So. The World lost. Why? What next for EARTH? And who really cares?


I am not going to stop blogging, and I am not leaving social media. Reason I was still blogging was because I wanted to see if my World and the World would change course and give us better. Sadly it never, my own World is run by the SNP, Scotland won the Election and has been given all the powers it will be given, end of that story for me. Scotland is 80% free and let’s forgets about that and leave it for 5 years. Also the USA is going to vote Trump or Hillary into POTUS for 2017. So in my World I have a Tory as opposition to the SNP and the World is either going to stay on the EXACT same course of corruption as it is under Hillary or even worse the World will be at War if it is Trump who is Hollywood’s chosen one. Either way America you are making our World oppressive and frankly I am just going to say this and fuck off. Scottish people who voted TORY are not Scottish, they are rich selfish pricks. The same can be said for Trump supporters, you are rich selfish scared pricks.

Although not overall majority - meaning the party will have to proceed as a minority government or form an alliance.

No overall SNP majority – meaning the party will have to proceed as a minority government or form an alliance.

Our World is fucked and the next story is a big movie or who shot JR repeats. We have and are going to keep voting our entire World into Groundhog Day. This does not make me angry; it makes me sad, very sad for my kids and your kids or grandkids. Forget where you are in the World, the next Generation is going to be so controlled it is untrue, and the Generation after that might actually stand up to the global problem that stole Scottish Independence (Allegedly) in 2014, and got George Bush’s 1st win over Al Gore in 2000 as a steal also (Allegedly) See Britain and the USA are like brother and sister, I am now wondering who the sister is in this (No slight on Woman, not what I am meaning) Who is taking it up the rear is what I mean, Britian giving it to the USA or does the USA  give it to us? This is the same force that keeps Israel happy and keeps us consuming in fear, while it’s Religious side blissfully take us to bad places. Seriously, I am done with our species on a Global level. People are just so fucking predicible it is untrue. People who voted the Tory in Scotland are selfish and should know better. Trump voters, well it gets worse from here on in, expect hell and it’s coming to all our doors all over Earth. They won, we lost. I won’t put a name on them, but if American and Scotland can’t see it, well maybe we deserve Trump and more Tory policy WITHIN THE SCOTTISH PARLIAMENT!! And 10,000 Trump Golf courses all over Scotland too

Come on World, wake up!

Come on World, wake up!


♫ The Doors – People are strange ♪ lyrics
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♫ The Doors – The End ♪ lyrics
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And I include myself

And I include myself

Like a marriage

Like a marriage

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The ’27 Club’ – Famous people to die aged 27


If you know about this then pass on by, if you don’t then read on. The 27 club is as mysterious as it is almost cult like. I have been aware of this unfortunate club for years now as a few of my favourite performers fall into this mysterious age. Had 1 or 2, maybe 5 died at age 27 I would not be revisiting this subject, sadly there were too many. Jim Morrison of the Doors I love and have done since I understood elicit music. I was born 1973, when I started to experiment with drugs it was the early 90’s, maybe late 80’s I can’t be sure. You name the drug, sadly I took it. Having 2 sons around 5 and 3 years old and a few bad experiences made me go cold turkey on the spot, I found it easy to rid my demons in one day, well I thought I had. Lately these demons have resurfaced and remind me of my actions as a younger man. Irony is something I never miss, this is happening as I come off legal drugs my Dr gives me. Dehydrocodone, Tramadol, Diazepam, Amitriptyline and Morphine are my choice of prescribed drugs these days, I hate them, I like to be in control. The pain will kill me in the end, thankfully not aged 27 But to come off the drugs I did I am thankful for happening. My partner was a big voice in me going straight, and as I say, on the same day I stopped, didn’t need to go back, didn’t feel the need for them. I found smoking harder to stop, strange huh? I can look into the soul of the 27’s and understand what did them in the end. Although not all went the bad way, many OD’d or committed suicide

So we look to the 27 club, I have read all about them and each had a demon, they smiled for cameras but look beyond the smile and into the eyes and you see a different person, I can see it but maybe I see it because I spent so much time looking at myself in the mirror asking what I had done wrong or was doing wrong . I just know the eyes. I could share ever 27 club member but I will keep it readable, at the bottom of the list of 27’s is video showing many of the 27 club. Rumours of many selling their soul to the devil are actually real should you want to go read. This is why I said ‘Almost Cult-like’ at the top. You decide, was it all coincidence? The list below is shocking. Did these people sell their souls? Was it all one moment of chance time and time again?


