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Well it’s fair to say that the Amazing George Carlin who was an American, TOTALLY understood his fellow Americans and culture very well indeed. Very hard to argue with George on his thoughts on his people. The American people. So this is an American, defining the people and culture he lived in and with…. very well indeed. Sadly he died years ago. This message be from the grave






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The Raw Stupidity of Donlad Trump – His support must be the same



How stupid is Donald Trump and his following you ask? Well the tweet below I don’t think all were Trump’s but one particular tweet by a pretend Trump account was shared all yesterday by Trump support and the raw stupidity from America is starting to get me


Fake Trump Account, but Trump fans were all over this yesterday. Man, can people see the stupid here? Really can you?



Yeah, you have history fror this

Yeah, you have history fror this

So to sum up, apart from being racist, Trump and his fans are, well, here I will share this below in links but the stupid here is of high quality. I have many American friends who are sayin “I want to leave my Country” they are also scared Trump takes power, well the Muslim Americans sure are scared, but can we blame them? I would be scared just to be in America as a Scotsman right now. The racist hate some Trump supporters try to hide IS COMICAL. One American I speak to, ex teacher he is, but Religion has that brain so wrapped up in confusion it just hates, he is hate with pretend ‘I CARE’ so subtle I have to hide laughter. Also this friend wants to be Religion at the same time. I think many American’s need to go back and start again at “Thee who cast the first stone” and re-learn what they spout every day in what they see as a safe and lovely USA. So wrong and sadly like Europe, America will have it’s door tapped in a bad way, some of you best wake up soon or Trump wins because of your stupidity. Don’t say WE, THE WORLD, didn’t warn you America!

Donald Trump ‘Paris Is In Germany’ Tweet Is Misunderstood …

USA – Wake up to your 2nd World, racist, religiously stupid World

Trump-Racist-USA-Cameron-Scotland – This Could End Our World!!!

Voting Donald Trump is bad for our World – Makes USA more Fascist

Elite Evacuating USA – Something is up! The story connects! End of the USA?

Super Famous American Muslims for STUPID RACIST Americans!




Green Day – American Idiot lyrics
Green Day is an American punk rock band formed in 1986
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Kallstadt’s claim to fame is its local delicacy, Saumagen, stuffed pig’s stomach — former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl’s favorite food — and its local vintage, a fine dry Riesling, often served at royal banquets across Europe.
It also has two famous sons: Henry Heinz, the “Ketchup King.” And Donald Trump.
Kallstadt is the ancestral home of the billionaire businessman — and U.S. Presidential hopeful.
“My grandfather Friedrich Trump came to the United States in 1885,” Trump says in the upcoming documentary, The Kings of Kallstadt. “He joined the great gold rush, he did fantastically well, he loved this country. “But you know what? I love Kallstadt also. They grow ’em well in Kallstadt … Very well. Believe me, it’s good stock.”
That’s Trump’s take on it, at least. But other accounts suggest that Grandfather Trump didn’t leave Kallstadt on the best of terms.
He moved away as a teenager, just before reaching the age of mandatory military service, and went to make his fortune in the
According to the book “The Trumps: Three Generations That Built an Empire,” Friedrich Trump went on to establish several saloons and hotels that doubled as brothels.
He advertised his Arctic Hotel with this enticement: “For single men the Arctic has excellent accommodations as well as the best restaurant in Bennett, but I would not advise respectable women to go there to sleep as they are liable to hear that which would be repugnant to their feelings — and uttered, too, by the depraved of their own sex.”

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And let us not forget this classis for stupid American's

And let us not forget this classis from stupid American’s

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USA – Wake up to your 2nd World, racist, religiously stupid World

America, your police kill people for no reason.

America, your police kill people for no reason.

