Mundell has a go at the SNP again as he grasps straws as he is losing soon!

This guy sends his own family to sleep with his mouth

This guy sends his own family to sleep with his rhetoric

I don’t know about you but this guy, I really wish he had lost his seat on May 7th, it gave the Tory party a Scottish Secretary. He almost lost his seat and I am guessing in 2016 he may lose his seat locally. He is grasping at straws as the last man standing in a Scotland that is tiring of the ‘Same old, same old. The story yesterday about Lord-Sewel <Click) Only served to show us what we already knew or figured out. These people have the interests of Oil giants, Bankers and Corporate entities at heart. I wrote it, remember? Fascist State Westminster Establishment? – The List!! <Click) So we all should know from 2014 to 2015 via vile remarks stating Nicola Sturgeon was a ‘Mini Hitler and Scotland could cause a new Balkans ‘type war, right here in the UK. Their rhetoric is dangerous. I remember in late 2012 when we were 2 years away, we had no idea what 2014 would bring after the signing of the ‘Edinburgh Agreement was signed I asked myself “Could Scotland become as bad as Northern Ireland was” due to the visible Loyalist we seen oh too well on the night we lost the Referendum but over time I knew we could AND WILL go it alone, ironic as it is, today! Yes voters fight for what the No voters were promised! #Irony right there. Soon this man will be on the same pile of idiotic politicians grasping every straw they can. Remember before we removed Jim Murphy we heard he consulted a lawyer on ‘Will he still get paid if he lost his seat? These people have the interest of others at heart but I ask, what ‘Others? The blog I did below this shows clearly since 2010 a rise of 55% has happened in the Homeless department, yeah that many people are now homeless so these fools can take drugs, buy prostitutes, pay for a 2nd home for their kids and more, it’s ALL been proven. Read above about Lord Sewel and this will give you a rough idea about the people WE PAY! to lead us. We must rise up Scotland, we must stop hating each other and stand as one, or we fall as individuals. All the blue font part’s above you can click for the story, just saved me telling the same story 20 times. What we do Scotland?

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THE SNP’s position of “inserting themselves into English local decision-making” is not about contributing to democratic debate south of the Border but a crude ruse to break up Britain, David Mundell has claimed.

The Scottish Secretary also made clear the SNP General Election landslide would make no difference to how the Conservative Government would approach more powers for Holyrood, saying: “I don’t see the result as an endorsement of separatism or a reversal of the referendum as some people suggest.”

But Mr Mundell signalled that he was preparing to alter the wording of certain parts of the Scotland Bill in an attempt to placate the Nationalists, who have complained about Westminster retaining vetoes, particularly on the issue of welfare.

“It’s perfectly possible to have a shared space in relation to welfare…We are not in the business of vetoing; we’re in the business of making this work,” declared Mr Mundell.

The Secretary of State brushed aside repeated questions about whether or not the UK Government would, as some MPs have demanded, bring back its controversial proposal for English Votes for English Laws(Evel) in the form of legislation rather than a mere change to the Commons’ standing orders; he insisted the proposed change had “no detriment” to Scotland and did “not carry any threat to the UK”.

But earlier this month David Cameron ordered a tactical retreat on Evel after fears were raised that the Conservative Government in the face of opposition from Labour, SNP, Northern Irish and Welsh MPs could risk a Commons defeat. Last week, peers inflicted such a defeat for the Prime Minister when they backed a call to shelve Evel and, instead, establish a joint committee of both Houses to consider the proposal.

Mr Mundell admitted the Government had botched its approach, saying: “There wasn’t an understanding as to what exactly was being proposed.”

He stressed he was still in favour of Evel as a modest means of bringing “fairness and equilibrium” to the devolved settlement, denounced the “staged hysteria” of its critics and claimed that the Government, by postponing the vote to the autumn, had given MPs “a longer time for consideration”.

Asked about the SNP’s apparent shift on voting on England-only matters such as fox-hunting, the Scottish Secretary claimed it was “entirely predictable” given, he argued, the Nationalists always operated out of opportunity not principle.

“It has three objectives. One is attention; that objective was achieved. Secondly, there is a clear objective and we saw it in comments Angus Robertson made about wanting to insert themselves into English local decision-making. People see through it and that what this is about is the objective of breaking up the United Kingdom. It’s not about contributing to democracy or debate in England…It’s not going to work because people see it for what it is.”

Given the SNP have complained the Scotland Bill does not fully reflect The Vow on more powers for Holyrood, Mr Mundell was asked if the Government was ignoring their democratic mandate of May 7.

“The democracy at the end of the day is that this was an election to the UK Parliament. In the context of the referendum and what people in Scotland have done is to elect their representatives to the UK Parliament, having voted to stay in the United Kingdom. I don’t see the result as an endorsement of separatism or a reversal of the referendum as some people suggest.”

Noting how the SNP proposition during the election of a Labour-Nationalist alliance was rejected in favour of a majority Tory Government, the Secretary of State insisted: “There isn’t an issue about the legitimacy of the Government across the whole of the UK… “The SNP pitch was not on specific Smith Plus powers, it was on delivering the powers promised during the referendum and it was being a voice for Scotland. That’s what we are doing; we are delivering the powers promised during the referendum and we’re giving them their voice,” he added.

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