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A Video I made to show Evil in our World


As an activist for what is wrong with our World, as a person who tries to get to grips or understand why, I thought I would make a video with a song behind it. There are a few images that are bad but nothing terrible. All I share is real, it happened and will happen again, in-fact is happening right now. WE ARE ALL in this World therefor we are all to blame for where it is. I include myself because I was blind to our World and the Evil that has taken not just our World over but also the minds and hearts of people who think it is a loving God they worship, but not in all cases. I sit and watch people, our World, the news, often I sit in my car in traffic or parked up somewhere waiting on someone shopping and I see no signs of love or people wanting to help. Homeless asking “Spare Change Please” as people walk past, worse happens all over our World. We made this World so we can save this World. To save this World we must first understand why it needs saved and where it needs saved, people are brainwashed to WANT WAR, people are brainwashed to SEE OTHERS BE KILLED and think it’s ok because a book told them. Well I don’t mince my words no more, I say what I see and see what I say.



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The reason I write, mainly my purpose

The reason I write, mainly my purpose

A song for ALL Wars ‘He has been here’ – Who is ‘HE’ – War Children


All Wars are bad, the innocent die as the rich get richer, this we should know by now. No war today is for any other reason than to make money or to push an agenda we are not aware of. We can’t do a lot about this but what we can do is make it so we are aware of the hard truth. James Blunt served in the British Military, leaving due to hatred of War. While he was on a tour in the Balkans when Ethnic cleansing hit Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, and more. James did a video diary then a song near the end of the war when he was deployed. His song “No Bravery” with “Since he has been here” are as powerful as they come. Who is “He” why was he “Here” Amazing song, very deep and meaningful. James goes back to the Balkans and performs to people he met and to people who lost. I don’t care for any War machine, this is what Scotland is trying to free herself from, but this performance and song should hit us all in a place that matters, it must!

James Blunt – No Bravery
Via James Blunt on You Tube






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War – A beautiful song reminding us what War REALLY is (Maybe Graphic)

James Blunt, Singer, Songwriter

James Blunt, Singer, Songwriter

James Hillier Blount (born 22 February 1974), better known by his stage name James Blunt, is an English singer-songwriter and former army officer, whose debut album, Back to Bedlam and single releases, including “You’re Beautiful” and “Goodbye My Lover”, brought him to fame in 2005. His repertoire can be best described as a mix of acoustic-tinged pop, rock and folk. After recording on the independent American label Custard Records, Blunt won two Brit Awards, two MTV Video Music Awards, two Ivor Novello Awards, and by 2006 was nominated for five Grammy Awards. The following year, he released his second album All the Lost Souls (2007). Blunt’s third studio album, Some Kind of Trouble, was released in November 2010. Worldwide, Blunt has sold over 18 million albums, and his debut album, Back to Bedlam, is the best-selling album of the 2000s in the UK.
Blunt was an officer in the Life Guards, a cavalry regiment of the British Army, and served under NATO in Kosovo during the conflict there in 1999. While posted to Kosovo, Blunt was introduced to the work of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF or “Doctors Without Borders”). Since then, Blunt has supported MSF by holding meet-and-greet auctions at many of his concerts.

Because the British Army sponsored his university education, Blunt was obliged to serve a minimum of four years in the armed forces. He stated on an interview in his Back to Bedlam sessions that he chose to join the military as “his father was pushing for it, so that Blunt could obtain a secure work placement and income”. Blunt trained at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.  He was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Life Guards, a unit of the Household Cavalry, where he rose to the rank of captain. One of his first assignments was to the British Army Training Unit Suffield in Alberta, Canada, where his battalion was posted for six months in 1998 to act as the opposing army in combat training exercises.

In 1999, he served as an armoured reconnaissance officer in the NATO deployment in Kosovo. Initially assigned to reconnaissance of the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia -Yugoslavia border, Blunt and his unit worked ahead of the front lines directing forces and targeting Serb positions for the NATO bombing campaign. His unit was given the assignment of securing the Pristina International Airport in advance of the 30,000-strong peacekeeping force; however the Russian army had moved in and taken control of the airport before his unit’s arrival. Blunt refused to carry out this order. There were less intense moments during Blunt’s Kosovo assignment. Blunt had brought along his guitar, strapped to the outside of his tank. At some places, the peacekeepers would share a meal with hospitable locals, and Blunt would perform. It was while on duty there that he wrote the song “No Bravery”.

A keen skier, Blunt captained the Household Cavalry alpine ski team in Verbier, Switzerland, eventually becoming champion skier of the entire Royal Armoured Corps. He had extended his military service in November 2000, and after an intensive six-month army riding course was posted to the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment in London, England. During this posting, Blunt was interviewed about his responsibilities on the television programme “Girls on Top”, a series highlighting unusual career choices. He stood guard at the coffin of the Queen Mother during the days of her lying in State and was part of the funeral procession on 9 April 2002. Blunt left the army on 1 October 2002 having served six years.

James Blunt was just an ordinary lad, serving in the British Army and didn’t like what he seen. He is famous for songs like “You’re Beautiful” and “”GoodBye my Lover” James served in Kosovo in the Bosnia war and documented a lot on film, soon after writing a song about it. The video has been edited many times to suit agendas over war, the video below is the official one, and is graphic

But I think we all need to see bad things. More so the song is BRILLIANT. Please enjoy, and understand the song. James went back to Kosovo and met people he had before and did a gig for the families and Army still there. He is a remarkable man. In my opinion

If you cry when you have watched this, don’t worry, I did