My Personal Recovery – We can all recover – Reach out – We are here for you all

This CAN be true for many

So, recovery is the title, and it’s a slight lie. Today, 19th August 2018 I am in a slightly better place than I was when I wrote this for example. Finally in the ‘Mental Health’ System – LONG, HARD, ROAD AHEAD – I SEE HOPE!

My Last blog about this topic from back in April 23rd 2018

That blog above was my last blog about these issues we all suffer from, be it us or other we love or call friends. The last blog I done regarding our shared mental health issues, pain, suffering, depression, whatever is holding us all back is something I used to share every day. I had this belief that ‘Talking out is helping’ – The more I awaken from the mental distress I caused others via taking less Opiate based drugs, the more I see clearly that some of the things I did write over the years all the way back to 2011 were voices I had no control over. For me to sit and read my own words back shows me how awful I was. But like most I am not cured, I am not out of the woods. I think I have came to accept what is wrong with me, but more important, learnt to not throw my issues onto those I love. After all, we ALL have a Recovery story don’t we?

James Arthur – Recovery
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Along my journey I have become a soldier of war same as most, fighting for my Partner, my kids and other loved ones. What I see today is a FAMILY OF PEOPLE WHO CARE. Recently I was invited to start doing a Podcast on Football by 2 amazing lads. The Podcast is about Celtic FC and it’s called the Pod Black Brimmer. Spreaker and Itunes by the way 🙂 The UTTER abuse thrown at me from loved ones and friends here in Edinburgh for being part of a Podcast with THAT title is funny to be fair, but I am clever enough to understand, won’t stop me doing the podcast however 😀 I love my Celtic. Those who know me know I don’t hate, I am an Edinburgh lad exposed to the same life we all have been exposed too just in a different place, but to the 2 lads Brian and Davie who gave me a chance to show myself I can sit in my Man-Cave alone and talk Football, I can’t thank them enough. I suffer with 6 Disabilities, Suicidal thoughts, M.E. (Myalgic Mencephalomyelitis) + Fibromyalgia + PTSD + Agoraphobia and Psychosis and yeah IT’S HARD and the medication is harmful, but we must take these tablets and potions to stay level, do I agree with drug consumption to help us? Not really, but I don’t drink Alcohol. I see Alcohol as a legal, socially acceptable way to lose the feelings we feel, so each to their own, I just see Alcohol as a damaging liquid, just an observation through my own journey. I am not a scared person, I am aware these issues make me honest to a level I could be harmful to others, I cannot control these feelings, so I MANAGE my life along with my Amazing partner who I have known since age 14 and been with since age 17, she is my everything, my rock ❤ I don’t do these Podcasts or blogs to be a wee Snowflake or feel all special, no, it’s me sitting in a room alone talking about what I loved to do, and miss still to this day, Football, yeah I miss the Touchline, changing room, the chance to be social and all that comes with working with kids and adults in Football. NOTHING in Football can be done alone, it’s a Team game, no matter what your involvement is, you need others to carry and help you along the way. So I MUST thank Brian and Davie for noticing I was ready, and also everyone who loves me and who I love back x

Before we can even start to recover to a state of existence, first we MUST find reason. For me personally my reasons were easy. My Kids, my beautiful amazing partner, my Mum, Sisters, Brother, nieces and nephews with others and definitely friends. Lads I have known since I was a kid when my Dad used to run businesses and shops all over Edinburgh, all older than me, lol. Most of my Friends are older than me, so rooond you all, it’s great to be the youngest 😀 They all rip me brilliantly, make fun of me, but I do the same to them, IT’S A HEALTHY THING, and if any of you are reading. Do Remember!! One: Clerry Jungle and Two: Yous are Dicks 😀 Joking aside, my reasons were as simple as yours, because I know YOU struggle sometimes too. The game of Life is very simple for me. I say ‘LIFE IS HARD – SO DON’T MAKE IT WORSE FOR YOURSELF’ – Personally I believe if we start there with that saying, it’s a good start, we ain’t making things worse.

Linkin Park – Somewhere I Belong
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Sadly like you I suffer. The pain is horrific and my mind has thoughts I have to battle every moment. Managing THIS I can’t do alone. First and foremost my partner has helped me, guided me, taught me and keeps doing so. My 2 sons too help me, 2 amazing lads who are amazing men with loving partners and are Dads themselves with two little kids, a wee boy and a wee girl just waiting on their GAGA to jump into their lives. When the time is right, life will allow it, I pray this is true. The harm and hurt I have caused others is an issue I must get past and find a way to find hope and live. Suicide is a thought, also an act, but first a living breathing thought.

