Blackford: Brexit a “Clear road map towards a second independence referendum”

IF you waste around £300 a year on newspapers that make you angry because of the lies, why pay to fuel the lie? I ask everyone to forget the lies and focus on the truth. The National is THE TRUTH of the Scottish voice. At some stage we MUST turn away from the lies, stop funding the lies, and our differences in ‘How Scotland will be free’ and just all get along till we are there. EGO of people can and does hold Countries back. What holds Scotland back are the lies. The National tells the truth, please buy it daily or subscribe here for online reads every day here, lets fund the truth so we can hear and read the truth:

I will keep my own opinions short so you the reader can read the story from the National below. Again all we know is below, and all we should know is Freedom is a POSSIBILITY, and one we will have to fight for. Don’t wait on them telling you what to do, and I mean EVERY Politician and Political Party, we the Scottish people are marching in amazing numbers, lets keep this going. Those like me who just can’t get to any march, we have a duty to share the truth, so that is all I am ever going to do. If you have EGO, please stop reading now. I am not here for hits or views, I am here for the sake of our Country. EGO will destroy us. The Vow and the Edinburgh agreement were what Scottish people voted for in 2014, we are having our voices controlled and edited. Lets reclaim our human rights today and set a standard because as we have seen, many voices outwith Scottish borders, Globally are starting to speak for Scottish Freedom Fighters. Don’t let the liars have a word, they are noise, learn to ignore it. Or ignore me and be with EGO. I want Freedom for the same reasons as you, so lets join today. We are all one, lets not divide ourselves. I will share this in 30 places, sadly about 10 don’t share my blog, this is the EGO I am speaking about. We become one and fight, or we stand alone with EGO. Peace out, Shaun

Alba Gu Brath

Via: National Newsdesk

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THE SNP has an “open ear” to a potential second referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union, the party’s Westminster leader has said.

Ian Blackford said that while the SNP’s priority was making sure Scotland could stay in the single market and customs union, the party was “watching developments” over the prospect of another EU vote.

He said a hard Brexit would signal a “clear road map towards a second independence referendum that for me would be the priority”.

“Our priority is to make sure that we can stay in the single market and the customs union,” he said. “We haven’t been arguing for a second EU referendum, we’re of course watching developments as far as that is concerned. We’re not in all circumstances diametrically opposed to that – we have an open ear to developments on that front – but for us it’s the priority of staying in the single market and the customs union that’s most important.”

He added: “I think it is clear that if we’re out the single market and the customs union there is a massive threat to our economy, to jobs, to prosperity and I would say on that basis that there is a clear road map towards a second independence referendum that for me would be the priority.”






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EU Diplomats reveal Boris Johnson said ‘f**k business’ over Brexit fears

Full story below, and If this isn’t enough to make the wealthy in Scotland and around the UK re-think Brexit, I don’t know what will. This an article by National Newsdesk 

It is damning as it is provocative towards the business structure of both Scotland and the UK as a whole. The SNP know he said it, Europe knows he said it, Ireland knows he said it, and they are about to show this Tory party what power WE DO HAVE. Three blogs ago I decided to come back to this story because I was told ‘Now is the time Shaun’ – The very next day the SNP Members in Westminster walked out in what I hear was a ‘Scripted’ act that was known by more than 1 side. The speaker broke one huge rule in denying SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford a sit in private to debate this awful power grab. The speaker knew the rules, watch the video again and you will see him being told what to do. This (ALLEGEDLY) was scripted. I think the British Political Structure knows the Union is in dissolve mode and they are trying to blame everyone for the coming collapse. Brexit, if you didn’t already know is SUICIDE for the UK Economy, Theresa May knows it, Labour know it, Tory party members alike know it, and you can bet your last £1 the SNP were PRAYING the speaker followed through on ejecting Mr Blackford from the chamber for asking for a DEMOCRATIC right to speak in private about the power grab. The video is below, it is ILLEGAL, and everyone knows. Me writing about this the day before was on ASSURED words from 3 sources that ‘There is an agreement in place, over disagreement’

Scottish National Party walk out of Commons in protest
Via Channel 4 News on You Tube

