Treating ‘Parkinsons disease’ – Patient walks better with MUSIC!

December 20th 2014 when my mind was being owned by a few horrible drugs via the Dr and Medical industry, somewhere at the back of my mind I started to think “Music is all we have”. Music speaks to us, speaks to our heart, sould and minds. With respect, TOTAL RESPECT, I say ‘Politics, Religion, Sport and a LOT MORE Divide us’ and sadly it does. Back in 2014 when Suicide was a thought in my confused mind and hurting body, I discovered laying down and listenning to music I wrote this > THE UNIVERSAL SPIRIT THAT IS MUSIC – Of course it was just an IDEA in my mind all these years ago, but I said to ANYONE who would listen to me “MUSIC WILL SAVE YOU”. I can’t say Music saved me from mental pain or body pain I can’t put a word too, but it stopped me taking my own life. Below is LIVING PROOF that my own thought, just mine, was one that had something more than just a word attached to it. I hope  this helps 1 person, because it helped the guy in the video below.

#ParkinsonsDisease This is truely brilliant this video below. Is this some sort of ‘Placebo’ at play here? I have 2 brain illnesses (as well as 2 issues that cause severe pain) and I say always that ‘Music is all we have’, and I say with RESPECT that Politics, Sport, Religion and MORE divide us all. Music is the ONLY THING we all have we can agree that works, AND HERE IS LIVING, WALKING PROOF. I been saying this for a few years now. Music can take a hurting mind and a confused mind to somewhere better. This guy walks better with music being played. He #GotRhythm

~~He got Rhythm for sure 🙂 ~~

Johnny Cash – Get Rhythm – Live in Ireland







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Europe Vs America: Know The Difference

Guy isn't even European. American's are not very good at this :D

Guy isn’t even European. American’s are not very good at this 😀

How the UK reacted, Europe was the same

How the UK reacted, Europe same

Well here is a bit of fun. I know how terribly offended some American’s can be, many believe we hate them but in-fact we kinda look over shaking our heads most of the time at things they do (Image of Bush winning 2nd term to the left being proof via UK Print media) also some wait to be offended. So if I offended you, or you feel offended, ask yourself why. I am just posting images made by American people. These are all from an American site called 10 Things Europe Does Way Better Than America, that led me to more images. Europe is ahead of America when it comes to healthcare, better education, less violent crime and more important, Religion is a private thing in Europe. If anyone calls me on this stating the Middle East, I will mock you 😀 Europe has already dealt with Gun Control and Abortion, also Religion, 3 thing’s that divide America right down the Middle. One day not so long ago the USA were making huge things and doing amazing things, fast forward to 2015 and we see in America what we here in Europe have already addressed or dealt with. America is still a very young Country. American’s complain about immigration but forget every bloodline in the USA outside the indigenous people, the native Indians are all from outwith the borders of the USA. These people are the real owners of the USA but Europeans, yes all you American people’s blood lines were brutal on the Indians, everyone else has European blood lines. I say this a lot just in fun but my last house was older than the USA. We lived in the old town in Edinburgh where houses are 300 years old, America was made by Europeans on July 4, 1776, also Canada was invented by Scotland, the first 3 Canadian Prime Ministers were Scottish! If you are American and understand what having fun is, PLEASE! Share some amazing American things with us all. I talk up my Country as I love it and people get offended, so come come! America! Show us why you are so proud of your land. Also a side note here, many American’s think Europe co-exists like the USA does state to state, nothing could be further from the truth, we don’t co-exist but we don’t hate each other in Europe. And also the differences between the free European Healthcare system against an American Healthcare System that can cost $10,000 for one night in Hospital. A friend of mine was in a US Hospital for 8 days and the bill is £100,000 with only around 60% being paid by insurance. Anyway this is total culture differences, fun, so please, don’t be offended

#25 – Bigger is not always better – The USA has regressed in mindset

europe-vs-usa-16-s europe-vs-usa-46

#24 – Pretending to have invented the World

Well this is just a total disaster. Own up! What American did this? :D

Well this is just a total disaster. Own up! What American did this? 😀

images copy

This is where the Modern World started to become


5% of what Scotland invented

#23 – What our kids are allowed, Culture to Cultures


#22 –  Bravery, all be it cruel


#21 – Knowing REAL history, factually 

Point proven from image below

Point proven from image below

#20 – Political History

CLEARLY done by an American as Russia is not Europe :D

CLEARLY done by an American as Russia is not Europe 😀

#19 – Sport with no pads




#18 – Darwin Vs God – Money


Scotland invented the ‘Bank of England’ This is legal tender in Scotland. Bank of Scotland money is legal tender in England also

#17 – The Metric System USA don’t use


#16 – Reality Vs Stupid


#15 – Architecture – Castles are real in Europe


#15 – Health Issues – US Populous are 70% Medicated

Before someone gets upset and serious. I am Disabled myself. This is just a fun blog..Cool?

Before someone gets upset and serious. I am Disabled myself. This is just a fun blog..Cool?

