13 Reasons Why – Taboo Subjects

Mental Health, TV Show, Impact, Young Adults, Kids, Social Media, Bullying, Bullies, Shock, Suicide, Self Harm, Trust, Friendship, Ego, Adults not looking, Kids in Despair and many more TABOO issues were in this show I just finished watching. 2 Seasons about a Girl committing Suicide, and the after-math left at the shock, guilt and regret of others, is pretty much the ‘Reasons Why’ this TV show should make us pay attention to each other. But please keep reading and I will explain best I can WHO we should pay more attention to, and our REASONS, this might surprise you!

My first blog in a long time about anything, but I had to write my thoughts out here in the vain hope it can help another who is silent. I used to blog about me, then stopped because I started to understand we all suffer, it’s called life, it can be hard, challenging and often impossible. We all have a weight or a cross to carry, we all have REASONS for how we feel. It took me taking myself off from 4 powerful drugs about a year ago to wake me up to the fact we all have that REASON why we are unhappy, sad, depressed and all the other black cloud emotions. We all have them, but we must allow each other to deny them, because we can’t dig the truth out of a persons mind no matter how hard we want to try. A person will only be BETTER when they find REASONS to keep trying, but even then nothing is certain. I won’t ruin this show nor it’s ending for anyone, but I will tell people what it is about. I think some of us need to give this Taboo a voice, even for ourselves for our own reasons. Please keep reading, not too much to read here, you will understand at the bottom who I type about

Watching KIDS on a TV show portray such emotion is the reason this show is so popular and why many of these kids will win some trophies and more for telling an awful truth about the mind and the reasons a mind can be broken in the year 2018. No matter what age we are, mental health can can strike any of us. The trigger can be something we are not aware about or totally aware about. I am an adult, I am comfy speaking out as I do, doesn’t make me better nor stronger and certainly doesn’t raise me above anyone. But my reasons are for our kids I guess. The real kicker in this TV show is how people backed off and allowed the inevitable to happen. Then when it happens the guilt is stripped bare and people try to deny and deflect feelings to save their own minds. THIS IS NORMAL, and it’s ok. We are all fragile in some way. Some use the most socially acceptable way to hide it and that is alcohol, some smother the pain in drugs, some have drugs thrown at us as if the answer lies in the trust of a Dr and his tablets. For some it is the answer and help, for some it isn’t, and I mean Alcohol and Drugs bought or given legally, there is no distinction in our REASONS why we need to smother the pain or sadness.

We smother it with anything

And that is about all I can say. For those who watched both seasons till the end, you may get what I am typing. For those who have not watched, please know there are triggers in the TV show. Maybe some are half watching it or halfway through watching it. Like a book, like a movie, even like a song, we will all take something from this. What was confirmed for me is (And I include myself here) that we all wait, we all stand still and wait. I am at the stage of thinking “Why do we wait” I am waiting too, are you? And if so why? I ask myself why I wait to do anything, we will just call it life for now. I ask myself for REASONS and the easy reasons come to mind right away, my 2 Daughters. Like all our kids they are young and vulnerable to Social Media and I can see it coming like a TRAIN hurtling towards a crowded platform out of control.

The song below, like many songs, is a song I can sit and listen to over and over, we ALL have a song like this for different REASONS. I see the Internet as a very harsh place. To have opinions so strong online, you MUST accept the fact that before you even type, or talk, whatever way you speak out, KNOW YOU WILL BECOME A TARGET. I have never been bullied as an adult and was never bullied as a kid, but it does not stop me feeling for others who I know were, and I know a lot of people who were bullied at school, and after all these years just keep the emotion to themselves and hope it goes away. I hope it does too, the emotion of sadness I mean. This is something I have to face head on because I have two Daughters under 10 years old and Social Media is coming at them fast, I hate the thought but I can’t stop the reaction, yet I do have control over some actions. So all I can do is smile and educate my kids on EMOTIONS that come from the Internet and the REASONS why we must not look away from them, and ALWAYS we must speak out. I demand this from my kids, in the most loving way I can express. 13 Reasons Why was powerful, sad and a lot of emotions to take in. Some call it morbid, to me it’s just life playing out but in full view, not hidden by any means at all, laid bare so we can all see it. Suicide is an act, but it’s a living emotion for many, I know too many people of all ages and gender all over the World who battle REASONS WHY. The reason being staying alive, not ending our lives, it’s daily and it is like a drug itself, it is unrelenting, it is an emotion no drink or drug can help me with personally

I live every single day of my life sad, and I have no REAL reason to be sad. The pain I am in all day every day and have been for 17 year or so now is unfair, but there are people out there all over the World battling worse, in horrible places we could not even dream about. Take notice of those who are sad behind a smile, or funny behind a mask of darkness. If we don’t, a Castle of Glass will be our forever. Do NOT do this to yourself. This is Taboo, nobody wants to talk about it…Well nobody I know in the flesh that I need to talk about it with. So Social Media has become a ‘Safe’ place for my mind, knowing I can be helped as well as help back. In the end it doesn’t even matter, is a powerful saying, but our ending could and might be someone else’s tragic beginning. Food for thought, nothing more.

Shaun x

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