♫ Battle Symphony ♫

Another Linkin Park song and this one has lyrics that we will all define in a different way. For me these lyrics are saying “I use Music to battle” whatever that battle is. We ALL have a battle going on, we all find coping mechanisms to help us fight our battles. For me it’s always Music. My family and close friends are a given in terms of ‘They are my first thought” but outside that Music is the saviour of my soul and mind. I find getting lost in a song, the lyrics, the beat; we can own it and play it till it gets stuck in our minds for days and days, even forever. I had one of my sons visit me during the week and his Wife, an amazing woman joked about my son “He plays the same song for days on end” 😀 But this is something my own partner says about me. It is a running joke, just fun that some of us use Music to heal ourselves. Just find the right lyrics or right words and it can make us turn to something else. As I always say, when we lost #Anger #Hate and #Fear, we become something else. But it ain’t easy, to try and lose these 3 emotions is a battle. Being #Anger is easy, being #Hate is easy, being #Fear is Human. Being the opposite of these 3 emotions takes hard work as the basic human instinct is to hate, to be angry and to be fearful. I have been anger, I have been hate and I am often fearful still. But all I can do, same as you, is try. All anyone can do it try, maybe not for ourselves, but we must find reason, even when there is no reason. Again, just my own thoughts.Thought I can have and own from time to time. Written by someone who loves me and helps me every day of her life FOR FREE. I did not promise her this life, but I do what I can.

I worry more for others than myself. We live in a World where GREED has poisoned the souls of the people in charge, and those of you who can read this MIGHT think your life is awful, trust me it could be worse! You could be in Syria, Iraq or worse Yemen where Genocide happens daily with the use of bombs and bullets paid for with money that COULD build hospitals, hire Dr’s, help the poor and in need. I know many people don’t help themselves but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, some people just get thrown a life and it’s hard. Yet the people I voted for don’t have full control. I am helped and I am thankful, but I look to other Countries and my 1st thought when I am allowed to own a thought is “OH HOW LUCKY WE ARE HERE”, wherever Democracy allegedly exists. Yeah, like Spain? Yeah Democracy right?, right?

My own father tells me always “I cry for humanity” and now I am an adult with kids and a life I did not offer to those around me, I see it too. If only our Politicians were not so scared easy to DO BETTER. Money has ruined us all. A clean slate is needed. In the meantime, find God, find whatever gets you through your hell, even if you don’t think you are in or going to hell. The World will judge YOU anyway and our Future will look at our leaders today and say “WHY DID THEY KILL THIS WORLD” Damn us all for allowing our World to have to BATTLE to breath!! In the very sense of the Word. Our Future will spit in our graves and I don’t blame them 😦


Battle Symphony (Official Lyric Video) – Linkin Park
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We walk, we talk, we be, we do. But are we going anywhere, saying anything?

