Lib Dem MP Alistair Carmichael to face questions in election court

I say about time. In previous blogs I have said many times I expect this modern day nobleman to sit tight on his earnings for as long as possible. His constituents are angry and they want a re-take. This will … Continue reading

MP Alistair Carmichael faces election legal challenge

I said at the time of the story coming out Alistair would stay and take every penny (Bottom of the page 3 blogs always) he was due till this process throws him out of office and the 56 become 57 … Continue reading

Alistair Carmichael hires lawyer for battle with constituents – As he takes money before standing down

I don’t know what this guy is trying to pull here, I have family near Kirkwall on the Orkney Islands and all his supporters have turned against him, well a vast majority have anyway. For me his position is now untenable … Continue reading

Petitioning Alistair Carmichael MP Resign as an MP

This is not my Petition, it was started by a guy called Martin Sinclair Sign the petition here:  < Alistair Carmichael, for your part in the leaking of a false document designed to deliberately sabotage the election campaign of a political … Continue reading

Nicola Sturgeon demands Alistair Carmichael stand down over memo leak

I said this was a Liberal Democrat at the time, & I think it is only right Alistair Carmichael either stands down over this. With him being one of the non SNP  Westminster 56 seats he COULD Have came clean over this before … Continue reading

Protesters vow to keep going until Carmichael goes – Petition here

Petitioning Alistair Carmichael MP Resign as an MP I have family up there, not too best pleased I guess. There is a petition above, there is a link in there, so far 12,288 supporters petitioned him to go, 2,712 needed to … Continue reading

Lib Dem MP admits to ‘untruthfulness’ over Sturgeon memo leak

Something of real substance to write today and this is more proof if we need it that the people of Scotland are pushing the freedom movement still, we own our Politicians and the people from the Islands raised the money … Continue reading

Mundell criticised for refusing to say what he knew of ‘Frenchgate’ memo

Poor form but not surprised at all here. Carmichael will stand down but not till he takes every last penny he is due or thinks he is due. I have family on an Island Alistair commands and I am told … Continue reading

Sturgeon: English Votes Plan ‘Unacceptable’ – SNP Playing a BELTER

Nicola is speaking for Scotland here but also Wales and Northern Ireland also vast amounts of English people. How can it be democratic for England to vote like this when it has clear consequences to the countries I mentioned? Scotland … Continue reading

No 10 refuses to say whether David Cameron knew of leaked Nicola Sturgeon email

Makes us all now wonder who else knew, was this a Unionist agenda? I am proud us Scot’s have not taken this lying down and we demand the truth. We must keep asking and sharing what we can. This could … Continue reading