PROVE THEM WRONG – Motivational Video


Today as I near the day I have to face hell, I am looking to be inspired. People are saying “Shaun will fail” And this gives me inspiration not to prove people wrong but to show I can be a better father and friend. I WILL CHANGE AND THEN PEOPLE CAN WATCH IN UTTER DISGUST AT HOW PEOPLE TREAT ME AND SPEAK TO ME. But I have no hate, I have no fear. All I do is live and understanding my mistakes and fixing them. I will share video’s that inspire me. If they inspire you, brilliant! I am no preacher of what is right, what is wrong. I am living, learning each day. What makes it hard are 3 disabilities I have. Don’t you dare feel sorry for me, people have these issues and they are defined by them, so today I say “I define myself” and I will. As I say, in 6 months people will treat me different and it will be disgusting..But maybe ok too. People are people, I am a people too. What inspires you to get up every morning and work? What inspires me to try and sleep, to try and wake up, to hide the tears of pain from my girls? The answers are all the same should you understand the questions. I am going to change for me, but also for people I love. I tire of being the joke, I tire of being mocked, I tire of being made a sympathy feeling. Soon the World is mine and I change the World. I say to people “Change the World” They reply “I can’t change the World” So I reply back with “Then change your own World” If we all did? Sky is the limit. I am trying so hard to not be ‘Social Media’ that I dislike but this is the ONLY place I can talk these days where I make sense. So the journey begins and I will go to hell and hopefully return better. But define better? Define Normal? Define Good? Nobody can, we just have our versions of the question to tell

PROVE THEM WRONG – Motivational Video
Via Be Inspired on You Tube


How Bad Do You Want It? (Success) HD
Via Matthew Howell on You Tube


Why Do We Fall – Motivational Video
Via Mateusz M on You Tube


DO WHAT IS HARD – Motivational Video
Via MotivationGrid on You Tube


Do you want to be just 'face in the crowd?' - I don't

Do you want to be just ‘face in the crowd?’ – I don’t


Noel Gallagher – Half The World Away (Live)
Via veniceboyon You Tube


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3 comments on “PROVE THEM WRONG – Motivational Video

  1. bE NEW You .. CHANGE YOUR DIET TO ORGANIC ANIMAL FREE FOOD AND stop supporting tribal hatred subconsciously, then maybe the truth will fall into your lap without you bragging so much about your death sentence ?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I approved this to show ‘Hate’..Because what you are is ‘Hate’. Thank you for proving my point about ‘Humanity’ I look at people, I look at myself, I don’t live it, I write it. So, look in the mirror Doineann Fheargach. Yeah I now know more about you do, than you do 😀

      Well I will be fucked haha…

      You are the VERY thing I write about.
      You are testament to my belief system that ‘PEOPLE ARE STRANGE’ Myself included. Welcome to the words of the ‘IDIOTS’
      😀 😀 FFS….GET A LIFE..
      I write to myself, I don’t care who reads.
      But you read it and became the very thing I am learning not to be. I allowed your comment through knowing deep inside it could bring me ‘Trouble’ But when I say “I do not hate, I do not have fear’ I didn’t expect some fuckwit to try me on it..

      Well played thicko 😉


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