0fb07844a851535fd8cde5aa13d4b455I tell news, my news and World news. Today like many I am going through ‘Moments’ the same moments as you the reader and others. Be you family, friends, strangers reading this, I often look at people, our species, Countries, a People, 1 person, group of people, a belief, a myth, a legend in name, the woman next door to the poor kid in Syria being killed to that homeless guy I seen and all in-between, today. We all talk, I talk! I talk here, I give my opinions all over ShaunyNews platforms and for my Editor Ian here and on @ AceNewsSercies because, well that is the question right? because why? Why, why do we look, talk, question, forgive, forget, listen, pretend, lie, do, don’t do. Why can some be open like I am her and some not, LISTEN! No disrespect, I am living, I evolve so I ask questions, I can’t sit still, lol. I must improve, learn, understand, become, dream and learn to act on these emotions and wants. Often I can come across as hate or anger, this is never true, I am telling a news story or sharing or trying to understand life or a moment in my and others lives, no more, no less, but I am small, like the lyrics in the song below, you will see ❤ I am Shauny only, I am nothing, we are all equal, we are above nobody nor below anyone, well, this is how I believe it should be, how you see it is your call and I do respect that, do you respect others? Example only here, like me? I want some to care, others I don’t care but never hate. I reach out to people, some reach back and understand but some can’t reach back and don’t understand, frustrating? Of course, but I can only speak to that or any person and ask “Who is different” you or I then say “But really? Does it matter?” The answer of course is no, we co-exist on the same level but we are too apart often, but some are lucky to have love right here, some don’t. Some are love, some fake love, some can’t love due to pain from now or a past that trapped them, I only hope and pray you find what you need because all I do is look for me and ask your help, simple right? Life is easy, sadly we ALL can make it hard, this can change, the World is imperfect but we can be individually better. I generalize only for myself, I question my World, the World only because this is my path. What is wrong with that? Most days and, *WHO CARES* I have a baseline reader of 2,000 people, sometimes 50,000 and all in-between. I thank you for reading, replying, know I see you I hear you and I love you. Men will sit and mock me for these words, but why? I don’t mock back, if a man can’t be a man then he must understand why he needs the persona of tough guy. I AM a tough guy, I ‘COULD’ kill in the right circumstances but so could any man, BUT! Can we turn the coin around and not do that? Can we be calm when hate and intolerance are in our way? I can only speak as a man, the man I AM, but I do understand my Partner and some girls, of course I do, so do you but we can’t understand every person. So we try, but we must try to do it with love and care and slowly, if we get it. Top right you will see 1.2 MILLION people have read or visited me, that staggers and scared me a little because I never asked for this to happen, I just wrote one day and here I am. Look at it like life, we open a door our lives change, we turn left we love, we turn right we hate, we turn around and find love we move another way and find hate. Whatever you do, you choose, what direction you go, understand people ARE THERE to help you, why do I know this? Well I am very fortunate to have a woman beside me who hugs me and tells me “It’s ok” Its just “OK” …Are you ok? I pray so… x

In life I see people walk, but walking nowhere. 

In life I see people educate themselves but not apply it in life 

I see in life people becoming then stop, they become and don’t become anything more, they just become

People can be cruel, but I ignore, you should too. Whoever I speak too here

In life I see people talk, but not speaking any truths or real values, just empty words for the sake of a noise

In life, my life here in Scotland I see individual acts of love and kindness. 

We make dreams but don’t live them, we see a dream, feel a dream but don’t act the dream nor try, why all this? I ask to learn yes…

In life, all over the World I speak to Hundreds of people in audio, type, email, blog, twitter, I ‘FEEL’ individual acts of kindness, don’t we all? Or have you forgot there is a whole World out there we are attached to no matter if we know it or like it, facts are we are all connected. As a species we can be cruel, hate, racist, religiously hateful, not all! but too many of us are. I see kindness, love, help, support and more. But often the bad outnumbers the good in our World. We are a species of talkers, some clever, some stupid, many like me trying to find our own way our own path in life, our journey. I can’t say I am clever or stupid because this will be what others will decide, be I like it or not, but in truth I don’t care what people think of me. I don’t throw hate, I don’t catch hate. I understand anger often, I understand happy always. We are all going somewhere and must respect each other’s path or journey. We can also help them on that journey but sadly some want to send people the wrong way or grab them the wrong way and force them up their own paths, this is wrong, I have seen and lived it. That is why I know now it’s wrong. We grow, we learn and every day I DEMAND I stand up and learn, help, feel, gather morality, learn NOT TO JUDGE! Yeah I am ‘Irony’ just the same as you. These are my opinions only, challenge me, challenge YOU. Live, smile, love, laugh, get drunk, make love, help peace happen or hate and be unhappy, your choice because I have choice the same as you. I was told “No I don’t understand you” recently by a person I love so much I cry, I cry in hope we can connect, if you read this what stops you? I ask with an open heart and mind. Challenge me, challenge you, challenge life. Choose life, choose what YOU want because I will, again without hate, just emotions that range from love, respect, tolerance, confusion also, I try not to challenge people but it’s hard so I question me 1st to understand another or life or the World. Wake up, or go to sleep. I have decided. I am VERY LUCKY to have an audience I can open up too, I respect and thank you ALL for the pleasure to do so, please know that. I write for peace and love, try it, even just in your mind. ❤

More love, less hate x 

This song has a power I am STARTING to understand.
I will still beat a man. But I care also. We can be both, but NEVER hate.
A Great Big World, Christina Aguilera – Say Something
Via AGreatBigWorldVEVO on You Tube

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Love and God, my story



love for God


Love is love, we love people, they love us back, and that really should be it, yeah? God is there should we choose yeah?

