About 17 years ago I was signed off work by the LAWYERS for LIFE with a ‘SORE FUCKING KNEE’ then put on a mixture of medication that made me a fucking paranoid schizophrenic living in pain so bad I wouldn’t feel a kick in the balls from the fucking Hulk due to pain medication that does fuck all. Fuck the pain, fuck the mind games, fuck people, fuck life, and fuck it all. I am fucking tired of a World where people just judge, moan and complain when they have fuck all to complain about. Sitting in a fucking bed listening how bad cunts lives are because someone at work is a prick, fuck the medication, fuck this pain and FUCK THE PROCESS OVER MONEY FORCING MY DR AT THE TIME BEING FORCED TO SIGN ME OFF FOR LIFE DUE TO MONEY HUNGRY FUCKING LAWYERS. Not saying there is a connection but my Dr who was FORCED to sign me off for life thanks to wank lawyers died soon after signing me off work, and to be fair he tried like fuck to not sign me off work as he too knew at the time I only had a fucking sore knee, or “Housemaids fucking knee” as it was called at the time. What I was put through back then, being FORCED to be signed off for work to protect MONEY!! Today makes me want to go kill cunts. Today it isn’t about the Disability, it’s about quality of life, I have fucking none. 24/7 pain, never stops, and yeah boo, fucking hoo me, what a fucking shame!!! Legally “I CAN’T FUCKING TELL THIS STORY” but I fucking want to. It took LIFE, FAMILY, FRIENDS, IT LOOK EVERY-FUCKING-THING. Next time some cunt looks at me like I am making this shit up I swear to fucking Christ I will map the cunts up. I am TIRED, tired of being a pathetic fucking cunt. Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, M.E and Psychosis are just a few things I need to suck up, sleeping all the time or awake all the time, always pain is crushing down, and I don’t have a DATE for it to end, it’s hard, very hard. When I want to end my life I have to think about my kids, when I want to hurt people I need to understand life in jail is probably a better deal than I have now, least in jail I could just go for it. The life I have today is because of lawyers protecting fucking money all these years ago.index

6e610a1a5a307f3f8afb792f024e15bbFuck the system that is there to serve ONLY money. Fuck the actual cheats who sit at home all day in happy-town with a free fucking life when they could actually go and fucking work, at least when I was signed off I did volunteer work with kids who needed help till the pain and my mind just took it all away. For me this has fuck all to do with either ‘Ability to work’ nor ‘Money’. It’s about NOT typing shit like this on the fucking internet. Jekyll and Hyde have fuck all on me, 1 minute I am smiling, the next in bed screaming like a wee girl, but I do hide it from life, NEVER do I speak like this to ANYONE, no, just bottle my shit up and smile like the rest of you. I got 2 little girls here and I have to fucking hide my life from them, and don’t talk to me about lonely. Not a dig at anyone I like being around, but pain is just fucking lonely, day after fucking day of bed and Morphine mixed with other meaningless shitty drugs I hate yet need to take, in-fact I need more but fuck it, I need a small part of my mind to keep me alive, I don’t even know if it helps the pain any more. ALWAYS when we are about to open a door to something good does some wanker close it for you. The story of ‘Why’ I was signed off for work for life I can’t tell for ‘Legal Reasons’ but I am >.< that close to getting a lawyer and suing some cunt for half a million pounds. All about money, all about ‘Protecting Interests’ The Government actually do help some people and I like to see people being helped, but what about all the fucking cheaters STILL claiming benefits at the cost of people who actually fucking need it.

wpid-picsart_1440622904154My partner didn’t sign up for this bullshit she has to care for me every waking fucking moment. I need help to eat, wash, shit, piss, I can hardly walk up my own hallway some days, and probably need help to breathe too, I will get back to you on that one. Fuck my Childhood and fuck every grown fucking man who stood back and watched what was happening and I will call every fucking one of them fucking cowards. Everyone fucking bailed and I had to take care of things, I think I was about 18 when that shit happened. Yeah I am fucked off, family only care about their own needs, I remember a World where family actually fucking helped each other, I remember times people cared, when people were not so fucking scared to talk. And this “Don’t be real on the internet bullshit” really fucks me off too. This is my blog, I EVEN NEED FUCKING HELP to do this shit, and it is fucking shit, people think because I have 1.5 Million views I think I am fucking special. Here is a deal, for the next month I will trade lives with any wank-face who thinks their life is hard because they have shit internet or someone said something on-line that upset them, because that is what the fucking World has came to. I try my best to just TRY,  but it’s too fucking hard, I have to restrain myself DAILY from punching strangers in the face, how I stop myself must be magic or some other shit. YEAH I AM FUCKING PISSED OFF….

