Bookies back Salmond to knock out Donald Trump in the boxing ring

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Typical Scottish man during a fight. Smiling 😀

There is a real story behind what is really a joke/fun story from the Herald. Donald Trump threatened to take his £700 Million out of Scotland and the SNP and most of Scotland replied with “Take your money and we don’t care” 😀 We here in Scotland see Trump as a racist fool. Sadly American’s like him and he could be a Danger. I posted a few things about Trump, I will leave them below and also some tweets for this story from around the World. I think Alex would have Trump, you?.. Reality is, I think most Scottish people, SNP included just wish he would take his money and never speak to us again, we get very bored easy with people in Scotland. The man is like a passing thought whilst taking the dog a walk in a snow storm

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IN one corner is Donald Trump and in the other is Alex Salmond. Which one is better? There’s only one way to find out… fight. At least that is the scenario a bookmaker is offering odds on. And Ladbrokes believes the former First Minister Alex Salmond would knock billionaire presidential hopeful Donald Trump in a boxing bout.

The bookmaker responded as Donald Trump branded Alex Salmond ‘an embarrassment to Scotland’ after the former First Minister said the US Presidential candidate should pull out of Turnberry. Mr Salmond told listeners on his first radio show for LBC that Mr Trump had overstated the scale of his investment in Scotland and said it would be better for the country if Mr Trump pulled out of Turnberry golf course.

As the war of words escalated between the heavyweight politicians the Ladbrokes decided to make Salmond the 1/2 favourite to topple Trump in the fun bet. Those who think Trump would settle the score by beating Salmond can take 6/4 while the bookies are offering 2/1 for the Republican front-runner to visit the United Kingdom this year. Trump is now the clear 4/1 second favourite to win the Presidential election, ahead of Hillary Clinton at 5/6.

A Ladbrokes spokesman quipped: “You can take the bet but you get your money back if the fight doesn’t happen. They are for illustrative purposes for now.” Alex Donohue of Ladbrokes said: “Along with most of the country we’d pay good money to see these two political heavyweights step into the ring. If the fight did go ahead, Salmond would be a strong favourite to end the argument with Trump once and for all.” Last week Mr Trump threatened to pull £700m worth of invstment from Scotland is he was barred from entering the UK over his calls for Muslims to be banned from America.
A petition calling from him to be banned from Britain received over 500,000 signatures and became the most signed petition on the UK Government’s website last month.The Government is currently considering debating the petition.
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8 comments on “Bookies back Salmond to knock out Donald Trump in the boxing ring

  1. We live just a mile away from Turnberry Hotel. It employs quite a number of locals which would be a problem if he pulled the plug, more so because the work on the refurbishment both inside and out has already started, but in saying that we don’t like being held to ransom so he can stuff his £700m.

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    • Yeah sadly when we turn the coin around someone loses. Good point and hard to argue against what you say to be fair…But he is bad news for Scotland now. Probably never be again. He is an old man….


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