♫ For anyone with Mental Health issues ♫

Images and Lyrics. For anyone with Mental Health issues – Chester Bennington – Numb – I myself suffer from Suicidal thoughts and a ton more. But I don’t suffer in silence nor alone. I talk, I speak up, and I have MANY good friends who are like me. Policemen, Trades Workers, Teachers, Sports Coaches, pretty much EVERY level of Society there are people I know who have a daily thought of Suicide. Many call it depression, for me it’s just darkness, sadness.

For anyone with Mental Health issues – Chester Bennington – Numb
Via:  Shaun Gibson on You Tube

NEVER SADNESS FOR ME in-terms of ‘Shaun’, my sadness is for our World. Sadness for the World around me, sadness for the entire World. But when I say this, I know, we all know, many don’t believe us. They think we want sympathy, feeling sorry for us. Not what we want, we just want to talk about together so we don’t lay it on loved ones. Life CAN be that easy, why some resist the easy and make it harder still, is beyond my thoughts. Never in hate…Always in peace and love. Shaun






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Anonymous: A Call to Better


There is a misconception that the Anonymous movement, a hive of people from all over the World trying to spread a truth is there to spread false news to the sheeple who sleep, this I think is not the case here. I am a face, I have no mask. I shared Anonymous 10 years ago and people laughed and asked me of what medication I took. I am disabled NOW with M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) I was disabled then. But offended I was not. I know the World slowly, I learn our World slowly. In more ways than I can tell you dear reader. I harm nobody, I allow information to flow and if you want to see it then see it, if not, go watch TV or read a book and forget me and a movement with a simple way about it. Know Anonymous are by nature our School teachers, police officers, politicians, leaders and even religion, YES! Oh yes, Anonymous is a way of being by many you would not think, these people don’t like what they are asked, so share from the inside, seeing thinking and knowing. To discredit the information flow without regard and only by it’s title is ignorance, but denying your ignorance will be ALL OUR DEATHS. I write about many things and this is one from a 100 things. I ask Anonymous permission to share this, to give this information that is not mine, to others, so they can decide to take it or leave it


Amaterasu Solar

As a friend pointed out to me ” If only We could educate 100 People a day about a better way We could choose to do things…” I could only reply with “If 100 people a day learnt what we do, and told 100 a day, in a month, our World would know” But that is not allowed as far as my stupid Scottish mind can see or feel or want to see. I see closed minds but thankfully people with nothing and or everything who offer help and knowledge exist all in corners and streets in our World, often sadly ignored by the masses, are you in the masses or the enlightened? I won’t claim this message as mine as it comes from others, but as part of the free thinkers movement of expression and desire and hope, I hope Anonymous and my friends who think clearly are ok with me trying to share the news they share and needs sharing. Again, this IS MY MESSAGE but it never came from me in this blog, I only shared it because I feel it as correct and possibly a way forward. You must choose what you think is right. We must evolve our minds to the unthinkable and think at least of it’s possibility of existence. To deny knowledge is sin, humanity must stand as one in all and any ways we can. I won’t say who is wrong nor whom is right. I can only share the essence of a story I can see and feel, now you must look for yourself and educate yourself. As said, if 100 people learnt this every day then told another 100 and they then shared with another 100 people, then in a month Humanity, our World, would be different, equality would happen and war would stop, food would be a real thing for many and not a luxury handed down cap in hand. To understand the message we must listen to it and prove it. I think ANONYMOUS have shown a story from way back when the ideology was 4chan. Do we take it or leave it? All I know is from 15 years ago I knew 5 or 10 people who thought like the ‘Hive’, today Millions are THE HIVE. Again, Anonymous friends, you awoke me, you shared you asked people to wake up, I woke up and shared, like others. I fear no mask I respect, I come as Shaun with my face in image. But that is my choice, fear is not a part of my make up, what will be will be. Only know I am above nobody, below nobody, I am equal. I am to believe our World is to expect something. Maybe some will dislike this, maybe some will like this. Please know I tried only to share, I mean no disrespect or ill feelings. I am doing what we all should be doing, that is trying to see more, feel more, care more. Not for me but for my Children and your Children so one day our World has balance and equality. This for me is the message. Please tell me if my message here is wrong. But tell me why, don’t just deny or say no, explain where I am wrong, of course to call me wrong you must understand the message. I can’t do any more, this is my limit. I hope I help 1 person, if I do help 1 person to see or at least want to see, job done I learnt this through a process I did not ignore or devalue. https://shaunynews.com/2014/11/20/12619/

