If you read this, research it’s truth and STILL don’t like the SNP, I can only say “You are selfish and/or scared” EVERYTHING above is what the SNP Government provides for EVERY Scottish person. So next time you get paid, please look at the list above and TRY and understand how a Devolved Scotland is helping your bank account. So when you vote Tory or Blue Labour, understand the SNP are financially helping you, holding you up and supporting you. The lies will be believed, people will say things like “THE SNP SIDES WITH NAZI GERMANY IN THE 1930” as a pathetic time travelling ruse to make you dislike the SNP. Also Labour canvassers are TODAY telling people in Motherwell, pensioners in Motherwell that “If you vote SNP you WILL lose your Free bus pass” This is a Lie! This is one of many lies that the old might fall for again.

Forget the Unionist and Loyalist hater, they are gone and will vote against the SNP out of racist and sectarian thoughts filled with hate and blind love of all things Royal and Tory. I say again ‘NOT TILL FISCAL TROUBLES HIT YOUR POCKET WILL YOU CARE” and “NOT TILL ILLNESS OR DISABILTY HIT YOU OR LOVED ONES WILL YOU UNDERSTAND BEING IN SCOTLAND WITH THE SNP WILL HELP YOU”.

Who in Scotland can deny the truth of the list above? Do some research and do the right thing for SCOTLAND! Not your bank account or your faith in anything outside your own life. I know some who hate the SNP and tell lies, I know people who tell me “Shaun, Foodbanks don’t exist, it’s a lie” Some believe it to be true, some just don’t see suffering. Trust me; if the SNP scrapped all the fiscal help to ALL PEOPLE LIVING IN Scotland, people would change their tune. I am wasting my time here, but the list above, seriously read it and ask “Where do they help me” and also “If all this help from the SNP stopped, would it affect me” Also leave you with a document I was sent today by a friend. Take it as you see it, or ignore it blindly, selfishly or with hate. I want Scotland free for all our kids, for Scotland in 100 years from now when we are all dead. What about you? Even forget the SNP if you must and just think ‘What would a free Scotland be’ – And people are STILL falling for the Tory/Labour and Media lies 😦 Tragic it is


Learn from the past Scotland:

April 17th 2015: ‘UN Human Rights Chief’ Compares UK Media to Nazi Propaganda

September 16th 2014: Scotland – Why did you vote Yes or No? Did you have reason? Have you changed?

September 10th 2014: Scotland – We can’t be scared nor selfish, don’t be the Worlds joke!

September 19th 2014: Scotland Vote No In Referendum – Selfish, Scared People, Well Done!

July 13th 2014: Why We Can’t Be Selfish In This Vote Scotland

July 22nd 2015: Fascist State Westminster Establishment? – The List!!

February 19th 2016: The awful Social Media Impact on the Scottish Yes Movement

November 29th 2014: Ex BBC Business Editor Slams The BBC For Anti-Scottish Independence ‘Propaganda’






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‘Black’ Trump supporter shot and killed in Chicago as Racism hate spread over USA

Trump supperter Robert King Bullock killed as USA stands on brink

Trump supperter Robert King Bullock killed as USA stands on brink

Again with the ‘Black’ from USA Media. The headline above is from the but the headlines are the same all over, go look.  When I wrote Racist America on the brink – Civil War & Martial Law possible – As I warned I hoped there would be no more problems becuase each day or few days there is trouble it will spread faster and before we know it civil or martial law becomes more likely. Yesterday sadly a man died, in my culture ‘A man just died’ but because it’s the USA ‘A Black man died’ and I hate that offensive word to name a person or people. I really don’t think the penny has dropped (Meaning people have full understanding of this story) with many and how yeah, go on with life, but prepare for the worst because this could be a total White Vs Black issue that the World has seen too often in other forms of hate.



