The Broken Family Unit – It’s a Global Selfish Uncaring World!! God is Money!

Lately as I wake up to an uncaring World torn between what they desire and what they think they want, and also the lust for Money everywhere is very hurtful to stand back and watch. I remember when I was a child in the 1980’s, Family was close, if one fell, we all fell, then helped each other back up. Today the ‘Family Unit’ is broken and all I can see is Money and Ego getting in the way. My Father is in his early 70’s and lives on a small Island somewhere; he has Dementia and NOBODY CARES, NOBODY GIVES A SHIT ABOUT HIM. It seems I am the ONLY person who keeps in touch with my Father, he has NOBODY really, he is alone with his thoughts and I have no idea being 700 miles away and unable to travel to him for ‘Many’ reasons, how bad things are for him, and everyone else is just caring about the people they stayed close too, like siblings, MY OWN, who turned away to the other side of whatever family. Jesus, the more I think about it, can I blame them? Pause for thought Shaun!

Me and my Nana in 1973

I remember when my Dads Mother, my Nana passed away, she died alone and unhappy. Often I think back to her, the top of my Family Tree and cry. I cry because ‘SOMETHING’ made people walk away from her, in the end she died alone and thinking nobody cared. I took ALL the blame because I was a bad kid, but I still tried, as I did along with one Aunt who sadly passed too were the ONLY PEOPLE to try. I visited most nights to make sure my Nana was in bed ok, the gas was turned off and she was safe. This was back in the 1990’s. I remember the wake after the funeral, the guilt I felt was self inflicted. My Aunt who has sadly passed away was there and came to me. She gave me a hug and said “Penny for your thoughts” I then told her what was on my mind, my Aunt cried a little and said words that helped, and I will never forget her for that and many reasons.

Edinburgh, Scotland – My Home

20 years on and my Family on BOTH SIDES is broken, I don’t see my own Sons any-more as ‘THEY DON’T WANT TO GET INVOLVED’ But involved in what? Life? Family? Love? Yeah it’s a confusing emotion. My own Mother is in a bad place and it’s SO HARD as I have NO IDEA how bad things are for her, not a clue, nobody speaks, nobody seems to give 2 fucks any more. It’s all ‘Me, Me, Me’ wherever I go, the IRONY of it all is wherever I go it’s all about ‘SHAUN’, and this is from people I have never seen in 20 years or seen in the passing a few times over the time we had two sons I am so proud off along with their Mother and now 2 little girls that literally keep me alive. But looking back I look back and smile, Edinburgh is my home, I want to leave the mess behind, but Edinburgh taught me all I know. Life just happens but Family from Childhood all moved away from Edinburgh, often I ask myself “IS EDINBURGH SO BAD” I don’t think so, it’s a beautiful place

Via: The Lake Poets on YouTube


I see a World so uncaring, so Money oriented, so scared of ‘EMOTION’ it hurts, afraid to ‘Talk deeply’ even one time and move away from it. I have never left my Childhood in the sense I am still living my life around the same people and same area of Edinburgh, Scotland. But the Family unit IS BROKEN wherever I look, anywhere I look, most if not all families just DON’T CARE, and the ones who do care are selective on WHAT SIDE OF FAMILY THEY CARE FOR, sadly many chase the money and side-step people who are ill. It’s horrible to watch. Again I am ‘Irony’ I know it! But like many I get blamed always, so I may as well be irony and just take blame right?

I have two little girls here aged 8 and 7 years old; they are starting to take note of NO FAMILY. They don’t know why, I MUST take some blame as I do have a car but LIFE JUST SAYS I CAN’T DRIVE SOMETIMES. My partner does her VERY BEST to show my Girls life, but it’s ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to sit with Family in all directions be them blood or not these days. People just hate, fear and loath over money or emotions life somehow forgot to teach a generation of people. Where did we go wrong globally, can you see it, do you even care? I know I do, but it’s like trying to fart against a storm to stop if. Yeah Scottish humor right there, got to keep smiling yeah?

What happened to us?

