The Broken Family Unit – It’s a Global Selfish Uncaring World!! God is Money!

Lately as I wake up to an uncaring World torn between what they desire and what they think they want, and also the lust for Money everywhere is very hurtful to stand back and watch. I remember when I was a child in the 1980’s, Family was close, if one fell, we all fell, then helped each other back up. Today the ‘Family Unit’ is broken and all I can see is Money and Ego getting in the way. My Father is in his early 70’s and lives on a small Island somewhere; he has Dementia and NOBODY CARES, NOBODY GIVES A SHIT ABOUT HIM. It seems I am the ONLY person who keeps in touch with my Father, he has NOBODY really, he is alone with his thoughts and I have no idea being 700 miles away and unable to travel to him for ‘Many’ reasons, how bad things are for him, and everyone else is just caring about the people they stayed close too, like siblings, MY OWN, who turned away to the other side of whatever family. Jesus, the more I think about it, can I blame them? Pause for thought Shaun!

Me and my Nana in 1973

I remember when my Dads Mother, my Nana passed away, she died alone and unhappy. Often I think back to her, the top of my Family Tree and cry. I cry because ‘SOMETHING’ made people walk away from her, in the end she died alone and thinking nobody cared. I took ALL the blame because I was a bad kid, but I still tried, as I did along with one Aunt who sadly passed too were the ONLY PEOPLE to try. I visited most nights to make sure my Nana was in bed ok, the gas was turned off and she was safe. This was back in the 1990’s. I remember the wake after the funeral, the guilt I felt was self inflicted. My Aunt who has sadly passed away was there and came to me. She gave me a hug and said “Penny for your thoughts” I then told her what was on my mind, my Aunt cried a little and said words that helped, and I will never forget her for that and many reasons.

Edinburgh, Scotland – My Home

20 years on and my Family on BOTH SIDES is broken, I don’t see my own Sons any-more as ‘THEY DON’T WANT TO GET INVOLVED’ But involved in what? Life? Family? Love? Yeah it’s a confusing emotion. My own Mother is in a bad place and it’s SO HARD as I have NO IDEA how bad things are for her, not a clue, nobody speaks, nobody seems to give 2 fucks any more. It’s all ‘Me, Me, Me’ wherever I go, the IRONY of it all is wherever I go it’s all about ‘SHAUN’, and this is from people I have never seen in 20 years or seen in the passing a few times over the time we had two sons I am so proud off along with their Mother and now 2 little girls that literally keep me alive. But looking back I look back and smile, Edinburgh is my home, I want to leave the mess behind, but Edinburgh taught me all I know. Life just happens but Family from Childhood all moved away from Edinburgh, often I ask myself “IS EDINBURGH SO BAD” I don’t think so, it’s a beautiful place

Via: The Lake Poets on YouTube


I see a World so uncaring, so Money oriented, so scared of ‘EMOTION’ it hurts, afraid to ‘Talk deeply’ even one time and move away from it. I have never left my Childhood in the sense I am still living my life around the same people and same area of Edinburgh, Scotland. But the Family unit IS BROKEN wherever I look, anywhere I look, most if not all families just DON’T CARE, and the ones who do care are selective on WHAT SIDE OF FAMILY THEY CARE FOR, sadly many chase the money and side-step people who are ill. It’s horrible to watch. Again I am ‘Irony’ I know it! But like many I get blamed always, so I may as well be irony and just take blame right?

I have two little girls here aged 8 and 7 years old; they are starting to take note of NO FAMILY. They don’t know why, I MUST take some blame as I do have a car but LIFE JUST SAYS I CAN’T DRIVE SOMETIMES. My partner does her VERY BEST to show my Girls life, but it’s ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to sit with Family in all directions be them blood or not these days. People just hate, fear and loath over money or emotions life somehow forgot to teach a generation of people. Where did we go wrong globally, can you see it, do you even care? I know I do, but it’s like trying to fart against a storm to stop if. Yeah Scottish humor right there, got to keep smiling yeah?

What happened to us?

