archive on You Tube

~~End Story~~










John Lennon – Imagine (Pablo Stanley Art) (Full Song With Color) (Lyrics)
Via AllRandomAndMore on You Tube


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Hatred and the Scottish racist media

Alternative media is the way we MUST go Scotland

Alternative media is the way we MUST go Scotland

This was written fully for a football site. I edited heavily, for an hour or so to make it more “Scottish” If I have left some football in, sorry. But I ask people read the message I intended. Obama video for example. I will edit further if I have too..No issue there. But the reasons are all the same

When we see the bad part of Scotland, the part we seen after the referendum, we must know they are scared men who will happily be big when all Loyalist or Unionist mates are around, you guys in Glasgow get it worse, no argument, I have not even seen an Orange Walk, this is how East of Scotland minded I am thankfully, but I look at things and question things some people won’t because of a media telling them to believe things, and to not question, now we all do. I I took a decision to look to the World to see if Scotland was alone and my jaw dropped, I seen it all over, there were demonstrations all over London last 2 days, really bad ones and some media, just wasn’t a great story at all although it was a huge event, most I seen it on was Alternative media

UK ANTI GOVERNMENT RIOTS – Riots Erupt in London Over Re-Election of David Cameron

We all seen in the Scottish Referendum lies from certain TV and print media and I am sure this swayed opinions in people’s minds. I write a lot about Scotland here and I see it more and more every day. People watching a TV news show and believing every word. I am going to switch Continents to show you this is a Global Main stream media issue. How we are tricked and conned by the most subtle of stories, some go unnoticed so I will give you an example of what IS happening to Scotland. Back in the last American (Stay with me now!) Elections I was sent a video by an American journalist joking and laughing, trying to show me the American media have now turned almost Fascist, but I showed him within 5 seconds how he had been tricked. Here is the video, and then we can debate it

Now what did you see there? Was it harmless banter with “Mike and the Big ‘O'” or was it something subtle, to get people in America, like they do to us here in Scotland and all over our World to believe that it was harmless fun? That would be your logical first thought right? “That was a few people having fun there Shaun” Now stop, apply logic now. Remember the woman who tried to ram her car into the Whitehouse gates when Obama wasn’t even in the building? She was shot in the head from close range in front of the World, no messing about with the POTUS. Here is a reminder

So too sum up, a woman gets shot in the head for driving near the Whitehouse but Mike can walk past the most powerful man, the media would have you believe, point 3 feet away and threaten the President. If you think that is fine and dandy, you need to wake up. If you though different after watching the videos and think like me and most people who have now seen it, brilliant, you understand this Media and it’s hatred of Democracy is a Global thing. Obama’s security detail would have jumped all over Mike, use common sense and logic with both stories and you have no plausible answer other than the one I present to what happened there. Here in Scotland we suffer the same thing, people get away with things others wouldn’t. The last Referendum prove money and power in our World are what decides what part of the truth we get told, often we need to look past the lies we are told, like with Mike and Big ‘O’ to understand the lengths they go to in order to keep us asleep enough to allow what we don’t want to happen, to occur. Scotland isn’t free as it probably should be due to the media

Well we must watch alternative mostly!

Well we must watch alternative mostly!

I used to ask always “Why do the media get away with this crap” Then I asked, does this happen only in Scotland or does it happen all over the World, then ShaunyNews begun as I seen what was happening here happening the World over, the little guy being crapped onto and people dying. The World is waking up to the plight of Palestine. Israel and American media will try to keep Palestine on it’s knee’s but I think the people of Europe will free Palestine one day, the World is waking up to the lies, a global awaking is happening, I seen it last week. I first asked the “Real Scotland to Stand up” I then showed what Standing up can do When Democracy has a chance to Work because the people DEMAND it”  We need this to keep happening against Certain media, we can bring down ANYTHING, we just need to know where to start

Did media make this happen?

Did media make this happen?

What writing did for me and help me see, meeting people I had seen on TV, proper activists etc is this notion Scottish people have that the BBC hate them and it’s just Scotland this happens is actually untrue, it’s Global! How do we fight a Global Elite War Machine that wants our money?