And I am glad we can type it on the FUCKING STUPID, FULL OF SERIOUS CUNTS internet and not have to sit b0bc5772fab7c84b57f9ba74dc2594a1and speak like this to people. Not that people give a fuck anyway, they are too worried about what shoes to wear the next again fucking day. So why do I blog? Why do I ask my partner to sit (Not just now) and write all this blogging shit for me? Because if it wasn’t for this blog I would be in jail or dead, shit to 1 side, this blog gave me a voice, it gave me purpose to TRY and change things that need changed, but you realize after a while that no matter what you say, no matter what you claim you can or can’t prove, NO-CUNT IS LISTING ANYWAY, fools will be fools regardless. Someone (Decent Person) said to me a few days ago “Shaun, you really don’t hold fucking back do you?” and they said it with a smile on their face, a face I wanted to fucking punch may I add. Facts are I do care, I have reason to care, 2 wee girls and 2 sons to help grow up and older, that is my job so I will do it, happily, it’s the ONLY thing I actually enjoy in this pitiful fucking SHIT-HOLE we call Earth. Our World is full of fucking idiots, gossips, Religious fucking screw-balls and people so fucking dumb I would rather sit and speak to my fucking dog for a chin-wag. Seriously people are boring, tedious, narrow minded, 2 faced cunts in the main. But for all the good people, keep doing what you do, be yourself, don’t bow to the the pressures life places on us via all these scary things that are thrown at us every fucking day. I live in pain and utter confusion because of whatever the fuck is wrong with me, and I must do all that and smile and love 2 wee girls because I want them to have a Childhood or ‘NORMAL’, because my life is fucked I must still show my girls what a healthy relationship is, what is right from wrong. They saved me. I pray every day, not to Religion, Jesus or Scripture, no fuck that shit, I have praying to MY GOD since I was a wee boy, if nobody is listening, then nobody is listening, if it is just a stupid placebo to get me through each moment, hour or day then so be it. But truly, IT IS WEARING FUCKING THIN


How my mind feels

Fuck it!!! And thank fuck for this blog!! 



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Anonymous: A Call to Better


There is a misconception that the Anonymous movement, a hive of people from all over the World trying to spread a truth is there to spread false news to the sheeple who sleep, this I think is not the case here. I am a face, I have no mask. I shared Anonymous 10 years ago and people laughed and asked me of what medication I took. I am disabled NOW with M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) I was disabled then. But offended I was not. I know the World slowly, I learn our World slowly. In more ways than I can tell you dear reader. I harm nobody, I allow information to flow and if you want to see it then see it, if not, go watch TV or read a book and forget me and a movement with a simple way about it. Know Anonymous are by nature our School teachers, police officers, politicians, leaders and even religion, YES! Oh yes, Anonymous is a way of being by many you would not think, these people don’t like what they are asked, so share from the inside, seeing thinking and knowing. To discredit the information flow without regard and only by it’s title is ignorance, but denying your ignorance will be ALL OUR DEATHS. I write about many things and this is one from a 100 things. I ask Anonymous permission to share this, to give this information that is not mine, to others, so they can decide to take it or leave it