What happened to us all? What happened to you? What happened to me? What happened to us? Will you read this and ACCEPT BLAME? Because these days all I get from these kinds of people is ‘IT’S NOT MY FAULT’, YEAH! People just TAKE THE BLAME. I am a Grandfather in name only; I don’t see my Grandchildren and I am at the stage of giving up on EVERYONE. HOW FUCKING SAD IS THAT? And THEY will read this and just accept and not try to make up. I get it, sadly I understanding it. The worst decision I ever made was to wake up to this World, it’s IN DIRE TROUBLE

Right now if I could I would sell up, get a passport and take my Girls to Australia where I have some family who still ACTUALLY CARE. Recently I had 2 Cousins who flew from Australia to Scotland to spread ashes for a parent they lost and ONLY around 12 people or so showed up from the Scottish side of my Dads side of the Family, a family that is FUCKED. I am irony because I was not there myself, but I respected them by not going as certain people just want to get drunk and cause FIGHTS because they think ‘Being a Tough Person’ suits their style. I was one from 20 people who stayed away TO RESPECT my Australian family, I am not alone, about 10% of the Family turned up for them, Australia to Scotland and THIS!

[NOW HEAR ME OUT FFS] I was on HEROIN Levels of Drugs till a year or so ago till a voice in my head said “Tell the Dr you want out” and my Dr was amazing and changed medication allowing me to wake up JUST ENOUGH to see two little girls beside me, but also others who just ARE NOT INTERESTED in anyone bar themselves, I respect private people, I must respect hate, anger and fear in others because like you, do we have a choice? My pain is no worse nor no less than yours, my issues one and the same as you who read this. Put aside health and money for a moment and I see it, my friends see it, Family I do speak to feel like I do. It’s hurtful and awful.

I can almost remember this, I was always youngest

But Family members of mine will read this and see HATE, ANGER OR FEAR. The 3 emotions one of my Parents pressed me HARD to lose from my mind over many years. Always one of my parents was telling me “Shaun, hate anger and fear will drag you to the grave”!! So I listened and now all I do is hurt. I woke up to a level of dysfunction so badly I just want to smother the pain in drugs and say ‘Not interested’, this morning I TRIED TO REACH OUT TO A BROTHER AND A SISTER due to a worry I have for one of my Parents and I got NOTHING BUT ‘SHIT THROWN BACK IN MY FACE”, same old bullshit like “Aww Shaun!! People get old and it’s JUST LIFE” << WHAT ON EARTH HAS HAPPENED TO US ALL? I am close enough with many people still who hurt people with lack of caring people and it’s so hard to see. I have my life partner here HURTING daily because of lack of love from her OWN! You can’t deny this if you read, BUT YOU HAVE CHOICE TO FIX IT, and we are here should you decide to ‘GET INVOVLED’ in love of Family

I see 1 option for my Daughters, and it’s a new life, new ways, somewhere where people care. My only doubt and question is “DOES IT EXIST?” I fear it does not. But as long as I have air in my lungs and a mind to try hard, I will protect my Daughter from Hate, Anger and Fear like many friends and family and I who have young kids agree on “WE WILL NOT ALLOW OUR KIDS TO GROW UP AND BECOME SELFISH AND UNCARING PEOPLE” And I refuse to do this with my Daughters, AT ANY COST! Even if it hurts me to walk away totally.

I wish I felt the emotion to this picture….1975 I think

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THIS WORLD? I remember a Family so close on all sides, then I seen Drink and Drugs, abuse, hatred and more and people just slowly did what I IRONICALLY AM SAYING HERE…They just walked away! The old saying of “If you can’t beat them, join them” seems my only option for my Daughters. This rant, as it will be called a rant! if anything, it’s just a confused question of ‘HOW AND WHY’ can I help two little girls see love and happiness? I will do my best to search for answers for MY 2 DAUGHTERS!!! I must therefore be like the rest and turn around, walk away and say “I love you, but I must look after my own”

THE IRONY OF IT ALL IS KILLING ME! I am fucking BADLY disabled, my body lives in pain and my mind is FUCKED. Yet I feel I am the only person looking at our kids, all our kids, globally and thinking “HOW CAN I MAKE IT BETTER” – But then I pause, reflect, and KNOW there are people like me who want to mend the ‘Broken Family Unit’. How we sit back and allow each other to hurt and die alone, how we allow our minds to be turned by actions of perversion be them literal or fiscal is beyond my thoughts.

