♫ One More Light ♫ A Song for people trying to see the World – Imagine


When we sit down and don’t speak because we may worry what others may think, we oppress ourselves and each other. When we stand up and speak, we liberate ourselves and those around us. Before we can see the World and understand the World around us, first we must understand ourselves, accept ourselves and learn to like ourselves. Only then can we turn and look at the World without the basic human emotions that cloud our every thought, day and impulse. These 3 emotions are #HATE #ANGER and #FEAR. Once we remove, if we can remove these emotions, then life becomes something else, we become something else. Self importance dissipates and we see the World, we hear the World, we become less selfish and more caring towards first our own lives and Worlds, then the actual World itself. Selfish people doing selfish things for selfish gain will in the end be alone, those who decide to reach out are never alone. Down the right-hand side of my blog are video’s, each a video I seen that gave me power of my own thoughts. The video that hit me most is the Charlie Chaplin great dictator speech, it is Words spoken in 1940 when our World was at War, but the Words ring true today, the images speak of the selfish acts that many of us can feel. Some feel, some can’t. We must respect this because to be free is to allow freedom of others, as long as no harm is being done, sadly much harm is happening Globally as I type, as you read. People are in Genocide being killed for Selfish reasons, yet only a few of us care. If each day every living soul awoke with one purpose, example of purpose would be ‘To make one person smile’ Imagine we ALL did this, we could change the World over-night. The very thing many of us crave is in sight, but the blind are blinded by consumption of selfish acts by selfish perverted people. We must stand up, we must unite. I know I am not alone, and neither are you. Will you look only at yourself or will you look at the World and care? I grew up with an elder telling me “I cry for Humanity”, so my Childhood till today has been a journey of discovery of self, my World and yours. Education is simple if we know it exists outside our own front door or even our own minds. Life is hard, yet many make it harder, so logic tells us life can be easier. Living in the moment meant this moment only, moments of self reflection come and go for me personally, what about you?






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Philosophical, love and caring Images I have shared over the years – Enjoy


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Bob Marley on love and music






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♫ Scotland – Sing our own Song ♫

Usher Hall Edinburgh - Scotland Singing our song

Usher Hall Edinburgh – Scotland Singing our songs

Really enjoy doing these video’s. Take any song, extract the Audio then add images of Scotland and all that is about the Yes movement behind the music. I managed to get both Thatcher and the Queen into this video 😀 so I am delighted with this effort. 30 or so images behind ♫Sing our own Song♪ by UB40. Trying to find 1 image for 1 lyrics sung was the fun part. Hope you enjoy, it took me 2 hours 😀 #Alba #Peace #Scotland #Song

Video Below


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A Brilliant Message I Got From A 21 Year old Scottish Kid – #LGBT #MARIJUANA

10501772_883516741683786_6282876781490405677_nVia a family member, he is showing me here the same certain family members I have can and would share also, he is a young adult (I am only 41 😀 ) For a lad so young in years, just amazing young thinking. We must be thankful in Scotland we have 10’s of Thousands of clever young people. These young people and their energy will first free Scotland from an uneven Union. Then it might catch on. As I wrote about ‪#‎Iceland‬ below when oppressed people see real democracy and a people who’s will is just too strong to stop they then see it, want to help and then help it happen in their own World. Like I say always when people say “But Shaun you can’t change the World and neither can I” Then I simply reply with “Stop trying to change THE World instead change your OWN World first” – Trust me that statement I have said for a year or so writing, is something I am doing I am living the message here now, it’s amazing and I re-joined and am reconnecting with old friends and some family, I am so lucky I only have M.E (Myalgic encephalomyelitis) as for half a week when I had to go to Hospital (I KNOW, YAWN, I KNOW) The Dr’s were concerned at my symptoms, so blood etc was taken, so all good, I now have a name people will and have said “Sorry Shaun I didn’t know you were this bad” and I think “OMG Don’t say sorry, just have fun and speak to me like I am your best mate” LOL.. And I see it in others also. Our World tires of oppression and people who want to JUDGE OTHERS. Sad people, maybe sad for good honest reasons judge others. So here we have a 21 year old Scottish kin, clever lad really, an adult but young adult addressing two ideologies to the people who can see what he shares on Facebook. That takes balls, well done ‘This Family Member‘ you are my friend 1st, know this 😉 I say no names on here, but for sure, like a close relative your principles are not to judge others but to free others and respect and allow others to live. So proud pal. I live this idea or way of thinking. The LGBT Movement is one I was and still am HEAVILY involved with as it’s a Human’s right to be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender 🙂 #LGBT. I helped in a small way here in Scotland when we MADE our Government and it’s leaders stand aside and allow Gay people to get married, as I say about any nation that want’s better, the power and energy of it’s Youth will help free them with the wisdom from their elders, like YOU I am a decent parent and I have two young sons who can share things like this openly, same as I do and most people I connect with can do, now that is amazing to me, I don’t hate I just am alive with fun 😀 Beware World, Bro if you read this, we are getting minging drunk with the boys and Padre if he can make it, and I will run up a road threatening people with my willie hanging out screaming “I am going to feck you so bad” To be fair the guy did hit me 😉