Amaterasu Solar

As a friend pointed out to me ” If only We could educate 100 People a day about a better way We could choose to do things…” I could only reply with “If 100 people a day learnt what we do, and told 100 a day, in a month, our World would know” But that is not allowed as far as my stupid Scottish mind can see or feel or want to see. I see closed minds but thankfully people with nothing and or everything who offer help and knowledge exist all in corners and streets in our World, often sadly ignored by the masses, are you in the masses or the enlightened? I won’t claim this message as mine as it comes from others, but as part of the free thinkers movement of expression and desire and hope, I hope Anonymous and my friends who think clearly are ok with me trying to share the news they share and needs sharing. Again, this IS MY MESSAGE but it never came from me in this blog, I only shared it because I feel it as correct and possibly a way forward. You must choose what you think is right. We must evolve our minds to the unthinkable and think at least of it’s possibility of existence. To deny knowledge is sin, humanity must stand as one in all and any ways we can. I won’t say who is wrong nor whom is right. I can only share the essence of a story I can see and feel, now you must look for yourself and educate yourself. As said, if 100 people learnt this every day then told another 100 and they then shared with another 100 people, then in a month Humanity, our World, would be different, equality would happen and war would stop, food would be a real thing for many and not a luxury handed down cap in hand. To understand the message we must listen to it and prove it. I think ANONYMOUS have shown a story from way back when the ideology was 4chan. Do we take it or leave it? All I know is from 15 years ago I knew 5 or 10 people who thought like the ‘Hive’, today Millions are THE HIVE. Again, Anonymous friends, you awoke me, you shared you asked people to wake up, I woke up and shared, like others. I fear no mask I respect, I come as Shaun with my face in image. But that is my choice, fear is not a part of my make up, what will be will be. Only know I am above nobody, below nobody, I am equal. I am to believe our World is to expect something. Maybe some will dislike this, maybe some will like this. Please know I tried only to share, I mean no disrespect or ill feelings. I am doing what we all should be doing, that is trying to see more, feel more, care more. Not for me but for my Children and your Children so one day our World has balance and equality. This for me is the message. Please tell me if my message here is wrong. But tell me why, don’t just deny or say no, explain where I am wrong, of course to call me wrong you must understand the message. I can’t do any more, this is my limit. I hope I help 1 person, if I do help 1 person to see or at least want to see, job done I learnt this through a process I did not ignore or devalue. https://shaunynews.com/2014/11/20/12619/

Your call humans

I must share this for me, for you, for our World.
I am Anonymous, I am a face as well. I wear no mask.
I share for Humanuty. I agree with it’s logic, nothing more.
I respect Anonymous, I believe we and you can do better….
Your call Human. I know what I decide to call.. .
Good luck x

Anonymous: A Call to Better
Via Amaterasu Solar You Tube (Anonymous message to humanity)

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This girl is a symbol of a migration policy that has dehumanized our species

This is a real girl, same age as my 2 Daughters. We need know this

This is a real girl, same age as my 2 Daughters. We need know this

First I must say thank you to a friend David Milligan for showing this and sharing this. I had reblogged it but I had to write what was in my heart here. What you see floating there in still water is a little girl. What you are seeing here is ignorance by our World leaders, the consequence of intolerance of immigrants. We all have opinions on immigration, strange as it is mostly American’s, I won’t spend a lot of time writing about the USA but most people in the USA are immigrants from Europe or elsewhere. I myself, like you have family who have moved from my land to your land or other areas in the World, this is ok, this is politically correct, the World as a species are fine with people moving from Scotland to Australia, USA to Europe, anywhere to anywhere as long as they have money and can deal with their own life. Sadly a line has been drawn, an invisible hate line where people who are escaping certain death in their own country by any means possible, often leading to the image you see above we class as nothing, well it is not nothing it is everything and something we MUST change. I write about this most days and I know I reach all parts of our World but I often ask myself “Do people actually take it in?” I know I do, I can sit and cry over this, sadly others read then go make lunch as if this is just normal in our species, for me that scares me most. 11903806_1031950223491500_121247630948379406_n Also we can’t forget the terrorist agenda in this story. People who say? Leave the UK to fight with ISIS (US/Israel/UK Funded, I proved this already) We are allowing people to leave our land, fight for ISIS and they can re-enter our Countries, lives and World. This is also a huge part of the problem, so we must turn the coin around World.. Awful debate this at time. We can’t throw hate at hate but as a Human, if this image doesn’t make you angry, sorry, you ain’t human. And I mean to disrespect. Only opinions I can share here. I am not above nor below any human. I am just me, you are you. Be we who we become is the story.. 11916099_1031950220158167_5527360048982861438_n This little girl is a Syrian refugee. She did not ask for this, she did not ask to be born into hate and an education philosophy our species has stamped onto little girls like the girl in the picture above. All we can really know from this image is someone tried to save this kids life. Her parents may or may not have been with her, facts are this little girl was being ushered away from something. She was being taken away from danger to try and save her life. Now she is a statistic we as a species must accept as our own downfall. Sure we will and do blame our leaders all over the World but please, go and stand in-front of a mirror and ask what part you played in this. With every vote you make and with every political decision you make we all make it easier for our World’s powerful and greedy to allow what happened above to keep happening. Human rights are lies of privileged hypocrite nations when babies drown for freedom. This little girl is a symbol of what our species has become, I know I care and I know others who care but the people we pay to care don’t care.