….I am lost, but I must find a way for 2 little girls. AT ANY AND ALL COST. No longer will I allow myself to be #Anger #Fear or #Hate, I purged my soul of these 3 deadly emotions. Sadly most people I see have not, most have 1 or 2 or all 3 emotions of Anger, fear and hate. Why?

It was ACTUALLY fun before….. lol – That is me crying North-West Scotland as my Sibling laughs 😀 Good times!!

Whoever reads this, and I only get about 300/500 reads per day these days [NOT THAT NUMBERS MATTER, I would rather 50 REAL people read it than 1,000 uncaring people read this, I am asking why has our World walked away from itself and to what? Money the illusion of happiness through the illusion of money?  But then I know people reading this will just point the finger back at me and my kind, and allow the circle of #Anger #Hate and #Fear to be in their very minds and souls, and transmit it to their own. So I MUST protect my girls from these emotions, so they grow to be free from these emotions. IF IT’S MY LAST ACT AS A HUMAN, THEN SO BE IT, I ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE WITH LOVE AND A SMILE.


When in Rome……..You know the rest surely! We give up on each other too easily. Why?


I miss them all…All I knew!






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Celebrate the life of Chester Bennington on YouTube. Friday 27th October #LinkinPark #FuckDepression

Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington tribute at the Hollywood Bowl will be live-streamed on YouTube this Friday, October 27. According to Billboard, the Linkin Park & Friends Celebrate Life in Honor of Chester Bennington concert will stream online at 7:45 p.m. PT. Early afternoon UK time, late evening for anyone in Australia, look out your own regions GMT and get the time right if you care to watch what will be an emotional night remembering a man who fought his demons, wrote about them and sang them to the World. He may be gone but but his Music is forever. Saying goodbye is choice, I say never say goodbye

The show will mark the first time the band has performed since Bennington’s suicide on July 20. Other acts set to perform include Blink-182, Bring Me The Horizon, Machine Gun Kelly, and Jonathan Davis from Korn.In addition to the tribute show, Linkin Park’s surviving members recently established the One More Light Fund in honor of Bennington as an off-shoot of the Music For Relief organization. Co-founded by Bennington, the nonprofit organization helps provide relief for survivors of natural disasters.


Linkin Park YouTube Channel: Linkin Park

[VIDEO] ♫ One More Light ♪ A Song for people tryingto beat sadness
Via Shaun Gibson on YouTube

Chester’s Wife Talinda (Twitter name: @TalindaB ) Tweet Below, is very strong in her message for #FuckDepression. My own natural thoughts as a fellow sufferer, as my Family do too is ‘Why do we say Rest In Peace’ after Death? And not say things like ‘Live in Peace’ when alive? – Why do we leave it too late, why don’t we notice the signs and help more before someome leaves us or ‘The light goes out’ on life? 😦 We must shove the Taboo nature of Suicide to one side and understand for MILLIONS of people it is a living emotion that lasts every waking moment. For many of us going to sleep at night or any time of the day is a quick release, waking up can be the moment we say ‘Enough’ – I can only promise my loved ones ‘I am trying’ alone, to beat Suicide and say #FuckDepression!



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programmer_testify-680x365I have been saying this for years, I said it to my own Country. WE MUST WAKE UP WORLD, the video below will anger you. Not me, I alrady knew, many did, millions do. We don’t vote, they rig it GLOBALLY. This is why Scotland lost, Bush beat Gore, why Hillary will be 2016 POTOS 😦 The voting machines, vote counters are being menipulated in our World. We are ALL in this, not just the USA. Tweets from around the world below and PLEASE Google this story yourself. WAKE UP!!

Via user 727Sky on

menulogo4Some more ammo for those who believe there is voting fraud being committed by the electronic voting machines. Folks we really do need to get rid of the electronic voting machines.. They are to easily corrupted to swing a precinct votes to TPTB’s chosen one. WATCH: Computer Programmer Testifies Under Oath He Coded Computers to Rig Elections

Rigged USA Elections Exposed
Via truthstream on You Tube

Curtis is seen in the video below testifying under oath in front of the U.S. House Judiciary Members in Ohio.  He tells the members how he was hired by Congressman Tom Feeney in 2000 to build a prototype software package that would secretly rig an election to sway the result 51/49 to a specified side.  After watching the video, you’ll know why true change is hard to come by. However, fraud was so rampant that a C-SPAN video caught it. Clinton’s ‘victory’ would have nothing to do with ‘luck,’ and her premature declaration of the “razor thin” tie, was no mistake.




