Jihad in America: The Grand Deception – Muslim Brotherhood in the USA (Trailer)


I am going against the grain here. I would like to thank  for this. The tweet was the trailer I had already seen snippets from. USA Muslim Brotherhood. Something I blogged to death when I cared. Muslim Brotherhood USA <Click) I don’t really care any more, but I have friends in the USA. It is now up to them to dismiss or embrace this story. I have spoken and written about it for almost 2 years. I live in a REAL Democracy here in Scotland so I know when something isn’t democratic. YOU THE READER MUST DECIDE TO BELIEVE OR NOT. I am impartial to be honest. So many believed people like me 100% believed everything we shared was 100% true. That is and was never the case. For every other Country I blogged about I blogged about my own Country 100 times more.

The Grand Deception Excerpts
Via Grand Deception Film on You Tube


To date not 1 American has told me, debated with me or even guessed what John Kerry was saying here. I don’t expect this to change. He is telling the people of the USA to side with Islam, to embrace Muslims. Why? USA are bombing ISIS (Muslims) to death just now. Accusations the USA Fund ISIS are too many to share but I will try 1 LAST TIME. Click HERE < for ‘Who funds ISIS’ And scroll down

Blog and Video: John Kerry Claimed The Bible’s Scripture Commands USA To Join Muslim Nations <Click)


The Information was there all along. And I won’t share it any more, this is last time for me. America’s problem now



Orange Zone USA – Google or You Tube it


Who Funds This?

Una delle foto del lungo convoglio di pickup con a bordo uomini armati e incappucciati e bandiere nere dell'Isis, pubblicate da un sito jihadista, El Minbar, con il titolo


All you had to do was look….





christian vs Islam



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