Ethnic clensing happens when 1 people dislike another so much they try to rid their World of them, this could happen here and I am not a betting man nor psychic so it could go either way. Muslim’s and black’s could come on top, white people could just start shooting. The racism in America was bad a year ago, today many American’s won’t say it out loud but many are having racial hate thoughts. Why do I know this, well several admitted to me they have thoughts either way over the last few days, not in hate, more in hope or just a political reason,  really no racism from  the people in the USA I spoke with and there were many now people are asking me “How did you see this 2 years ago” Because I did, that blog is at the top in blue. For now, America, you do have a major problem and I would just, at the back of your minds, prepare for the worst in whatever you think this story is or could become. Just be ready America, that is a friendly voice/font talking here.

America is time travelling

America is time travelling

Good luck, but again we see racial hate and all I can do is share in the home people who are not getting the REAL NEWS do get the real news. The Chicago debate was cancelled and again hate was seen. Trump fans were unhappy at the people who stopped the debate and it got silly, dangerous silly. As one American said in the forum below “Looking like the DNC 1968 convention all over again. “ And I have no idea what that is, American’s should. Is it bad? Tweets from all over hateful USA Tweeters at the bottom of the page. Please watch these video’s and deny Civil War is coming to the USA very soon. People are going to start dying more. Brace for impact, this got real!

I now know Americans see this and know it. My worry is the silent racist hate about to be shown

I now know Americans see this and know it. My worry is the silent racist hate about to be shown


America, I would join some REAL CLEVER American’s who are trying to debate this story here:

The same site warns American’s, or users do, AMERICA!! Your own people are warning you. With the hate video below, how can you guys not be scared? I suspect if you don’t hate, you don’t care? Because all I see is hatred and more warnings Cleveland seeking to buy riot gear for Republican National Convention


“NEXT TIME WE SEE HIM, WE MAY KILL HIM” – America, this here is your problem, PLEASE WATCH!
Trump Supporter Who Punched Protester: Next Time, We Might Have To Kill Him
[VIDEO] Via Inside Edition on You Tube


Anti-Trump Protesters BLOCK AMBULANCE in Chicago on Way to Hospital with Patient Inside
[VIDEO] Via Mark Dice on You Tube


Trump Rally – MAC-10 “Assault Weapon” Fired by Black Lives Matter Protester in Chicago Streets
[VIDEO] Via Mark Dice on You Tube – Why is the dude laughing? #RACIST?


Chaos erupts at Donald Trump rally in Chicago
[VIDEO] Via CNN on You Tube


Protesters Scare Trump Out of Chicago – Bill Maher Audience Erupts
[VIDEO] Via Michelle Steelemen on You Tube




Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump abruptly canceled his Friday night rally at the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion, citing security concerns as thousands of protesters gathered outside and hundreds more demonstrated in unison inside. While Trump has faced interruptions during his speeches for months, he had not been confronted with the type of large, organized protest that unfolded in Chicago. As the crowd waited for the event to start, security escorted about a dozen protesters, a few at a time, out of the arena. After an organizer took to the stage to announce the plug had been pulled, a few skirmishes broke out between Trump backers and the protesters inside the arena. Five people were arrested as a result, and charges against them are pending early Saturday, said Officer Janel Sedovic, a Chicago police spokeswoman. Two officers were injured during the event, police said. They were taken to area hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries, Sedovic said.

~~ End Story ~~

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Racist America on the brink – Civil War & Martial Law possible – As I warned


Just getting started

Many Americans who I hope are reading this, please get to know why this is happening, it started years ago, please read and be ready, I beg! I wrote 10th of this month #PoliceStateUSA – FBI Orders Teachers To Report Students Who Question Government when I could clearly see this story becoming exactly as I started to say it would unfold over 2 years ago. This is not the saddest blog I have ever had to do but it has the potential to be so. See for you the reader to understand how I hold this now visible point of view and have done for years I have to take you back to October 15th 2014 and probably further back when I came across this story USA – I Warned You About FEMA Camps And Coffins Bought In Millions

Also I leave links and tweets from angry and worried American at the bottom

Donald Trump Protesters Fight At Chicago Rally Gets Canceled Crazy
Via Entertainment News Gaming on You Tube