Your call humans

I must share this for me, for you, for our World.
I am Anonymous, I am a face as well. I wear no mask.
I share for Humanuty. I agree with it’s logic, nothing more.
I respect Anonymous, I believe we and you can do better….
Your call Human. I know what I decide to call.. .
Good luck x

Anonymous: A Call to Better
Via Amaterasu Solar You Tube (Anonymous message to humanity)

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A Letter To A Woman Who Saved My Life AGAIN

Dear Dawn..Roses

I remember all those years ago I was the guy many still foolishly think I am. I am not him no more, you changed me. You showed me a love I had never known before. Over the weekend when I was in Hospital you kept me calm, you made me smile, made me cry. You are more than my Queen, you are my life, my all, my every day, my nighttime, my soul, my everything. I don’t tell you enough, so this night I tell the World as I tell you. 25 years ago when I was in and out of bad rooms you told me what was wrong, what was right. You showed me a new way and slowly over the years we became good for each other. It was never perfect, I know that, I was never perfect. I remember the day I first met you, the day I took the risk of kissing you when you had a boyfriend, we were kids, 14/15. I knew I would spend my life with you. I said something and you replied “Worst line ever” But looking back those words were right. I just knew you were the one for me. Out of a hundred I had to have you, but in the right way. Over time you taught me how to live, love, do right. When others judge you don’t, you tell me “Ignore it” and hug me. Thank you.. x ❤

The days and nights I was in bed crying, screaming to be let free from this pain you kept me alive with your love. Then came two little girls and it became easier. Our 2 sons I could not be more proud off. People say “Judge people by what their kids become” well if that is the case, we did good hon, real good. But we got to do it all over again. I am sorry I have been away from you for so long, the medication is poison, it’s a disaster movie waiting to happen, this weekend it happened. But we smile, hope, laugh, love and we know no matter we both will smile for all of time. All I can offer you is all I am, all I can become all I know. As I slowly come off this medication poison I am awakening, but my body is closing down. Slowly I feel my body twist and hurt. I need you to know I will get past this. Tonight you said something, it will remain secret, between 2 lovers at sea. When you went to bed I cried. I came to my song list and seen this one below

You know this song, you have seen it many times, heard it often through my headset. This song speaks absolute and full of what we are, who we are. People talk hon but they don’t have what we have. But that is no ethical gain for you and I, we just know, shame on others for being unhappy at life. We choose to smile and laugh. Over the years you wore the trousers, you had no choice but you took the role and ran with it. I watched in amazement as you ran a house with 2 new little girls as the pain and poison eat me up.

Today I make you a promise. I will become Shaun again, I will smile more, love you more if I can. Make you know what REALLY matters. Love, smiling, a look, a glance, a feeling. You know what I am saying. Many don’t like me sharing my thoughts like this but am I doing any more than the two people below? They are sharing what they wrote. All I do here is share, I write how I feel the same as a music writer, movie writer, a poet, a clown. For you, I write better, for you I fight more. For you I will not go back to Hospital, the drugs the Dr kept me on will be gone and I will be me again, for real and we will be equal.

For now my love….