Jim Morrison


MTV Unplugged: Nirvana

Kurt Cobain

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse


Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin

Rolling Stone - Brian Jones

Rolling Stone – Brian Jones

Take Amy Winehouse, she came out of nowhere in the UK, she was happy go lucky always smiling and her interviews at the start she was just a kid happy to be living her dream. Sadly she took the wrong back, her friend Russell Brand was one of many who tried to save her, now they all live with some for of guilt, often in the lyrics of a song looking back we seen it coming, below is a superb song 

Amy Winehouse – Rehab – Lyrics 

Who didn’t like Jim Morrison at his peak, every guy wanted to be him, every woman wanted to be with him. I have watched almost all interviews Jim done, seen all the performances when he was on acid/LSD, the guy had burning demons inside, this song was from the early days but you can clearly see his passion for his art

The Doors – People are Strange (Lyrics) HD

Janis Joplin died of  an alleged heroin overdose and she was superb, listen to her music still, she had a melody to her music that cried out ‘I don’t care’ She was brilliant, sadly her demons dragged her the wrong way, like Amy she just got in with the wrong people

JANIS JOPLIN Piece of my Heart – Lyrics

Kurt Cobain is a strange one to this day, rumours and conspiracists alike say Courtney Love killed him, trust me there is no need to retract anything here, go Google and you will find many stories. Courtney’s father said “She pulled the trigger” The official cause of death is suicide but did his partner want his money and fame for life? We will never know

Nirvana – Come As You Are (Lyrics)