I have some close friends in America and many I just have fun with, shoot the nonsense and just have a laugh, some are on the same page as me in terms of understanding the murdering, criminal US Cops. I did an article earlier about an Edinburgh, Scotland Policeman who was armed with a Gun not shooting as he may have killed innocent people, the Policeman got stabbed 4 times. That is democratic, that is the truth, that is honestly. What you guys in the USA totally fail to understand is “Police State” I tire of doing these blogs with the sole aim of educating my brothers and sisters in the USA. Sadly Religion closes minds, you all argue over politics, abortion and gay rights. When in-fact you should all be questioning what I am about to share. I share the truth, I share facts, I share what your news won’t show you but mine does. Watch or don’t watch America. Be in denial or be knowledge and become power through knowledge. Nothing gets me confused and I guess a little angry more than ‘Ignorance’ But what is worse is people who ‘Deny Ignorance’ A few people say “Shaun you are angry” Let me lay this to rest for you right now, I AM ANGRY. But I am more stunned that Americans would rather love Israel, an Israel with a populous (Populous means the people in Israel) that actually tells us Israeli’s don’t like what Israel do to Palestine. Yeah that is a fact, want to read it? All the blue links can be clicked and opened. Can you open your brain America for 10 minutes and understand the World as it is not as your media tell you? Below are very simple things my 5 year old  Daughter could understand if I was cruel enough to show her, the message is very simple. The people inside Israel do not like what Israel do to Palestine, yet American people more than any other nation on Earth back Israel more than the people who live there? I will get blank stares, funny faces and a few mean comments because you don’t understand America. Your country, the Government via a paid for media have made you Religiously and Racist haters. Below all this I am going to share news I get sent to me by an American who would like to leave the USA, is scared to post any of this as they know the police will knock at their door, others will get this and others wont. Wake up, stand up. I am SICK of people saying “Well, em, er, I can’t change the World” I say “CHANGE YOUR OWN WORLD” One person, one street, one city at a time let us all change our World. America I live in a real democracy, I live with free Healthcare, I live where the police ACTUALLY PROTECT AND SERVE. I live in a country where the poorest still eat. I live in the cleverest country on Earth, yes, 0.09% of the World is Scotland and we are the cleverest for good reason, Scotland invented the modern World. TV, Radio, Phone, radar, cats eyes for dark roads, the bike, the toaster, toothbrush, over 550 Innovations that changed our World. One thing I have started to understand about American people is you are a VERY PROUD PEOPLE. I respect that, I admire that guys. All I ever try to do is inform you of what your country has turning into. Your Government don’t care, people die every day due to no Healthcare, American you are, in your own minds, the Worlds biggest nation, this amazing country, land of the free home of the brave, I used to see that, sadly now nobody does and I think many of you have a very hard time dealing with what has happened to your country. You are scared, stupid, uninformed, blinded by religion and forced to be racists. Now when I say racists I will take you back to Ferguson. All I heard on Fox News, CNN and the other 10 American TV news stations I get was “That black kid from Ferguson” It was always “That black kid from Ferguson” Over where I live we had a young kid die playing a sport, you would call him black, we said “The kid who died playing sport” We never once categorized the poor kid or his family. Scotland has 4.5 Million people, it is about the same size as Ohio yet we have better EVERYTHING than America does. Why is this? Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Holland all the smaller nations/countries in Northern Europe with roughly the same populous size have what Scotland has, freedom, true freedom, politicians who work for us not taking from us. I don’t want to sit here and show you up for how stupid your Government has made you with the cunning use of Religion and Race, I live an amazing life in an amazing place. I live in agony but I have freedom, real freedom. I struggle often to get inside the head of the average American person. I still remember the lady (Who blocked me) who told me “I don’t believe in dinosaurs” This was a while ago now, a year maybe. At first I thought “She is at it” I thought she was pretending, trying to fool me, but no, through what ever Religion out of the 4,200 Religions that smite this Earth, what ever one she followed, she actually was told dinosaurs were placed under the Earth to fool mankind 😀 Now I will respect any opinion and I really did respect her opinion. I sent her several images from the Smithsonian for example (Huge US Museum) and images of bones in the ground, she said “They could be anything” I said yeah “DINOSAURS” I explained they found frozen dinosaurs with food still in their stomachs, but I realised very quickly I was talking to a complete nut job. She told me I was ‘Anti American’ because like many she thinks America is the centre of  the World with the most people, most money, most informed, best schools, best healthcare, she truly thought America was the World and the rest of us lived in small mud huts 😀 In the end I guess looking back it was my first encounter with “Religious America” I have had other debates, a VERY good friend and I can’t debate “Noah’s Ark” I asked “So Kangaroo’s, Polar Bears, Highland Cows, Moose from Canada ALL managed to get to what we now know as Iran (I know many who believe in the Noah’s ark story think it was in Israel, it was in Iran as we know it today, then it wasn’t Iran, but people believe 1 man build a huge boat and some force called on 2 of every animal on Earth, even ones who had to get past or over 1,000 miles of Water just for starters got to this amazing boat. This is when I learnt the “American Religious ways” I respect them, but I do smile at some of the fables people throw at me. But lets finish with, if you truly know me, I am a decent guy, I respect anyone, I am honest, I wish more people were. SO America, are you ready to see your 2015 America? Now I got sent about 2,000 items in one site and I can only share so many, so here you are America, meet the 2015 America you deny exists. I am truly sorry. I will also leave you with the most troublesome, worrying article I have ever done