This message is SO SIMPLE. Religion and hate take the message with stupid like

This message is SO SIMPLE. Religion and hate take the message with stupid like “That is Jesus upside down on the cross” They miss the message of “PLEASE! LIVE AND LET LIVE, STOP JUDGING ME” Or whoever feels judged…Why you guys judge? Tell us all, please! lol

The friends I have can do this also, I surround myself with people at both spectrums of life, basically both ends of living people do like A. People who can be tough and take on the World and provide for family and have fun to B. People that can open up and cry and have fun and SPEAK THE TRUTH, tell their story without caring what others say or think, be or if we like it or not. Humans who can do it all, laugh, cry, smile, be angered by injustice but most important they/we don’t hate, we just exist, I see others just slowly in a Groundhog Day manner get through life and I don’t know why I just must help and if they don’t want anyone’s help then we can say ‘We Tried’ and we do it always with a smile, So, yes (YES YOU) People do judge you/us, all of us no matter how we live, so we just live and if people with all due respect want to be unhappy, then we can only help them smile, if not then it’s just sad and life got them. I know people who are in a bad way medically who can make me crack into laughter that hurts me 😀 People who have fun NO MATTER what life throws at them, once we reach that ability we can handle the unthinkable that WILL come in any shape or form better, we are so open we are prepared and ready for life, but before and in-between, WE WILL SMOKE CANNABIS and allow Gay people and Bisexual people as well as men or woman who want to be the opposite, live! Live and let live right? And also the stupid unreal at times misconception that smoking Marijuana, Hashish, Weed whatever you want to call it is less safe than drinking wine/vodka/beer and others at the same level some smoke hash is just so untrue. Alcohol can kill a family, person and all in-between, Hashish smokers watch TV at night, me only I only smoke it when the dogs been out last walk and girls are asleep then I relax. Weed etc is legal in many part’s of our World and will will be available to all for Medical and recreational reason’s in Scotland soon too as well as all over the World, the World is waking up I seen it on Dr’s Heroin Prescriptions but I see it clearer and more today. A joint is like 2 glasses of wine It doesn’t make people lazy nor make them turn to Heroin 😀 honest I research HARD on issues I don’t agree with or am confused with. I know Teachers, Policemen-Woman/Nurses/Dr’s/ and everyone and anyone be them high on (No Pun Intended) salary or low in salary, living in a box in a field or a mansion, WHO SMOKE CANNABIS. I don’t understand people who say “You shouldn’t smoke hash” But I respect their opinion, just know it ain’t going to stop me from smoking it 😉 I smoke it FIRST because I like it and 2nd it helps my pain I won’t lie. People sit and get well drunk on all sorts, argue and become hateful, but us Teachers, Policemen/Woman/Nurses/Dr’s/ and everyone and anyone in-between who want to smoke a joint are bad people? GET THAT THOUGHT TO F@K!!!!  These songs below the image and text is what I am talking about!! 🙂  The 2nd song “All my Loving” At 1 Minute 15 Seconds you will see a grown man cry 🙂 The guys is older than me and crying. Ask yourselves why. Maybe if the answers are all good and proper, our World would be better and we will all get along just fine 😀 So what holds us back? Religion? (It is an issue, nobody can come at me and say it’s not, I can prove it is) Hate? Gossipy People? People who are so poor all they have is money? Bigots? Racists? and any other people who as the image say’s clearly is ‘HOLDING THE REST OF US BACK SO WE CAN PARTY” I don’t have the answers friends, just reason, be it for me only? x


Imagine – John Lennon (Original video with lyrics in English included)
VIDEO Via David Holguin on You Tube

This song promotes peace, love and talks about Consumerism. But 1 line

This song promotes peace, love and talks about Consumerism. But 1 line “Imagine there’s no Heaven” show’s Religious hatred by the Religious people’s comments on the song and it’s message they can’t understand due to a Religiously trained controlled mind. Not all Religious people. So bring Religion here and hate me please. All you do is prove me right, you prove us ALL correct Religion is a problem in this World. (Biggest Image Tag EVER Here 😀 )

