The USA is falling into Fascism and Hatred we seen in WWII


I had an American friend tell me a few days ago “Shaun you should read the Quran, because ALL MUSLIMS want to kill you” Now I was shocked, I have MANY AMAZING MUSLIM FRIENDS, I angered a little and I felt right away the person telling me this was just a scared American person who has NO IDEA what the Muslim Culture actually is when you set aside an old book. The Ironic part is this person telling me this is a Catholic!!! Now, I was born Catholic, I don’t hate ANYONE, but I walked away from Religion for my reasons, I respect anyone’s will, UNLESS THE THOUGHTS THEY HAVE IMPACT OUR WORLD BADLY. The person who told me “Your Muslim Friends Want To Kill You” is actually a very decent person, I offered this person to join my Facebook wall but made him aware my Facebook wall is full of people who would find him VERY OFFENSIVE! So he refused to join my page and debate. Why? Let me tell you why I think this person didn’t want to debate clever Scottish/European/ALL people, I think it’s because he is in a group of American people WHO JUST CAN’T DEBATE, be it because of an old book, or someone else’s old book they live by. It’s pathetic; it’s offensive to the World, a World that is slowly walking away from the USA. A USA that will build a wall to keep people out, but please remember, walls keep people in too. America, I will leave some old blogs below, but YOU ARE FALLING AND DYING, our only hope is American people do not stop marching and protesting, that the clever Americans with free minds to see clearly will keep walking and talking. America is close to becoming Fascist. The WORLD warned the USA, I was called a ‘Lone Voice’ by another Religious person who had NO IDEA of the Millions of people, 10’s of Millions, maybe a Billion or more people like me, trying hard to get people to look past a book of scripture and NOT BE SCARED TO DEATH WITH LIES FROM MEDIA AND FALSE PROPHETS. We failed to get America voters to see the lies 😦 So America the ball is now in your hands, the World will help you, but 1st you need to admit you need help. I believe, as I have for years now that the USA is very close to Civil War, then Martial Law. I have no reason to change my opinion, an opinion I came to with hundreds of people and seen in Millions more for many years now. American friends, American’s who pretend to be my friend but fail BADLY at telling me they like me because they lack the ability to point score, or just point score, they do it so badly IT’S FUNNY 😀 I bought a new car a few weeks back and this one American was VERY QUICK to ask “Where was your car built?” As it was a Ford, I can only imagine how they felt when I told them this Ford car was created in Brazil, made in India and sold throughout Europe from Germany, NOT 1 AMERICAN HAND HAS TOUCHED MY NEW FORD CAR!, how sad is that type of person? Scary sad? or just scary? This person like the ‘Muslim Hater’ above is a Trump voter who is scared. I stopped blogging as it hurts my hands and it confuses my mind, so I need help to type this. I am happy and blessed I live in a free and democratic Country, and not 1 American can sit ANYWHERE these days and say “People are STILL flocking to the USA for a better life” because People are leaving the USA today. The American dream IS DEAD, it is no longer ‘Land of the free, home of the brave’, it is now ‘Land of the scared, home of the brainwashed 😦

czorbe0xcaanb93Below is a song from the movie ‘Selma’ and the Oscar acceptance speech by two men who could see a Trump type America was a clear and present danger to the USA. People cried after they spoke in the 2nd video below, I REFUSE to put a label or colour on anyone who cried. The ability to cry for Humanity I believe needs a free mind. If your mind is bound by a book or the lies from Politics and Media of any kind, it is IMPOSSIBLE to make a clear statement, debate or give reason to your choices. THIS!! Is why (SOME) American’s just can’t debate, or talk, they just throw hate at people and block them. This is ignorance, I can handle ignorance, but the World can’t and won’t help a people who deny their own selfish ignorance. Song and Oscar winners warning below. Also some old blogs I did going as far back as 2014, at the bottom of ALL blogs are 3 more pointing to the same story. I am not a blogger no more, I beg people use any of my research and take it and own it, use it as your own, I am not big on being the one who told a story or getting hits on an Internet page. No, I live in the real World. Where do you live?

Glory (From the Motion Picture Selma) Oscar Performance
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Common & John Legend Acceptance Speech Oscar 2015
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Time’s Up!! Obama’s Third Term FEMA 2016 Martial Law Disaster! Time’s Up!


I won’t say too much here, I have said it over and over, many others have said it over and over. America is preparing for something. I strongly believe there will be no next POTUS; I think Obama will get past 2 terms. Not my Country, why should I care? A part of this Video below is a Congressman being told twice to ‘Not mention Martial Law’ at a Congressional hearing. Video and links below for those who want to know. Obama has changed Amendment 22 so he can declare martial law anywhere on Earth, including the USA. FEMA Camps and more is the story. Know your own rules and laws America, because your lack of knowledge and all the changes to your constitution will be your downfall. Again this is not my news, I am sharing what is there should you look. It’s going to happen, this isn’t like 2000 and 2012 in terms of worry and myth, no this is going to happen

Time’s Up!! Obama’s Third Term FEMA 2016 Martial Law Disaster! Time’s Up!
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ROCKY BALBOA – More Than a Movie?

I have this framed on my living room wall to remind me

I have this framed on my living room wall to remind me

Remind me of what? That it was just a movie or it was motivation for us all to know we can win when loss is all we see. I did boxing for many years as a kid but never really wanted to fight. I was put into boxing by my Dad to teach me street rules, not academic rules. It gave me an insight to what reality was doing boxing training, with my trainer at the time the Scottish Middleweight Champion. I so wanted to fight for real for a long time but as I have said my Dad wouldn’t let me fight real till I could protect myself, back then I never got it, today I try to tell my sons about it. Circle of life and all that. Why write a book to be unread? Why write a song to not listen? Why make a movie to not watch? What I do here is the same as any of these 3 things, I am reaching, trying, living and learning. Rocky made me love America and for a time I believed the ‘American Dream’ Only to grow older aged 42 now to know that dream died. The Newsroom TV Show’s first scene have you seen it? For me this is the UTTER TRUTH of America. I will leave a few video’s that inspire me, in hope it inspires people who need inspired today. Rocky and Back to the Future made me fall in love with America as a kid in a broken world. What the guy says in the 1st video below is sadly the reality, the internet shows the truth sadly. And this is why I dislike social media yet have a hard time turning away from it because I know I have been helped so I want to help back in any way I can. I love America but Government and Media have made it wrong and lies and, well other things you can define at will. #Respect 


The Most Honest Three Minutes In Television History
The sad truth of what happend to America
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ROCKY BALBOA Deleted scene (very sad)
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Carl Weathers Interview on the Rocky Series
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Rocky’s Nervous Breakdown Hurts Mickey (Deleted Scene) Very SAD
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Rocky Balboa Speech – Motivation
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Rocky III – Rocky Says Goodbye to Mickey
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The Very Best Of Rocky Balboa- Tribute
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Unreal truth spoken from American past that is true today, always the truth is there
What could have been, then his Brother, what would the USA be today?
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