The Insecurities of Social Media


The Game we call – Social Media

Yeah I know this bores me too, sadly at 8:10 AM as I write this I am bored to tears. Slept 35 hours straight Sunday through to Monday and when I woke up I wanted to go back to sleep. Kept myself awake and pulled the ‘Nightshift’ Something I am doing less of these days. A healthy sleeping pattern is so hard with M.E (Chronic Fatigue being 1 part of M.E) when your body and mind are saying “Sleep” but you can’t sleep. Also when your mind says wake up and you can’t and fall asleep for a fortnight awaking as I did a few days ago in a new year πŸ˜€

This can't be good....

This can’t be good….Today’s reality I was caught up in

So social media. I observe our species, our ways, our insecurities fears and flaws the same as a Comedian does, Billy Connolly and Eddie Izzard also George Carling are 3 that come to mind. I see people and read them often on social media, not conscious I am doing it but doing it none the less. Often I see ‘Happy’ when in-fact it’s sad and also unhappy when really there is nothing to be unhappy about, and I always include myself in all this as I type aimlessly trying to find meaning to it all


What does this image represent?

I came off Facebook for good a week or so ago, I have seen people DIE because of Facebook and similar close up Social Media, suicides also because of Social Media, of course some just go flawlessly while most read font wrong (Like me) and nothing becomes something. I have seen couples divorced on Social media, I have seen people find love on Social Media, also I see people write their pain in social media. Basically in Social Media there are no rules apart from giving the impression everything isΒ A-OK!! When it isn’t. What I noticed on Facebook more was scared people, people really unhappy but giving the impression they live in a comedy club, and listen I respect it all. I am just putting forth what I see. I have no legal or other reason to be saying this πŸ˜€ As I said, I was just bored so opened up a .Word and started to type knowing it was the insecurities of Facebook. Facebook is where bandwagons are jumped on, social media is where we can’t call a school 8l@ckboard any more, it’s a white board, where we must be careful in words we share. We have become VERY PC in our lives. People are REALLY scared to comment in-case someone calls them wrong and this is probably the worst of Social Media. I remember a world of Family and togetherness, today I see loneliness for many sadly


“Why won’t nobody like something I said or did on Facebook” ..Is so common it is INSANE!

We are almost defined by Social Media by people we have not met once, and that alone is proof enough what the Internet has done to us as a species. We are a TERRIBLE species when you put us under the microscope, but it’s confusing because we all have moments of individual love and kindness put in-front of us. Always on Social Media I tell the truth best I remember it. The drugs were a problem with memory before yet not so bad now. One thing I can say is “I was real on Social Media”

This is our brave new technology era, sad or what? All we see is this

This is our brave new technology era, sad or what? All we see is this

The real kick in the teeth is what I wrote here is ironic because the very same logic I use above I am doing right now πŸ˜€ The internet is more fun when you don’t do up close Social Media as it’s almost impossible to read a blog like this and feel my emotions. I am smiling, drinking a cup of tea, having an ok morning, I just felt compelled to show anyone who reads this that we are all irony. Social Media used the way it was meant to should have made the World a better place, sadly since it’s conception and parts needed made by my Scottish kin have made a monster out of us all in moments or a fake smile behind real tears and vice versa and any other moment or reality we care to share. Also I don’t really question anyone here, I am more pointing at our World right now and seeing 100,000 people show up to a Sports Event, but when our Government do wrong we complain on Social Media. If we showed the same love of real life on Social Media it would be strange. There are some who are ‘decent’ and know how to use Social Media well. I am told I do very well, 3 Million views in 18 Months or something. I don’t brag, I deleted it all bar this page here, I am not a number hungry person, but maybe I was once, we all do so this is really just my opinion I am guessing. Just talking out loud here, as I always like to do but know I don’t want to do it forever #Irony

What is your addiction?

What is your addiction?

Just my 2c




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2 comments on “The Insecurities of Social Media

  1. I agree with you whole heartedly. Social media has created an introverted society where no one talks anymore, just write words that can be misconstrued by anyone that reads them.It has become a tool for unhappy people to vent their anger and frustration at the cost of others. People seem to live their empty lives on social media. Sharing every scrap of their day through pointless short bursts of prose or through pictures that are meaningless to anyone but themselves. The world is becoming a sadder place because people share too much to a global community, then wonder what has happened when someone spews negativity at their lives, writings or other media.
    Like you, i have pulled away from a lot of social media as the amount of crap i was reading was just too soul destroying. I stay on FB for family purposes as this seems to be their preferred medium for contact or sharing information. Sometimes to the point of insanity. But i find myself looking there less and less. When all said and done all forms of media has destroyed the necessary need for human interaction. We become a more whole and rounded person through physical social interaction yet shy from it in favour of our addiction to the drug called the world wide web.

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    • Yeah, totally well said. I remember before this pain came (Yawn, I know) I was never online more than a few hours a day. I was running a football club with several teams. I was a DJ, I had a life. Many others things I did. One day I was home, in pain and my son said “Dad, you tried Twitter”….And here we are πŸ˜€ Really was THAT…LOL. I dislike Social Media for all the reasons you say but I am irony. Only now as I am seeing and feeling again do I see my World is no longer what it was. Christmas, Birthdays, rooms are filled with people on hand held devices. One thing I NEVER DO is sit on my phone or tablet. PC/Laptop or nothing. We have become a very anti-social species, well the ones who can afford to be. Never seems to make me smile when some person claiming to be poor is posting it on the internet. Define poor! lol…This is a topic that could be debated in 100 ways on 1,000 topics. Strange how some see things different, but I was born into technology, windows came out when I was around 19/20 years old.

      I remember 1 blog caused a stir, people didn’t read it all. This is a case in point re: Social Media. People like things blindly almost…

      PS: Look at the bottom of this blog Patrick πŸ˜€

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