Your every day

Shaun x 

This girl is a symbol of a migration policy that has dehumanized our species

This is a real girl, same age as my 2 Daughters. We need know this

This is a real girl, same age as my 2 Daughters. We need know this

First I must say thank you to a friend David Milligan for showing this and sharing this. I had reblogged it but I had to write what was in my heart here. What you see floating there in still water is a little girl. What you are seeing here is ignorance by our World leaders, the consequence of intolerance of immigrants. We all have opinions on immigration, strange as it is mostly American’s, I won’t spend a lot of time writing about the USA but most people in the USA are immigrants from Europe or elsewhere. I myself, like you have family who have moved from my land to your land or other areas in the World, this is ok, this is politically correct, the World as a species are fine with people moving from Scotland to Australia, USA to Europe, anywhere to anywhere as long as they have money and can deal with their own life. Sadly a line has been drawn, an invisible hate line where people who are escaping certain death in their own country by any means possible, often leading to the image you see above we class as nothing, well it is not nothing it is everything and something we MUST change. I write about this most days and I know I reach all parts of our World but I often ask myself “Do people actually take it in?” I know I do, I can sit and cry over this, sadly others read then go make lunch as if this is just normal in our species, for me that scares me most. 11903806_1031950223491500_121247630948379406_n Also we can’t forget the terrorist agenda in this story. People who say? Leave the UK to fight with ISIS (US/Israel/UK Funded, I proved this already) We are allowing people to leave our land, fight for ISIS and they can re-enter our Countries, lives and World. This is also a huge part of the problem, so we must turn the coin around World.. Awful debate this at time. We can’t throw hate at hate but as a Human, if this image doesn’t make you angry, sorry, you ain’t human. And I mean to disrespect. Only opinions I can share here. I am not above nor below any human. I am just me, you are you. Be we who we become is the story.. 11916099_1031950220158167_5527360048982861438_n This little girl is a Syrian refugee. She did not ask for this, she did not ask to be born into hate and an education philosophy our species has stamped onto little girls like the girl in the picture above. All we can really know from this image is someone tried to save this kids life. Her parents may or may not have been with her, facts are this little girl was being ushered away from something. She was being taken away from danger to try and save her life. Now she is a statistic we as a species must accept as our own downfall. Sure we will and do blame our leaders all over the World but please, go and stand in-front of a mirror and ask what part you played in this. With every vote you make and with every political decision you make we all make it easier for our World’s powerful and greedy to allow what happened above to keep happening. Human rights are lies of privileged hypocrite nations when babies drown for freedom. This little girl is a symbol of what our species has become, I know I care and I know others who care but the people we pay to care don’t care.


War Child by The Cranberries
Via Beth Crosa on You Tube

11889506_1176668362349707_7502308659483055987_nDoes anyone really think this is the first time a little girl has died at sea trying to escape War? Does anyone thing this is a one off? We look to UKIP and other right wing leaders and thinkers here in the UK and all over Europe and ask simple questions. This could be your Daughter escaping war, this could be our life, our reality, do you care yet? This was named “For the urgent attention of every World leader today” I will take it one step further and say “THIS IS FOR THE URGENT ATTENTION OF EVERY LIVING BREATHING HUMAN BEING WHO CAN READ THIS AND DOES NOTHING” Why do we not help? The questions this image raises are many but the answers sadly will be less. How can we claim to be human and not be upset over this image? How can we claim to care and not share this image and this story. How can we let this keep happening? How many invisible babies will we allow to die in the name of ignorance? There are a few who have more money than the many, people worth billions of pounds who make profit at the expense of anything they can. I once as a kid used to ask myself “Why are people poor” I guess as a 40 year old adult I am asking the same question but at a higher level. This little girl didn’t want to blow us up or cut our heads off, we must have knowledge in this story and all these stories. In a World slowly starting to hate Muslims, all Muslims because they refuse to educate themselves we who understand not all Muslims want us dead must spread the words of truth. I will get abuse from Americans for writing this, but all the serve to do is prove us right, the people who do care

Not until we as a species start to care, do more than just write, do more than just know will this change. I give as much as I can to many charities, same as many of us do, then we see this image and scratch our head asking how this is still happening. Since I was a kid I have seen the World have yearly phone-in’s where Countries give 10’s of Millions a year for causes like this one, yet that little girl is dead in the water. We must find another way another solution and more important we MUST take the 1% to task over this, no longer can we allow a few thousand people to rule us because they have more money than us. War makes money and the disgusting side of this image is simply she died so some war machine can make money. If we are going to tell the story we must tell the whole story and not just the parts that make us comfortable, I have a global audience the same as others so please, use this global audience you have to share this far and wide, do it before it’s your kid. As a species we have to wake up, I sit here and cry most days seeing these issues, will we ever find a day or know a day where this is not an issue in our World? For anyone against immigration in the nature of helping the helpless, take a good look, take a real good look

When we watch TV, we are full of sympathy for the Syrian people, but when they arrive here, we provide them the label ‘illegal’ and we chase them as petty criminals. This is about people. How we will deal with refugees and migrants be considered in a few decades as a disgrace in the history of Europe. We must change the ‘War Child’ thinking together

Thanks to https://ncdiblog.wordpress.com/2015/05/22/for-the-urgent-attention-of-every-world-leader-today/?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=Postcron.com for bringing this to the table


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Songs for the woman in my life