I personally understand the reasons why the image above is so powerful and why a 21 year old Scottish young man shared it with his World on Facebook… Do you understand? Do you care? As I say, don’t try and change the World, just try and change your own or make a difference in your own World. Trust me, I do, no brag, just amazing. You awaken and the message on the image above and the two songs below/ one above become so, so easy to understand. And you know what? I don’t have 1 piece of hate in me and neither did the guy who shared the image or the guy who said it 😀 YEAH!!! I am not alone 😀 I am an idiot standing proudly with my equal idiots be them Scottish or Liberian or Russian, it matters not. I realized just in the last month slowly as my Dr’s poison drifts from my system, even though all along I was just a DICK…That I still was human, so with a clear head and free will now I can be me and I STILL don’t care.. Please try and reach that point. If you need help ask a friend. Don’t live a life of unhappy then on your death bed think “I should have done this or I should said that” Do it now! Say it now!! Or forever hold us all back bud sadder stop yourself from living in circles going around and around, walking going nowhere, speaking but saying nothing. Many will hate us. Me? I just don’t understand you, my life is full of fun people who make me crack up and hurt with fun. They are friends, family, my sons, my partner but most off all 2 little girls 4 and 6 years old who have helped me with EVERYTHING from the day they were born to today at 7am and beyond for many decades I hope. And they don’t even know it. Yes friends, my 2 little princess’s help me see the World through the eyes of a child and that is just fun, I hope if you have kids you get this too, even my older kids give me the same fun and help me! But I am a dick, why? Because deep down I am a child, I am immature, stupid, annoying, I draw on walls (OK I WANT TO DRAW ON WALLS BUT MY PARTNER WOULD BEAT ME HARD) 😦 I am a just a  man. We will leave it here #Peace and #Solidarity, no longer will I allow negative to enter my body because a group of people through one person pulls me back, I proved above people do think like me, they say 1 image can speak a 1,000 words, this literally DID JUST THAT 😀 I move forward and evolve and I see it in both my sons and others and whoever shared this image and I had to blog it, I would have blogged it had I had seen it myself on any site. Anyway…Have some fun with two old songs…PS: Don’t forget now! The 2nd song “All my Loving” At 1 Minute 15 Seconds you will see a grown man cry 🙂 Be happy! Don’t allow others to take that right away from you. Love them back, maybe they will get it one day? If not, we love them anyway

I am told ALWAYS “Shaun where 1 word or 2 words are enough, you write a BOOK” And I am thankful for that comment 😀 Means I am a full person. I can go to each end of the life spectrum and just live and be happy. All I ask is you do the same be you a reader and stranger or a family member and you love me or hate me. Lets make this World more fun! LOL

Paul McCartney – Live and Let Die (Live)
VIDEO: Via Paul McCartney Music on You Tube

All My Loving- Paul McCartney (Live)
GROWN MAN CRYING VIDEO: Via Alex Umali on You Tube

I want peace, not hate. If you don't understand any of this, research, trust me, it's something you will have to do soon

I want peace, not hate. If you don’t understand any of this, research, trust me, it’s something you will have to do soon


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UB40 – Sing Our Own Song – A Song For Solidarity, For Freedom, For Hope!