Now is our time Scotland, brace for impact, the apron wearers will take to the streets, we MIGHT have to fight them, but it’s a fight we must take on. This isn’t speculation, this is based on the 2014 NO VOTE and these same people taking to the streets in TRIUMPH by beating up their own. Scottish Nationals beaten in the streets by British National Neanderthals. I have had the threats from these people, and I do expect them to come again. Know my back is covered here. I am not speculating, I am sharing what YOU ALREADY KNOW, they know, Europe knows. The Union is falling. Freedom is a matter of time, but it will come at a Butchers Shop cost. Main Stream Media people are being SHUT UP as I shared yesterday, read it again if you have not. Brexit means England will stand alone, Ireland will be united and Scotland will be a nation again. Silence of Scottish voices won’t last long, and FINALLY, yet sadly, money losses will probably be what frees Scotland from this Capitalistic Tory Government and Boris Johnson saying what we already know or thought. This time, we have people OUTSIDE Scotland ready to back us. This will get messy, but hold Scotland…HOLD!!

Alba Gu Brath


BORIS Johnson is caught up in yet another diplomatic scandal, after he was reported to have said “fuck business” when asked about fears over Brexit.

EU diplomats have expressed their shock and disgust at the comments, which they say came during a Foreign Office reception last week celebrating the Queen‘s Birthday.

Asked about the fears business leaders had over Brexit, Johnson replied: “Fuck business.”

Johnson, who was speaking to Rudolf Huygelen, Belgium’s ambassador to the EU, was overheard saying they would fight Theresa May‘s soft Brexit “and win”.

He also said the UK was as divided as it had been since the English Civil War.

Sources close to Johnson are reported to have disputed the claim he swore, and said he was attacking “vested interests” of groups like the Confederation of British Industry.

Speaking to the Telegraph, an EU diplomat said: “It is shocking for him declare he would take the battle directly to Theresa May and speaking so openly about it. He wasn’t hiding his intentions at all.

“I was shocked by how crude and crass he was, as if he didn’t care for the consequences and especially not the economic consequences of Brexit.”

The paper reported that another, when presented with the comments, simply replied: “Jesus Christ.”

SNP MP Ivan McKee said: “These reported comments tell you all you need to know about Boris Johnson and his ilk within the Tory party. It’s ego and self-interest first, while people’s jobs and livelihoods are on the line.

“A Foreign Secretary with this level of contempt for Scottish business is clearly unfit for the job.

“Sadly this is becoming par for the course for the Tories, who think they can do what they want to Scotland and get away with it.

“The SNP will stand firm in seeking to protect people’s livelihoods from a hard Brexit, and continue to make the case for Scotland remaining within the Single Market and Customs Union. We won’t roll over and let the Tories tank our economy.

“Nor will we stand idly by as they use Brexit as a cover to grab powers from our Scottish Parliament and undermine devolution.”

It comes as Johnson urges the Prime Minister to deliver a “full British Brexit” as Cabinet colleagues warn the UK is able to walk away without a deal.

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox said the UK was not “bluffing” about being prepared to walk away from talks with Brussels, and Brexit Secretary David Davis said there is “lots going on” to prepare in case negotiations collapse.

Meanwhile, Foreign Secretary Johnson said people would not tolerate a “bog roll Brexit” that was “soft, yielding and seemingly infinitely long”.

Their remarks were published on Saturday, the second anniversary of 2016’s EU referendum. Thousands of pro-EU marchers have begun a walk from Pall Mall to Parliament to demand a referendum on the terms of Brexit two years on from the vote.

The ministers’ comments prompted criticism from Siemens UK chief executive Juergen Maier, who said they were “incredibly unhelpful” and said it was time to work for a more pragmatic deal with the EU.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today that the firm wanted a soft Brexit with “minimum friction”, saying the Government had presided over “two years of not having achieved what we were promised, which is that this was all going to be easy”.

He said: “I think the realities are setting in and I think it is time to get away from slogans, ‘full British Brexit’, ‘going into combat with Europe’.

“It’s all incredibly unhelpful and what we need to do now is to get closer with our European partners and work out what a realistic, pragmatic Brexit is that works for both sides, the EU and ourselves.”