Depression #FuckDepression!!! is a darkness most have, some higher than others, but suffering is suffering. I used to think I had it worse, but I was 32 or something then 😀 Here I am just turned 45 and I have found ‘Comfort in Home’ has been a huge thing for me, the only down side is due to my Disabilities, like you, like anyone, our home can become a comfort zone we don’t want to escape. Recently I restarted singing lessons to start a Chester Bennington Tribute act and it’s on hold for a few months due to circumstances, but I can’t wait to get back to the freedom of Music. Look down the right hand side of this page, songs and images. Music saves us, it unites our souls where we can co-exist on ANY LEVEL. With UTTER RESPECT Politics, Politicians, Religion, Sport and the WORST CULPRIT! Money, that divides us. We do need money, but if all we are doing is chasing Money and the NEED to consume with money, all we are doing is buying moments of happiness. Trust me, I am an expert at this 😀 For now that is it. I am no harm, how can I be with two little Girls who call me Daddy around me? How can I be anything other than my Daughters best friend, because I am, we are pals, we laugh, we cry, we sing. They are my first reason. Two little fun girls who don’t know they saved me, and might never know. Again, and I say this on Facebook a lot, why don’t we listen to our Kids more. Even if you don’t have kids, go and spend time with the blank canvas that a child can be, an innocence so amazing it can only be loving fun.

Some leave clues to sadness and pain, if we look and listen, we can be helped

Often in life our very saving Grace can be right in-front of us. All we need to do is listen, and we can be helped. Not saved or cured, just helped. That is my story, I don’t want notoriety or hits, nor do I need to be liked by anyone, I am loved and liked by people already, but do feel free to become a friend, I find it hard to let people in, but so do you maybe? Trust must be earned. So I am reaching out, if you want to reach back, I am here. Be kind to others, and please remember to include yourself friends, be kind to you too x

Chester Bennington – One More light

Linkin Park on You Tube






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13 Reasons Why – Taboo Subjects

Mental Health, TV Show, Impact, Young Adults, Kids, Social Media, Bullying, Bullies, Shock, Suicide, Self Harm, Trust, Friendship, Ego, Adults not looking, Kids in Despair and many more TABOO issues were in this show I just finished watching. 2 Seasons about a Girl committing Suicide, and the after-math left at the shock, guilt and regret of others, is pretty much the ‘Reasons Why’ this TV show should make us pay attention to each other. But please keep reading and I will explain best I can WHO we should pay more attention to, and our REASONS, this might surprise you!

My first blog in a long time about anything, but I had to write my thoughts out here in the vain hope it can help another who is silent. I used to blog about me, then stopped because I started to understand we all suffer, it’s called life, it can be hard, challenging and often impossible. We all have a weight or a cross to carry, we all have REASONS for how we feel. It took me taking myself off from 4 powerful drugs about a year ago to wake me up to the fact we all have that REASON why we are unhappy, sad, depressed and all the other black cloud emotions. We all have them, but we must allow each other to deny them, because we can’t dig the truth out of a persons mind no matter how hard we want to try. A person will only be BETTER when they find REASONS to keep trying, but even then nothing is certain. I won’t ruin this show nor it’s ending for anyone, but I will tell people what it is about. I think some of us need to give this Taboo a voice, even for ourselves for our own reasons. Please keep reading, not too much to read here, you will understand at the bottom who I type about

Watching KIDS on a TV show portray such emotion is the reason this show is so popular and why many of these kids will win some trophies and more for telling an awful truth about the mind and the reasons a mind can be broken in the year 2018. No matter what age we are, mental health can can strike any of us. The trigger can be something we are not aware about or totally aware about. I am an adult, I am comfy speaking out as I do, doesn’t make me better nor stronger and certainly doesn’t raise me above anyone. But my reasons are for our kids I guess. The real kicker in this TV show is how people backed off and allowed the inevitable to happen. Then when it happens the guilt is stripped bare and people try to deny and deflect feelings to save their own minds. THIS IS NORMAL, and it’s ok. We are all fragile in some way. Some use the most socially acceptable way to hide it and that is alcohol, some smother the pain in drugs, some have drugs thrown at us as if the answer lies in the trust of a Dr and his tablets. For some it is the answer and help, for some it isn’t, and I mean Alcohol and Drugs bought or given legally, there is no distinction in our REASONS why we need to smother the pain or sadness.

