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THIS WILL OPEN A BOX AGAINST THE NSA, PLEASE JUST CLOSE IT, IT’S A WORDPRESS THING. OK! Nobody freak out or hate me here 😀 This is my observations as a blogger, eyes open and as a 42 year old guy coming off strong Dr’s medication after 15 years and noticing the disfunction all around me, family and friends and I will wake up more for sure. At first I thought “Must just be my Family” then I thought “Must be a Scottish thing” So I went on a research binge and seen this is a Global thing. Sure some families do talk, but sadly the majority don’t. Religion for all it’s wrong’s can keep a family talking and functional, this is the only good purpose for Religion I have seen on my hunt for the 2015 answer to what I though was only my problem. Today people talk and say nothing, they walk and end up nowhere. We are almost robots 

Religious does this, not a bad thing

Religious does this, not a bad thing

Something happened to this World that allowed distrust and hatred to be seen in all our lives be it small and almost, just annoying to full on hatred within the family circle. I got a text from a family member over something I wrote about another person in my family, in-fact my whole family, no names and 30 year old images, and it was RAW HATRED. I am the kid in the link below “Beating and Drugs…” I still love this person to bits but they had forgotten that I actually had already spoke to ALL people in whatever the issue was about 2 years ago. I was going to write a book and have it half serious half fiction and this is a part of it here, and it has sat at the bottom of my blog for about a year now, below on the right you will see a Donkey, this is what I wrote in a friend Kim’s site:

t80qwmBEATINGS, DRUGS AND MORE THROUGH THE EYES OF A CHILD < That is my story I told 2 years ago, in a bad way, pain and HEAVILY medicated. Now I have my story so I share it on my page, you the reader are more than welcome to share your opinion here, or my ShaunyNews Facebook group or any other Social Media or even in private. Again, this is true to a point what I wrote. To be honest my Childhood is so cloudy and the medication I was on because of the Disability and M.E I have made me be unable to be truthful to the point I probably would like to have been. I wasn’t the only person in my family to suffer, many suffered, and we don’t talk, I try my best to say “Please, speak to me, I don’t hate you” But people all around the World are to damn unhappy to say “ok, maybe I was wrong” Because I am wrong DAILY and I put my hands in the air and say sorry!


I then started Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Issues and it gave me and many others an outlet to talk openly or in private about depression, pain, anything Chronic. It’s a VERY small group and I want to keep it small for people who may be in a bad place to come to and get talked back to. I write to the World, not just Scotland so there are eyes on that page for any person in the World who has issues they are struggling with in a moment like we all do in all our lives.

pain-chain-5-728My Dad always told me “You are the one who always tries to get the Family together” But he knows, sadly why I gave up. I was lucky in the fact I was loved as a kid, I had amazing parents and today they both are helping me get off these pills. My Mum more as she lives not far away, as my Dad lives on an Island somewhere and both are happy with their partners. In my family, same as your family, an event happened, in-fact a few events happened, some brought us close, others split us up, one day a moment will come and bring us back together. I hope this for you too…

Always I say music helps me, just me personally, it changes brain patters and lessens the pain. We all have this outlet from our realities. I am in an amazing life now, people ask me how I can speak like that while being in pain 24/7 but I have my partner and 4 kids to live for. My 2 little princess are my reason for writing this and for trying to smile through a pain they say is worse than Aids, Cancer and other deathly diseases. I must admit I wasn’t too happy to be told this, not something I wanted or needed to know, now I have been told this I often wonder if the placebo effect has taken me 😀 We all have songs for different moods, today as I write this to the World and Scotland and my family, 1 song stands out like a sore thumb, I hope you have a song or an outlet. This song is not your usual Eminem song but today as I sit here happy writing this song makes sense to me. Banner 1 resizePlease find a reason for you to smile again, whoever this is aimed at, just know I can’t and won’t hate anyone, I find it impossible to give my two Daughters a row or raise my voice at them, strange thing for sure. So today with 2 older sons it is almost my partner and I again with 2 young kids as 1 son moved out and another is close to moving out, but this is all good, real good, it means my partner and I did a good job with our sons, they are happy and in love and as a parent this is all we look to do, so here are my partner and I again, with the wisdom of bringing up 2 kids again, only this time we have experience, my partner and I have not brought up little girls before and are still learning to be parents to 2 sons who have their own lives. We all learn, we all adapt, but all I ask is stop the hate and try. I will finish by saying I have been at many a funeral and seen tears of guilt, why we do this to ourselves as a species is beyond me. So do and say today what you would to a person in a way you would saying goodbye for ever. No regrets right? My blog page has EXPLODED and I have over 1.3 Million readers or hits in around a year, this is my new blog, it really is crazy, I am just some dumb Scottish guy


More love, less hate..

Eminem – Mockingbird
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