What happened to us all? What happened to you? What happened to me? What happened to us? Will you read this and ACCEPT BLAME? Because these days all I get from these kinds of people is ‘IT’S NOT MY FAULT’, YEAH! People just TAKE THE BLAME. I am a Grandfather in name only; I don’t see my Grandchildren and I am at the stage of giving up on EVERYONE. HOW FUCKING SAD IS THAT? And THEY will read this and just accept and not try to make up. I get it, sadly I understanding it. The worst decision I ever made was to wake up to this World, it’s IN DIRE TROUBLE

Right now if I could I would sell up, get a passport and take my Girls to Australia where I have some family who still ACTUALLY CARE. Recently I had 2 Cousins who flew from Australia to Scotland to spread ashes for a parent they lost and ONLY around 12 people or so showed up from the Scottish side of my Dads side of the Family, a family that is FUCKED. I am irony because I was not there myself, but I respected them by not going as certain people just want to get drunk and cause FIGHTS because they think ‘Being a Tough Person’ suits their style. I was one from 20 people who stayed away TO RESPECT my Australian family, I am not alone, about 10% of the Family turned up for them, Australia to Scotland and THIS!

[NOW HEAR ME OUT FFS] I was on HEROIN Levels of Drugs till a year or so ago till a voice in my head said “Tell the Dr you want out” and my Dr was amazing and changed medication allowing me to wake up JUST ENOUGH to see two little girls beside me, but also others who just ARE NOT INTERESTED in anyone bar themselves, I respect private people, I must respect hate, anger and fear in others because like you, do we have a choice? My pain is no worse nor no less than yours, my issues one and the same as you who read this. Put aside health and money for a moment and I see it, my friends see it, Family I do speak to feel like I do. It’s hurtful and awful.

I can almost remember this, I was always youngest

But Family members of mine will read this and see HATE, ANGER OR FEAR. The 3 emotions one of my Parents pressed me HARD to lose from my mind over many years. Always one of my parents was telling me “Shaun, hate anger and fear will drag you to the grave”!! So I listened and now all I do is hurt. I woke up to a level of dysfunction so badly I just want to smother the pain in drugs and say ‘Not interested’, this morning I TRIED TO REACH OUT TO A BROTHER AND A SISTER due to a worry I have for one of my Parents and I got NOTHING BUT ‘SHIT THROWN BACK IN MY FACE”, same old bullshit like “Aww Shaun!! People get old and it’s JUST LIFE” << WHAT ON EARTH HAS HAPPENED TO US ALL? I am close enough with many people still who hurt people with lack of caring people and it’s so hard to see. I have my life partner here HURTING daily because of lack of love from her OWN! You can’t deny this if you read, BUT YOU HAVE CHOICE TO FIX IT, and we are here should you decide to ‘GET INVOVLED’ in love of Family

I see 1 option for my Daughters, and it’s a new life, new ways, somewhere where people care. My only doubt and question is “DOES IT EXIST?” I fear it does not. But as long as I have air in my lungs and a mind to try hard, I will protect my Daughter from Hate, Anger and Fear like many friends and family and I who have young kids agree on “WE WILL NOT ALLOW OUR KIDS TO GROW UP AND BECOME SELFISH AND UNCARING PEOPLE” And I refuse to do this with my Daughters, AT ANY COST! Even if it hurts me to walk away totally.

I wish I felt the emotion to this picture….1975 I think

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THIS WORLD? I remember a Family so close on all sides, then I seen Drink and Drugs, abuse, hatred and more and people just slowly did what I IRONICALLY AM SAYING HERE…They just walked away! The old saying of “If you can’t beat them, join them” seems my only option for my Daughters. This rant, as it will be called a rant! if anything, it’s just a confused question of ‘HOW AND WHY’ can I help two little girls see love and happiness? I will do my best to search for answers for MY 2 DAUGHTERS!!! I must therefore be like the rest and turn around, walk away and say “I love you, but I must look after my own”

THE IRONY OF IT ALL IS KILLING ME! I am fucking BADLY disabled, my body lives in pain and my mind is FUCKED. Yet I feel I am the only person looking at our kids, all our kids, globally and thinking “HOW CAN I MAKE IT BETTER” – But then I pause, reflect, and KNOW there are people like me who want to mend the ‘Broken Family Unit’. How we sit back and allow each other to hurt and die alone, how we allow our minds to be turned by actions of perversion be them literal or fiscal is beyond my thoughts.

….I am lost, but I must find a way for 2 little girls. AT ANY AND ALL COST. No longer will I allow myself to be #Anger #Fear or #Hate, I purged my soul of these 3 deadly emotions. Sadly most people I see have not, most have 1 or 2 or all 3 emotions of Anger, fear and hate. Why?

It was ACTUALLY fun before….. lol – That is me crying North-West Scotland as my Sibling laughs 😀 Good times!!