America. This is a HUGE PROBLEM! Young Hillary Clinton Supporters Struggle to Name Her Accomplishments

American's next POTUS. It has already been decided.

American’s next POTUS. It has already been decided.

These are the clever American kids. My 12 year old Cousin knows better, embarrassed?? If not watch the video and ask ‘Was George Carlin right’?
Young Hillary Clinton Supporters Struggle to Name Her Achievements – This is so sad for these kids
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Mental patient Jason Harrison shot by Dallas police
Via The Dallas Morning News on You Tube


Man brutally beaten by NYPD for sleeping on a couch in a synagogue
Via Police State USA on You Tube

Disturbing video captured a man being brutally beaten by police after he was discovered sleeping on a couch inside a synagogue. The man was struck dozens of times with fists and a baton, even though the man had permission to be there. The beating was ruled justified and the officers were cleared. Rabbi Moshe Feiglin, who runs the youth center, said the beaten man was not trespassing and had been staying there for a month


US Cops, not the cleverest people on Earth, and they have Guns! Don’t you worry?? This is alien to my World





OAKLAND, FL — A disturbing case of criminal child sex has emerged involving an Oakland Police Officer. Officer Joshua Smith has been charged with directing or promoting the sexual performance of a child. Officer Smith was committing sexual acts upon a 2-yr-old girl whom he had access to, according to reports. Officer Smith had been on a social media site sending pictures of the live child, when one of those pictures got him reported. The messages that were sent along with the pictures were described as horrendous by those who received them. Apparently Officer Smith had been bragging about his abuse of the child, referring to himself as the “No Limit Perv Dad.”


US Cop rapes 5 yr old girl
Via oakwoodNS on You Tube

VANCOUVER, WA (KPTV) -A Beaverton police officer accused of food stamp fraud and sexually abusing a child has faced serious charges in the past.  Even so, not everyone believes the latest accusations against Christopher Warren. Warren, 33, appeared in a Clark County courtroom Thursday. His bail was set at $250,000 on the charge of child rape. Warren is on paid administrative leave from the Beaverton Police Department stemming from a previous arrest. He is accused of lying to get food stamps from Oregon while he lived in Vancouver. He pleaded not guilty in that case in late April and was released from custody. On Wednesday, the SWAT team was called out to the 9200 block of Northeast 14th Way in Vancouver and Warren was arrested again. He received support outside the courtroom Thursday from 19-year-old Isaiah Armstead, who said Warren was married to his mother and he believes she is behind the latest criminal charge. “There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that Chris Warren is not guilty of the charges and accusations brought against him,” Armstead said, reading from a prepared statement. “I will personally testify that in the past she has coached my sister and I into saying and doing anything that will benefit her in the courts, child protective services and any law enforcement agency that came to investigate her.”


Arrest of Martese Johnson 3/18/15
Via The Cavalier Daily on You Tube

Charlottesville, Virginia – A group of concerned students from the University of Virginia are breaking the media silence with a statement about an assault that occurred late Tuesday night into the early hours of Wednesday morning. According to the statement, University of Virginia student Martese Johnson was brutally assaulted by police after he was caught attempting to enter a bar with a fake ID. The concerned students included a picture of Martese with his face covered in blood and multiple police on top of him.

The email from the students stated that:

“Outside the doors of Trinity Irish Pub, a mass of University students bore witness to the officer’s animalistic, insensitive, and brute handling of Martese. He was left with blood splattered on the pavement of University Avenue. Today, we are reminded of the gruesome reality that we are not immune to injustice; as University students, we are not impervious to the brutality that has reeled on news cycles around the country.”