Often we go through life, a year, month, weeks, a day, a moment, a special moment, and we don’t tell people “I love you” I learnt from my parents, even when things were hard to always say these words to the person in life who makes you complete. I don’t know any other woman like I know the amazing woman I am with today. We are both 40 (ish) years old, known each other since we were 11 and 12 (ish) She was the girl all the guys wanted, I kissed her in-front of her boyfriend when she was 14 or so, we had been amazing friends till then. I took that chance often others don’t, I made the plea many people let slip. I often sit and think “What if I had not plucked up the courage” this leads to “Where would I be today” And this is true. Every corner we turn, every movement we make, decision made, we turn left we find things we turn right we hit a brick walls. That is life, chance, thing’s just happen. I never knew aged 16 with a Pregnant partner who was 15 that I would be here today with all these amazing people around me, my partner amazing sons, 2 little princess’s, family and friends, extended family. My life could have sent me anywhere, so why here? ‘People’ can say to me “SHAUN YOU THINK TOO MUCH” or any “Shaun, you are an awful lad for…?Whatever” As I have grown older anger and hate have left my heart and mind, people who remember a Shaun who was in and out of jail, sadly some still see him, thankfully more see me now, lets face it I am hard not to be seen or heard, I draw attention to myself a lot. I often wonder what makes me write as I do now when I am actually a news writer. I don’t think the answer is important, all that matters is we are all where we are this moment. If in this moment you smile or think of a good memory then life is as good as it can be, can’t get worse for sure. So we forget yesterday, let it go we can’t change it. We smile today knowing all the mistakes we made yesterday made us happy in THIS MOMENT HERE. All we can do afterwards is hope the seeds we plant for tomorrow grow as we intended. For me life is this easy, people make life hard, some get a hard life, we all have a story, a reason, an issue, I am just like you, you are just like me if you are smiling reading this GOOD, if not, please try find that illusive moment before you run out of moments, we all day “Life goes too quick” yet do we stand still long enough to actually live and love? I am just typing as the music plays as my mind tells my fingers what to write. This took me an hour, writing is getting hard but I don’t define other people so I expect the same back, I am defined by who I am, my kids, partner and how we live, not what we have or don’t have. My priorities as I grow older, like us all, are in the right place, I could not imaging living in this pain and then choosing to let it beat me up all day every day.  Take a chance on smiling, you never know what will happen 

❤ ❤

James Arthur- Roses ft. Emeli Sandé (lyric video)
Via TheVintageLyrics on You Tube

Certain Things by James Arthur (Lyrics)
Via nathalia mutz on You Tube

Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran (LYRICS)
Via DG CREATIVES on You Tube

❤ ❤


For now…


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Music, Love, Light, Stepping out of the Dark, not letting hurt define us……

10441059_10152437574688302_1574105967610397369_nOften I will post a song in an article and later post it on it’s own. I did post this earlier in an article to the people in Washington state School shooting. It is the first time I had heard this song. And I must say it moved me. When we strip a song back to JUST lyrics it becomes more powerful. This song ‘Again’ like many others touched me in a place I can’t describe. It sends a message of something, I think it’s love. I am MORE than man enough to say ‘I cried’ when I watched this a few times. Too often in our World people stop at emotions in every day life because ‘It is not the way’ Well World, to hell with you (I mean people rules) I am a man, I fear no man, I would kill should the circumstances be right. I sometimes wonder if I am the only man on Earth with these deep rooted feelings and emotion, then I realise I am not. I don’t do ‘Tough Guy’ stupidity, I don’t do on-line gangster stuff. I live and feel and love and care and share. Am I wrong to feel this way? I used to doubt, but these day I just say, as I did above ‘To hell with the World’ and be Shaun. Should I refuse my feelings I become fake, I become something and someone else right? I mean if we deny our true feelings and hide them away what are we doing? I grew up rough and tough but life got good, I am a blessed man as I type this. Living in pain is my daily routine but I don’t let it define me. There is one person in the World I am more, gentle around, and that is my Mum. I ask often to myself ‘Why is this’? The answer I get back in my mind is ‘Respect’ I was brought up with a Father who allowed bad things to happen. I was brought up by a Mother who had my well being in her heart. As I get older the love and caring and sharing pour out of me and onto these screens you read. In real life they do also, but to a VERY limited amount of people. My Dad, My Brother and of course Dawn my Partner. The 3 people who listen to my love and my ever changing self. I say that because every day I change, I learn, I become someone new because I allow my mind to be free and open to love and light. Sometimes I truly wish someone in power, good power, somewhere on Earth would say “Shaun, here is a soap box, go for it” And speak to the WHOLE WORLD in a language that got JKF, John Lennon, Martin Luther King, Gandhi and many more killed and Bob Marley shot. I believe there are many people with this same love, same spirit, same way, same everything. Some of us get a stage, the rest of us try to reach people in other ways. The more I grow as a person, the more the days pass and day turns to night the more I learn and I really do want to spread a message of light and love. When we think ‘What will others think’ We become society, we become part of a notion that dictates who we are, who we become. I am neither above nor below any person, I am equal, I am ‘Shaun’ Take me or leave me, love me or hate me. I lose no sleep over the latter