Whoever reads this, and I only get about 300/500 reads per day these days [NOT THAT NUMBERS MATTER, I would rather 50 REAL people read it than 1,000 uncaring people read this, I am asking why has our World walked away from itself and to what? Money the illusion of happiness through the illusion of money?  But then I know people reading this will just point the finger back at me and my kind, and allow the circle of #Anger #Hate and #Fear to be in their very minds and souls, and transmit it to their own. So I MUST protect my girls from these emotions, so they grow to be free from these emotions. IF IT’S MY LAST ACT AS A HUMAN, THEN SO BE IT, I ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE WITH LOVE AND A SMILE.


When in Rome……..You know the rest surely! We give up on each other too easily. Why?


I miss them all…All I knew!






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Ed Sheeran Bloodstream ft disclosure – Helpful!!

Ray Liotta

Ray Liotta

Ray Liotta is in this music video. My son came home 20 minutes ago and said “Dad, got a new song for you” Now this kid know’s what I am going through as this song speaks to my struggle, the struggle I will fight past, but for now, knowing my own son is helping me, and the lyrics of a guy called Ed Sheeran are my lyrics for me now, they are words that will help me as I come back to earth. I am lucky to have this support and luckier, like you, to be able to express and also hear and feel others expressions. Official video and lyrics video below

More love, less hate, Shauny


Bloodstream – Ed Sheeran (Lyrics)
Via MusicLyricsCentre on You Tube


Ed Sheeran & Rudimental­ “Bloodstream” [Official Music Video]
Via Ed Sheeran on You Tube


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World has gone ‘PC’Crazy as Shia LaBeouf called a paedophile for what was sociably acceptable 20 years ago

Maddie Ziegler and Shia-LaBeouf

Maddie Ziegler and Shia-LaBeouf

By @ShaunyNews Via My words, Music video’s and a movie that won awards for far worse! Also I have been keeping tracks on the UK/USA Sex Scandal involving TV Personalities, Politicians and Royalty on my Blogs  So I expose the bad stuff, the perverts and beasts, this video is not that!

This is the internet at it’s worst. 20 years ago NOTHING would have been said about this, but the PC being the PC and the people on it having to moan and complain every 2 minutes we see this video of 2 actors for a music video and everyone jumps on the ‘Hate’ bandwagon. Remember this movie here? This was ok pre-Internet world

Lolita (1997) Trailer
Via Lula Belle on You Tube

Lolita, commonly shortened to loli, is a cute child (or child-like) character in anime or manga. There are loli in virtually all series that get published as that particular character archetype generally becomes the most popular. The term “Lolita” originated from author Vladimir Nabokov’s famous novel Lolita (NOT from a manga, for God’s sake), which was of an older man who had a relationship with a child nicknamed Lolita.

Chicago Film Critics Association Awards 1999

CFCA Award
Most Promising Actress
Dominique Swain

MTV Movie Awards 1999

MTV Movie Award
Best Kiss
Jeremy Irons
Dominique Swain

National Board of Review, USA 1998

NBR Award
Top Ten Films

Online Film & Television Association 1999

OFTA Film Award
Best Youth Performance
Dominique Swain

Young Artist Awards 1999

Young Artist Award
Best Performance in a TV Movie/Pilot/Mini-Series or Series – Leading Young Actress
Dominique Swain

YoungStar Awards 1999

Young Star Award
Best Performance by a Young Actress in a Mini-Series/Made for TV Film
Dominique Swain

21585554_main_zoom.jpegAs you can see the movie won a ton of awards, this was 1999, 16 years on due to the Internet bandwagon of hatred these things are no longer acceptable. For me it’s a music video, it is art, the young girl is an actor playing a part with Shia LaBeouf, nothing more, nothing less. What you see above with ‘Lolita’ is a movie where a 40 year old man falls deeply in love with a 14 year old girl. At this period in our species existence, it was allowed. But thanks to porn and the internet Shia LaBeouf will be getting called all sorts of names. The World has gotten too PC too quickly and people jump on bandwagons. Can I see where people are coming from? Of course, but in reality it is acting. I added ‘Lolita’ to show how much our world has changed over the years. When ‘Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax’ music video was not allowed, we look at some music videos now and it is almost porn. In-fact in many cases the video to the music is porn.