At the time I could see ‘Something’ and a few American’s could see it also, sadly it has taken Donald Trump, a Racist in many places with help from the US Main Stream Media. When your media says “A man sadly died today in a car crash” people get sad, when the media says “A BL@CK man sadly died in a car crash today” Everyone living in a Democratic World will in an instant recognize what is going on here and we have for many years now. Sadly most American’s are too blind or scared to see the truth and I promise you this is just the start. I speculated back in December 18th 2014 that after research I asked  CAN OBAMA USE MARTIAL LAW TO STAY IN WHITE HOUSE PAST 2016 <Any of the links underlined can be clicked. Donald Trump who used the Muslim word to cause issues that lead us hear, this was done back in 31st of August 2015, Voting Donald Trump is bad for our World – Makes USA more Fascist, it was a clear sign of what was coming, the World seen it, American’s denied it and I really don’t blame any American right now for wanting to deny what I say here. I have been constant in my sad truth about what was once the greatest nation on Earth, it started 3 maybe 4 years ago in a visible sense, had you been paying attention, but lets go back 16 to 20 years here, even as far back as JFK, whom may I add the USA Government admitted they lied back in October 12th 2015 Finally, The USA Admits Covering Up JFK Assassination – As We All Knew.

Protest Turns Violent at Donald Trump Rally in Orlando, FL (3-5-16)
Via Right Side Broadcasting on You Tube

malikobamaThis started to be visible a week ago but was created many years ago with the now dead Al Qaeda renaming and rebranding into the alleged ISIS funded by the USA and Allies, the hatred is high and people are starting to swing punches, how long till the first death via a gun on a white person or a black person? WHEN this happens it is game over for the USA. Afterall lets not forget American is a racist Government, almost Fascist and the people who called me and others Conspiracy Theorists 15 years ago, I wonder what they think today, we were right, we seen the big guys falling. When the USA started to police the World it created enemies, I don’t know many people who hate the USA, but we are all annoyed you police this World, because you cause Wars and then dare to hate us back for giving you a hard time because we are left with your mess? Syrian’s who are ISIS I am sure in many places are now all over Europe looking for a plane to the USA. I Warned and warned Obama wanted to cause Civil War to stay in power, I speculated that Obama with the help of his brother Malik Obama, again way back in June 10th 2014 I wrote Obama broke a law, and nobody in the USA noticed! This surrounds the Bergdahl trade of prisoners of war and Obama’s Muslim connection! I am not sitting here saying the USA is perhaps on  the verge of all out civil war, no I am not saying this. I am saying Civil War has begun in the USA. Where it goes from here is both guesswork and an educated guess people. See the USA are not very good to their people these days, American Goverment give more to Israel (NO I DO NOT HATE ISRAEL) and Muslim Countries more money yearly than they do American people. Trump is a racist and anyone who can’t see it is blind or brainwashed. Maybe some are too scared or have lived there long enough to not feel what the World can clearly see. I mean just watch these video’s and you see the early stages of Civil War. Bernie Saunders said ‘White People You Don’t Know What It’s Like To Be Poor’ and now we have an all out race war started by Obama via the media and may keep him in place as no Presidential race can happen when the USA or any Country is in Martial Law. All this will 100% put Hillary into the Oval Office, if the USA does not slide to Civil War in the coming days and weeks, Hillary is 2016 POTUS and that is just the way it is America, two things can happen and one 100% will in my opinion. I have spoken to my American friends, some who want to leave the USA, a few who moved to Canada, 1 who moved nearer the Border to Mexico but remember this? This did happen, the rich are leaving the USA. I mean when this happens you know SOMETHING IS WRONG! And this was an early sign of someone getting out of dodge before the fireworks go off Al Jazeera America to Shut Down, Citing “Not Enough Jew Haters in USA”