Opening our eyes to a hard truth is a start

Opening our eyes to a hard truth is a start

So this is the reality, as people we are limited in what we can do, so we must share alternative media where the truth is told and seen. I seen thousands of people proclaim “I won’t buy Main stream media” or watch it on TV. If this is the case why do these main stream media people still have such a strong voice, way louder than ours? The reason is because people are still buying into the main stream media and giving it a voice. Anyone noticed I have not mentioned not ONE media source here? Not one, I give no name or credit to any media who allowed a cheating, hating scar on Scotland’s society to live and breath and harm my two daughters and your kids maybe in 20 years, as it will grow louder this hate.



Our New Scotland – As Deadline For New Powers passes, as reality Labour, Tory’s lied


Never forget they lied to us AGAIN. Same as 1979. Never forget the Media who ran the stories of this and fear. Never forgive those who voted NO with hated in their heart. Many voted no out of fear, fear they would have found to be rubbish had they asked SOCIAL MEDIA and not Main Stream Media. Glasgow City Centre burns tonight as out ‘New Scotland’ starts to show itself.


#StandUpScotland Lets make sure Scotland get what Scotland deserves, cheated and lied to!

My thoughts on Bill O’Reilly @ Fox News


“Shup up you nobody I am Bill from Fox News!”

The man above, for people who don’t know, is a foolish chap above is Bill O’Reilly who tells lies and has an agenda for Fox News. Now he is a Racist, Pro-Government, Anti-Immigration (Even if needed) and Bullies people. He is a sarcastic fool. He mentioned a few times “Immigration issues we have in Europe” WE DON’T TALK ABOUT IMMIGRATION!!! He is a liar. I KNOW many. many American people don’t like this man either, he is a very dangerous man. Many trust and believe him, this is the Danger. I asked in this blog here:

America – Why, When, Where did you become so dumb? Obama played you

I have debated many American people about this liar and I have yet to meet one person who likes him. So I am now asking myself are his followers non users of Social Media 😀 I mean for a man in so much power as being a voice to the stupid people  (We have Stupid People here in the UK, just saying) Bill’s views are wrong and not the Words of a Human being with a heart. His opinion on America is a blinkered one. He is in a very small percentage of people in America that have real money (Lots of it) and this makes him and the other people with money to totally not see the REAL WORLD! Now I caught a video by UK Comedian and Actor Russell Brand and he did a running Commentary when Bill was doing one of his end of the show “Bill knows everything” speeches. I hope some American people can view this and PLEASE give me your opinion. Like the blog above I got very few remarks back, American people see something they don’t like and ignore it, unless of course you say bad things about God or Jesus. This is SO true, I have had so much more abuse from the Bible Belt thick people (Not all are like this of course) Quick change of subject, most Americans think Islam is a bad thing, well 10% is! Not all Islamists want to cut our heads off! I have Islam friends through life and football I did, they are a relaxed people. Please, people need to understand we here in Europe look at Westboro Baptist Church and some may presume all of Christianity is this way, hating everyone and doing protests at Kids funerals. Lot of rubbish right? Well so is this Islamic one! There are 1.7 Billion people who follow Islam, America is 4.5% the World’s 7 Billion populous. Just saying, you can’t hate all Islam, we don’t all hate the Bible belt due to Westboro Evil Crowd, yeah? 😀

Bill is as Dangerous to our World as many things that we can call Dangerous for one simple reason, he can persuade people to agree with American police at home and sadly abroad, and you American people forget when America acts abroad they ruin things, they cause division and led much of the World to hate you and many countries dropped the PetroDollar, to be fair you did spy on us all to a very high level (I am talking Government/NSA) the UK did the same in a way (I am Scottish, I don’t like being in this Union, here is why Please give this video a watch and PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Give me some opinions, and also the blog above about the dumbing down of the USA in Education

Russell Brand: Fox News is ‘fanatical, terrorist, propagandist’ and ‘more dangerous than ISIS


A Decent Guy

Russell Brand is a guy I love to bits, he says it as it is. This clip here he shows how VERY EASY it is to fool and scare a populous. ME AND YOU! I think Russell is spot on about FOX NEWS here. The News is set to scare YOU and make you want to believe the media. Do yourself a favour and watch this clip. If I had to listen to a stupid cow like this for my news every night I would switch over. This is exploitation of not just the people of her country but also the World, because the whole World can watch her. This is bullshit, this is lies, this is EXACTLY what is wrong with our World! Watch it and EDUCATE YOURSELF. It also shows you how VERY EASY it is to make YOUR political system evil. Showing it matters not who you vote for, they are all the same. This Judge woman, man I laughed, but then I realised, “SHIT, PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE THIS” … “IDIOTS WILL BELIEVE THIS”