War Child by The Cranberries
Via Beth Crosa on You Tube

11889506_1176668362349707_7502308659483055987_nDoes anyone really think this is the first time a little girl has died at sea trying to escape War? Does anyone thing this is a one off? We look to UKIP and other right wing leaders and thinkers here in the UK and all over Europe and ask simple questions. This could be your Daughter escaping war, this could be our life, our reality, do you care yet? This was named “For the urgent attention of every World leader today” I will take it one step further and say “THIS IS FOR THE URGENT ATTENTION OF EVERY LIVING BREATHING HUMAN BEING WHO CAN READ THIS AND DOES NOTHING” Why do we not help? The questions this image raises are many but the answers sadly will be less. How can we claim to be human and not be upset over this image? How can we claim to care and not share this image and this story. How can we let this keep happening? How many invisible babies will we allow to die in the name of ignorance? There are a few who have more money than the many, people worth billions of pounds who make profit at the expense of anything they can. I once as a kid used to ask myself “Why are people poor” I guess as a 40 year old adult I am asking the same question but at a higher level. This little girl didn’t want to blow us up or cut our heads off, we must have knowledge in this story and all these stories. In a World slowly starting to hate Muslims, all Muslims because they refuse to educate themselves we who understand not all Muslims want us dead must spread the words of truth. I will get abuse from Americans for writing this, but all the serve to do is prove us right, the people who do care

Not until we as a species start to care, do more than just write, do more than just know will this change. I give as much as I can to many charities, same as many of us do, then we see this image and scratch our head asking how this is still happening. Since I was a kid I have seen the World have yearly phone-in’s where Countries give 10’s of Millions a year for causes like this one, yet that little girl is dead in the water. We must find another way another solution and more important we MUST take the 1% to task over this, no longer can we allow a few thousand people to rule us because they have more money than us. War makes money and the disgusting side of this image is simply she died so some war machine can make money. If we are going to tell the story we must tell the whole story and not just the parts that make us comfortable, I have a global audience the same as others so please, use this global audience you have to share this far and wide, do it before it’s your kid. As a species we have to wake up, I sit here and cry most days seeing these issues, will we ever find a day or know a day where this is not an issue in our World? For anyone against immigration in the nature of helping the helpless, take a good look, take a real good look

When we watch TV, we are full of sympathy for the Syrian people, but when they arrive here, we provide them the label ‘illegal’ and we chase them as petty criminals. This is about people. How we will deal with refugees and migrants be considered in a few decades as a disgrace in the history of Europe. We must change the ‘War Child’ thinking together

Thanks to https://ncdiblog.wordpress.com/2015/05/22/for-the-urgent-attention-of-every-world-leader-today/?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=Postcron.com for bringing this to the table


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A Quick and Simple ‘WHY’ – Scotland & SNP are better than London Elite

One goes for expensive party. Another gets on a BUS!

One goes for expensive party. Another gets on a  public BUS!