Via SucceedBeware on You Tube


Men In Suits Fight At Donald Trump Chicago Rally
Via SnapGram TV on You Tube

I always go back to two blog I did. Obama Thanks Muslims For “Building The Very Fabric Of USA Nation” and Muslim Brotherhood have the USA – Hate of Islam wants it Back – See It Now? Really I could share 1,000 blogs, please search away in my blog for ‘Racist USA, Fascist USA, or The Death of the USA, any key words your logical mind can think, I have probably shared it. I am not psychic, I just understand how our World works. Scotland my Country see it now, well some do, I think we are all starting to get the point now, we are all seeing this power that is dividing us globally. And as I said, it would start in the USA and spread. And we wonder why Countries are walking and have been walking away from the ‘PetroDollar as I have written many times now. Brace for impact America, it’s downhill from here. I hope your faith in God is strong, you will need him in the coming days weeks and months, and I am not smiling as I write this as many presume I am. Also, I think any good mind will understand now Trump was never going to be President as he will not now be President, he was making way for someone else in Hillary and keeping the vote split for WHAT THE USA NEEDS in Bernie Saunders. May God have mercy on the USA! This could be Civil War and Martial Law


Understanding this is understanding the problem



It’s just UTTER HATRED – Strage I can only find images of angry men who are not white.. Odd huh?

Trump Rally Postponed After Protestors Clash With Supporters

Look at the words on his top for the love of God!! ‘Infantry!! This looks planned

screen shot 2016-03-11 at 7.42.26 pm.png

People tried to rush the main stage Trump was to stand


This is going to get bad………


I can’t find an image of a white man throwing a punch. Because they didn’t? Or Media lack of sharing? You decide


I leave you with the most predictive video I have seen predicting this

This was sent to me by an American friend. I wonder if they thought the guy in the middle was correct, while acting
The Newsroom – America is not the greatest country in the world anymore..
Via tpratt441 on You Tube












































































































































































































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Muslim Brotherhood have the USA – Hate of Islam wants it Back – See It Now?


Obama’s Men

I am getting a lot of heat from American people all over the Social Media I am on tonight for the blogs below this one I did last night. They are too big for me to ignore as they spell disaster. I think people said “It will be ok” before, and it wasn’t. Also I way ALWAYS the small detail I share often becomes the biggest, today I can stand correct on that theory. Well done Shaun, proud of you I hear not many say 😀 As always I tag in sources and add tweets from people around the globe, lets get real facts on 2016. We all know in WWII 61 Countries were involved. We look today and 151 Countries are either in/at or in Civil War, I think it is fair to say “World War 3” has begun guys. Many will dismiss and play out their groundhog existence scared to even think of this notion, I am able to read it, accept it but turn the internet off and not worry, there is nothing ANYONE can really do, 11 Countries are at peace today with the rest involved in War in some way, go research, all confirmed HERE also

I did this last night: Trump-Racist-USA-Cameron-Scotland – This Could End Our World!!!

I warned: December 9th 2015: Voting Donald Trump is bad for our World – Makes USA more Fascist

August 4th 2014 I seen the hate: Donald Trump: Ebola-Infected Aid Workers Must Suffer the Consequences

Strange this image. Trump's Friends. But why?

Strange this image. Trump’s Friends. But why?

We really can’t presume anything at this stage. I am told ‘allegedly’ Nicola Sturgeon wants an official ban for Trump Coming to Scotland and she should get that wish. Scotland loses £700 Million a year if we lose Trump as a friend, but let’s look what his money actually is and leaves. £700 Million is a lot but it isn’t even 1% of Scotland’s yearly fiscal intake. People are making it out to be global fiscal disaster for Scotland. Reality is it’s not. I know David Cameron can’t stomp on Trump too hard because he might be USA POTUS in a year. Cameron said live on TV in Westminster “Let him come and his hate will unite us all against him” Basically “Don’t come here” but in a Political way. Nicola has said on record she doesn’t want Trump anywhere near Scotland and stripped him of ANY Fiscal ties also, so this £700 Million is political media speak, SNP accepted the loss because we as nation in Scotland don’t like Racist’s or Bigots even people who are sectarian, Trump crossed that line in an already troubled to the trained eye, Scotland.