#14 – What we teach our kids at home.


Allowing kids to be kids as long as we can, way we do things in Scotland. But USA is Gun culture. No problem, just different

#13 – Educating our kids 


We sit and watch as kids blow their Schools/Colleges up almost and kill kids their own age. This is why we over here decided Guns were not a good idea

#12 – There is security, then the TSA in the USA


#11 – Differences in Police


#10 – Scientific Progress Vs Religious Hatred


(I don’t make the headlines up)

#9 – Junk Food Society europe_usa11

#8 – European’s seem to exercise moreusa_vs_europe

#7 –  We’re All Winners!

We’re All Winners!

One for the Dads on both sides 😀

#6 – Proving Evolving Science vs “Guesswork”

Science vs “Science”

#5 – Celebrities


200 million US soccer fans watched El Clasico – Super Bowl only 114 million people ‘Worldwide’

US Only Sports Channel beIN SPORTS

US Only Sports Channel beIN SPORTS

There is always an argument between me and American friends that Soccer is the World’s favourite sport, in-fact I can’t call it that, I will call it Football as American Football is kinda, well these 2 images tell a story below. As an ex Football coach and manager in Scotland there isn’t a rule I don’t know, same can be said for a baseball or basketball fan, strange as it is in Europe Football is the main sport apart from Poland, sky diving is more popular. South America, Brazil, I mean come on, they are football, the entire South American continent is football crazy, Europe is the same, Asia is the same. Russia strangely is part of European Football, UEFA it is called. Australia has Aussie Rules, it’s like Rugby but worse, big huge guys beating the crap out of each other with a gum shield (Image below to the right) a t-shirt and shorts, with socks and boots of course, no pads in sight. So for me, the argument of what is most popular has been won, SOCCER IS THE GREATEST SPORT ON EARTH! Such it up American Sports Fans 😀 This is all in fun! Just to add the game in the headline had over

BCF5Io-CYAARW9W cjwers+rolled+a+random+image+posted+in+comment+11+at+_a3ec520fed681f14733b053424d90125







More than 200 million soccer fans watched the first 2015 edition of el Clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid on Sunday across beIN SPORTS. The impressive number combines the 1.353 million who watched the game live on beIN SPORTS en Espańol and the 767,000 who watched the game on the English-language broadcast on beIN SPORTS. The 2.12 million total viewers makes the game the most-watched match ever on the beIN SPORTS networks. Given that beIN SPORTS is in 33 million homes in the United States, the viewing figures are very impressive.

The Barcelona fans at the weekend

The broadcast of the match delivered a +16% increase in viewership from the previous broadcast of El Clasico (10/25/14) for beIN SPORTS English, and +64% increase in viewer ship for beIN SPORTS. Ratings peaked +26% during the 5:30 to 5:45 PM quarter hour on beIN SPORTS English, increasing from 767,000 to 968,000. Likewise, for beIN en Espanol, ratings also increased +25% from 1.353 million to 1.693 million viewers between the 5:30-5:45 PM time period of the telecast. The English-language broadcast of the game featured a 2-hour pre-game show with Kay Murray (pictured above) alongside Michel Salgado, Patrick Kluivert, Gary Bailey and Andres Cordero, while the match commentary was provided by Phil Schoen and Ray Hudson who were on-site in Barcelona at Camp Nou.

May as well throw in the team I support and write about weekly and love more than life itself!!
Glasgow Celtic Football Club!! This is 62,000 of us singing. I was there, many tears!
BEST FOTBALL ATMOSPHERE EVER!! – 7 November 2012: CELTIC 2-1 BARCELONA“You’ll Never Walk Alone “

Glasgow Celtic 1-0 Glasgow Rangers
But this is what it is all about!! You can’t buy atmosphere like above or in here

Our last Manager Neil Lennon was Northern Irish, the Christians in Scotland sent him Bombs and bullets, Celtic fans backed him, made this video!
♫ Neil Lennon – Something Inside So Strong ♫


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My Pre-match Superbowl XLIX – Seattle Vs New England – From a Scottish ‘Soccer’ Manager/Coach


By @ShaunyNews

Now this should be fun! I do weekly Pre-match reports and after game reports as well as random articles on players, the team ect for Glasgow Celtic Football Club vie The Celtic Network on ‘Football’ I won’t call it ‘Soccer’ as 95% of Earth call it Football, the other 5% comes from the USA who call it Soccer. American Football is a sport I have watched,  I know the rules, but it’s boring! In reality only 12 minutes of actual game time is played as the rest is a turn around, in-between plays etc. I watch Gridiron and I get bored very easy. When you watch Football and report on it and it’s been your life for 30 years, it becomes easy! I read a few REAL Super Bowl reports and apart from players I understood it well, sport is sport, tactics are tactics, sadly, just my opinion, American Football is just too slow, I know the Super Bowl is a whole different thing, it’s when people pay ridiculous amounts of money to have a half time advert on TV.