Just a peaceful statement here

Just a peaceful statement here

When we try and ask others to allow any and or all peace process’s to be given a chance it can often frustrate as to the reasons why people won’t give peace a chance. I am Scottish, I love Ireland, I am Celtic (With a K sound at the Start) I have Irish family. I can only be what my people, my species are right? I am from here, this is my life, my culture, I know no different from any other person in any given Country, be them good or indifferent to life. I am not oppression nor am I a war child, although it could be said I was a war child. Most people in both my countries have been War Children, it’s a FEELING, a sense of “Give that person a break” or “Give that homeless guy food” to something like “Why can our World stand back and watch Palestine and Syria and do nothing. The ethos of it all is very simple, very easy to understand. However if you live with hate, any kind of hate or prejudice in your heart and soul, sadly you are the ones stopping the rest from wanting the impossible but meaningful, almost possible if we try, Utopian world. I won’t deal with hate, the friends whom I surround myself around are the exact same as me, free thinkers, peace in our hearts and solidarity with a World broken. Easy isn’t it when we read it like this. Sadly reading isn’t living, I can sit here all day and bore myself trying to find Utopia, I know I waste my time. But as said to me the other day from a good friend “Should we teach 100 people a day to think peace and solidarity and unity and they go and teach another 100 and so on and so on, our World would be Utopian in a month” Do the math! For now all I can do is share, for me only what I would want to see and be. You must decide your path. Smile, love, laugh, understand and feel things, or STOP AND BE THE HATE THAT STOPS OUR SPECIES BEING FREE. Your choice human… x This song is for the kids in Palestine and Syria being murdered to the people of China demanding democracy, to the people in France fighting their own words to the bl@ch family we share and love in a religiously poisoned police state of hate from many in religion and in power. We also sing for our friends in England who want Scotland’s dream and for our own freedom here in Scotland. The battle cries are the same, just a different voice, a key in a music note or thought in a person who can see feel and want the same solidarity message. For Scotland to Hong Kong, from Paris to Ferguson, from Palestine to Syria and everywhere else in our World where humanity feels and demands freedom of expression and voice, be it a blog a song or a debate. This is a message of love and if you feel hate or lack of understanding YOU must look in the mirror and try and understand why WE can all feel it and demand it and you can’t. I don’t hate or deny people a right to hate I just don’t understand oppressive thoughts and people who don’t look at dead kids and oppression and don’t act, I have my platform and for all the thousands who connect with me, you help me grow you help me understand new meanings of peace and solidarity every single day, I evolve in the direction of peace and nothing more, this is my path, you have yours I MUST RESPECT YOU AND YOU WILL HEAR ME, I DON’T EXPECT FAVORS AND I CERTAINLY WILL BLOCK YOU AND HATRED, THE REST OF US ARE MARCHING IN A HIVE LIKE SOLDIERS OF LOVE, WHY STOP THAT? I AM CONFUSED HUMANS. I don’t judge I simple send my thoughts and my love with a knowing my brothers and sisters in harmony with the message understand. This is for the World, my World, your World and all our World, be a part of peace or stay away, you only hold love back.

UB40 – Sing Our Own Song – Lyrics for peace and love VIDEO AND LYRICS Via: UltimateTobi on You Tube


The message is simple…..


…OUR Values are visible…


..OUR MESSAGE IS CLEAR…….One persons freedom fighter is another’s terrorist! We must understand both



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The Hypocritical Human Species

maxresdefaultHad a really good day today, was my daughters 6th birthday, my 2 sons and my future daughters in laws, their partners. Dawn the girls and myself. I am totally shattered now, mentally and physically I am gone, the last 2 weeks have been ‘Normal’ for everyone, for me, well tonight I feel it. I won’t take it back; it was worth every moment of pain


Nearing midnight and Tuesday here and I have sat all sore and, not moody, just wanting peace I guess. Not because of who was here earlier, I just need time to stick some music on and let it alter my brain patterns and this will in-turn take some pain away



Then I started thinking about pain, my Daughters presents, presents we all exchange for Birthdays and Christmases. Then I asked myself “How do they know the make up a woman wears now is safe?” or “How do they know the deodorant I wear now is safe?” How do we know what we buy is safe to use? Simply the answer is simple, animal testing. Yeah as a species none are like us Humans who kill for sport, for fun. People complain when they see the disturbing images I share below but let’s be honest if any of us moan or complain about how we treat the animal kingdom, truly that is the height of hypocriticalness

865bc9bd19efa8e6480e1881528f4e11We consume meat and don’t care where it comes from. We wear fancy clothes and don’t think where it came from or who made it. We go and bath or shower and the products we use we take for granted as if they just appeared from thin air. Sadly now, the images below will tell the story I am trying to tell. As a species I often am ashamed to call myself Human when I see the suffering we do to other species. Facts are we are not the brightest of species are we? More than half of us believe we are governed through our soul by an invisible made up force. I don’t get you, I don’t get me. Where I am going here is we have a World full of people just sitting waiting to be offended, willing to take as much truth as they can handle, people willing to hear and see the truth but only enough till it shatter’s their beliefs and reason for being on this Earth. I won’t name names or call names. If anyone can argue with my thinking here I really don’t know how you can. We are an evil species. We look back to our ancestors and see how we burnt people in fire, drowned others in rivers, cut others open, our past human species is the most brutal and severely disillusioned species there is on this planet, but look at our species today, are we REALLY any better? We burn people alive, we cut heads off; Government still kill in some countries if people break the law, laws passed by people in the first place, we are barbaric, we eat, dress, wash but don’t understand often the things we hate we buy into, we consume into. I am just voicing here, others will have opinions and that is fair, we should all be allowed opinions unless, of course that opinion offends. Why is it 90% of Earth want to see one part of our species recognized yet the remaining 5% don’t get why the 95% see it different? I know the answer and so do you. I don’t want to debate JUST Palestine, but we can use it as an example of how stupid our species are, why wait? Free them now, they WILL be free soon anyway and no wars will be fought. I know this will shatter belief systems but maybe as a species we need ‘Different’ maybe people need to be pulled into reality, a war, bad things to truly understand why others care. I live my life in utter agony yet I still care enough to sit here with burning hands and wrists because this is how I see the bigger picture, these are my opinions based on living, seeing, researching, listening, opening my mind, I do NOT HATE, I want love, peace and more. Yet a SPECIAL FORCE has brainwashed the majority Worldwide and made peace a dream, that is the sad part, sad in the sense we are all sad people for not speaking up and standing up. Often I think “Am I alone in all I say and share here? And for the record, this is not aimed at the USA, how can one of the smallest area’s on Earth cause all this damage? This is a human species issue, you me, your friends, my friends, their friends and friends they don’t know from other friends. We are all culpable once we gain choice, we mask it well, we do a few good deeds to make up for the vastness of our evil’s