Eric Prydz – Call On Me
Via Embassy One on You Tube

Scooter – Nessaja
Via SteveAATW on You Tube

Christina Aguilera – Dirrty ft. Redman
Via CAguileraVEVO on You Tube

Now ‘Relax’ From Frankie goes to Hollywood, banned for years on UK TV

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax (Uncensored Music Video) (1984)
Via 80sFlashbackVideos on You Tube


THE paedophile debate is raging once more on Twitter after a video showing Shia LaBeouf scrambling around with a dishevelled 12-year-old for a music video. The troubled 28-year-old wrestles and fight in a cage with Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler featuring in the new promo for the singer Sia’s track Elastic Heart. Sia had already predicted the paedophile criticism for the video, and true to form, Twitter exploded in conservative LaBouf bashing. “I anticipated some ‘pedophelia!!!’ cries for this video,” said the Chandelier singer. “All I can say is Maddie and Shia are two of the only actors I felt could play these two warring ‘Sia’ self states.

The dancer also appeared in Sia’s Chandelier video. In the video for Elastic Heart, shelooks a little worse for wear, wearing a fringed blonde wig and skin-coloured leotard as she goes stir crazy within the cage of her mind

Sia – Elastic Heart feat. Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler (Official Video)
Via SiaVEVO on You Tube

Sia admits, she’s a bit taken aback by the level of outcry: “I apologize to those who feel triggered by Elastic Heart, my intention was to create some emotional content, not to upset anybody.”


The stars of the video can be seen climbing up the cage, wrestling, play-fighting and jumping on each other in ‘artistic scenes’ with Shia topless and also wearing flesh-coloured clothing. At one point, he is seen gently touching her hair as the pair lie on the ground before he places one hand on her shoulder and she quickly jumps up and darts off. Twitter users took to the social media site to slam the video, with one writing: “Sia’s “Elastic Heart” video is disgusting. Desperation of Maddie’s mom for her daughters fame and Sia’s leftover brain cells from drugs.”



Hollywood actor Shia, who appeared in the sexually explicit film Nymphomaniac ,classes himself as a meta-modernism and is known for being controversial. He also alleged he was raped by a woman during his ‘#IAMSORRY’ art exhibition last year. Elastic Heart has already clocked up more than three million hits on YouTube after appearing on Vevo. Another outraged viewer posted on Twitter: “So this sia video is disgusting and inappropriate for a 12 year old.”


Towards the end of the video, during a minute of silence, Shia is seen grasping for Maddie through the bars and she tries to pull him through and is visibly upset.

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Where does love exist in a World of hate?


By @ShaunyNews

b4b189fb60eb0fbcd07819e01f37e50bI know I do a lot of these kinds of articles/blogs, whatever. I am aware I may repeat myself or repeat a song, it is a process I am going through, same process we all go through. Lately ‘Events’ out of my control have taken my mind to a place I found hard to explain or find a reason for at first. Having Fibromyalgia makes it harder for many of us. I see love all over the place, the love we see on the big screen or a music video, whatever and right away I think ‘Is this real’ or ‘Does this level of love actually exist’ I love my partner as much as a man could and I feel the love coming back the way, BUT! This love I see elsewhere, I WANT! I want that, I am on a quest to find it, so if you can, help me, let’s have some fun with what is still a Taboo subject to be fair.

Now to give you an idea of this ‘Love’ I see and question I will use a music video, John Legend, All of me. This is exactly the kind of love I am meaning. The woman in the video is his wife, so I ask is it natural or is it for the camera. The song is just WOW I love the lyrics the meaning and the part of my body it effects and how it makes me want this love, let me know what you think, lyrics are included

I have said many times, for a man to show emotions in Scotland is “No-go” It is a Scottish thing, it is what it is and for people, guys like me I used to find it difficult to open my heart to the World and my own World, these days I don’t care, I know who I love and who loves me back for being myself. I don’t understand people who care what others think, I have said this before, it’s boring, but true

Then we turn the coin around and we see Evil, Hatred, Gossips, Bad people, people who sit at a computer and try and get people to be as sad as them. I learnt a while back we can only be hurt, annoyed, angered or any other emotion in this category should we choose to be. We can be offended through choice guys, but in the end we can choose to delete, move on and refuse to be offended right? Surely


So to sum up, where is this love, I want it, I want to hold it, feel it, look it in the eyes. The love I have with my partner, like many of you is the same, it’s real. Sadly many couples, married or not live together, cheat on each other and hate each other, I don’t know about you but I just couldn’t live that life. For me ‘Happy’ and ‘Smiling’ are the two key ingredients in life, in love if we are friends with our partners it makes the relationship easier

Anyway, what y’all think? I don’t know how many this will reach, ShaunyNews just opened again yesterday. If it reaches you I would love a comment, I value others thinking, always

More love, less hate

Shaun x

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