Trump stripped of his role as a Scottish business by Nicola Sturgeon
Via WrappedUp on You Tube

America is falling..

Why would I worry? I am not worried…

But I am worried for my American friends..

Does that count as being a friend?

Like I say always “I have no hate, I have no fear”

Scotland is kind of the same all over in our dislike of Trump

America is in panic/fear/denial mode and the World can see it

We see it Globally. American’s are seeing it, but not enough are.

Some just want it to go away by magic. But it won’t

Muslim Brotherhood have hold of the USA

Muslim haters want control of the USA

I have been VERY clear in my 2 year research. You can find EVERY WORD AND ALL RESEARCH ”HERE

The American’s having a go at me are probably correct in their thinking, we know why but lets not play the Religion card shall we? We are all looking on in disbelief globally. All I do is try to give American friends and our World understanding of truth along with MILLIONS of others. Trump said it, Cameron disliked it, Nicola was disgusted by it, the World looked on in disbelief, American people are disgusted, People rich and poor are saying it globally, keep in mind, and I hope people get this, the USA is 5% of the World’s populous. They are so small it is untrue yet yield so much power it is a danger to our species. There is not such a thing as a ‘Loan Blogger’ I believe I am good in company with over half of 7 Billion of humanity in sharing, speaking this story and it’s truth as well as lies. Something 200 Million American’s can’t seem to understand or grasp.

It's been played

It’s been played

What is about to happen I said 3 years ago. I think people, like the bible says even, people thought I meant “In years to come” or “Soon” No, it was happening, it had been started, today it is more visible to John and Jane Doe, everyone can see if they dare to look . Today is it showing more, really visible, that visible we hear it now.  Once the race card is played a people divide, a Nation becomes fear and they take aim at what they hate. This could go many ways, we MUST not allow this to happen again. Trump must not be allowed to brand Muslims as Hitler did Jews, both were and are wrong, on so many humanitarian levels.

download (9)

Never an answer to this. It’s OLD AND BORING..But tells a story. What story?


Why can so many be so closed minded?


Is it arrogance people refuse to see the truth in front of them?


Who replaced them?

images (9)

Seems to be the safe zone these days


American’s send me these images.


When the race card is played, there is no return till blood is spilled. History tells us this

CF426NOUsAID9iU ows_143044704783114-1024x709 fake-osama

Divide and Conquer is at play in the USA, all my links are above, please research and share

Don’t sell your soul to fear, Please!




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Scotland: Did the paid shills show themselves to us all yesterday?



You will have to read this to get it. We all know the lengths the psychopaths will go to in order to divide the Scottish Yes movement, the image above is one we can all relate to well enough, but last night did we out the shills? Now if you didn’t see it, I fell for it, noticed my error but unearthed, possibly the heart of the people I have been warning this and other groups about, with the help of others


This was the image that someone spotted. This told us a few things 1. People share and like things without looking 2. I was right and so are all the people I speak to in private about these people. Now I don’t know if someone tried to play me yesterday, but if they did I spotted it very quickly, deleted the blog I did (Image below) and then wrote this about what I am certain is the Unionist’s disguised as Yes voters MY BLOG RE: SALTIRE PETITION! I WAS DONE GOOD!

My original post

My original post

I am not naming names and I won’t name names. I have said it long enough now to be more than certain, you shouldn’t be surprised as you seen it before and after the Referendum. I am not alone in my thinking, there are many of us and I just happened to be the one who was willing to share the thoughts, who the other people I speak to are, is irrelevant. These ‘Shills’ showed their hand and weakness last night without doubt. They are here, they are your friend, your information gatherer and they share things to cause division or comment to make people turn away.