The World Needs It. My Father says often. “I cry for Humanity” And this guy was a proper criminal in his day, maybe still is? Who knows

Enjoy the message and lyrics of this song.

More love, less hate, Shaun 



Shaun Gibson

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For People living with Fibro like my good self

For People living with Fibro like my good self



Wrapping Yourself In Musical Lyrics – Disabled, hurting, love, any reason

BvqiZj9IUAA8ioyI am a mood person, depending on my mood will depend on the music I listen to. Because of what I went through as a kid I don’t really like music from the 80’s, brings back memories I can’t really be bothered dealing with. Music is a universal thing and it inspires as well as helps us in pain. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have ‘A Song’ That special song they have for whatever reasons. Well I (Maybe like you) have several

With the pain I am in with fibromyalgia I tend to sit at my tower or lay down and listen to music, it’s not a proven fact but it helps me. I focus on the music and the lyrics come with meaning. This is a trick I learnt through years of trying SOMETHING to find a few moments of peace

I hope you have a song for that moment or to help you through moments

I will share a few and reasons why I like them


This is for the woman who saved my life, her name is Dawn, my partner,her name is used many times in the song, it is my thank you for saving me and giving me a life nobody else could give me. It also about me being on medication, it is just that simple. It just makes sense you know? We all have “THAT SONG” This is it, this song means the most to me as a guy battling demons


This song below is a song I listen to people bring up my past, a way of me releasing that feeling is this song. It also grounds me in terms of keeping my feet on the ground. Pain can be a strange thing and what many don’t know about Fibromyalgia is words can hurt or make you angry, this causes pain. This song I love for that and a few other reasons


Bryan Adams is a brilliant song writer and I love some of his songs. This one is simple, it’s about pain and having a lover to help you through it. About being low and beat but being able to get up and live. This song has a lot of meaning for me in that respect, and I guess it’s aimed at my partner Dawn also


This song for me is about NOT hiding away from the World and keeping yourself in a bubble away from the trouble. It also has a message of hope, of meaning, of love and tells me I don’t have to do that.


This is an obvious one. I shared it before and the unhappy religious crowd told me “Oh we can’t have that” and “Why would we want no heaven” When I say “Noah’s Ark, no way that was possible” I always get “Shaun it’s a metaphor” Well this song is a metaphor for hope, love and peace. Sadly some want their cake and eat it. I never do understand angry religious people. How can a person live that way? Anyway, I love this song. It gives HOPE. That is all


This song is almost a Story, it is one song I have for my Partner, the lyrics tell a story of how hard life can be and how we use love to overcome how we feel. Also with other people, I have posted this a few times because I know the lyrics on the screen will mean something to someone else like me. I had a Childhood full of many things, love was one of them. This reminds me of why I am here, who helped me be here and how I can use what I learnt in life so far to help others. I believe if we all put our selfish selves to one side for 10 minutes we truly could help someone, even if that someone is yourself


This truly a selfish song for me. I did things in my past I hate myself for, unthinkable things, things that used to keep me awake at night. This song speaks to me and reminds me why I had to walk away from the things in my life that were holding me back. I had to ♫ Be on my way ♫ I made a lot out of my past, learning, friends and some more, so it was a time in my life I am glad I lived otherwise I would not be sitting here this moment in my life explaining how I use music to change me and to remind me, to tell me about my past and where I am headed. I could share more but you get the point


Like the song above this about my past, about sin and redemption. I look at this song in a different way to you, probably the same with any song. I understand the meaning of this song but like you I take a different meaning. This is just me reminding myself how lucky I am to be where I am in life and also letting the past go. Really it is just about moving forward


