So. The World lost. Why? What next for EARTH? And who really cares?


I am not going to stop blogging, and I am not leaving social media. Reason I was still blogging was because I wanted to see if my World and the World would change course and give us better. Sadly it never, my own World is run by the SNP, Scotland won the Election and has been given all the powers it will be given, end of that story for me. Scotland is 80% free and let’s forgets about that and leave it for 5 years. Also the USA is going to vote Trump or Hillary into POTUS for 2017. So in my World I have a Tory as opposition to the SNP and the World is either going to stay on the EXACT same course of corruption as it is under Hillary or even worse the World will be at War if it is Trump who is Hollywood’s chosen one. Either way America you are making our World oppressive and frankly I am just going to say this and fuck off. Scottish people who voted TORY are not Scottish, they are rich selfish pricks. The same can be said for Trump supporters, you are rich selfish scared pricks.

Although not overall majority - meaning the party will have to proceed as a minority government or form an alliance.

No overall SNP majority – meaning the party will have to proceed as a minority government or form an alliance.

Our World is fucked and the next story is a big movie or who shot JR repeats. We have and are going to keep voting our entire World into Groundhog Day. This does not make me angry; it makes me sad, very sad for my kids and your kids or grandkids. Forget where you are in the World, the next Generation is going to be so controlled it is untrue, and the Generation after that might actually stand up to the global problem that stole Scottish Independence (Allegedly) in 2014, and got George Bush’s 1st win over Al Gore in 2000 as a steal also (Allegedly) See Britain and the USA are like brother and sister, I am now wondering who the sister is in this (No slight on Woman, not what I am meaning) Who is taking it up the rear is what I mean, Britian giving it to the USA or does the USA  give it to us? This is the same force that keeps Israel happy and keeps us consuming in fear, while it’s Religious side blissfully take us to bad places. Seriously, I am done with our species on a Global level. People are just so fucking predicible it is untrue. People who voted the Tory in Scotland are selfish and should know better. Trump voters, well it gets worse from here on in, expect hell and it’s coming to all our doors all over Earth. They won, we lost. I won’t put a name on them, but if American and Scotland can’t see it, well maybe we deserve Trump and more Tory policy WITHIN THE SCOTTISH PARLIAMENT!! And 10,000 Trump Golf courses all over Scotland too

Come on World, wake up!

Come on World, wake up!


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And I include myself

And I include myself

Like a marriage

Like a marriage

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Missing Rose Polge: What we know so far about junior doctor’s disappearance


Rose Polge, missing presumed Dead. What is the story here?

Missing Jr Dr Rose Polge ‘left note addressed to Jeremy Hunt’ #WHY? was the blog on the missing Jr Nurse, before I had been on the story and I did suggest it ‘Could get ugly’ It’s Not Fair, Not Safe: American Medic on Junior Doctors and the English NHS and a few others. She is still missing, her family and friend fear the worst. To remind people, she was part of the group of Young Dr’s and Nurse’s movement, so high she was dealing with the protests, a protest now called off. You can make your own minds up as to why Rose stopped half way through her shift looking upset and left ONLY a letter to Jeremy Hunt who has now read that letter, the poor girl is still missing presumed dead after the Police found a jacket belonging to her in the sea THAT THE MEDIA JUST HAPPENED TO GET A PHOTO OF. Use logic here people and you see a World you won’t like. Stay dumb and this keeps happening to people. This isn’t the 1st person to go missing due to Government argument’s and certainly not the first to die if she is after almost 10 days or so, still missing as the Media we trust? Are telling us. What do you REALLY think here people?  Links to this story are at the bottom of all my blogs as well as Tweets about the story from others. Also, the images and thoughts you might think regarding this story might bring up things you are not used to thinking. Please don’t dismiss anything. We must wake up to these stories and allegations WE ALL KNOW, but look away from always. Why are most STILL doing this? Are we all really so stupid?


Police found her jacket here, also the MEDIA JUST HAPPENED to catch the photo of it.. Hmm



The disappearance of 25-year-old Rose Polge 10 days ago was followed by a huge search operation by police and coastguard, as well as friends and family. Helicopters, drones and sniffer dogs have all been employed in the effort to find her, so far unsuccessfully. The search was scaled back on Friday.

It has been often noted that missing-person cases garner unequal media coverage. It is said that newspapers are more interested when the person who has disappeared is white and middle-class, for instance. In the case of Rose Polge, attention was piqued by the fact that she is a junior doctor, who had last been seen leaving her work at Torbay Hospital mid-shift. It was reported that she had been stressed and references on her Facebook page suggested she had opposed the Government’s proposed changes to junior doctors’ contracts. Finally, it emerged that Dr Polge had left a letter that mentioned Jeremy Hunt by name.

Media speculation went into overdrive. It was said the note was actually addressed to Hunt, the clear implication being that the Health Secretary’s NHS reforms had led directly to a young doctor’s disappearance, perhaps to her death. Reports quickly moved on from the search narrative – suddenly Jeremy Hunt was the story.

All this was pretty unseemly. For a start, the whereabouts of Dr Polge remain unknown, as does the matter of whether she is alive. Gossiping about the possible contents of what might or might not be a suicide note is at best unhelpful, and is surely distressing for her friends and family.

Moreover, to create a political plotline both undermined the sense of Dr Polge as an individual and over-simplified the account of her disappearance. Indeed, it appears that reports of the note being addressed to Jeremy Hunt were simply wrong.

In these circumstances, I was unconvinced by the headline to a very short item in Wednesday’s Independent. The article simply noted that Dr Polge had left a letter to her family and said it mentioned Jeremy Hunt in passing. Yet we headlined it with “Hunt in doctor’s note”. That suggested to me a clouding of priorities and an undue preference for a detail which is arguably private and which at this stage hardly feels pressing.

Drawing the boundary lines

Last Monday’s paper included a story about proposals to permit the development of an open-cast coal mine near Druridge Bay, 30 miles or so north of Newcastle. The report referred to the fact that the site of the mine stretches across an area of around a square mile in size and noted that its coast-side boundary would be about 800 metres from the bay’s sand dunes.

The picture accompanying the report showed a much larger area of the coastline and was captioned: “The site of the proposed mine on Druridge Bay”. This resulted in a complaint that by failing to pinpoint the precise boundaries of the mine on our picture, we had misled readers into thinking it would be much bigger than in fact is proposed.

Yet one of the concerns among some local residents is precisely that the mine will have a deleterious effect on the surrounding coast and countryside. Showing that wider expanse was therefore absolutely appropriate. Moreover, readers are not stupid. Given that a third of the photograph showed the sea it was self-evident that the site could only form a portion of the area shown. And any doubts were surely clarified by the text of the report – all readers had to do was dig a little.

~~End Story~~ 

Today’s student activists only reflect the censorship of our Government

Missing junior doctor Rose Polge ‘left note referring to Jeremy Hunt


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