Top 10 Worst Humans of All Time – We are told who is evil always, what are your 10?
VIDEO Via WatchMojo.com on You Tube

Humanity of Animals and Evil of Humans – I BEG YOU WATCH, OPEN HEART, OPEN SOUL
VIDEO Via Daz20s on You Tube

A Message To Humanity!
VIDEO Via Namaste1001 on You Tube

The Circle of life, Father son, son to father (WOW)
VIDEO Via Faisal Shah on You Tube


Green is 'Recognize Palestine' Yellow is "Leaning towards Palestine" Red is NEVER  WILL. War must happen 1st they are told

Green is ‘Recognize Palestine’ Yellow is “Leaning towards Palestine” Red is NEVER WILL. War must happen 1st they are told



‘US’ as in ‘WE’


I don’t do hate, if I am wrong here, where am I wrong? Apply ONLY Logic

I will leave you some images to make what I say make more sense because my words can’t do it justice. Many don’t get why I need to know but I just need to know. I am science, I am logic. When I just spoke or wrote Scottish I was normal, now I write to the World about the World I have lost understanding of our species. I ask “Are you wearing makeup of perfume?” I ask “Are you wearing hair gel or cream or deodorant? We see a cow get slaughtered upside down and complain yet go and eat a Hamburger at some fancy food joint

I am confused, but its ok I will figure it out by morning



These guys get a wage so Fashion and Cosmetic companies can keep us all happy


Do people actually understand this?


Without hesitation. I couldn’t, could you?


Not in my name, but sadly I use the same products you do, we are both guilty




Can you feel the hurt? Does it register?


Dear ISIS and others


The mess we leave kills us all also. Not just the Animal Kingdom

images (1)



If Humans came from apes, why do we kill apes?


Do you know or care what this makes? For YOU! And me


It’s a GLOBAL trade, these guys get killed for it


Ironic huh?


Proud of your family? We all came from the same place? God or the sea, pick one, it’s irrelevant


Difference if it was a Giraffe or Ape?


Said to be the 2nd most clever species behind humans, I beg to differ







Do you know what seal skin makes? what baby seals help produce? Google, then look at this image again

The reason I write, mainly my purpose

The reason I write, mainly my purpose

For now…


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“Shaun hates Israeli People” – Proof I do not! Nir Bitton Israel Football Celtic Star

Israeli Football Player Nir Biton

Israeli Football star Player Nir Biton

I write for and am a huge fan of Glasgow Celtic Football Club. My club was founded in 1888, started 127 years ago to feed the poor Catholics coming into Ireland but what history fails to tell is the person who started Celtic FC Brother Walfrid also fed Christians who were poor in Glasgow. My Club is a club for all, taken by all. Some Football teams refuse to sign players due to Religion, skin colour or Nationality all over Europe. Europe is not a bad place for racism although there are issues.

Just to settle one argument once and for all, my team Glasgow Celtic always side with Palestine at FAN LEVEL ONLY, there are a few Million of us scattered around the World, most think the same. Because as a club historically we understand what genocide and oppression REALLY means we stand in solidarity with the enslaved or murdered in this World. I have said it out loud “I STAND IN SOLIDARITY WITH PALESTINE” but with no hate, just in a peaceful way https://shaunynews.com/2015/03/25/why-i-stand-in-solidarity-with-palestine/

I tire of people accusing me of hating people from Israel. Nir Bitton, a player I have IMMENSE respect for plays for Glasgow Celtic Football Club. He came out and stated “I don’t like Palestine” A few Celtic fans were not happy but as a club we kept supporting the man because that is what we stand for here. He may want Palestine dead but I can only speak for myself, I don’t hate, I don’t want anyone dead, no Palestine kids, no Israeli people either. This story made UK media a year or so ago, he still plays for a Palestine supporting fan base. Celtic FC as a club do not get involved in ANY of this, but the fans do, we proudly fly the Palestinian flag at games, who can stop us? I don’t think political or religious issues have any place inside a football stadium. But the exercise I am trying to explain here is “Put down your bible and see people being murdered in 2015” If you can’t do that, for me, you are evil