Well I wanted to do this blog on Love and God for a few reasons. I think as a species many of us take love for granted. We know and accept love from others, but do we truly understand love and God? Some will say they do, I am not sure, read on, you be the judge

From my 38 years on this blue globe I have been lucky, I have a massive family and love was always there, taken for granted maybe. Many of my family including myself have been sharing pictures from family from as far back as the 1800’s but also from the last decade or so, and some have left us on Facebook, it brings back tears and smiles

When I look at a picture of my Gran or my Aunt or my Uncle who have left us, I look back and think “They told me they loved me” and then I think “Did I truly love them back” I do this often

So it brings me to the point of this blog. We all have family many miles away, in another country, or many miles away, I do. And the very last thing I say is “I love you” one letter and two small words that take a second to say. Do we say this often enough? From my point of view no, I do, but I know many who don’t, people rush about in our world, caught up in moments and forget to say these words. So I say them, so I can never live in regret at not saying this simple quick phrase

I will give you an example. Katie, my Nana died 15 year or so ago now, and I used to go to her home every night to check she was ok, lock the door etc as I lived near, the last night I went I did not say “I love you” the next night I failed to go and visit her, something got my attention and I just did not go. She died that night. This is the Photo of her in the afternoon before she died. This was the day after Boxing Day; she was at my Uncles house.


She was looking at my Cousin here, with love in her eyes

She was looking at my Cousin here, with love in her eyes


This was her last picture, and I remember standing at the funeral in bits saying to myself “Why did you not go and visit you idiot” I really hated myself and was beating myself up. Then one day, years after, a family member put it different context for me, one I had not thought about. This family member said “Had you visited that night, you would have been the one to find her dead, and she would not have wanted that for her Grandchild”  And in an instant I felt the pain turn from, pain to love and a weight came off my shoulders in an instant

I would have been the one to find her in the hallway, dead. Was there divine intervention here? Was it made so that a younger Shaun would not find her? I often ask myself this, and this is the second story I had to share in my “Quest for God” in my life. I already shared the other story about my two kids before they were to go on their first holiday away from me and their Mother (Miss Shaun) I was so worried for them, this was 10 years ago, they were children, I looked to the sky and asked God to look after them, then as I looked at a small portion of a very big sky, 2 shooting stars flashed past my eyesight. Out of this BIG HUGE dark night sky, just where I was looking, these 2 shooting stars flashed before me. I thought “My god” at the time and presumed this was from God, and from that to day to this, I know this is where my interest in God and TRUE love started. I loved, yeah, but this gave me new insight into real love

So love is an easy thing to say, but do we take it for granted? We can easily turn on the nightly news and look at the world and say “How can this be love” But I often say this “An individual act of kindness” and I say it often. One person at a time, one individual at a time, we can change our ways and love more. And perhaps mean it more. I love my Kids, and my heart hurts when theirs do. I know this as real love. Love that hurts as I care so much, am I the same with an Aunt or an Uncle? I don’t know. My brothers and sisters I love, but to this extent? I don’t know, all I know is I love them.

Love is a topic that I could talk and debate about all day long. My two stories I shared above drew me to god. And there were NO OTHER reasons I could think for these events to happen with my Gran and my Kids. Not finding my Gran dead and the two shooting stars

Was this an individual act of love and help from god? Or was it just chance? Twice? I find that hard to believe

Love and guidance to you all

Shaun x