Paddy Ashdown: SNP coming south to burn Westminster, Like Balkan War! – Shocking Remarks!!


Said the SNP are as bad as what happened at the Balkans


Nicola Sturgeon has been called a ‘Dangerous Woman’ a ‘Threat to War’ due to no Trident in Scotland, now today has-been Politician Paddy Ashdown has liked the SNP getting voted into Westminster in the same bracket as Slobodan Milosevic. and the Balkans War!! English people looked on last week and seen a woman they liked now here we have a BBC TV Programme early today where the SNP are being looked upon as a threat to the UK. This fear and scare tactics they imply are nothing short of astonishingly brutal and out of order. I will remind you of two images that were thrown at us before the Independence Referendum last year, but this is the worst yet. Honest to God this is just bang out of order and if Scotland do ever get free I can see a huge fall out with idiots like this and rhetoric like this, staggering how far the ‘Establishment’ are going, they are making Scottish people out to be ‘ALMOST’ Terrorists, I can see this develop and it’s not good!


We had this awful crap last year, I mean COME ON!!

Remember this cracker from Ed Milliband?

Remember this cracker from Ed Milliband? He did say it, how many did he scare?


The former Liberal Democrat leader made the statement whilst speaking to the BBC this morning as the first official day of campaigning for the 2015 general election got underway. Polls suggest that the SNP will secure the majority of seats in Scotland at the general election, with an ICM poll for the Guardian newspaper last week putting support for the SNP at 43%.

Ashdown said: “The SNP has got one aim. They’re not coming south to help Westminster work, they’re coming south as a Scottish raiding party to burn Westminster down and to make the thing dysfunctional. “I watched it happen in the Balkans, by the way. You first of all make it dysfunctional and then you have a case for breaking away. That’s what their aim is.”

Ashdown added that he was not comparing Alex Salmond to former Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic.


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His comments have caused controversy on social media, with Twitter users branding his statement ‘outrageous’.
He says the SNP are like what happened in the Balkans!! Via Herald Scotland

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