My oldest son suffers from seizures, my youngest son lost a career in football due to injury and bad luck. This song is for my two sons. They take risks, they don’t take stupid risks but the live, they do as they please, they are smart young men and I am so very proud of how and who they become. This is song I hope teaches them, simply, about a life. I love them both and this is their song. We and my partner moulded two amazing stars, they are to us anyway, of course


Second last one and the most important, well when I say important, as I sit here right now it feels that way. That is the beauty of music, the meanings can change whenever we need them to, songs we love today we might have no time for tomorrow, this is why Music is so important to me. I would love to hear your reasons. This song is about me and my Partner. I won’t go into detail but lets just say it makes sense


A very good friend from the USA posted this song once, Pastor Eddie Tatro, http://bishoptatro.wordpress.com/ and the SECOND I listened to it I turned to my two daughters. I have two son’s 20 and 22 who are still at home but will fly the nest one day. With the boys I know they are ready to take on the world and go do well, they are two well protected young men, I mean from the hardships in life of course. I will miss them, of course. Then this song and my two Daughters who are now 4 and 5, the day is many years away but it will arrive and this song puts it perfectly how I will feel. I know I will feel that way because I feel that way already. I want them to be safe and for them to have a life where they understand a REAL MAN and know the value of life, money and all that comes with it


OK! One more. For sheer passion and for a guy who lost to sing it the way he did, this song inspires me a lot. I think I just appreciate an artist doing what he does best. Something we can all do, something I done for years. Then it stopped. So this song gives me hope, it is sad, depending on mood I can’t listen to this, when I need this song, it’s here, make sense? The raw emotion here amazes me, James just lets go and sings, it could have been an empty room it is just so individual and personal.

♫ A song with amazing powerful lyrics ♪ What you think? ♫ Innocent man ♫


Music is a very powerful tool for love, forgiveness, sorry, feelings, right, wrong and probably everything and anything. But this song here  “Billy Joel, Innocent Man” is a song I pondered on a lot about the meaning of a few of the lyrics. Let me explain, or give you an example

Some people stay far away from the door
If there’s a chance of it opening up
They hear a voice in the hall outside
And hope that it just passes by

That there is telling of a person who doesn’t want to get involved with life, happy to live in their own world, and stay away from others? Then this:

Some people live with the fear of a touch
And the anger of having been a fool
They will not listen to anyone
So nobody tells them a lie

For me, I am angry sometimes for what I did when I was younger. Others don’t listen out of fear of being lied to, in another verse the song says “Sleep along instead of taking a lover to bed” I see it as the same thing. Before I post, this here

Some people run from a possible fight
Some people figure they can never win
And although this is a fight I can lose
The accused is an innocent man
Oh yes I am
An innocent man

I am an Innocent man because I don’t allow others to hurt me in my mind, word’s don’t cut me there, my heart, different, could that be a fair meaning? The other bit, people run from a fight incase they get beat up? I have played this song a million times and the lyrics are so, so powerful “I am an innocent man” You can hurt my heart, but NOBODY can hurt my mind. I am “Above” that. But as a person I am not above any one person neither am I below anyone, I am like you, just the same. The words, lyrics, meanings of this song, wow. My Dad used to play this a lot when I was a kid and I loved it then. I think my Dad played it out of Guilt? Anyone who knows my past and my family and the crime will know. So you know,, I walked away from the crime and the family, long story. want to hear it? I can send you the link, but it’s like 2,000 words 😀

This is how I defined a song, easy huh? or is it?

Here it is, lyrics are on screen




The Very Inspiring Blogger Award – 10th Nomination


I don’t deserve all these awards 🙂 Thank you so much to MY SECRET DIARY @ http://bloggerzdelight.wordpress.com – Great blog over there PLEASE go and give it a read!

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Seven things about myself:  (This is getting tough) lol

1. I hate when I can’t sleep and am up all night.

2. I spend 2 hours at least every day drawing or doing colouring with my two toddler Daughters.

3. In the morning, 2 cups of Tea before my eyes are open, not a coffee fan

4. I want a Dog, we been looking for a month. I need to get walking and moving again. Would like a Lab.

5. My DVD Collection is over 500 DVDs not counting box sets

6. I dislike being lied to by people I love, family.


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