My Experiences with panic attacks

Great blog from Paul Mcginley’s Mental Health. I suffered Panic Attacks for years, you REALLY do think you are dying. On the > right of my blog, look for A team of Dr’s who helped me stay alive. Great blog my friend. Keep tying, keep sharing. Suffering MUST have a voice. You show strength, not weakness. Always good to meet new people. We ain’t alone, you got that right, 10/10. Long read, but the right people will read. #KeepOnKeepingOn


My Experiences with panic attacks

Panic attacks are horrible things. It is so sad how so many people suffer from them too. I’ve had my fair share of them in my life and it tore me to pieces. The problem with them is that they come on so rapidly and so randomly. In this blog I will talk about my experiences with panic attacks and how far I’ve came in the last 18 months.

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