People identified as being in the 27 Club

Name Date of death Official cause of death Fame Age 27 Club
Alexandre Levy January 17, 1892 Unknown Composer, pianist and conductor 27 years, 98 days [19]
Louis Chauvin March 26, 1908 Neurosyphilitic sclerosis Ragtime musician 27 years, 13 days [19][20]
Robert Johnson August 16, 1938 Poisoning (strychnine [unattributed]) Blues singer and musician who recorded a very influential set of 29 songs. 27 years, 100 days [19][20][21][22][23][24][25]
Nat Jaffe August 5, 1945 Complications from high blood pressure Swing jazz pianist 27 years, 216 days [19]
Jesse Belvin February 6, 1960 Traffic collision (car) R&B singer, pianist and songwriter 27 years, 53 days [19][20][22][23]
Rudy Lewis May 20, 1964 Drug overdose Vocalist of the Drifters 27 years, 271 days [22][24]
Joe Henderson October 24, 1964 Heart attack R&B and gospel singer 27 years, 183 days [26]
Malcolm Hale October 31, 1968 Poisoning (carbon monoxide) Original member and lead guitarist of Spanky and Our Gang 27 years, 166 days [19][23]
Dickie Pride March 26, 1969 Drug overdose (sleeping pills) Rock and roll singer 27 years, 156 days [22]
Brian Jones July 3, 1969 Drowning[27] (coroner’s report states “death by misadventure”)[28] Rolling Stones founder, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist 27 years, 125 days [19][20][22][23][24][25][29]
Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson September 3, 1970 Drug overdose (barbiturate), possible suicide Leader, singer and primary composer of Canned Heat 27 years, 61 days [19][20][22][23][24][25]
Jimi Hendrix September 18, 1970 Asphyxiation[30] Pioneering electric guitarist, singer and songwriter for the Jimi Hendrix Experience and Band of Gypsys 27 years, 295 days [19][20][22][23][24][25][29]
Janis Joplin October 4, 1970 Drug overdose (probable, heroin)[31] Lead vocalist and songwriter for Big Brother and the Holding Company, the Kozmic Blues Band and Full Tilt Boogie Band 27 years, 258 days [19][20][22][23][24][25][32]
Arlester “Dyke” Christian March 13, 1971 Murdered Frontman, vocalist and bassist of Dyke and the Blazers 27 years, 273 days [19]
Jim Morrison July 3, 1971 Heart failure[33] Singer, lyricist, and leader of the Doors 27 years, 207 days [19][20][22][23][24][25][29]
Linda Jones March 14, 1972 Complications from diabetes Soul singer 27 years, 91 days [22]
Leslie Harvey May 3, 1972 Electrocution Guitarist for Stone the Crows and brother of Alex Harvey 27 years, 233 days [20][23][25]
Ron “Pigpen” McKernan March 8, 1973 Gastrointestinal hemorrhage Founding member, keyboardist and singer of the Grateful Dead 27 years, 181 days [19][20][22][23][24][25]
Roger Lee Durham July 27, 1973 Fell off a horse and died from the injuries Singer and percussionist of Bloodstone 27 years, 163 days [19][23]
Wallace Yohn August 12, 1974 Plane crash Organ player of Chase 27 years, 212 days [19]
Dave Alexander February 10, 1975 Pulmonary edema Bassist for the Stooges 27 years, 252 days [19][20][22][23][24][25]
Pete Ham April 24, 1975 Suicide by hanging Keyboardist and guitarist, leader of Badfinger 27 years, 362 days [19][20][22][23][24][25]
Gary Thain December 8, 1975 Drug overdose (heroin) Former bassist of Uriah Heep and the Keef Hartley Band 27 years, 207 days [19][20][23][24]
Cecilia August 2, 1976 Traffic collision (car) Singer 27 years, 296 days [34][35]
Helmut Köllen May 3, 1977 Poisoning (carbon monoxide) Bassist for 1970s prog rock band Triumvirat 27 years, 62 days [19][23]
Chris Bell December 27, 1978 Traffic collision (car) Singer-songwriter and guitarist of power pop band Big Star and solo 27 years, 349 days [19][20][22][23]
Jacob Miller March 23, 1980 Traffic collision (car) Reggae artist and lead singer for Inner Circle 27 years, 324 days [20][24]
D. Boon December 22, 1985 Traffic collision (van) Guitarist, lead singer of punk band the Minutemen 27 years, 266 days [19][20][22][23][25]
Alexander Bashlachev February 17, 1988 Fall from a height, probable suicide Poet, rock musician and songwriter 27 years, 266 days [34]
Jean-Michel Basquiat August 12, 1988 Drug overdose (Speedball) Painter and graffiti artist; formed the band Gray 27 years, 234 days [22][23][24][25]
Pete de Freitas June 14, 1989 Traffic collision (motorcycle) Drummer for Echo & the Bunnymen 27 years, 346 days [19][20][22][23][24]
Mia Zapata July 7, 1993 Murdered Lead singer of the Gits 27 years, 316 days [19][20][22]
Kurt Cobain April 5, 1994 c. Suicide by gunshot[36] Founding member, lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for Nirvana 27 years, 44 days c. [19][20][22][23][24][25][32]
Kristen Pfaff June 16, 1994 Drug overdose (heroin) Bass guitarist for Hole and Janitor Joe 27 years, 21 days [19][20][22][23][24][25]
Richey Edwards February 1, 1995 Disappeared; officially presumed dead November 23, 2008 Lyricist and guitarist for Manic Street Preachers 27 years, 41 days [19][22][23][25]
Fat Pat February 3, 1998 Murdered American rapper and member of Screwed Up Click 27 years, 61 days [19][20]
Freaky Tah March 28, 1999 Murdered American rapper and member of the hip hop group Lost Boyz 27 years, 318 days [19]
Kami June 21, 1999 Subarachnoid hemorrhage Drummer for Malice Mizer 27 years, 140 days [37]
Rodrigo Bueno June 24, 2000 Traffic collision (car) Cuarteto singer 27 years, 31 days [34]
Sean Patrick McCabe August 28, 2000 Asphyxiation Lead singer of Ink & Dagger 27 years, 289 days [19][20][22][23]
Maria Serrano Serrano November 24, 2001 Plane crash (Crossair Flight 3597) Background singer for Passion Fruit 27 years, 363 days [19]
Jeremy Michael Ward May 25, 2003 Drug overdose (heroin) The Mars Volta and De Facto sound manipulator 27 years, 20 days [19][20][22][23]
Bryan Ottoson April 19, 2005 Drug overdose (prescription medication) Guitarist for American Head Charge 27 years, 32 days [19][20][23]
Valentín Elizalde November 26, 2006 Murdered Mexican banda singer 27 years, 297 days [19]
Amy Winehouse July 23, 2011 Poisoning (alcohol)[38] Singer-songwriter 27 years, 312 days [20][22][23][24][25][29]
Richard Turner August 11, 2011 Cardiac arrest Trumpet player, collaborator with Friendly Fires[39] 27 years, 12 days [20]
Nicole Bogner January 6, 2012 Undisclosed illness Singer for Visions of Atlantis 27 years, 290 days [40]
Soroush “Looloosh” Farazmand November 11, 2013 Murdered Guitarist for the Yellow Dogs 27 years, 11 days [41][42]
Slađa Guduraš December 10, 2014 Road accident Bosnian pop singer and actress 27 years, 121 days [43]