Simply this is an image that will confuse the ‘UK Elite’ who look at our tax pennies as their own money because it shows ‘Reality’ The London Elite won last night, make no mistake there was never a chance of Labour/SNP get together in Westminster, Ed Miliband knew it, Alex and Nicola knew it. We were stupid to think we could be a free nation but we now know what we are up against. This image above the ‘Elite’ I have been writing about for over 10 years and mocked for doing so won’t understand Scotland people nor the SNP. Scottish and English Labour have spent today blaming Scottish people and SNP for ‘Breaking Britain’ https://shaunynews.com/2015/05/08/labour-mps-say-racist-scottish-people-why-did-they-fight-to-keep-scotland-in-uk/ What we have Scotland, what we did last night was assure REAL DEMOCRACY will be given a chance in Scotland, and things will only improve. Today English friends and family of us all in Scotland feel the same way we did on September 19th, English people hoped for Labour/SNP in large numbers, Ed Miliband made sure people would vote otherwise and it was on purpose I truly believe this. It was not going be allowed to happen. Scotland we can free ourselves, all we must do is keep doing what we are

Turn the coin around however, as such a huge British (Scottish really) name these days she really does need protection same as the Prime Minister/Leader of any nation. Must be logistical nightmare for her security team. Very surprised she was allowed on a public bus while she probably should have been taken in a car on the QT. Still, Nicola wants to be one of the people, remain humble. SNP and Scottish way. Middle ground has to be found, but admirable Nicola wants to spend as little of the public purse as she can. Sure she gets paid, unlike London, she knows Tax and other incoming money is ours, it belongs to Scotland. Something the ‘Tory Elite’ don’t do, they take from us and party with it

For now…


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Is The Establishment Riddled With Paedophiles? – The Trews

Russell is all over this and fair play to him, brave guy, he is well known

Russell is all over this and fair play to him, brave guy, he is well known

By @ShaunyNews Via:  https://shaunynews.com/?s=Sex+Abuse&submit=Search and https://shaunynews.com/?s=Sex+Scandal&submit=Search link below and video, are where I have written as much as I could regarding this ‘Elite’ (Alleged) Sex abuse case, a Worldwide one at that. We will see it get exposed in more countries, too many people know, so this will 100% get worse. They will blame the dead guys for a bit then the living may have to step forward if the dead don’t cover for them, disgusting story about disgusting people who harmed OUR KIDS!! Lets not forget what the story is actually about yeah!

Below is an ‘ALLEGED LIST’ of people who are involved, I can’t say it’s true, it was here: http://yournewswire.com/50-proven-links-the-royals-have-to-sex-offenders/

  1. 16 year old Palace employee, Andrew, Geoffrey Dickens MP said members of Royal Household abused him
  2. Prince Andrew, Duke of York, child abuse allegation (see also Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell)
  3. Sathya Sai Baba, alleged to have sexually assaulted children for decades
  4. Sir Philip Bailhache, alleged to have manoeuvred to discourage CSA victims from testifying / Haute Garenne
  5. Bishop Peter Ball, prosecuted for child abuse Peter Bick, child abuse allegation
  6. Lord Benjamin Britten, questions over relationships with children
  7. Sir Anthony Blunt, child abuse allegation / Elm Guest House
  8. Sir Arthur Charles Clarke, child abuse allegations
  9. Robert Coghlan, convicted of importing 109 obscene tapes, 70 containing child pornography
  10. Michael Colvin MP, allegation that he ‘arranged’ a fire that killed 5 witnesses to child sexual abuse
  11. Lance Corporal of Horse Simon Wyn-Davies, convicted of raping child under 13 [wife also convicted]
  12. Jeffrey Epstein, convicted of soliciting an underage girl for prostitution
  13. Ghislaine Maxwell, alleged ‘high-class madame’ & ‘co-conspirator’ in Epstein’s sexual abuse & sex trafficking
  14. Michael Fawcett, rape allegation
  15. Reginald Forester-Smith, convicted of sustained child abuse involving his two daughters
  16. Lord Justice Fulford, founder member of a campaign to defend the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE)
  17. Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, child abuse allegation
  18. Patrick Gilbert, convicted of child abuse offences Gary Goldsmith, pimp allegation
  19. Nicholas Greaves, convicted of child pornography
  20. Stuart Hall, child abuse allegation Rolf Harris, convicted child abuser
  21. Sir Peter Hayman, child abuse allegation
  22. Benjamin Herman, child abuse allegation Commander Tom Herman, child abuse images allegation
  23. Charles Nicholas Hornby, convicted for participating in a male prostitution ring that preyed on runaway boys
  24. Paul Kidd, convicted of child abuse offences Richard Langley, child abuse allegation / Elm Guest
  25. House Anthony Lee, convicted of child abuse offences
  26. Lord Louis Mountbatten, child abuse allegation / Kincora Lance Corporal
  27. Mark Neal, alleged conspiracy to sexually assault a child and possessing indecent images
  28. John Phillips, child abuse (incest and rape) allegation Harbinder Singh Rana, convicted rapist
  29. Jonathan Rees-Williams, convicted of sex attacks on children
  30. Dylan Roberts, rape conviction
  31. Sir Jimmy Savile, thought to be one of the world’s most prolific child abusers and sex offenders
  32. Stephen Salmon, convicted of child abuse Douglas Slade, on bail for multiple counts of child abuse
  33. William Tallon, sexual predator allegation
  34. Ross Thomas, convicted of child abuse (Thomas)
  35. George Thomas, 1st Viscount Tonypandy, child abuse allegation
  36. David Tracey, charged with four counts of making indecent images of children
  37. Commander Michael Trestrail, child abuse allegation / Elm Guest House Sir Laurens van der Post, child rape allegation
  38. Gore Vidal, suspected of child abuse by his half-sister and nephew
  39. The Very Rev Ronald Selby Wright, child abuse allegation
  40. Guardsmen (unspecified number) of the Queen’s Household Cavalry, 1967 vice ring allegation
  41. 100 soldiers in the Queen’s Household Cavalry, 1976 vice ring allegation
  42. Coldstream Guardsmen at the Buckingham Palace barracks, 2004 sexual assault and rape allegation