We smother it with anything

And that is about all I can say. For those who watched both seasons till the end, you may get what I am typing. For those who have not watched, please know there are triggers in the TV show. Maybe some are half watching it or halfway through watching it. Like a book, like a movie, even like a song, we will all take something from this. What was confirmed for me is (And I include myself here) that we all wait, we all stand still and wait. I am at the stage of thinking “Why do we wait” I am waiting too, are you? And if so why? I ask myself why I wait to do anything, we will just call it life for now. I ask myself for REASONS and the easy reasons come to mind right away, my 2 Daughters. Like all our kids they are young and vulnerable to Social Media and I can see it coming like a TRAIN hurtling towards a crowded platform out of control.

The song below, like many songs, is a song I can sit and listen to over and over, we ALL have a song like this for different REASONS. I see the Internet as a very harsh place. To have opinions so strong online, you MUST accept the fact that before you even type, or talk, whatever way you speak out, KNOW YOU WILL BECOME A TARGET. I have never been bullied as an adult and was never bullied as a kid, but it does not stop me feeling for others who I know were, and I know a lot of people who were bullied at school, and after all these years just keep the emotion to themselves and hope it goes away. I hope it does too, the emotion of sadness I mean. This is something I have to face head on because I have two Daughters under 10 years old and Social Media is coming at them fast, I hate the thought but I can’t stop the reaction, yet I do have control over some actions. So all I can do is smile and educate my kids on EMOTIONS that come from the Internet and the REASONS why we must not look away from them, and ALWAYS we must speak out. I demand this from my kids, in the most loving way I can express. 13 Reasons Why was powerful, sad and a lot of emotions to take in. Some call it morbid, to me it’s just life playing out but in full view, not hidden by any means at all, laid bare so we can all see it. Suicide is an act, but it’s a living emotion for many, I know too many people of all ages and gender all over the World who battle REASONS WHY. The reason being staying alive, not ending our lives, it’s daily and it is like a drug itself, it is unrelenting, it is an emotion no drink or drug can help me with personally

I live every single day of my life sad, and I have no REAL reason to be sad. The pain I am in all day every day and have been for 17 year or so now is unfair, but there are people out there all over the World battling worse, in horrible places we could not even dream about. Take notice of those who are sad behind a smile, or funny behind a mask of darkness. If we don’t, a Castle of Glass will be our forever. Do NOT do this to yourself. This is Taboo, nobody wants to talk about it…Well nobody I know in the flesh that I need to talk about it with. So Social Media has become a ‘Safe’ place for my mind, knowing I can be helped as well as help back. In the end it doesn’t even matter, is a powerful saying, but our ending could and might be someone else’s tragic beginning. Food for thought, nothing more.

Shaun x

Castle of Glass – Linkin Park – LIVE
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Today I stop blogging – For real! – Thank You!! & Goodbye


imagesWell this REALLY is my last blog for ShanyNews ANYTHING. I only have Twitter left and I will re-name that. This blog and the ability to share my thoughts probably saved my life if I am being fair and honest. See when you lose your voice or ability to just be seen as normal, never mind be normal, you need an outlet, this blog gave me the only voice I could have, so I am thankful to a MILLION people and WordPress for being here when my mind was CRAVING something I had no idea what craving. I will share 1 blog only, it was done way back in November 20th 2014 called ‘Finding Nirvana’ I wrote it at a time my mind was aware of the poison destroying it and it was a shout from the back of my mind onto this page for help probably, sadly when you get like I am it’s hard to connect anything to anyone sometimes, I see one thing, others see different, I am talking in real life terms here, not online. I met a ton of amazing people Blogging and on Facebook and a number of Social Media outlets, but I met some nut jobs also, I came into Social Media with not 1 enemy and I leave Social Media with no enemies. See people might see that different but to have an enemy implies that you yourself dislike or hate someone or some people, I hate or dislike nobody, people are either nice or not nice, and it really is that simple. Religion, Colour, Race Creed or whatever, people are the same. The people we see in Wars are like you and I, but we can’t feel the fear they do. Blogging taught me this, we share a LOT on these blogs but how many actually step away from the Internet and actually try and make things better? Answer is easy, not many. I learn about our World on here as I have never left the British Isles, so when I stopping doing football and DJ party hosing and other things I sat here and tried to understand a World I had never seen before, I wanted to see it, feel it, know cultures and religions and find answers. We are all told “Don’t talk Religion or Politics” I think it’s fair to say I did cross that line yeah? But it was just questions, nothing more. All the bad stuff I shared was re-sharing what was already out there, all the blogs about the big bad World were 2nd hand news had people looked. The personal blogs about me or my pain and now Gym gave me a platform to lay my mind HERE and not to my amazing partner and family. So today I stop Social Media for good. I came off a few places in the last week, Facebook I left with a thought of “I BET I GO BACK” 😀 I never, I resisted. If people in my life want to talk to me they can still do so, I have a phone and a front door for them to come and talk. For every GOOD PERSON I met on My Amazing Journey Shared And Documented I can only say ‘Thank you’ for helping me. Many people helped me and they maybe didn’t know. Now I have a story to tell, but it won’t be told here. Deliberate Donkey to the right and what I have been doing since January the 1st, the Gym and all the Images and diary entries I have been keeping are the story. I will say ‘WordPress helped’ but the people in WordPress. This is a pretty amazing place when we get the good people beside us, sadly I lost a LOT of good people through the medication I was given. So if I ever upset you or offended you, truly, I am sorry ok, it was never my intention. I am now ready to try and fly, the pain is still horror but I am learning to breathe through it. I need to sing, shout, speak, talk, act, I have so many dreams I am aiming for now and I want to try them all. 1st I need to come away from Social Media and keep re-connecting with reality. But I again thank you all for being part of my story. I wish you well in your story, we all have a story and let me tell you, it’s better out than in. See I kept mine in for a VERY LONG TIME, and it hurt, so I used this blog to get it out. You can do the same you know!