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Bl@ck guy tells USA why Bernie Saunders is ONLY option

Video below about Bernie

Video below about Bernie

This guy done done an amazing speach on Racist America, called for Bernie as POTUS and showed Hillary Clinton for what she is, another Bush, another Obama. I am Scottish but take great interest in a changing America. We remember Ron Paul got dumped by Fox News then others last time? You know this America? Let me remind you

The media hid this from you last time

The media hid this from you last time

Had truth hidden from you before America

Had truth hidden from you before America

Did Bernie say what he did earler yesterday to get the black vote? Bernie Sanders – ‘White People You Don’t Know What It’s Like To Be Poor’ < You can click that. That blog there I thought Bernie was commiting political suicide, then I gave it though, he MUST have been playing the American race card for votes. This is not the story here, it’s the guy below in the video. Is he right? Powerful video if we look ONLY at the human side, look further, you miss the point. I must type Bl@ck as this word is a jail sentence in my culture when said in hate.

Solid Reasons to Vote For Bernie Sanders, This man has been putting in work for many years for the minority’s and for the poor.

Just Listen and Share !

Bl@ck guy on point for Saunders



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Disability, being alone and this ‘Spirit of Christmas’ issue

christmas-tis-the-season-jolly-facebook-timeline-coverBy @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

I know, I know, It’s Christmas and I probably should be on my sofa chilled out with a beer after Christmas dinner. Well sadly I can’t because of pain and all that amazing Jazz plus I don’t drink. What I suffer from is Fibromyalgia and ‘Fibro’ doesn’t know Christmas day from Pancake day it just keeps giving pain that is unbearable, the effects of Parkinson Disease and also Motor Neuron Disease and other really harsh disabilities like MS and ME and more. So for me I loved the day, loved to see my kids open presents and be with my Son, his partner and my Partner with my oldest son coming late with his partner

Fibromyalgia makes this time of the year almost impossible for people with made up invisible not hurting disabilities, disabilities that people in your life know more about than your Dr, I say that as it’s what society tells us, I find it strange that you often have to be in a wheelchair before someone will understand why you can’t visit them, I know people are dying, I know people who have died and people who have lost so this is where my own personal guilt comes into play, but as I am told by almost everyone, don’t think this way. Here are our symptoms:

Pain All Over – People describe fibromyalgia pain as deep muscular aching, throbbing, shooting, stabbing, or intense burning. Muscle groups used the most may hurt more. In addition, the severity of regional pains can make your fibromyalgia symptoms worse. The pain is unimaginable if you don’t suffer Fibro. This is the part that many can’t live with and we see suicide happen. The pain is very hard to describe, the best I can do is ‘All over toothache’ others have other ways of explaining the pain, for me all over toothache pain is what I feel. I feel like I have JUST broken several bones or snapped muscles, but it is only all day every day 😀 so it’s cool really. Many stay depressed and suicidal, I have been there and back, lost friends and family over it, all this  b@stard illness does is take from us all. 3% of the World’s 7 Billion populous suffer from Fibro. In the UK we grade it 1 to 10. Many are 2/3 just having pain in one area, I was 10 and left the pain clinic as it was pointless but I still help the pain team with sitting and speaking to Dr’s and Pain experts from all over the World at the Ashley Ainsley Hospital in Edinburgh, it has a few large halls that sit a few hundred or more. So although I suffer I spend more time helping others. It’s the old adage “To help others is to help yourself”

Fatigue – Exhaustion can be one of the most incapacitating fibromyalgia symptoms. You may feel as though your arms and legs are weighted down by concrete blocks and your body may be so drained of energy that every task requires great effort. I can be wide awake then *PING* Sleeping or sleepy. Heavy dry eyes, can happen an hour or 2 after a good sleep or at night. So too much sleep and not enough sleep. A pain it is, waking early and sleeping early is all our goals but if we are in agony and it’s 3am we have to just deal with it. For me this is the most annoying probably. I think if I fix this (Like now) for good I will live better. But I am at the mercy of Fibro

Sleep Difficulties – It’s not just about falling asleep. Repeat arousals prevent you from reaching deep, restorative sleep, so you wake up feeling as though you have been hit by a Mack truck. An overnight sleep study may show symptoms of repeat arousals, but a specific sleep disorder may not be found. For the past 5 nights I have been asleep early and up early, BRILLIANT!!! Before and I am sure it will come back I am up a day, down a day, I am missing half my life sleeping. That hurts when you miss family as I do. This is the single most difficult one that none of our families can understand and all we really try to get them to get.