Meanwhile, research by the Centre for European Reform (CER) think tank indicated Brexit had already made the UK economy 2.1% weaker than it would have been if voters had decided to stay in the EU.

Dr Fox said it is “essential” the EU “understands… and believes” the Prime Minister’s assertion that no deal would be better than a bad deal.

He said the threat had “added credibility because if we were to leave, the economic impact on a number of European countries would be severe”.

“I think our negotiating partners would not be wise if they believed that the Prime Minister was bluffing,” he said.

Davis said that Britain was “able to leave without a deal”.

“We don’t want to do that, never have. The best option is leaving with a good deal but you’ve got to be able to walk away from the table,” he said.

Rejecting claims the Government has failed to make adequate preparations for a no-deal Brexit, he told the paper: “There’s lots going on, we haven’t made it public for very simple reasons.

“This is a careful process, it is not designed to scare the horses to worry people, it is designed to get the work done.”

The Brexit Secretary cited planning on migration matters and health standards, as well as treatment available to Britons in Europe.

“Work is going on all these things for both the negotiated outcome and if something goes wrong.”

Their comments in interviews to mark two years since the British people voted to leave the European Union were made before Airbus warned it could be forced to pull out of the UK if there was a “no deal” Brexit.

Katherine Bennett, Airbus’s senior vice president in the UK, said: “We don’t deal in idle threats. We seriously believe a no-deal Brexit would be catastrophic.”

Writing in the Sun, Johnson said the public were keen to get on with breaking away from Brussels.

“Across the country I find people who – whatever they voted two years ago – just want us to get on and do it,” he said.

“They don’t want a half-hearted Brexit. They don’t want some sort of hopeless compromise, some perpetual pushme-pullyou arrangement in which we stay half-in and half-out in a political no man’s land – with no more ministers round the table in Brussels and yet forced to obey EU laws.

“They don’t want some bog roll Brexit, soft, yielding and seemingly infinitely long.

“They want this Government to fulfil the mandate of the people and deliver a full British Brexit.”

But organisers of the People’s Vote march expect tens of thousands of people to show their support for a referendum on the final Brexit outcome.

Marchers will descend on Parliament Square, where speakers will include LibDem leader Sir Vince Cable, Tory former minister Anna Soubry, Labour’s David Lammy and Green co-leader Caroline Lucas.

Cable is expected to say Brexit is not a “done deal” or inevitable and can be stopped.

“Parliament is fiddling at the margins while the country slowly burns,” he is expected to warn as he calls on the Government to vote on the deal, or no deal, with the option of staying in the EU.

The CER estimate of a 2.1% smaller economy than if the UK had voted to remain in the EU is equivalent to a knock-on hit of £23 billion a year to the public finances, some £440 million a week.

CER deputy director John Springford said: “Two years on from the referendum, we now know that the Brexit vote has seriously damaged the economy.”







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The SNP could enact ‘Unilateral Declaration of Independence’


I am NOT 😀 going to start blogging again, especially about this. I left Facebook because it is pointless, but also I seen or was told some groups ‘Allegedly’ like Scot to Scot will rather keep Scottish people arguing with each other ON THE INTERNET ONLY. Nicola has hinted a Hundred times “I will do whatever it takes to protect Scotland, her people and our shared interests” I believe UDI is about to be at least said as a threat, hopefully getting everyone outside Glasgow onto the streets, like Glasgow does. Where I am in Edinburgh, well we don’t become as visible in numbers anywhere apart from the internet as much as we should as capital city of Scotland, same with other cities. Too many egotistical people would rather keep their silly little online sites and groups than see Scotland free, some ‘might’ be scared to see the Unionist Work they do wasted or some might not like themselves to become totally irrelevant, like I am in the grand scheme of things. Not what ‘Freedom’ implies right?, but we do need an online presence, sadly we have over 500 sites and groups at odds with each other, arguing rather than becoming 1, PATHETIC!!. There are some good groups, granted, yes. But we need to get off the stupid internet and show the World we are there. I always thought the Scottish people would free Scotland, did we by voting @Britex for remaining in Europe? All that aside, I think this could get messy, but Scotland is about to try and walk. Who in Scotland can leave the internet (As many others and myself did) and actually support our freedom cause by GRINDING SCOTLAND TO A HAULT? Because we would free ourselves if we did this. We CAN free Scotland in 1 year!! It is so easy -Yet many will imply ‘IMPOSSIBLE < You can click that/ Also rearch #Iceland #RoleModels

Who will run to freedom?