Celtic fans backing Palestine during the 2014 slaughter

Celtic fans backing Palestine during the 2014 slaughter, same as the whole of Europe


Celtic star Nir Biton sparks fury on Instagram by supporting Israel’s ongoing military offensive against Palestine

Printed in Scottish Media on 14:49, 18 July 2014


Nir Posted this -  “May Hashem (God) cause the enemies who rise up against us to be struck down before them.” On Instagram

Nir Posted this – “May Hashem (God) cause the enemies who rise up against us to be struck down before them.” On Instagram

CELTIC star Nir Biton has sparked fury by supporting Israel’s ongoing military offensive against Palestine. The 22-year-old midfielder posted pro-Israeli propaganda on his Instagram account. A copy of the Hebrew Prayer for members of the Israel Defence Force, which contains the line: “May Hashem (God) cause the enemies who rise up against us to be struck down before them.” appeared on Thursday evening.

It was quickly taken down, but not before copies had been made and circulated on various websites, including Twitter. At least 240 Palestinians, including scores of children, have been killed by Israeli air strikes since July 8. They launched the offensive to stamp out rocket attacks from Gaza and the army has recently vowed to continue with ground and air assaults. The attacks are aimed at crushing terror group Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip. But the area is so densely populated that many innocent civilians have been caught up in the violence. An estimated 23 Palestinians were killed this morning in an Israeli assault on Gaza.

And the world was united in grief earlier in the week when pictures emerged of four youngsters who were killed on Wednesday by a shell fired from an Israeli gun ship as they played football on a Gaza beach. Outraged Celtic fans, some of whom claim sympathies with the Palestinian cause, reacted with anger following Biton’s post, with some of them calling for him to be sacked. In a 2009 Europa League match against Israeli team Hapoel Tel Aviv, Celtic fans of them waved Palestinian flags in protest at the invasion of Gaza the previous year.

Pro-Palestine football fans in Europe frequently attend matches brandishing the Palestinian flag in shows of support.

Celtic fan Ros Stafford tweeted: “Nir Biton should never be allowed pull on a Celtic shirt again. Good Riddance Nir, your support of child killers is not wanted at CP.”

And Gordie Bhoy added: “Nir Biton Showing His True Colours, That MUST Be The End Of His CELTIC Career.”

Kieran Caw posted: “I don’t think Nir Biton will be the most popular player amongst our support.”

Steve.E.N tweeted: “Nir Biton should never wear the hoops again! Get him out!”

Then Paulo tweeted: “I know Nir Biton is from Israel, but if he’s supporting them in all this I want him nowhere near my club.”

Biton’s post could cause storms within the Parkhead dressing room – before a ball is even kicked in the new season. Celtic midfielder Beram Kayal was born in Israel, but is of Arab descent, though he has not voiced any political views.

However Celtic’s Irish striker Anthony Stokes has recently sent messages of support for the people of Gaza.

He tweeted: “Praying for the people and young children killed in gaza, pictures are disturbing! World watches on again.” and also retweeded a photo with the message: “Stop the bombing of Gaza.”

A spokeswoman for Celtic refused to comment.

Within minutes of our call, a picture of Biton and Efe Ambrose checking in at Glasgow Airport for their pre-season tour of Germany appeared on the club’s official Twitter account. Other users criticised the move. Grant Coll tweeted: “hahaha maybe not the best pic to do under circumstances.” and Craig Johnston posted: “come one…. not the best photo to put up today.”

Biton signed a four-year deal with Celtic in August 2013 after arriving from Israeli Premier League club FC Ashdod for a fee believed to be around £700,000. He made his debut on September 18 of that year, in a Champions League group stage match against AC Milan, coming in to the game as a late substitute in the 89th minute. He made a total of 20 appearances last year under former boss Neil Lennon, and has also been capped for Israel seven times.


Nir is a brilliant player for Celtic and the nature of not hating has made Nir very popular at Celtic with most

Nir is a brilliant player for Celtic and the nature of not hating has made Nir very popular at Celtic with most

Nir Scoring tonight (2nd May 2015) to Help Celtic win the League

From behind

Just because I stand in solidarity with Palestine it does not mean I hate Israel. Hate must end somewhere. Here the IRA and London including the Queen gave peace a chance and the bombings and killing of Irish men and woman stopped. The message I am sharing is what happened here was Catholic Vs Christians. We gave peace, REAL PEACE a chance and it worked. It is not perfect but people don’t die as they did 20 years ago. Why Palestine can’t be given this same try for REAL peace is beyond me. As I have said many times now, Religion and blind people keep Palestine landlocked and oppressed. America will have to one day stand back and look on as EVERY European country as well as others set Palestine free, it will be done with peace but sadly cowards and thick people with 2,000 year old books will keep the hatred there and try to keep the people who happen to be in Palestine from being murdered. I think this “They should be in Jordan” crap needs to stop as they are LAND LOCKED!