Top 10 Musicians Who Died at Age 27 (The 27 Club)

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‘The Doors’ and why this music is my savour when pain is killing me

Jim Morrison and the Doors

Jim Morrison and the Doors

This came from questions from my article whilst in agony This is a purely selfish article here, there may be triggers for people with a chronic illness. This is about how I fight my pain. Often people say “Aww Shaun it’s only pain” But it is for life, for every of my waking moments till death. The pan is 100 on the scale of 1 being in no pain. How we all as individuals deal with a pain so real and so evil is different, some cry, some sleep through it if they can. When Chronic pain, fibromyalgia like what I have gets going it makes you want to swallow every tablet you have or drive fast into a tree. NOW! Many will be thinking “That’s a bit much Shaun” But you have to understand the pain in order to understand the statement. My skin burns, every muscle retracts, every tendon pulls every ligament twists. I can only describe the pain as ‘All over body, brutal tooth ache’ This song below, close your eyes and get lost in the song. Jim and his band used to take L.S.D/Acid and I did also for a few years as a late teenager/young adult, I had a saying “An Acid a day keeps reality at bay” and back then I think it says a lot about my old life 20+ years ago, no longer would I take this drug but temptation is always on your shoulder, I can’t escape my life with drugs, I have a partner and kids, so I do as best as I can, what do you do? What helps you? I love my life, I smile, I am blessed and things could not be better, I am defined by that, I refuse to allow the pain to define me but often I fail. Big deal? We all have problems, I writing freehand here and just suggesting what I do and what works. For people who didn’t know ‘The Doors’ performed mostly on LSD/Acid (BUT SAY NO TO DRUGS KIDS, SERIOUSLY)

Don't Do Drugs

Don’t Do Drugs

Video – The Doors – The End- Lyrics

Many look for ways to manage this pain, to manage a life where saying “Yeah I will meet you at 2pm on Tuesday” is often a lie. People who suffer from this can’t make plans, our life is a guess. We can do things but only if the moment allows. I have ways of coping when it feels like I am being pulled up and down by 2 horses and I am burning to death

The Doors - Full Circle - Cover 1

Music is my savour, I can listen to Rap to soul and all in-between, When things are bad and it’s night time I smoke some hashish, don’t confuse this with green, grass, Cannabis, this a weaker form. I will have a few smokes then go lay in bed, throw on a headset and listen to music. The Doors music is not for everyone and I can see why. Not all songs nor lyrics many will understand but with the doors I just close my eyes, feel the pain and let the beat to the music become the pain. This took me a long time to master and it only helps 20% tops. I will share some songs for when the pain wants to end my life. If you have chronic illness, take medication, lay down and try. Allow the music to become the pain and the pain to become the music, focus on the beat of the song and the lyrics and take control of your mind that is urging you to end it or go to sleep. ALWAYS speak to your Dr people. This is just what works for me. Living in Scotland I can smoke Hashish, nobody cares, my Dr knows and encourages it, he knows it helps me.

What you got to lose?

Video – The Doors – Riders on the Storm- -Lyrics

Video – The Doors – Hello I Love you – Lyrics

Video – The Doors Light My Fire – Lyrics

Video – The Doors – The Unknown Solider – (Official Video)

Video – The Doors – Love Her Madly – lyrics

Video – The Doors – Strange Days –  lyrics

Video – The Doors – Break on Through-Lyrics) HD

Video – The Doors – The Crystal Ship – Lyrics

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