Disinvestment to Drylaw Centre Edinburgh – Shouldn’t happen [PETITION]


This is an area where I was born, I grew up there, learnt a bit of life there, so I could not pass up a chance to try and help a cause I was aware of but not to the level I am now. Seems the Scottish Government want to do away with this centre and the people of the area and some Politicians are trying to keep the doors open. I have just read as much as I can on the subject and had to act. I get sent a TON of these a week and often I just don’t have the time to research it to the point I know the meaning of the Petition. To anyone born in Drylaw, Muirhouse, Pilton, Granton or Telford, please take a second or two to sign this petition to keep alive something the local area and it’s people need and don’t want to lose. This isn’t about POLITICS, who is right, who is wrong, this is about people coming together to do ‘The right thing’, please try and sign and if not please share. We might be 100/200 miles from you but an independent Scotland means we are in it together, lets start showing what a Free Scotland will do. We may not be free but to be free we must become 1, so lets start here. This impacts family and friends of mine. I ask please. Sign and share. What this Centre represents is what my life is today, this area made me, and many of the issues in the first paragraph are things I would need if I still lived there, being disabled myself with two young kids.


Via: https://www.change.org/ <Please visit and sign this petition! 


Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre to close on 31st March due proposed ‘disinvestment’ by the City of Edinburgh Council in this year’s annual grant programme to charities. Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre provides a huge range of essential, accessible services to people of all ages – from babies to residents in their 90s – including people experiencing physical disabilities, mental health issues, learning difficulties, social isolation and poverty. Services are delivered by, for and with local people. Maintenance of this grant funding is essential to keep the Centre open and continue its work to help Drylaw thrive.There are no grounds for ‘disinvestment’. This is a much valued and successful Community Centre serving as a local hub in an area of multiple deprivation and across the Inverleith Ward. There is no public building in the immediate area and the Centre operates as a contact and service co-ordination base during severe weather to help vulnerable people. It has received Council support since inception and has met all grounds and targets for grant funding. User satisfaction levels are regularly evaluated and range between 80 – 100%. This year, the Council are proposing to offer grants to new, un-tested projects – including those run by private businesses – rather than local charities or voluntary/community groups who rely on Council funding. Without Council funding most other trusts and foundations will withdraw or refuse additional funding to charities which provide essential community services. Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre is financially lean and efficient – but it delivers big outcomes for its 1000’s of users each year, including running the essential breakfast club for Ferryhill Primary School. Petition wise there are 247 signatures needed to reach 500, PLEASE HELP!

Leader of City of Edinburgh Council
City of Edinburgh Council

MINUTES FROM: DRYLAW TELFORD COMMUNITY COUNCIL MEETING – Wednesday 30th September 2015 7:00pm – 9:00pm In Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre



Scotland, lets start to show WHY we want free by helping our own!

dnc DNC-620x270 DrylawNC11 easter-drylaw-park skater







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5 comments on “Disinvestment to Drylaw Centre Edinburgh – Shouldn’t happen [PETITION]

    • Yeah it is for toddlers to pensioners.
      These places are being closed at alarming rate, I think most know how important they are to all our area’s, some more than others.
      Thanks a lot.. Appreciate your friendship


  1. Hi, Shaunynews.

    This may be unrelated, but there is a video of David Pakman making the rounds that is getting a bit of attention. He is a liberal internet news host. This young man – Kyle Kulinski – is another liberal internet news host. Anyway, it is about the possibility of right-wing American TV news host Bill O’Reilly moving to Ireland. It’s kind of funny.

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