Is The Establishment Riddled With Paedophiles? Russell Brand The Trews
Via Russell Brand on You Tube

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Defining the Anonymous Movement


By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

10 years ago or so I started to add Anonymous stuff to my Facebook feed only to be slaughtered by family and friends (I guess in fun) in my supposedly making up ‘Anon’ I knew Anon from its roots when it was 4Chan, I knew a few people with this ideology we can and will change the World

Today the same people who slaughtered me ask me “What is Anonymous about” I reply “Go Google” or send a link. I am talking close family here. They asked me how I seen it before the media did. All I can say sitting here is, I always have wanted to rebel against corporate greed. Against War and Power hungry politicians and CEO’s. I have a dislike for these people since I was about 10 years old. For some reason the young Shaun seen something others couldn’t

Today when people say “Are you part of Anonymous” I say “Yes and so are you” A strange look enters their facial expression.  I say “You are against Globalisation of the 99% by the Greed and Wealth of the 1% right” they say “Sure” I reply “Then you are Anonymous” Anyone with the idea that we are enslaved by a 1% of criminals is “Anonymous” I am not active in the sense I do video’s. I am active in the sense I will share what Anon do. A week or so ago I shared an item from ATS (www.abovetopsecret.com) and I stupidly forgot to link them in. Wrong move, but after having it pointed out to me I fixed the problem

Anonymous is not a danger to you the working person, you the person who wants a fairer World. Anonymous fight for, example, the Republican values I was born into. I hate the English Government, I hate Israel and always side with Palestine and the little guy getting shit upon. The way I see it is the more people like me who speak out the better. But I must make it clear, I have love in my heart and shall never cause another pain. That is not my job, others will do that. I respect my past, do you?

Roll Of Honour With On Screen Lyrics

Via Old Channel on You Tube

Anonymous has no face but it acts like a hive, we all are protecting the proverbial Queen Bee. The Queen Bee in this instance is Earth. If you want to protect our planet understand Anonymous and have a heart

The bigger the family the more that family can do right? I stand with Anonymous on ethical questions. It is in my will my spirit my being. All I can do is share what is already on the internet to share. And I will keep doing this. Call me a disabled guy on drugs for this purpose if required. If you are against Child Abuse, you are Anonymous


Anonymous #OpDeathEaters: Lord Leon Brittan

Via S.U. WIZARD on You Tube





Israel-US relations in ‘Crisis’ and are ‘Crumbling’

56555290980100640360no (1)

Finance Minister Yair Lapid / Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon 

Well US/Israel relations are going down the toilet VERY quickly. Wasn’t this in the Bible. It is ALMOST like God is making the USA suffer just now right? Not good….