Wiz Khalifa – See You Again ft. Charlie Puth
Via Wiz Khalifa on You Tube

Be good, be happy, smile, you are alive today so just smile, the inevitable is coming no matter what we do or how we choose to live as individuals, but just enjoy life, it’s a gift, it’s amazing, smile and enjoy it if you can. If you are struggling, open a blog, use a different name, and anything, but just get what is stopping you from living stop, so you can start to live. What I did and what I am doing I was told was IMPOSSIBLE, so I am now going to prove to the World that disabled people, in mind and body can BECOME, or just become. I have dreams, I have my two little princesses’, I have my partner, my sons and all who love me ready to reconnect with. So that is what I am going to do 🙂 Please, I hope you are all good, don’t let the bad bits into your mind, own your mind and just refuse the bad things in, you can do that!! Live well friends. PS: Should anyone want to stay in contact and I know some will, add me to Skype. My username is shaunyg1973 feel free to keep in touch SKYPE IS TYPE OR AUDIO OR VIDEO, TYPE ONLY IF THAT IS HOW YOU WANT TO TALK, PEOPLE THINK IT IS AUDIO/VIDEO ONLY. I will keep this open till the weekend then close it or hibernate it as I paid for it 😀 I am Scottish, we are strange with money, there is no myth here

More Love, Less Hate

Over and out



The Insecurities of Social Media


The Game we call – Social Media

Yeah I know this bores me too, sadly at 8:10 AM as I write this I am bored to tears. Slept 35 hours straight Sunday through to Monday and when I woke up I wanted to go back to sleep. Kept myself awake and pulled the ‘Nightshift’ Something I am doing less of these days. A healthy sleeping pattern is so hard with M.E (Chronic Fatigue being 1 part of M.E) when your body and mind are saying “Sleep” but you can’t sleep. Also when your mind says wake up and you can’t and fall asleep for a fortnight awaking as I did a few days ago in a new year 😀

This can't be good....

This can’t be good….Today’s reality I was caught up in

So social media. I observe our species, our ways, our insecurities fears and flaws the same as a Comedian does, Billy Connolly and Eddie Izzard also George Carling are 3 that come to mind. I see people and read them often on social media, not conscious I am doing it but doing it none the less. Often I see ‘Happy’ when in-fact it’s sad and also unhappy when really there is nothing to be unhappy about, and I always include myself in all this as I type aimlessly trying to find meaning to it all


What does this image represent?

I came off Facebook for good a week or so ago, I have seen people DIE because of Facebook and similar close up Social Media, suicides also because of Social Media, of course some just go flawlessly while most read font wrong (Like me) and nothing becomes something. I have seen couples divorced on Social media, I have seen people find love on Social Media, also I see people write their pain in social media. Basically in Social Media there are no rules apart from giving the impression everything is A-OK!! When it isn’t. What I noticed on Facebook more was scared people, people really unhappy but giving the impression they live in a comedy club, and listen I respect it all. I am just putting forth what I see. I have no legal or other reason to be saying this 😀 As I said, I was just bored so opened up a .Word and started to type knowing it was the insecurities of Facebook. Facebook is where bandwagons are jumped on, social media is where we can’t call a school 8l@ckboard any more, it’s a white board, where we must be careful in words we share. We have become VERY PC in our lives. People are REALLY scared to comment in-case someone calls them wrong and this is probably the worst of Social Media. I remember a world of Family and togetherness, today I see loneliness for many sadly


“Why won’t nobody like something I said or did on Facebook” ..Is so common it is INSANE!