I see them so clearly now it is so easy. I did a blog a few weeks back, 10 minute read and a 5 minute video then within 2 minutes a person wrote “You can’t spell” Now they probably were right but I told them they hadn’t read it and said “Why don’t you do better” then shared the image above to them. Make no mistake Scotland, these people are paid, they exist and we are on to them. I might be blogging the story but trust me, the people doing the research with me you do know. I also keep saying something huge is coming and it is, this is why they outed themselves is such an obvious way, they are DESPERATE to see weakness in the yes movement, it was almost like they meant to do it, but they never, they fell for the oldest trick in the book in ‘Trying to behead a dead guy’ You can take meaning from that if you can understand it. Make no mistake, people tried to play me and you last night and I outed them with help. If you seen it you know the names, if you never, you best go ask.

More to come!!


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Divide and Conquer Scotland Style

Div and Conq

The phrase divide and conquer is attributed to Philip II, king of Macedon (382-336 BC), describing his policy toward the Greek city-states. In politics, divide and rule (also known as divide and conquer) is referring to a strategy of gaining and maintaining power based on the fact that many smaller opponents are easier to manage than one larger one.
The strategy includes:
* breaking up power alliances into smaller chunks that are easier to subdue/manage
* preventing small power groups from linking up and becoming more powerful

Lets take both points 1 at a time 1. Breaking up power alliances into smaller chunks that are easier to subdue/manage. Can we say we have seen this? I don’t think this is as visible in the sense seeing it in the streets but it is in play on-line on Websites, Twitter, Facebook Groups, Tumblr and all the others dozens of social media platforms. At first I just thought they were stupid people then they got to smart for their own boots and gave themselves away by starting to debate well. Now like you I am no fool, I know when I am being played and most of us do I think. I see this at work every day, I have said I could name 10 people right now who would be known across a few websites and 25 or so Facebook groups, but should I do this I do one thing and that is allow them to call me a liar and get lots of back-up and before you know it I am the liar and people turn away and say “Shaun is talking rubbish” I know I have written about this, even done a ‘Vlog on it, a video blow, just me speaking about the issue for just under 10 minutes. *Vlog* Me Speaking – Scotland, Groups, Websites – Scottish Freedom Movement *VIDEO* You can click that link and here is the video from it for those who can’t be bothered clicking a link

Divide and Conquer


It has happened all through out history for over 2,000 years

images2. Preventing small power groups from linking up and becoming more powerful.  I started in just 2 or 3 groups in the start then I was invited into another 10 and I added more and I was added in some more, now I am in 25 or 26 groups. What I have noticed is groups disliking each other, in reality no group is higher than any other and near is any group lower than any other, all groups are the same, trying in principle to do the right things. I keep getting asked question about 1 person and I keep saying “Person seems ok to me” I won’t name names so don’t even ask ok 😀 At the end of the day it is not life threatening but what it is or has become is very dangerous. Think about it Scotland, all these groups want the same things, yet most dislike the others, in-fact it is happening worse than I thought. So Scotland we have met ‘Lying Media and Lying Politics, now meet Government ready ‘Divide and Conquer’ for Scotland. A tool many Governments use to this day, keeps a larger mass of people from becoming one. Quickly look at the ‘Anonymous movement, whenever they try to gather there is a huge police presence usually there to cause the trouble with the same invisible trouble makers we see in these groups who start a fight allowing the police to step in, most activists will tell you this happens.  So, what do we do about it Scotland? Below are a collection of already in the public domain tweets I added. I don’t know any of these people but the things being said are not my words, I just share news and views. Why am I on this story? Because I was asked to look at it, tell a few others I can see it also and then I was the one who said “I will write the story” Because in the end people will believe what they will anyway


We let this man down badly, but a statue of him is assured one day

This is how much they wanted to scare and divide us

This is how much they wanted to scare and divide us

We were shown image after image of something we don't like, makes us angry, leaves us open

We were shown image after image of something we don’t like, makes us angry, leaves us open

Often I wish I had never opened the door to the truth, it's a real horrible World out there

Often I wish I had never opened the door to the truth, it’s a real horrible World out there


