Muslim Brotherhood have the USA – Hate of Islam wants it Back – See It Now?


Obama’s Men

I am getting a lot of heat from American people all over the Social Media I am on tonight for the blogs below this one I did last night. They are too big for me to ignore as they spell disaster. I think people said “It will be ok” before, and it wasn’t. Also I way ALWAYS the small detail I share often becomes the biggest, today I can stand correct on that theory. Well done Shaun, proud of you I hear not many say 😀 As always I tag in sources and add tweets from people around the globe, lets get real facts on 2016. We all know in WWII 61 Countries were involved. We look today and 151 Countries are either in/at or in Civil War, I think it is fair to say “World War 3” has begun guys. Many will dismiss and play out their groundhog existence scared to even think of this notion, I am able to read it, accept it but turn the internet off and not worry, there is nothing ANYONE can really do, 11 Countries are at peace today with the rest involved in War in some way, go research, all confirmed HERE also

I did this last night: Trump-Racist-USA-Cameron-Scotland – This Could End Our World!!!

I warned: December 9th 2015: Voting Donald Trump is bad for our World – Makes USA more Fascist

August 4th 2014 I seen the hate: Donald Trump: Ebola-Infected Aid Workers Must Suffer the Consequences

Strange this image. Trump's Friends. But why?

Strange this image. Trump’s Friends. But why?

We really can’t presume anything at this stage. I am told ‘allegedly’ Nicola Sturgeon wants an official ban for Trump Coming to Scotland and she should get that wish. Scotland loses £700 Million a year if we lose Trump as a friend, but let’s look what his money actually is and leaves. £700 Million is a lot but it isn’t even 1% of Scotland’s yearly fiscal intake. People are making it out to be global fiscal disaster for Scotland. Reality is it’s not. I know David Cameron can’t stomp on Trump too hard because he might be USA POTUS in a year. Cameron said live on TV in Westminster “Let him come and his hate will unite us all against him” Basically “Don’t come here” but in a Political way. Nicola has said on record she doesn’t want Trump anywhere near Scotland and stripped him of ANY Fiscal ties also, so this £700 Million is political media speak, SNP accepted the loss because we as nation in Scotland don’t like Racist’s or Bigots even people who are sectarian, Trump crossed that line in an already troubled to the trained eye, Scotland.

Trump stripped of his role as a Scottish business by Nicola Sturgeon
Via WrappedUp on You Tube

America is falling..

Why would I worry? I am not worried…

But I am worried for my American friends..

Does that count as being a friend?

Like I say always “I have no hate, I have no fear”

Scotland is kind of the same all over in our dislike of Trump

America is in panic/fear/denial mode and the World can see it

We see it Globally. American’s are seeing it, but not enough are.

Some just want it to go away by magic. But it won’t

Muslim Brotherhood have hold of the USA

Muslim haters want control of the USA

I have been VERY clear in my 2 year research. You can find EVERY WORD AND ALL RESEARCH ”HERE

The American’s having a go at me are probably correct in their thinking, we know why but lets not play the Religion card shall we? We are all looking on in disbelief globally. All I do is try to give American friends and our World understanding of truth along with MILLIONS of others. Trump said it, Cameron disliked it, Nicola was disgusted by it, the World looked on in disbelief, American people are disgusted, People rich and poor are saying it globally, keep in mind, and I hope people get this, the USA is 5% of the World’s populous. They are so small it is untrue yet yield so much power it is a danger to our species. There is not such a thing as a ‘Loan Blogger’ I believe I am good in company with over half of 7 Billion of humanity in sharing, speaking this story and it’s truth as well as lies. Something 200 Million American’s can’t seem to understand or grasp.

It's been played

It’s been played

What is about to happen I said 3 years ago. I think people, like the bible says even, people thought I meant “In years to come” or “Soon” No, it was happening, it had been started, today it is more visible to John and Jane Doe, everyone can see if they dare to look . Today is it showing more, really visible, that visible we hear it now.  Once the race card is played a people divide, a Nation becomes fear and they take aim at what they hate. This could go many ways, we MUST not allow this to happen again. Trump must not be allowed to brand Muslims as Hitler did Jews, both were and are wrong, on so many humanitarian levels.

download (9)

Never an answer to this. It’s OLD AND BORING..But tells a story. What story?


Why can so many be so closed minded?


Is it arrogance people refuse to see the truth in front of them?


Who replaced them?

images (9)

Seems to be the safe zone these days


American’s send me these images.


When the race card is played, there is no return till blood is spilled. History tells us this

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Divide and Conquer is at play in the USA, all my links are above, please research and share

Don’t sell your soul to fear, Please!




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