We are almost defined by Social Media by people we have not met once, and that alone is proof enough what the Internet has done to us as a species. We are a TERRIBLE species when you put us under the microscope, but it’s confusing because we all have moments of individual love and kindness put in-front of us. Always on Social Media I tell the truth best I remember it. The drugs were a problem with memory before yet not so bad now. One thing I can say is “I was real on Social Media”

This is our brave new technology era, sad or what? All we see is this

This is our brave new technology era, sad or what? All we see is this

The real kick in the teeth is what I wrote here is ironic because the very same logic I use above I am doing right now 😀 The internet is more fun when you don’t do up close Social Media as it’s almost impossible to read a blog like this and feel my emotions. I am smiling, drinking a cup of tea, having an ok morning, I just felt compelled to show anyone who reads this that we are all irony. Social Media used the way it was meant to should have made the World a better place, sadly since it’s conception and parts needed made by my Scottish kin have made a monster out of us all in moments or a fake smile behind real tears and vice versa and any other moment or reality we care to share. Also I don’t really question anyone here, I am more pointing at our World right now and seeing 100,000 people show up to a Sports Event, but when our Government do wrong we complain on Social Media. If we showed the same love of real life on Social Media it would be strange. There are some who are ‘decent’ and know how to use Social Media well. I am told I do very well, 3 Million views in 18 Months or something. I don’t brag, I deleted it all bar this page here, I am not a number hungry person, but maybe I was once, we all do so this is really just my opinion I am guessing. Just talking out loud here, as I always like to do but know I don’t want to do it forever #Irony

What is your addiction?

What is your addiction?

Just my 2c




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Scotland – Do you know HOW MUCH you are lied to? Let me explain

you-can-chain-me-you-can-torture-me-you-can-even-destroy-this-body-but-you-will-never-imprison-my-mi-139955960048nkgStrange thing happened earlier today, a friend I don’t speak in person with asked to Skype with me, “Sure” I replied. So I heard this person’s voice for the first time, male or female is not important, neither is it even important they are Scottish. They told me very quickly and to the point “Someone in the Scottish Yes Movement Groups has told others you are a Government paid Shill”  “Who me” I replied, “Yes you” I was told, then the call ended soon after. I spoke to a few people I know I can trust and low and behold, it is true.

Let me make one thing PERFECTLY clear I know who these people are, I know who says what, I was sent screenshots. Disappointed? No not really? Surprised? No not really? The content I share does not fit well with Unionism or Loyalism neither does it sit well with the No Movement. So it has been told to many I am a “BAD PERSON” Just to clarify, my name is Shaun, I am disabled <Click) with M.E. <Click) To say I am bitterly disappointed with a certain person is to say in the very least just that. This all came about when I did this article here > Scottish #Aye People Stopping Freedom Of Expression!!? + ‘Shills! <Click) I am guessing I hit a nerve with a HIGHLY paid shill, a Government paid person to discredit news and views. One particular group owner or Mod has went into ‘Gossip Overdrive’ before I did that article there and since, and others not knowing better are listening, but again, it is not just me. So lets see how this plays out. Who will blink first? Who has the courage to tell ‘The Truth’ about a ‘Certain People’?hqdefaultLet it be known I am not a shill. I am Shaun, Disabled, I write to expose the lies. If I keep hearing this I WILL blog the screenshots I was sent about the person or people banding my name about as if I am lying or trying to get people to think wrong. My thinking is simple! People will think what they will, but some believe every word they hear. I am just trying to help the #YesMovement, nothing more, nothing less. I am me, I am above nobody nor below anyone. I will out a few people for what they are if this does not stop. May I add, I am not the only one being targeted with lies and I told 2 others they were being ‘Shilled’ also, and gave them the same screenshots of 2 private conversations with others. All this does is make it near impossible for the truth to be told, truth like this also > Scotland, World – This Is How The Media Manipulates You – Read or Don’t! <Click) In reality I find it not surprising, I can play ball, so go right ahead and carry on, I will out you all, names the LOT! Try me. How DARE YOU!! Scottish born try and make others see what is not there! How dare you! The future will look upon you badly, I hope you enjoy your £120 PER POST. You sold yourself to Westminster, why? Will I tell the story? Or will it be told Anonymously? You decide my friend, because your number is up!


Watch and see Nicola make this a truth!!

Give it a break, I will expose you! I want Scotland free for my Daughters, for all our kids and for 100 years from now! 

Simple right?


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Jealous Guy ♫ Why Can We Be So Dumb? Why do people get Jealous?