Brain Fog – Trouble concentrating, retaining new information, and word-finding are common fibromyalgia symptoms that seriously interfere with daily functioning. You may be easily distracted and this symptom appears to correspond to the severity of pain (as though the brain is consumed by the pain, limiting your ability to perform cognitive tasks). This is the Parkinson Disease area of the disease. I can be talking and half way through talking *GONE* 😀 What I was talking about just vanishes, with friends/family it’s ok as they remind me, with strangers it’s embarrassing and I don’t like that bit. I tend to just not talk much now to strangers unless it’s email or type chat. Just makes it easier. This is the one thing (Pain aside) we all hate, I have to leave notes on my PC/Laptop/Phone etc for things like “Go to the toilet” or “Take Medication”

Morning Stiffness (Now Now 😀) – You may wake up to enhanced muscle soreness with fibromyalgia, but you probably also feel more stiff than usual. The cause of these muscle symptoms is unknown, but warm water and gentle stretching usually help alleviate them. I can’t move much for an hour after awakening. Often I need a cup of tea and medication before I can go about my day. Sometimes I just have to get up and walk like I am made of cardboard in agony. Also amazing fun, lol

Muscle Knots, Cramping, Weakness – No matter how much you try to relax your muscles, they may feel tense. Many contain rope-like knots called my ofascial trigger points, making you more susceptible to muscle cramping and weakness.The pain of fibromyalgia may also be a source of muscle weakness. These are very similar to Motor Neuron Disease, I get this 24/7, my hamstrings, calf muscles are worse but anywhere we have muscles/tendons etc sufferer friends and I get pain a if there has been a partial tear in any given area, go to the hospital, get a scan, all good. Very hard to diagnose us, but they hooked me up to electrical nodes and made pain happen by pulling and pushing my muscles all over, it showed increased pain activity so proving the pain was there

Digestive Disorders – Constipation, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, gas and bloating, irritable bowel, and nausea are found in roughly 40 to 70% of fibromyalgia patients. Acid reflux and a slowed digestion are also common. If you take strong pain killers it’s important to take anti-acid tablets or you will ruin your insides badly.

Headaches/Migraines – Recurrent tension headaches or migraines are present in 50 to 70% of fibromyalgia patients. Headache symptoms are usually rated as severe, occur at least two times per week, and often have a migraine component. This head pain is partly due to trigger points in the shoulder, neck, and head muscles. I get thumping headaches daily and medication does very little, laying down in bed can be the only treatment

Balance Problems – Balance confidence is greatly reduced in people with fibromyalgia. Walking patterns are altered and the odds of falling are increased. I have feel a few times now, once I slipped and knocked myself out in the hall, woke up in Dunfermline Hospital, great fun! lol

Itchy/Burning Skin – Your skin may look normal or it may have itchy red bumps similar to hives. Burning pain, similar to a bad sunburn, is also common in fibromyalgia patients. I personally get ‘Burnt Skin Syndrome’ where it feels like you are in an oven

Other Strange Symptoms? – Do bright lights, sounds, or odours bother you? These symptoms could be part of your fibromyalgia. Learn more by reading our article, “Is Sensory Overload Part of Your Fibromyalgia?”