Who will run to freedom?


imagesTHE SNP is demanding that the UK Government launch an urgent economic stimulus package to deal with the shockwaves of the Brexit vote. The party’s Westminster Treasury spokesman Stewart Hosie will insist that Chancellor Philip Hammond immediately detail the measures he will take to rebuild confidence in the economy.

Speaking exclusively to the Sunday Herald he said: “It is clear we cannot wait until his autumn statement to hear what he is planning – he needs to send a signal now that he will get the economy moving by ending the Tory fixation with cuts and austerity.”

Nicola Sturgeon’s Holyrood Government is adding to the pressure on the beleaguered chancellor to come up with positive measures to bolster the economy. She has already said that Scotland’s need to be “protected in the uncertain period that lies ahead”.

A spokesperson said, “The Scottish Government welcomes the stimulus package announced by the Bank of England to help support the economy through these times of heightened economic uncertainty.” Adding that, “it is now time for the UK to follow suit and provide the economic stimulus the economy requires and to provide certainty over future funding in order to enable the Scottish Government to provide full support to our economy.

“The Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament urgently need clarity on the details of the Autumn Statement to be able to plan, publish and scrutinise a budget for 2017-18. That is why the Finance Secretary Derek Mackay has written to the Chancellor calling on him to clarify his approach to the public finances to reduce uncertainty and bring further stability to the economy.”

Hosie’s backing for an “economic stimulus to avoid the negative impacts of the Brexit result” came as the Scottish Government also faced calls to launch a long-term industrial strategy to prevent mass job cuts and protect the living standards of workers. The pro-independence Scottish Greens, trade union leaders and Labour politicians all called for the Scottish Parliament to speak with one voice to protect the economy from the fallout of the Brexit process.

~~Full story HERE ~~

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Working Class Hero ♪ A song for Scotland


Troo Radio just shared a video with me and it’s pretty amazing to be fair, this is the Facebook page for Troo Radio. This is Troo Radio on You Tube and this is Troo Radio Twitter here. I believe some were born to lead and some were born to be led, something my young mind understood and as a middle aged adult now, something I know is true, very true, or Troo even 😀 I wish I had the courage or ability to stand up and make 5 Million people listen or make them at least try and listen. When I did football, leading people into battle was very easy as part of a team of people wanting the same thing, when I was a DJ the ability to host a party for 200/300 people, maybe more came easy to me. But then I lost my voice and my reasons due to my Disabilities here. Now I am in more pain but I am FORICING myself to live in small moments, not in bed, not in my Gym sofa either every day, I got tired of repetition but now repetition is my every day, I wake up and know hell is coming, the pain is coming, I got tired of being silent, but the fight is always going to be me against my disabilities, but I am now in charge of that to a certain degree. Sure some days I am in bed crying and screaming and the medication is so strong it knocks me out in the end, but some days I am up and singing, soon I start Drama class as I want to see if I can act, to invoke emotions from my story. We all have a story, we have bad and good stories, so in the end we have two very simple choices, I think so anyway. They are to stand up for what we believe in, or lay down and let what we don’t believe, control us. I am very fortunate in terms of the support I have around me, without them I would be dead, that is just a fact. But I love to be inspired because it teaches you how to inspire others. I don’t think the person who sent me this song was ego or wanting hits on any page, I really do think they wanted to lead, to show and discuss and invoke emotion. This song sure did that, no argument, 1 Minute 40 seconds into this video is where our Freedom could arrive from. This is a song like what half of my being is, my Irish side, it’s a Scottish Rebel song, sung in peace, for peace. I am a freedom fighter, but like other freedom fighters we can also be called extremists. But it can be said “One persons terrorist is another persons freedom fighter” #ScotlandTillJudgement


Working Class Hero – A song for Scotland
Via Troo Radio on You Tube

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No Voters and Yes voters. With no hate, why did you vote no or yes?

Something many don't see or understand.

Something many don’t see or understand.

