Jihad In America – The Muslim Brotherhood Deception – FULL VIDEO


Below I shared the trailer for this shocking documentary about Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood, a story I have shared for 2 years. The blog below this one has all the links and everything that this documentary has. America and Europe are targets and we are asleep to it’s presence. There are 1.7 Billion Muslims on Earth, that is almost 1/5th of Humanity. If 1% of Muslims were ISIS then that is 1.7 Million ISIS and the World would be at War and we would see beheadings all over the World every day and worse. So there are not 1.7 Million ISIS members. Try about 000.1% of Muslims are ISIS and you are still left with around 170,000 ISIS member and I think even 170,000 would be more visible. Who funds ISIS? Where is Al Qaeda go? I will tell you, they were re-named, re-branded and re-funded by the USA and Isreal. When Trump becomes President he wants to build a wall to keep Muslims out or ‘Terror out’ But has it not made American people think “OK, a wall..but wait, if people can’t get in, also it means people can’t get out. The picture changes when we become knowledge. ISIS is a lie, and if you want to know why, sit and watch this and stop being ignorant and hateful towards Muslims!! You don’t fool anyone America, but you do fool yourselves…And that is lack of Education and Media control. You already know the USA is 37th at Literacy on this planet meaning out of every Country, be them 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th World, America is 2nd/3rd World clever or stupid, and it shows very well all over the Internet. But do know I know TONS, MANY VERY CLEVER American people. Sadly more ar thick as shit..

Jihad In America – The Muslim Brotherhood Deception
[FULL VIDEO] Kingdom Warfare Ministries Via on You Tube


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