We have all been here or are there, even smile back to when we were a Jealous Guy :-)

We have all been here or are there, even smile back to when we were a Jealous Guy 🙂

I will be the first to admit that as a young guy I was a ‘Jealous Guy’ I was young and insecure. We are talking 15/20 years ago here, today I am 41 and my partner 40 and she is as beautiful today as the day I seen her and my mind said ‘WOW’ Today my Partner and I are all ‘Grow’ed up with 4 kids, two older sons around 20 and two amazing wee girls around 5 years old. We live in an amazing area of Edinburgh and life is just amazing. Took hard work to get here but we ALL share that story right? Like you, be you a woman or a guy, I was that fool in the image above or Songs below. imagesWhen you play the songs be sure to close any advert boxes as the Lyrics are at the bottom.As a kid I heard my Dad singing and playing this song ‘Jealous Guy for his reasons, it matters not. So I am on the night shift here 😀 I have (Myalgic encephalomyelitis) M.E. and my partner, son’s, friends who mock me are all asleep, I would’t have it another way 😀 Like any illness it’s a bad thing but I am not to die from this, it causes all over body toothache pain, makes me forget and if you are like me and my Kin? We just laugh at it. Anyway, that crap aside and back on track

New Midweek Banner

I had some strange and nasty comments on a few of my Social Media <Click) places I write my rubbish in the last few days, REAL BITTER STUFF you know 😀 I traced one person hiding as a Family Member, GOOD TRY! I won’t judge you, ever. Tonight I was up with pain and brain fog so I turn to Movies and Music. I was going through old folders on my PC and disks and I came across this song. Brian Ferry/Roxy Music – Jealous Guy. WOW it hit me when I played it. I know I am just some guy writing as it’s all I can really do (Aww shame, I know) But when I see Family and Friends cast anger at me or refuse to talk to me I often wonder if this song and it’s lyrical meaning is the cause.

Lets say out loud what we all know. Why lie to each other? :D

Lets say out loud what we all know. Why lie to each other? 😀

I know Jealousy as I was once one of the 7 Deadly sins God say’s we should not be or become 😀 Or whatever. Yet I am seeing it get thrown at me. Please, I mean this in a different way. I really don’t care. I surround myself, same as we all do in life with people we can have fun with and laugh with, just the way I live, I hope you do too. Sadly people can be nasty and often use God as means to hide behind their ways. Now I don’t do Religion nor do I read books but I do pray. Yeah laugh it up, be embarrassed, I DON’T CARE 😀 And it’s an amazing place to be. No bragging here, just talking. I have M.E. Remember how can I be bragging? 🙂

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 – What number are you? I am all..Yeah

So I won’t write this again nor will my mind revisit it ever. The song  below I found on an old disk, uploaded to my PC and then added it to my You Tube <Click) play list and shared it here. I can’t hate and I refuse to allow hate to drag me down. But should someone harm anyone I love I become what we don’t like in life, I become Number 1 on that list above ‘Wrath. I hate to go there and as we grow older, I can only speak for myself I try and live by these 7 sayings in a Non-Religious way as they just make sense, Religion aside, they just make sense. So if you are Jealous of any person, I ask you don’t be. Just live and smile. Like this song here, the lyrics say it all. There are 2 song. one below and ‘Jealous Guy at the bottom. Enjoy both and allow the Lyrics to make you see my words better..But most of all I hope, make others not cast stones and hide behind their own God or own hate born through life and how it damages us and hurts us. I stood back up! Whoopy Doo for Shaun. Please, if this means anything to you? Stand up..Just stand up and live and be true to who you are. As each day passes and Dr’s Poison leave my mind I ask only you give me time to find who I am, slowly through the medium of Social Media and in a better way through my Partner and friends I am getting there and it’s an AMAZING JOURNEY. I wish I could bottle and give it away free, truly, LOL

More love, less  hate, Shauny 🙂

TWO AMAZING SONGS!!! Above and below, the lyrics tell a story, bottom one is why I write this…


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A Visual Truth On Scottish Politics #GE2015


Seen this on social media and had to share. What the media will not show us Scotland IS THIS! I remember the last US Elections it was the same with Ron Paul. He was packing out halls with 10,000 people while everyone else spoke to 1,000. We must make sure everyone can see this image below. For the sake of our lying media, our lying politicians and more. The SNP have grown out of Scotland and actually have English people wanting to vote for them. Now I know they can’t but don’t underestimate the change in the political system in the UK and Scotland, we as a nation here in Scotland are waving goodbye to Labour and the Tory Party for good, we will have other options. Do not be fooled by what the media and politicians are about to throw at us Scotland! BE INFORMED! Again people will be pain be the Tory party and the Tory party to distract and distort the truth on social media, they are easy to spot, when you see one, shout them out, I will be!