Maybe we can all share this with no voters? I will keep this short, I will PLEASE ask for no hatred. I had reasons for voting yes, they were good solid reasons. We can fiscally go it alone, we can be a Scotland alone and in the EU. We have the resources to go it alone. Whiskey and Tourism generate more fiscal abilities for Holyrood. I wanted an end to poverty. Look to North Europe, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Holland and Iceland who jailed the bankers while we bailed them out without being asked and people were still thrown out of their homes AFTER we bailed them out. I voted yes for my kids, I don’t want my kids to be living in a Country ruled by a Party we did not vote for, also I don’t want Nuclear weapons in my Country, Thatcher put a lot of things up here away from the safety below the Watford gap, but for the old, the poor and disabled, I seen the human cost No voters just won’t look at, many want to hate. So no voters, please, and yes voters also, keep this real.


How many no voters missed this?

How many no voters missed this?



images (11)

Used by the Roman and Ottoman Empires and used today


A human moment you won’t see from London or Labour. Look back up at IDS


Angry in victory as we were left speechless


Yes voters like me fight for what No voters didn’t get, yet still in denial


One man’s shame is another’s disgust – They say an image speaks 1,000 words


This image almost haunts me


This one tells the story, an ironic story


It has been proven and can’t be denied now


No voters..What you say? You confuse us


The day I stop sharing my opinion, educated opinions through research will be when we are free, and that is soon


He will lose his seat making SNP into 67 in Westminster


A human moment by a human Politician. This is real, no propaganda here


And who can forget this. Nicola will free Scotland, Alex still has control in voice in some issues



Div and Conq

The media fooled many no voters


A propaganda moment


Would we see David Cameron do this? It’s called being yourself and having fun while trying to free from hate



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Scottish #Aye People Stopping Freedom Of Expression!!? + ‘Shills!



This is aimed at the people who feel it may be aimed at. Since 2012 I have attached myself to amazing Facebook groups like this one here where I share today. I see the bigger percentage of people ‘Debate, but sadly some ‘Admin are stopping Scottish bloggers, thinkers and good debaters from FREEDOM TO EXPRESS OPINIONS! Now 1 person’s name keeps coming up time and time again, I know the person, amazing person they are. I do see where people are coming from however. How in Gods name can we be a Free Scotland when we have wanna-be control freaks running groups that equate to very little in the grand scheme of things, if they keep deleting comments from #Aye and #Naw voters or thinkers, what are they doing? It’s in the title! Now I will give the groups I am in a free plug here, may I add EVERY groups is a pleasure to be in and debate in. But these same few names keep getting told or talked about. Me? I don’t care, I change the subject, if I REALLY had a huge problem with someone I would do what a grown man does, and I have done this, and that is go to the source and ask “Why you deleting people’s comment?” Also, do we forget where we come from? Remember these 2 Video’s? 1 is a song! We have gotten angry and nasty, lets get back to this Scotland. Please? I am ABOVE nobody, nor am I below anyone, like you I am an equal, let us stay as one Scotland or we will fall as individuals, or we can rise, again, as one! LET US REMIND EACH OTHER OF WHAT WE DID BEFORE SEPTEMBER 14th, the ‘Good work we did, all of us! What happened? Anger from the no vote I got, I know others feel the same, today we MUST understand again why we want to be free, and what we will become in an oppressed World as a free nation, because we are climbing the same mountain as Dr’ King did with his message 50 years ago in the USA. It’s the same, we must climb together and drop the hate. Remember how much we thought we would be free? Here, let me remind you once more 

Stanley Odd – Son I Voted Yes
Via: Stanley Odd on You Tube


Alex Salmond said this in the video below: Scotland, Why didn’t we listen to him? He was 100% correct looking back – We let the man down, we let our kids down, some were selfish, others, no voters took to the streets to celebrate IN ANGER! Wake up NOW Scotland! Lets be one and do it as one, or we will fail. I appeal to your human nature, I ask you look at your kids, Grandkids, any kids, Scotland now, Scotland in 100 years. WE MUST COME TOGETHER NOW OR OUR POOR AND IMPOVERISHED WILL SUFFER! We can do this Scotland, but 1st we MUST remember where we started to get back there, so please, watch these 2 video’s, I beg! I just share for my kids, my reasons. You have yours, I respect that, I don’t respect or tolerate hate as a person. 