The UN want a free Palestine. But Religious hatred creates more death

The UN want a free Palestine. But Religious hatred creates more death

Come over to Scotland 500 years ago and Ireland 100 years ago and try and live in peace, then you will understand what the people inside Palestine go through every day. So to sum up, I don’t hate, RELIGION HATES! Why do I know this? Because I was born into and live through it every day of my life. The Christian hatred in Scotland against Catholics is awful, yet not many go to Church, odd right? So do I hate Israeli people? NO CHANCE! I just want peace, American bible readers WILL NOT stand in the way of Palestine being free’d, the USA at Government level do not back Israel as they did any more. America you are 5% of the World, around 80% of our World want Palestine free, and it will happen, without hate. But I don’t include your religious hate because it’s blind and evil to us over here



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S-300 in Iran ‘no threat to Israel’: Putin briefs Netanyahu on defensive weapons concept



Caught this here http://rt.com/news/249725-netanyahu-iran-s300-concerns/

One thing we know now is Russia and Israel are talking, this is a great sign, sadly many will still drag up this 10 year old story and get in the way of peace. When the last Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad started a chain of events leading most Israel supporters to believe Iran will blow Israel to hell and back. Well it was never going to happen, they were empty words and it was also in 2005! 10 years ago, I think it’s time for some to lay this to rest and understand peace has been found via the Russian resolution that was signed by the World community. Iran can’t make a bomb, they get inspected at will, always there are people from UN or Nato in Iran making sure Iran want Nuclear reactor for same reasons as most countries, to keep the lights on and heat the place up. The disgusting words spoken 10 years ago were describing Israel as a “disgraceful blot” that should be “wiped off the face of the earth”. This was 10 years ago and trying to get people to give peace a chance is very hard. For the first time in many years there was no war and Iran was not blown to bits, the World community all signed an agreement with heavy restrictions, allowing heavy sanctions to be lifted from Iran and allow them the same right to have Nuclear Power to fuel their Country AND PEACE! When it looked likely 3 yeas ago the USA would invade Iran, so this is good news, people who don’t see it as good news are the evil ones wanting to light the flame of war in the face on peace. I did an article “The Iran the USA won’t let it’s people see” I would ask ANYONE with doubt that Iran don’t want peace to read the article below and watch the video below, it is a Video that does get banned by the US Media. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. Sadly American senators are trying to stall this peace deal due to siding with Israel, luckily the World community is in agreement. I am just sharing a story, as usual links at the bottom pointing to the same story. Never believe me, please do your own research. 

The ‘Real Iran’ the people in the USA are not allowed to see!!!



Following Russia’s decision to lift a ban on supplying S-300 missile systems to Iran, the Israeli PM has called President Putin to express his “grave concerns” – and received a detailed explanation of defensive weapons and the logic behind Moscow’s move. According to a statement released by the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin “gave a detailed explanation of the logic behind Russia’s decision…emphasizing the fact that the tactical and technical specifications of the S-300 system make it a purely defensive weapon; therefore, it would not pose any threat to the security of Israel or other countries in the Middle East.”

The assurances do not appear to have had the desired effect. In a statement released by his office, the Israeli PM expressed “grave concerns regarding the decision,” and told Russia’s president that this step“will only encourage Iranian aggression in the region and further undermine the stability of the Middle East.” Russia signed an $800 million deal in 2007 to ship five S-300 divisions, which are composed of radars and multiple interception missile launchers, only to postpone the deal three years later, during the presidency of Dmitry Medvedev.

It was done as a sign of solidarity with Western partners who were imposing increasingly tough sanctions against the Islamic Republic – the missile systems themselves were never on the international sanctions list. The reversal comes amid major progress in the negotiation framework between Iran and six leading world powers over the regulation of the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program, which should produce a final deal this summer.

Moscow believes at this stage there is “no longer need for this kind of embargo,” Russian FM Sergey Lavrov said, reiterating that “from the Russian side it was unilateral and voluntary.” Russia has also started supplying grain, equipment and construction materials to Iran in exchange for crude oil under the so-called “oil-for-goods” barter deal, which had earlier sparked dissatisfaction in the West.