This here is 100% Police State mentality. They are together, they back each other, cover each other. Your Government doesn’t care 


Would not last 10 minutes anywhere in Europe. I could say Scotland, but nowhere would this piece of shit last long apart from the USA who argue over ‘RUBBISH’




SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Communities in the City of San Francisco are outraged after it came to light that police officers had been espousing radical hyper-racist beliefs and even suggesting violent actions based on their racism. In some cases, officers alluded to the murder of black persons for being “animals.” The cops involved are currently “under investigation.” The news spread like wild fire when text messages were leaked between now-former Sgt. Ian Furminger and active officers Michael Robison, Noel Schwab, Rain Daugherty and Michael Celis, according reports. Sgt. Furminger was already being prosecuted on corruption charges when the racist screeds were revealed. So far, none of the officers have been fired, but merely reassigned. A list of the things that the officers said has been extracted by Alternet from a federal complaint that became public last week.



Miami Beach Memorial Day Shooting May 30th 2011, cellphone video
Via Coolins335 on You Tube

FLORIDA — Police officers who shot 130 at a young man while he was fleeing from them, and injured four bystanders, will not be charged, according to reports. “All of the officers were justified in the discharge of their firearms,” the report states. The incident sparked national outrage when police unloaded a hail of gun fire on the street, executing Raymond Herisse, who was only 22. The police shot a staggering 130 bullets at Raymond. In the process, multiple bystanders suffered from injuries. It began when the officers “stopped” Raymond after the tires on his car burned out. As they confronted him in his car, they claim Raymond reached “over the passenger side seat.”



Fully Nude Strip Search by Cops: Male Police Stripping Woman Completely Naked
Via Liberty Patriot on You Tube

SAN DIEGO, CA — Over 17 cases of misconduct were “investigated” involving the San Diego Police Department on Tuesday. “The San Diego Police Department has been dealing with a misconduct scandal since 2011, when then Chief William Lansdowne announced a number of reform measures following the arrest of an officer for sexually assaulting women while on duty and other crimes,” states the report. It adds that the fact that nine officers were charged for sexual misconduct while on duty was not the result of a “single policy failure.” Rather, the numerous accounts of sexual misconduct were due to various “weaknesses.” The 100-page report is full of jargon and excuses and “recommendations” for the department, but not a single word of it reflects that police abuse is an inherent systemic problem in the United States. Of course, the report and the study that generated it were funded by the US Government — that’s to say, taxpayers. Six additional cops were charged after investigations revealed horrific acts of criminal sexual abuse. One of those officers pleaded guilty to the sexual battery of four victims, along with false imprisonment. Another officer, Officer Anthony Arevalos faced 21 charges of sexually assaulting women while he was on duty.


The World’s Dumbest Cop Pulled Over a Porn Star then posts it online
Via Missionary Positions on You Tube

When hearing this story for the first time, we thought that it had to be fake, no one could be that stupid! But yes, this cop, was in fact very stupid. A former Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper accused of receiving oral sex while on duty from a Knoxville porn actress has to be the world’s worst decision maker. James Randy Moss, served 4 years of probation for his idiotic and hilarious actions, after stopping Justis Ellen Richert, who’s known in the “industry” as Barbie Cummings. Cummings sat behind the wheel, headed home from visiting an aunt. Cummings said the trooper spotted alcohol and a bottle of illegal Vicodin pills in her car. Cummings said she told the trooper about her job and sat beside him in the front seat of his cruiser as he checked her Web site from his state-issued laptop. She said he ended up tossing the pills into the bushes, then said yes when she offered him oral sex. Cummings said the trooper shot photos and video of the act with his cell phone and sent her copies. He then asked her to put them on her blog so he could brag to his buddies on the force. And, he still wrote her a ticket. This, ladies and gentlemen, is police state corruption in its finest hour.




WARNING- GRAPHIC: Chattanooga police brutally beat man, break both of his legs
Via chattanooga on You Tube


BRUTAL POLICE BASHING- Long Beach Police Beat Man Breaking Bones – Listen to bones breaking, listen to the public pleading
Via AussieNews1 on You Tube


(VIDEO) California Highway Patrol Officer Beating Woman in the Head on Side of Road
Via Action CAM on You Tube


Cop doesnt like being called out for parking in a handicap spot to pick up some grub from Mickey Ds
Via LiveLeak on You Tube



oh before I go – Not ONE American can explain these images, Al Qaeda did 9/11 right? 



560499_380068485452044_1921872438_n (2)


Why are American people churning out things like this daily?
Sheeple of Amerika
Via AmericasThirdParty on You Tube


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