Alba gu bràth

I have seen it in a few groups, I just counted and I am in 100+ groups regarding Scottish Freedom, here are some:

Scottish Election 2016 and counting :
Scotland should take a stand :
The Wise Alliance :
The Nicola Sturgeon Appreciation Society :
YES 2 :
Progressive Scotland :
We support an SNP government :
Fundididilly Election Special :
The Scottish Resistance :
Reunite Scotland 45+ :


My Editor at #AceNews, you will see the links below started this page for me Scotland & Independence News <Click) Now as we get closer to the Scottish Elections I will write my rubbish there more, and ALWAYS I allow comments through, I allow comments through on this blog and the 3 others I write for and in for others. Who am I to tell ANYONE what is the best course of action and slap them down? I am of the opinion that the year 2020 would be a perfect year for #IndyRef2 for a few simple reasons, I will explain once more AND DON’T THROW MY WORDS BACK AT ME 😀 Please!! From 2014 till 2020 <Click) We gain 6 years of new youthful voters, sadly we lose a large percentage of over 65’s who voted no at 70%. Sadly I will lose 1 parent for sure by the year 2020, so don’t you dare throw these words in my face! This is about SCOTLAND – NOT YOU OR ME!

We must wait till we have 70% yes - THIS IS AIMED AT NOBODY, just our cause

We must wait till we have 70% yes – THIS IS AIMED AT NOBODY, just our cause

I would ask the moderators and admins of groups to try and be a little bit more open to others suggestions, I have seen hard hateful debate leading in people getting deleted or banned, me myself have encountered this hate, I give it a good go and if they still want to hate I say “Sorry my friend, I can’t debate you, goodbye” But NEVER on my own pages, just in Facebook in general, I won’t hate! I refuse to hate! I don’t know it all! And NEITHER DO YOU! To be a free Scotland we will only get there as one, same page, same voice. Sure we can have #Yes voters who are not on the same page, but hate? I don’t get it. I often sit and read a debate on any of the above links or even one of my own below and shake my head with my mouth wide open at the hate! I also despair at mods and admin who slap people down, delete comments and generally try and rule Scotland with Nicole in their own minds. Please stop! All you do is drag us backwards peeps 😦 I aim this at nobody, I tire of hearing these same 2 or 3 names, I try my best to be interested but in the end I will give my opinion, take it or leave it and NO HATE WHAT SO EVER! 

This image caused anger and hate as some thought it was using a kid or the ends to a means!!

This image caused anger and hate as some thought it was using a kid or the ends to a means!!

Also people who are mods and admin’s in Facebook groups to try and free Scotland come across sometimes as if they are important, you know? Do you see it? I know this only because most people thrown names into chats when we all talk to each other about football, politics, Scotland and other very normal things, just the way we are built, don’t get offended 😀 Scotland is a fun place, we should cheer up a wee bit in my humble opinion! So many people in Scotland that I can see from my chair, same as your chair, the almost ‘Waiting to be offended’ people, people looking for things to moan about is where I am trying to go here 😀 Failing badly also 😦

Do people talk about me? 😀 The answer is YES! My God of course they do, it’s the way people are built, but what I don’t do is feel the hate. Most of what I see in these groups are ‘Shills’ Now if you don’t know what the ‘Shill’ is let me explain. Government and Media paid people are thrown into these groups above and others and their soul cause of being is to to do 2 things. 1. Cause utter hate and anger, and 2. To come across as the good person, yet VERY WELL, they still cause anger and hatred. I can spot them a mile away, I could name a few usernames, nothing more, I just delete them, why hate online? It’s a bit stupid is it not? 😀 Surely as we pay for this we might smile the odd time. PLEASE! I am speaking about 1% and having fun and no hate while I do it. All I do here are give my opinions and always, say it till it is boring, if not boring already, that I refuse to debate hate. Someone in your face is better, you usually see emotion and shake hands, the stuff I see written in some groups make me think “Are these people Scottish, because that just isn’t what a Scottish person would say” 😀 Yeah? lol