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Loyalists and Unionists – They Run These Groups – Silent Majority


I DO NOT MEAN THE PEOPLE WHO RUN AND OWN THESE GROUPS. I have seen it for a few months and had it confirmed to me today. The majority of people in these groups, the silent majority, the same silent majority that lost us 2014 Referendum RUN THIS GROUP. Now I did say not the mods or admins, the silent ones, cleverly dictating words and bandwagons. I am stunned to my core nobody other than a small group of us can see it. One person who does see it YOU DO KNOW. And when they presented the proof to me I studied and looked and sure enough. The Loyalist’s and Unionist haters sit and spread MEDIA PROPAGANDA. If 1 admin or mod says “How dare you” it means you ain’t read this blog or watched this video. In the end it matters not a jot…Because people are people, some get nasty over LARGE FONT, some get angry over BLUE FONT 😀 What is going on here? People are just angry. What happened?

*Vlog* Me Speaking – Scotland, Groups, Websites – Scottish Freedom Movement *VIDEO*


#Vlog – Audio/Video Blog – About ‘People’


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Salmond seeks minimum wage powers

Alex Salmond has urged unions and employers to back the Scottish Government’s bid for the power to set the minimum wage as part of a new Fair Work Convention.



The convention, announced today at the STUC’s Decent Work, Dignified Lives conference in Glasgow, is designed to provide leadership on Scottish industrial relations and promote the principles behind fair work. It will encourage dialogue between unions, employers, public sector bodies and government. The Scottish Government established the Working Together Review in February to examine how better working environments can be created for employees across the country.

Holyrood ministers said they will publish a full response to the review around the new year, but in the meantime they have submitted recommendations to the Smith Commission on Scottish devolution for the minimum wage to be decided by the Scottish Parliament. Speaking at the conference, Mr Salmond announced a further step in the Scottish Government’s commitment to a living wage. “The Fair Work Convention was a key recommendation of the Working Together Review,” he said. “Such is the importance of the review’s principles, I’m delighted to announce that we are making this important suggestion a reality, and strengthening our commitment to living wage policy and fair working conditions for all. “We will, of course, work closely with the STUC in establishing this body. The Fair Work Convention will provide leadership on industrial relations and encourage dialogue between unions, employers, public sector bodies and government. “One of the aims of the Fair Work convention will be to exert greater Scottish influence over the minimum wage; it will also champion other aspects of good industrial relations, including payment of the living wage. “It will be a powerful advocate of the partnership approach which characterises industrial relations in Scotland at their best – it will highlight the fact that business productivity goes hand in hand with proper pay for employees. “It will take forward the aims of this conference – decent pay and dignified lives – and the objective that I have pursued throughout my political career; the power to make that happen. Not just change in Scotland but change for Scots. “We must ensure that people are valued, rewarded, engaged in their work – and we must allow everyone to feel they have a stake in the success of their workplace, their community and their country. “The Scottish Government is working to build that sort of economy and that sort of society. After the energising process of the referendum Scotland will never be the same again – it will be better.”

But shadow Scottish secretary Margaret Curran hit out at the First Minister and said: “With each day that passes, Alex Salmond looks more and more like he is acting in bad faith. “People across Scotland voted to continue pooling and sharing resources across the whole of the United Kingdom. The First Minister needs to respect the sovereign will of the people of Scotland and ditch his suggestion of another referendum.” She argued having a national minimum wage across the whole of the UK “means that people in Scotland avoid a damaging race to the bottom”, with Ms Curran stating: “Scottish Labour will not devolve the minimum wage because it will make Scots worse off by opening up competition on pay and conditions between workers in Scotland and the rest of the UK. The interests of working people are not served by pitching one against the other.” She continued: “You can’t trust the SNP with the minimum wage. With a Labour government across the UK, we will increase the minimum wage to £8 an hour – far more than the SNP suggested during the referendum campaign. When the SNP had the chance to improve wages – by introducing the living wage for public contracts – they voted against it. “Scottish Labour wants powers for a purpose, backed up by pooling and sharing resources across the UK. That means extensive new powers over tax, welfare and jobs which will give us a powerhouse Parliament able to make a real difference to the lives of people across Scotland.”