The US officials also seemed displeased with Russia’s latest “non-constructive” moves, with State Department spokesperson Marie Harf however admitting that it did not violate any international norms. “We don’t believe it’s constructive at this time for Russia to move forward with this,” she said, adding that Secretary Kerry had voiced his concerns too. For its part of the future deal with Iran, the West is promising it will drop some of its sanctions against Tehran – particularly in the oil and financial sectors. However on Tuesday the German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier warned that it was important to wait until the Iranians fulfill their side of the bargain. “I’ve told some US senators that they should not now try to unnecessarily impede further negotiations,”he told the media when asked about Russia’s contract in Lubeck in Germany on Tuesday. “But I’ll also say that it is also too early to talk about rewards at this stage.”





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Italian MPs to vote on recognition of Palestine as a Sovereign state

Italy stands by Palestine

Italy stands by Palestine

Via: http://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2015/02/19/398227/Italy-to-vote-on-recognizing-Palestine

I have said many times I believe Israel is leaving it’self isolated in the international community. To disagree Israel, Grade-A War machine did not commit genocide on Palestine last year and a number of times before is being blind or lead by Religion. I am opened minded enough to change my mind on subject matter when presented, I will at the drop of a hat change my mind. In this World and sadly America is the worst, blind faith in Israel is all but true. What many can’t understand is Muslims and Arabs don’t all want to hate each other, I have shown this many times https://shaunynews.com/2014/07/30/as-israel-commits-genocide-love-shows-the-way-social-media-campaign-goes-viral-jewsandarabsrefusetobeenemies/ I believe this will be the first of many Countries to do what Italy are doing. We have all seen the entire Planet protest in peace in support of Palestine, we must ask why this is. When we come back to America we see Americans are 27th in Education with most European countries being in the top 15. All I am saying here is more countries are open minded to Palestine. What lets America down in it’s support of Israel, and some of it in fierce anger is Religion. With Religion you are closed minded to the truth. I leave that link up there, I have done many proving Israel and the Arab World do not want to hate each other, but as I have said many times, America and Israel have left themselves alone in the international community. My country Scotland has came out a few months back demanding Scotland be allowed to recognise Palestine as a Country on it’s own. When and only when Palestine is not land locked and it’s people free will we see peace, this is a step forward in that. I always say give peace a chance. I seen it happen here in Scotland with the IRA and London, the Queen shook hands with Martin McGuinness (Alleged IRA Member in the 1980’s) of Sinn Féin, we gave peace a chance and so far, it’s working. If Ireland and England can do it so can Israel and Palestine, sadly I think it will take recognition from the World for that to happen and I believe this will happen. Story below with links:


A group of lawmakers in Italy has presented a motion to support Palestine as an independent state ahead of a vote in the Italian                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The non-binding resolution which will be discussed on Thursday was put forward by parliamentarians from the Left Ecology Freedom (Sel) and the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party (PD) of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is said to be ready to support the resolution, making it likely to be approved.

Italian lawmakers say the move would break the political deadlock in the region and encourage peace negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians. “It’s critical to seize this moments so that the whole international community demands Israel finally sit at the negotiating table,” Erasmo Plazzotto, a member of Left Ecology and Freedom Party, said.

The Italian lawmaker further expressed hope that a large majority of legislators would vote in favor of the motion. The last round of talks between Palestinians and the Israeli regime reached a stalemate in April, when Tel Aviv refused to free the last group of 104 Palestinian prisoners in late March as part of a deal for the resumption of the US-sponsored negotiations.

The move by the Italian parliament over the recognition of Palestine as a state comes months after France’s National Assembly overwhelmingly voted a similar measure.  Over the past months, similar resolutions were approved by a number of European countries.On November 18, Spanish lawmakers overwhelmingly approved a non-binding resolution on recognizing a Palestinian state. Britain and Ireland also passed similar non-binding motions.

On October 30, Sweden went a step further and officially recognized the state of Palestine, drawing stringent criticism from Israel and the United States. Earlier on November 29, 2012, the 193-member United Nations General Assembly voted to upgrade Palestine’s status to non-member observer state. The observer state status grants Palestinians access to UN agencies and the International Criminal Court, where they can file formal complaints against the Israeli regime.

Palestine officially joined the ICC last month after its bid to be recognized as a sovereign state was rejected by the United Nations Security Council. The accession to the court enables Palestinian Authority (PA) to have Israel prosecuted for committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Palestinians are seeking to create an independent state on the territories of the West Bank, East al-Quds (Jerusalem), and the Gaza Strip, and are demanding that Israel withdraw from the occupied Palestinian territories.

Israel, however, has so far refused to do so and is unwilling to discuss the issue of al-Quds.




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An Image from Palestine yesterday. Do we believe God sends us signs? If we do, is this one?