After Ynet learns White House officials prevented defense minister from meeting Kerry and Biden, Lapid says ‘We need to act with more respect. We must remember that US funds and technology helped Gaza operation.’ 

“There is a crisis with the Americans and it needs to be addressed as a crisis,” Finance Minister Yair Lapid said Saturday after ongoing tensions between Washington and Jerusalem led US officials to block Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon from meeting with senior administration officials during his current US visit. “We mustn’t pretend there isn’t a crisis,” Lapid told a crowd in Tel Aviv Saturday. “Our relations with the US are vital and everything that can be done must be done to end this crisis.” arlier on Friday, Ynet revealed that the Obama administration refused the Israeli defense minister’s request to meet with other top officials, including Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry, and the National Security Advisor Susan Rice. Since then, reports have said the same officials tried to prevent Ya’alon from meeting with the US’ UN ambassador Samantha Power – and when the two did meet, Ya’alon reportedly heard mostly of Power’s objection to settlement construction.

During the last bout of US-led peace talks, Ya’alon dubbed Kerry’s diplomatic efforts “obsessive and messianic,” saying “Kerry should win his Nobel and leave us in peace.” Ya’alon’s current treatment is said to be an attempt to settle the score. Ya’alon did hold a successful meeting with his US counterpart, Chuck Hegal, indicating that the reason for the cold shoulder was more a testament to personal tensions between Ya’alon and the White House than an attempt to sabotage Israel’s relations with the US.  Nonetheless, Lapid, who has locked horns with Ya’alon over peace talks and the defense budget, said “I thought knew, but now I know the full extent to which our relations with the US are vital to our economy and security.” “The US needs to be thanked, we must remember that when we talk about Operation Protective Edge, we used technology and funds from America. We need to act with more respect. Disagreements are part of the deal and the Americans respect that,” he said.

No comment
The White House and State Department declined to comment on internal deliberations about who Ya’alon should see. “I can’t speak to any meetings that didn’t occur,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters.
The defense ministry also did not issue an official response, but sources close to Ya’alon said that “the aim of the trip was to meet with Hagel and the top security echelon in the US, and that happened. These meetings proved once again the strength of the ties between the defense establishments and between Ya’alon and Hagel.” The rejection was diplomatic blowback from Ya’alon’s remarks on Kerry, which were first revealed by Yedioth Ahronoth in the spring. The Israeli politician had called the top US diplomat “messianic and obsessive” behind closed doors, adding that “the only thing that could save us is Kerry winning a Nobel Peace Prize and leaving us alone.” Ya’alon also infuriated officials in Washington with comments accusing the administration of being weak on Iran and by questioning the US commitment to Israel’s security. That followed reports that Ya’alon had criticized Kerry for being unrealistic and naive in trying to forge an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.

Ya’alon said he and Hagel had also talked about the conflicts in Iraq and Syria and the US-Israel defense partnership. Between Israel and the United States, he said, “arguments exist, but we must remember that the US is Israel’s most important strategic ally in every respect.”




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An Article I Did 5 Years Ago – Groomed For UK Power & Control


Below is a blog I did almost 5 years ago now. I knew at the time the Tory Eton Class were being groomed to run our Country. Many of the titles have changed of course. But check who is all there. Now tell me this wasn’t meant say, 20 years ago.. Groomed for Power! This is where I did it first in 2010 http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread570729/pg


Eye opener this isnt it.

We have all heard stories of people being brough up, to rule, or be given high profile jobs..

I think thise pictures speaks a thousand words.