We past 100,000 SNP Scottish Members, Labour are closest at 20,000 members in Scotland.



”THIS” IS THE TRUTH SCOTLAND!!! This is where we sit or stand, this is what we WON’T be shown


Why no SNP we will have more seats than the Libs

Why no SNP we will have more seats than the Libs

For now…


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Vimeo, Github and more of the world’s biggest websites blocked as anti-Isis measure in India

India32 Websites Reportedly Blocked In India To Prevent ISIS From Spreading Anti-India Content

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews Via links below and Twitter

A circular being shared widely on social media suggests that all Indian internet providers were instructed by the Department of Telecom to block access to a list of 32 URLs, including Vimeo, Dailymotion, Github, and The circular, dated December 17, cites Section 69A of the Information Technology Act (2000) as the reason for the blocks. The section in question empowers India’s central and state governments to intercept and monitor information generated, transmitted or stored digitally if it is “necessary or expedient so to do in the interest of the sovereignty or integrity of India, the security of the State, friendly relations with foreign states or public order or for preventing incitement to the commission of any cognizable offence.”

While the authenticity of the circular has yet to be verified, several Indian internet users took to social media to complain about their inability to access the websites listed on it.  The Indian government has blocked some of the biggest websites in the world to try and stop the spread of Isis materials. The blocks include Github, the important code-sharing site that is used by developers across the world. Github has been blocked before in Russia and China, though the latter had to relent when it became clear how important the site was for its tech industry. Text sharing sites including Pastebin and popular video sharing site Vimeo have also been blocked.

Sites that remove the problem content are having the ban gradually removed, according to officials. The blocks are being carried out on the instruction of the Indian Department of Telecom, according to the Times of India. A document dated December 17th was being widely circulated on social media this morning. While it’s not possible to verify the list came from an official source, the sites listed all seemed to be down from within India this morning, according to Quartz.



Indian people, rightly are not happy about this, twitter has exploded with anger that the Indian Government would do this. People like you and I, in India can’t now go on many Social Networking sites, they have given into terror, as the World’s largest democracy I would expect India to not hurt it’s own people and give into ANY terror group. Bad times

Rightfully angry

Rightfully angry











By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews Via news sources linked below 

The aftermath of the Garbage Truck crash in Glasgow, Scotland was hard, painful and not what anyone wants at any time especially this time of year. Sadly the UK showed it’s hatred. Many people from England and a few in Scotland were tweeting evil and nasty things about the incident that left 6 dead and many fighting for life. A woman who died is a friend of my Partners Mum, she was over from Cyprus where my Partners Parents live now and doing shopping. When I seen the hatred at first I said to one kid “You are getting a jail sentence pal” He replied “F**k off Scotty” He was from Sunderland or the North East of England. I tried to warn him.

This guy here I asked to stop

This guy here I asked to stop

This was a racist comment about Chinese people


Below was what he tweeted after the crash. He wasn’t alone 


Glasgow 1Glasgow 2

Glasgow 3 (1)

Glasgow 3 (2)



Shocking right? There were more and I will leave some links below. It hurts and disgusts me to know there are people out there who mock the dead or hurting. I tried my very best to stop one but he wanted to keep going. All have been deleted but what see above are some I kept and a few I was sent. These people WILL get jail time. These guys below are going to jail also. I hope they are ready for a sore face and more. Not that violence is the key, but the depth of hurt means people will go for them in prison. Right? Wrong? You decide. I stay on the good side of this story, the sad part and the love shown by others.

Face of evil

Face of evil, Ross Loraine

Face of evil

Matt Denny was the author of a number of perverted comments posted to his Facebook

Face of evil

Face of evil, Ross Loraine, left, and Matt Denny

Like everything in life we turn the coin around and we see love and people who care. I done an article, in-fact 2, one about the story and the sadness, one with 2 songs. I hope I can share again with Glasgow. But for the tough guys above,  I am not  alone in thinking “Give me one room, the 2 of them and 1 minute” All I would need for sure. But no, we stand up and hurt still. Below is what I wrote and below that what others tweeted, famous people, one being Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon


A Dad saying goodbye to his Daughter….

