USA Muslim Charities Supply Michigan With Clean Drinking Water

Sadly stupid people will STILL believe all Muslims are ISIS!!

Sadly stupid people will STILL believe all Muslims are ISIS!!

I have linked in other Alternative Media below as many Main Stream Media outlets be them TV, Internet or Newspapers have stepped right over this story of love and caring from American Muslims. Also below are Tweets from all over the World regarding a normal story in my World, a normal story in most of the World, people being nice and helpful to people who are struggling to live. Flint Michigan USA water source has become contaminated with toxic lead chemicals due to old equipment. The local’s don’t trust the water supply so up stepped help groups and a few famous people as the Government do very little as always in our World in many places. In a MOMENT people who still think ALL Muslims are ISIS will not want to believe this, Donald Trump fans will not be shown this by their news either. In my Culture Muslims play a big part, and also in the USA Muslims play a HUGE part of the US culture and many American’s don’t understand there are VERY famous USA Muslims in Movies, TV and Music. human-label-111I did a blog after trying to debate with American’s who are scared of every Muslim. 1.5 Billion Muslim’s are on this Earth, more than Christians or Catholics, the hate part of Islam is no different from the likes of Westboro Baptist Church in the USA where people around the World do judge American Christianity through the actions of Westboro Baptist Racist Cult, also the Catholic Protestant issues in my country Scotland, but as we are so small the story is only visible should you live here, tourists don’t see it, same as tourists to Disney World in South East USA. Knowing and understanding TRUTH will ALWAYS let you know the full story, open minds ONLY apply here. Blog below was just out of confusion as many Americans all over Social Media buy into Donald Trumps VERY DANGEROUS remarks about Islam. Look back and KNOW history and what Hitler told German people about Jews and we see the story clearer here, make no mistake, it’s the Gods honest same thing. Today there is no excuse with Alternative media like myself and millions others, back in WWII there was hardly phones, never mind quick free access to the truth to any story. People should know better these days but a blocked and blinded mind won’t go past it due to fear. I wrote about USA Fear also:

USA – Wake up to your 2nd World, racist, religiously stupid World

Super Famous American Muslims for STUPID RACIST Americans!



Since it emerged that the city of Flint in Michigan water has become contaminated with toxic lead chemical, the city has been facing water crisis. Residents no longer trust the safeness of running water in the city, making potable drinking water very scarce for residents in the city. There have been many protests in the city by residents, calling for some authorities in the city and the state to resign due to the poor nature of how they have handled, and still handling the situation.


According to residents, despite the overwhelming evidence that their water has been contaminated with lead, city and state authorities continued to urge them that there was nothing wrong with it. Flint’s water became contaminated after a change in supplier in 2014. The city switched from the Detroit water system to the Flint River. Corrosive water leached lead from old pipes into the water supply. Residents are demanding that the state’s governor, Rick Snyder, be arrested and prosecuted for his handling of the crisis. Governor Snyder had requested $31m from the federal government. He said the need in the city (population of almost 100,000) far exceeds the state’s capability, and sought a disaster declaration.


According to the local media, President Obama denied the request because such declarations are only made for natural disasters. President Barack Obama has since declared a state of emergency in the city. Due to the dire situation on the ground in Flint, people far and near Michigan are doing what they can to help residents. Non-profit organizations, benevolent individuals, volunteers, and even religious organizations are doing the little they can to help solve the crisis.

The American singer and actress, Cher announced that she would donate some 180,000 bottle of water to Flint residents to help alleviate the suffering they are going through. The water will be arriving at the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, and it will then be distributed to low income earners in the city. It is said after resident have used the water, the empty bottles will be returned to the food bank to be recycled, with all proceeds going to charity.


Before this announcement by Cher, a non-profit organization called Communities First has sent volunteers to Flint to help. The volunteers went door-to-door, delivering and installing 2,000 water filters at every affordable housing development in Flint. The volunteers also made sure that residents had the support they needed.


Apart from this help residents of Flint are getting from Communities First, other small charity organizations are also helping to solve the water situation in the city. Some Muslim groups have also joined the helping spree, becoming the latest to provide clean water to residents of Flint. Two Muslim charities have delivered nearly 8,200 gallons of water to residents recently.


The Michigan chapter of Who is Hussain, a Muslim group, delivered about 30,000 bottles of water to the American Red Cross on January 17 to be distributed to residents of Flint. The Washington Timesreports that Who is Hussain donated the water as part of the group’s religious obligations.

Who is Hussain inspired by the story of an early Islamic leader, Imam Hussain ibn Ali, the grandson of the Islamic Prophet, Muhammad. It is said Hussain ibn Ali complained early on about growing violence and extremism in the Muslim community. But HE was brutally killed after being denied water for several days. Adherents of Hussain’s teachings therefore believe that the denial of water under any circumstances is a brutal crime. It is said the group actively promote water distribution campaigns on a regular basis.

A local filmmaker and volunteer for the group, Mohammed Almawla said “Prophet Mohammed taught us ‘Your neighbor comes before your own household.’ As a resident of Detroit this is not only a Flint problem this is a Michigan problem and I feel obligated to help to the best of my ability.”


The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association also delivered another 1,000 bottles to FBEM in addition to what Who is Hussain group has donated. However, this is not the first time the Ahmadiyya Youth is doing such a thing. Last year, the group helped feed more than 180,000 people and donated more than 5,000 pints of blood across its 70 chapters in the Unites States.

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