Police: Fracking protest continues after eviction from Chester camp

Police have removed all protestors from the Upton camp Credit: ITV

Police have removed all protestors from the Upton camp Credit: ITV

Looks like our English brothers and sisters are against what we are too. Begs the question “How did the Tory’s win” Keep on keeping on people. We can win this Country back from thieves and liars.

Story Via: http://www.itv.com/news/


Cheshire Police estimate 20- 30 people are still protesting against fracking on Duttons Lane near Chester after protestors were removed from their camp in Upton earlier.

Officers will stay at the location overnight with High Court Enforcement Officers. Nobody was injured or taken to hospital during the eviction.

Cheshire Constabulary says it would like to thank local people for their patience and it will continue to do what is necessary to minimise disruption and will balance the lawful rights of people who want to protest peacefully with the rights of those who need to go about their daily business which includes the High Court Enforcement Officers.

Officers worked with the community to minimise any impact in the area and beat officers are continuing to deal with any issues raised by the surrounding community.

While the land was occupied structures, tunnels and fortifications have appeared on the site which has made the eviction process difficult.

Duttons Lane will remain closed overnight and Acres Lane is closed to vehicles to ensure the safety of members of the public who are using the road to access Duttons Lane.

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