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Police Investigate Illegal Postal Ballot Claims

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Police are assessing allegations that agents for the pro-union campaign breached election law by “taking tallies” of postal ballots in the weeks before the Scottish independence referendum poll. A complaint was made to the Electoral Commission following comments made by Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson after the polls closed last Thursday. She said Better Together campaigners were “incredibly encouraged” by what they had seen at sample postal ballot openings. Ms Davidson said: “We’ve had people at every sample opening around the country over the last few weeks while that’s been coming in. We’ve been incredibly encouraged by the results from that.

“Different local authorities have had openings around the country. “It is illegal to discuss any of that while any ballot is ongoing, so until 10 o’clock tonight no-one could talk about it. “But there’s people in the room that have been sampling those ballot boxes as they’ve been opened, and they’ve been taking tallies and their reports have been very positive for us.” Postal ballot openings are held to verify that the ballots are genuine and that the signature and date of birth given along with the ballots match official records. 

The Scottish Independence Referendum Act 2013 states that ballots must be kept face down during the process and precautions must be taken to prevent anyone from seeing the votes made. Ruth Davidson admitted LIVE on TV votes were seen, so it gave the Pro-Unionist’s the know how where to attack and scare. BANG! Got them! 

Agents for the campaigns are allowed to attend but are bound by the act not to “attempt to ascertain at the proceedings in connection with the receipt of the ballot papers the outcome for which any vote is given in any particular ballot paper or communicate any information with respect thereto obtained at those proceedings.” A spokeswoman for the Electoral Commission confirmed that it had received a complaint about the matter. The body has no remit to investigate breaches of electoral law and police were subsequently made aware.

A spokesman for Police Scotland said complaints were being assessed.

I ask EVERYONE to send everything they think suspicious to the police, big or small. They are onto ‘something’, I got this Article and sent it to Police

She admitted boxes were opened and counted, should not have happened

She admitted boxes were opened and counted, should not have happened

I was one to complain regarding this by Ruth Davidson from the Tory Party.


Another on alleged vote irregularities

Another on alleged vote irregularities

Scotland Independence Worse Than Year 2,000 Bush Vs Gore Election Fraud


Huge Vote

Huge Vote

Why did 1 million people not vote who were registered? – VIDEO PROOF CHEATING


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Podcast/Audio Blog as we reach the final week – Please share, RT and listen.


This is a Podcast/Audio Blog on the upcoming Scottish Referendum. I am voting yes and I like many are trying to help the undecided to vote Yes. It will be a Disaster for Scotland if we vote no. I don’t really think people voting no actually know what they could do to this country. I understand 100% the undecided, maybe leaning left, maybe leaning right, you undecided MUST listen to these Podcasts we all do and read the articles on all the Social Media Groups there are out there. Education is key in the most important day of your life and Scotland History. We get one shot, we lose, we are in for HELL. We win, we create OUR SCOTLAND! PLEASE RESEARCH IF YOU ARE UNSURE SCOTLAND, We will all be dead in 100 years, our Kid’s Kids won’t be and Neither will Scotland be.  How can someone vote no with no reason and know they doing so with the possibility of keeping young kids dependent on Foodbanks to live. Open your eyes to others lives, one day you WILL depend on someone, I hope it’s not Westminster, and if you vote no and you lose your house or job or become disabled like me and you get no help, then I am sorry, you are the person that will cause the problem. In a Free Scotland our Kids, our Old, our Disabled will be looked after. #RESEARCH Don’t vote blindly.

PodCast/Audio Blog Below 

Podcast/AudioBlog Above

Article on Paid Workers to tell us “Vote No” – Idiots

What Scotland Invented



Do Scottish people care?

Do Scottish people care?


This is what many are doing. I can't believe this

This is what many are doing. I can’t believe this








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