Sometimes we have no words, all we can try and do is comfort each other. I have many friends and family in Glasgow, today they hurt. I am 40 or so miles East but I feel it. One of the people we lost was from Edinburgh and I know people who knew her. I know the family, we cried when we found out. We are trying to help the people who hurt the most because their loss is forever. I seen two songs about Glasgow and I just hope these songs are ok. I love Glasgow, my Football team Celtic play there, not that stupid football matters. I know the people, the humour but I also know the strength that will be seen in Glasgow today. Glasgow embodies the spirit of Scotland, we all hurt but we will care and try to help, it’s what we do

I share two songs to try and sooth the pain. Bob Marley once said ‘We can inject love through music’ and I believe this to be true. Through music we can make things better. When we go to church the music soothes us, at funerals the lyrics bond us. I don’t know what to say so I will share two songs for you Glasgow. Me and my kin have you in our hearts always x

Billy Connolly I Wish I Was In Glasgow


Passenger Feather on the Clyde Lyric Video



POEM By a Taxi/Cab driver in Glasgow


The club I support were the first to tweet and most football clubs in Scotland followed

Dermot OLeary

A brilliant guy on UK TV.

John Hartson

Ex Celtic Football Player now TV Pundit

Phillip Schofield

A TV Presenter in the UK. A guy I respect


Scotland’s new First Minister Nicola Sturgeon Many were angry at Sky News for coverage of the events unfolding.


The 'KID' lay there for 4 and a half hours

The ‘KID’ lay there for 4 and a half hours

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

Gilbert Collar, a white, unarmed 18-year-old was shot and killed Oct. 6, 2012, by Officer Trevis Austin

Gilbert Collar, a white, unarmed 18-year-old was shot and killed Oct. 6, 2012, by Officer Trevis Austin

Research, Research, Research. I know you get bored with me saying it, but through a ton of research over the past few days I looked HARD for a ‘Black Cop” killing a “White Kid” and low and behold, I found one. It is a two year old case now but never hit the media at all, it slipped under the radar or Main stream media. If we ever need proof America is a very racist place, with racism going both ways, this is the ultimate proof. Where was the social outrage? Where was the looting and fighting? Why were ‘White People’ not told the news at 8pm like last week in Ferguson in order to make black people look bad. Make no mistake, this is EXACTLY what happened in Ferguson earlier this week. It was made to happen. Just ask “Why tell a very angry mob outside who are ready to be angry, and rightly so, at 8pm” See when we apply logic to a story, the story becomes more than a story, it becomes something else. Anyone with 2 brain cells will understand what I am saying here

A two-year-old case involving the shooting death of an unarmed 18-year-old white man by a black police officer is gaining attention on social media in the wake of this week’s protests and rioting in Ferguson, Missouri. Gilbert Collar, a white, unarmed 18-year-old under the influence of drugs was shot and killed Oct. 6, 2012, by Officer Trevis Austin, who is black, in Mobile, Alabama. Despite public pressure for an indictment, a Mobile County grand jury refused to bring charges against Officer Austin, concluding that the officer acted in self-defense.

The circumstances mirror those of the Aug. 9 shooting death of Michael Brown, a black unarmed 18-year-old under the influence of drugs by Officer Darren Wilson, who is white, in Ferguson.A St. Louis County grand jury’s decision Monday not to indict the officer ignited violence and looting in Ferguson and days of protests nationwide against racial injustice. The discrepancy in the reaction to and coverage of the two grand jury decisions has not been lost on social media, where critics are citing the Collar case to counter those who say Brown was the victim of racism in both law enforcement and judicial system.

On Thursday, the website Conservative Tribune headline trumpeted the case: “Unarmed White Teen Gunned Down by Black Cop … Where’s the Outrage?”

Former CNN host Piers Morgan blasted the police response in Mobile days after Collar was killed, saying he “didn’t deserve to die,” but otherwise the case has received little attention outside Alabama, prompting critics to accuse the national media of a “whiteout.” Said Julie on Twitter: “Hello? Media? Two years, and still only crickets. Where’s Al Sharpton for #GilCollar?” Critics also note there has been no rioting or sustained protest in Mobile, even though the slightly built Collar, unlike Brown, never touched the officer and, because he was naked when he was shot, was more obviously unarmed. Both shooting victims were found with marijuana in their systems.

“There’s riots for #MikeBrown but none for #GilCollar,” said one commenter, @samstuff, in a Wednesday post on Twitter. “Nobody burnt buildings to the ground for them,” said commenter Gomer Pyle on Twitter, referring to Collar and Dillon Taylor, a white 20-year-old shot Aug. 11 by a minority police officer in Utah. “You never even heard of them until now.” Others have pointed to the cases as evidence that police are routinely using excessive force against young men no matter what their race. “To those of you who called #MikeBrown a thug please reconsider your stance on the issue now that the thug is a white male, who the system failed as well!” said India Washington on Instagram. In what may be a sign of things to come in the Brown case, parents Bonnie and Reed Collar filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the officer in July.