Knowing where hate and anger comes from is key! Look HARD! You see them

Knowing where hate and anger comes from is key! Look HARD! You see them

If we are to be free, do you want to be free in a Scotland where we are all arguing? Drop UDI <Click) (Unilateral Declaration of Independence)Peeps, if you decide to do so of course, why? Because it can’t happen just now, we only have 50% <Click) We did gain 5% in the 8 Months from September 14th 2014 to May 7th 2015, so this is showing us a trend and we must allow the process to build and it will!!! We must allow it to just happen. Should we go #IndyRef2 too soon, we lose and my 5 year old Daughter will get the next Independence vote when she is my age, 40 years old! These are my opinions. I do not hate, I refuse to be angry. But unless you people who delete opinions and or cause hate and arguments stop, we would be as well deleting EVERY SITE and taking it up the rear from Whitehall and all it is for ever, for all of time!

Simple right?

Simple right?

More Respect, less hate!

PS: I am also imperfect, I am not perfect, I am just trying, my opinions are mine, take them or leave them I say. Because this is what I do with others opinions, I think “Yeah” or “Nah not for me” I ask Scotland, how hard it is to notice hate and delete it? 

I respect you all, I love your groups. NOW LETS FREE SCOTLAND FROM THIS UNION, TOGETHER!!





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♫ Amanda Brown – Scottish girl singing ‘Free Forever ♫ – Just WOW! ♪


Amanda Brown ♫ Free Forever ♫

Yesterday I wrote this blog ‘Scotland can be free! First we must free Scottish minds – Stop the hate! <Click) And through this debate I got sent this amazing song by another friend. Amanda I will quote her below as it is her song. I got sent it last night via a Facebook group and the song by Amanda blew me away. I don’t know Amanda apart from asking her if I could share this amazing song ‘Free Forever with my audience, she said “Yeah, share away” This has had almost 20,000 Views on Amanda’s Facebook page already, so there is a chance some may have heard this before, for some reason, and not much escapes my attention re: Scotland 😀 I had not heard Amanda or her song. I was blown away, her amazing voice and youthful energy as she sung about the very thing I write about, expressing, activating, trying, reaching out, call it what you will. Everyone who writes or makes a song or a poem or any expression at all about a ‘Free Scotland or life in general, I admire deeply people who can let go and express with no hate yet no care of others thoughts either, no hate! So enjoy, below is the video and what Amanda said when she shared it and a quote she gave me last night explaining why she wrote and performed this song, for you the reader. The song alone is outstanding, also we must acknowledge her ability to strip away her feelings of human doubt and then her expression to perform this openly on Facebook flawlessly is remarkable. Both the song and emotion of it being sung, I think go hand in hand with the song. Very brave and talented girl is Amanda. As I said I don’t know Amanda as a person, but I do know and see well when another person expresses with such ease, I am human like you, so these things touch us all, it did to me and obviously many others with almost 20,000 views and a live performance at Holyrood Parliament 😀 x I had to share this! #Simple 😀

This was Amanda telling Facebook “Hey, I wrote a song” 

Having some issues uploading! Been hard at it aww day now ma fingers are numb lol im gonney call this Free Forever (sorry for the swear word) this is officially my first ever song. Still writing another one tae. Nae laughin! Hehe!

This was what Amanda sent me, describing where her heart, soul and mind were when writing and performing this song.

I have sang since i was a little girl. Developed some really bad stage fright. During the referendum i campaigned for independence for Scotland and decided that if me singing helped or inspired people i would face my fear. I added a wee video to Facebook. Sadly on the 18th of September my heart like many others was broken. The week after the result i sang in-front of thousands of fellow Scots at Holyrood. And since then have done nothing but sing, play and now write my own music.

Amanda Brown Scotland Song, Free Forever

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‘Proclaimers’ Edinburgh Brothers Charlie and Craig Reid.

Edinburgh due who sung “500 miles” and other good songs. This is a superb song and a song that is good for the coming referendum in Scotland. The Lyrics are in the song. I don’t know if they intended this to be a Free Scotland song when the wrote it around 1990 but it sure fits the purpose now. They support Edinburgh Team Hibernian FC so many fans of other teams don’t like them, they are Yes Scotland voters, so this song, well, you will see.




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