The problem with the Super bowl is simple, it’s too Hollywood.  It is a money maker 1st and a sport 2nd. I speak to a few guys from all over the USA, some like American football, others don’t, many like Basketball, Baseball or the NHL. The only sport I can say I enjoy are NFL games, it’s end to end, never stops and is enjoyable, the only issue I have with the NHL is players fighting, I know it’s part of the game but does it not come into the kids game?

From where I sit Seattle Seahawks are the favourite, and the betting on it seems to show they are favourites to win the game, but like any sport, when the main prize is on offer, when it really matters, some players fall into the lights showing the game, floodlights we call them here, or a Rabbit caught in the headlight. I always asked my players to NEVER play the occasion, sure, take it in before, warming up must happen, but lap up the experience of a big game there. Once the game starts it’s the team who have more focus on the day who win, you win as a team, you lose as a team, this is the fact on team sport Worldwide.

We often mock American football as a game for cowards, the amount of protective gear worn is unreal, I am sure some big dude hitting you on the run at 15Mph will hurt regardless. But when we compare American football to Rugby and Aussie Rules, we see these guys are as rough as American football players, often worse, but wear no protection, here let me show you


NFL vs Rugby Hits
Via Nick Molinari on You Tube

NFL vs AFL (Australian Football League)
Via TKforthewin on You Tube

So good luck to the fans of both teams, I might watch the full game or highlights when in the morning. It never really caught on here. There is a European League for American style football, many US  young kids who are heading for stardom are sent over here to learn to play against adults, some do well, shine and go home to make it good and make a lot of money, some go home and get farmed out more than a cow in a farm. It’s the same in all team sports when you send a young kid out on trial, as we call it here

Give me ‘Fitbaw’ Scottish for Football ANY DAY. It’s something I love, know, understand and it was a HUGE part of my life. Football is more tribal, 150 years+  old and has more meaning to the fans. I think so anyway, you tell me

25 Of The Worst Fouls and Tackles In Football.
Via xBackoftheNetx on You Tube

The dirty side of Old Firm: Fights, Red Cards, Dives & Fouls! (I don’t like ‘old firm’ tag)
Via Football Side of Things on You Tube

My Team, who I write about – Celtic FC – Goal of the season 2012/2013
Via Celtic FC on You Tube

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Image of the day – 08/05/2014



Paris ultras
AFP / Kenzo Tribouillard

Worst pain ever today……


I get pain all over my body, sometimes my knee, sometimes my shoulders, sometimes my hips, sometimes my ankles, even my feet, and many other places. Today it is lower back

I awoke and could walk, but every step was like an electric shock to the area, the pain was 10/10 I was in agony. I called my GP he just said “Take more pills, and use more gel on the area” So I did, and it took 20% of the pain away.

Lower back pain for me can be the worst of all pains, as that one area makes it hard for all your other joints to move properly. The cause is the way I slept last night, people usually sleep in one way, I slept in an almost foetal position, and I am told not to by the pain experts, but when asleep, you are not aware of how you will end up sleeping

Does me no good!

Does me no good!

When I do sleep like this, it is feels like my lower back has fused and I can’t straighten up, and today, I spent 3 or 4 hours in agony after I awoke, trying to just relax whatever it was that needed relaxing. Even now, it is still sore, it was that sore leaning forward to drink a cup of tea hurt my back and my neck. This is Chronic Pain, I wouldn’t wish it on an enemy, if I had one, it is degrading and horrible and days like this I just want to stay asleep, as when asleep, there is no pain, and I did for a while, I just went back to bed and the pain and medication knocked me out

I just hate it, it sucks, its shit, it’s more that agony; I don’t have a word for this pain. Today is a day I needed to be somewhere and do something’s, and I couldn’t, so I let people down, and that brings guilt, but I was reminded by everyone and their dog’s today “It isn’t your fault

I promised myself I wouldn’t give into this bastard pain, and try and live normal, today?

Shaun 0-1 Pain

I lost. I had no choice, I just gave in. And as I sit here, I ask, is there more to come? Is the pain going to get worse? Is this for me? Or do I do what I preach and fight, do I lift myself up in agony and go, do I say “No” and just keep going? I am a fighter, give me a fight and I will win, it is in my nature. Today I lost, and that hurts my pride, but makes me want to fight harder to try and find ways to stop this pain.

I promise myself right now, I am not taking this, I won’t give up, I will fight, and I will do as I tell others. But today was awful. Really bad, and it’s days like this I wish I did not over do sport when I was 21 and younger, when I remember all my coaches from Soccer to Boxing telling me “Take it easy” I used to run, no, sprint up hills, I used to do extra soccer practice, I stayed behind in the gym and did extra in the ring with my coach, who was the Scottish Middleweight champion  at the time. And even he said “Take it easy tiger”

I should have listened.

So if you are the same, you pushing yourself too far, to fast, to hard? Stop, please. It does come back to hit you, hard.

Slow down tiger

Slow down tiger