The reason I mention all this is because it seems the only time of the year any of us with Fibromyalgia or any kind of Chronic illness get approval from family is Christmas 😀 I don’t understand this. But overall we see people being nice to each other at Christmas. My oldest son was in the drive through at McDonalds yesterday and paid for the people in the car behind, about £5 or so but that is the ‘Spirit of Christmas’ When he told me I was so proud of him, that is EXACTLY what I brought Dean and Ryan up to be, decent young men, men who will notice others around them and know love and kindness

Now I don’t speak for myself I have a few Facebook groups I run and this one here for people with Chronic illnesses allows people to get help and it helps me. Knowing we are not alone helps greatly, I guess in any situation? I notice every Christmas people are smiling, opening doors for you, letting you drive out of a road or wherever. The spirit of Christmas is true there is no argument because come January everyone turns miserable again. During the festive period everyone is a saint but 2 weeks later we all go back to the grind and hatred starts again. I have always asked myself why can’t we all act like this all year? I know many through support groups in real life and online who find it impossible to be happy, some people are just sad and it’s an illness. It’s like a heroin addict, we jail them, why not help them? This is what I am getting at. We as a species have times when we help and show love and times where we all turn miserable, me included but to be fair I do try to laugh my way through life, we are here once so smile and live for God’s sake 😀

Anyway, hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and all my friends in the USA are having a good day. It is past 7pm here in Scotland now so nearly over. For West coast USA it’s just starting, in Australia it’s already boxing day at that side of the World. I will sit and smoke a cannabis joint tonight as it is the ONLY thing that takes my pain away for any amount to of time. And as this is ‘Taboo’ series why is it people can get blind drunk, hit others, spread STD’s, cause havoc in city centre’s all over the World, lead to partners fighting, society allows this, society says ‘This is ok’ Yet if a person say? Family see me type “I will smoke a cannabis joint” I will probably be judged. This is how backwards our World can be. Our World is truly one big ironic pantomime for sure

Here, a song that I hate and a statement from a movie 😀

Wham! – Last Christmas
Via MASmusik100 on You Tube

Keep the Change You Filthy Animal
Via r2k3982 on You Tube


Why Is Sex Still Taboo?


Why is it so Taboo?

 By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

shhhhhh_by_emsvangothSomething all species must do to keep life going. Sex is something we all do, enjoy, look forward to. We all have different likes and dislikes. The question is ‘Why is sex Taboo” why do people get so embarrassed talking about the ONLY think we all do?

For me there are two forms of sex, for others there is one, for many there are dozens. People tying each other up. If this is what some people do, fair play, who am I to judge. Some sex is between gay people. Sex is enjoyment. BUT..Making love is the most amazing thing we can do. I don’t mean having sex and cuddling in, proper eye contact love making. That is a gift and a free one at that.

We have what others would call rougher sex, a sex where there is love, but sex becomes more animalistic in this form. As a species us humans are the only species who hide away from the debate that is sex. Every other species do it regardless of where they are or who is watching. Got a dog? Then you will see where I am going. Dogs will shag each other male on male, shagging each other’s faces or even its owners leg, sex for a dog is a seasonal thing, some force we humans can’t see comes into play and our dogs just won’t listen to a thing and just want to shag, other dog optional

For me I only have sex when there is meaning in it. When I was a kid it was “Fucking” Nothing more, nothing less. As a 40 year old lad now, there must be meaning. Sure things can get rough and having Fibromyalgia is a challenge when sex is around, but because the human brain releases chemicals it makes it easier.

I am not expecting everyone to reply to this and explain their sexual habits. Here in Europe sex is something we see on  TV and it gets  talked about on TV after the 9pm watershed. I shh-youll-wake-my-momhave seen many famous American people come onto ‘whatever’ chat show on TV and can’t understand our ways. We are very liberal with Sex in Europe and this is a good thing. What I mean is, there is choice. If people want to watch porn or TV shows about sex, they can. I believe as a human we have the right to ‘Choice” Many in religion will disagree, I know some who do, but why can’t religion (worldwide) just think “Don’t like, won’t watch?” I mean sex isn’t going anywhere, it keeps our species alive and it’s pleasure. In a World where life can be hard (No pun intended) and life can become difficult. For a moment, sex can take it all away. Sex to get pregnant, sex for fun, sex because of love, whatever your reason, good on you.

I never do understand many things in our World. So as long as my Editor Ian is ok with it I am going to explore ‘Taboo’ topics from time to time and I hope it can be fun. I expect some sad person to moan and complain, but these are people probably not getting sex where love is involved. I always have thought people who get all angry at talking about sex have never experienced Sex at its best, whatever that best is for you. For me, eye contact and love, being one soul, it’s a feeling I can’t explain. Two people becoming one.

It can be real love

It can be real love

It can be fun

It can be fun

This song below is just SUPERB. The lyrics are on screen.


Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire (lyrics)