Most Iconic ‘Rocky Balboa’ Scene – RUINED! 2 Videos


Globally Iconic image for all time

So I was bored, in bed, browsing away for anything worth reading or watching and found this video. The ICONIC piece of movie history where Rocky Balboa starts his daily run, 1 kid follows then 5, then 100 kids follow, Rocky then runs up the stairs, 72 steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In the movie it is all emotional with music. Then there is the video I found, same scene but no music, just actor Sylvester Stallone huffing and puffing and shouting random stuff. 1st video is real movie, 2nd is pre-edited 😀 Check this out 😀 Just for fun

Rocky Running Up stairs WITH music


Rocky Running Up stairs WITHOUT music


Philadelphia Museum of Art

Philadelphia Museum of Art


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