Here they are all at Eton in thier early days…

(1) the Hon. Edward Sebastian Grigg, the heir to Baron Altrincham of Tormarton and current chairman of Credit Suisse (UK)

(2) David Cameron – Prime Minister of Britain

(3) Ralph Perry Robinson, a former child actor, designer, furniture-maker

(4) Ewen Fergusson, son of the British ambassador to France, Sir Ewen Fergusson and now at City law firm Herbert Smith

(5) Matthew Benson, the heir to the Earldom of Wemyss and March

(6) Sebastian James, the son of Lord Northbourne, a major landowner in Kent

(7) Jonathan Ford, the-then president of the club, a banker with Morgan Grenfell

(8) Boris Johnson, the-then president of the Oxford Union, now Lord Mayor of London

9) Harry Eastwood, the investment fund consultant

(1) George Osborne, now the Shadow Chancellor;

(2) writer Harry Mount, the heir to the Baronetcy of Wasing and Mr. Cameron’s cousin;

(3) Chris Coleridge, the descendant of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the son of Lloyds’ chairman David Coleridge, the brother of Conde Nast managing director Nicholas Coleridge

(4) German aristocrat and managing consultant Baron Lupus von Maltzahn,

(5) the late Mark Petre, the heir to the Barony of Petre;

(6) Australian millionaire Peter Holmes a Cour;

(7) Nat Rothschild, the heir to the Barons Rothschilds and co-founder of a racy student paper with Harry Mount

(8) Jason Gissing, the chairman of Ocado supermarkets.

Two figures on left of (6) and (7) were blacked out before the photo was released, causing wild allegations. Their identities are yet unknown. My top contenders (based on the influence in the City, the Athenaeum and their Oxford prominence) include:

(1) the Hon. Michael Gove, Shadow Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, former president of the Oxford Union and “one-man think-tank”

(2) the Hon. Adam Bruce, the son of the Earl of Elgin and incumbent Unicorn Pursuivant of Arms

(3) the Hon. Edward Vaizey, the son of Lord Vaizey and the Shadow Minister for Culture

(4) the founder of Think Tank Policy Exchange, and conservative activist Nicholas Boles

(5) Steven Hilton, the director of strategy for Cameron and godfather of Cameron’s children

Jobs for the boys, and people being BORN into power and being brought up to be in positions of power.

Crazy isnt it.

For now…


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One in a Million Coins!


























What would you do if you won £10 Million Pounds? ($16.8M, USA)

So, what would you do?

So, what would you do?


Leave it all or something like 75% to your kids?

Leave it all or something like 75% to your kids?


Spend half on a new home?

Really go for it but starve to death? lol

Really go for it but starve to death? lol


Go visit the World, Egypt?



I would LOVE to visit India or Iran, so much history and amazing architecture



Go on a 6 month world tour?



Waste it all on a new yacht?


Buy a football team? Easy choice for me :D But this teams worth £80M But we can dream

Buy a Sports team? Easy choice for me 😀 But this teams worth £80M But we can dream


Build your dream home

Retire in your own country? For me it would be the Scottish Highlands. I live kinda there already, but on the outskirts of Edinburgh, I always remember by Dad saying he wanted to do what he did and retire in the middle of nowhere, where he is, just astonishing and beautiful, clear skies and, 1 small dirt road, a cliff and the sound of the ocean every day


Give to charity or help your local community for the kids? I did a little doing football

Give to charity or help your local community for the kids? I did a little doing football





What would you do?

Take the kids to Disney World? (USA or France)

Take the kids to Disney World? (USA or France)

Buy the best car in the World?

Buy the best car in the World?

Many say they would keep working...You?

Many say they would keep working…You?

I Have heard many stories of people winning this amount or more and it being gone in under a year. Money can be evil I am told

I Have heard many stories of people winning this amount or more and it being gone in under a year. Money can be evil I am told


My parents divorced when I was 18 or so, I had a 1 year old son then, Dean, he’s 22 now. Money did it to them in the end. They were not born into money and it destroyed what was left to destroy. My Dad was big on waste management. Now he is retired on a small Scottish island in the  North West

Be careful what you wish for I was always told as a kid, I tell mine this often, check the blog below this, Money wouldn’t change my life or how I live. I would be modest and teach my kids the value of money. I always think I would do any of the above but in reality, I guess I would just keep living the same life and make sure my kids understood the value, perils and dangers of money. I have witness’d first hand people wasting life changing amounts in no time. A close friend of mine lost his lower left leg from above the knee down in a work accident, a year later he was award £1.2 Million and given the best prosthetics legs on Earth every time they were renewed. Before his win he lived in a fairly dangerous street. he blew it all, done most of the above and is now back in that dangerous street with more regret than a Dentist