2008 US Housing Scam – WE ALL pay it back. Iceland Jailed, we bailed them

fascism_is_the_american_dreamRemember the 2012 Global recession? Well if you don’t it’s about the time you did as Gordon Brown was at the time hated for being it’s fault when in reality it came from US banks and caused all the suicides I wrote about at the time unaware of it’s cause, why were people dying in the banking sector I was asking, now we know!. I wrote HARD about all the suicides in this scam by American bankers. All the suicide blogs and other issues caused by this event I wrote about are at the foot of the page. A movie is just out called “The Big Short” and this movies shows exactly what happened. Seriously, as the average person pays £2,000 a year more to STILL help bail out the banks or give money back to shareholders who lost because WE bailed the bankers, Iceland and some other North European countries jailed or tried to jail the bankers. Remember this blog I did?

“But I can’t change the World” – Yes you can, here is why #Iceland #RoleModels

Just to add, when I blogged about China and Russia along with Iran and others stepping away from the PetroDollar, it made me look further. Iraq were 1st to step away from trading Oil in the US Dollar (PetroDollar) Libya were soon after and we know what happened there. Just added this as it is part of this story

Russia and China dumped the US Dollar – Petro dollar and Dow Drops, Dollar will collapse

How often must 1 person say “The small detail kills you in the end” I had this story covered in all corners but only in the last while, weeks or so have I been able to piece it all together. This movie was the defining “Penny Dropped Moment” for me. All the suicides were because people had placed people’s money and pensions into something they were POSITIVE would fail and we pay for their mistakes still today.


The Big Short Official Trailer
Via: Movieclips Trailers on You Tube


You MUST watch this Movie. Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell. This is an AMAZING AMERICAN Movie. One that many American friends were asking me about in terms of “Truth” and its impact. American banks, people, shareholders, rich people, they got greedy. Caused the 2008 USA Housing Bubble then the 2012 Global recession. When I say to American friends “The USA caused everyone on Earth in the 1st World to pay an Extra £2,000 a year extra to pay for the ills of the bank. Question IS “How much of a Human and Fiscal impact does the USA have on the World”? US-Bank-Failures-2000-2013It’s kinda crazy and I hope you watch the trailer. You will see them talking the story. And all the suicides happening, mostly in the USA and all over the World were due to the 2008 US Housing scam. Today you and I pay £THOUSANDS$ A year to make up for what ALL our Governments bailed out. Our Governments BAILED the bankers. North Europe JAILED the bankers. Alex Salmond and now Nicola Sturgeon have withheld (Rightfully and legally) £1.2 Billion ($2 Billion) from Westminster as Scotland TRIED to take Scottish based English bankers to court. We are still trying now we are 90% free. westminster-holyrood-and-beyond-devolution-in-the-uk-14-638Thankfully Scotland doesn’t bow to Westminster fiscal needs any more to a real human level but my English family and friends are SUFFERING due to it all. And this is why the US Dollar will collapse. It is ONLY a matter of time. China owns 21% of US Land and Obama signed an order to stop China reclaiming it. See back in 2008 and the bankers got greedy, China set up MULTIPLE New banks in the USA and average Americans took out shallow housing loans. Now this was only possible due to the Federal Reserve (Like our Royal Mint or Pound Sterling) being owned by Shareholders. USA is only Country to have its interest rates set by consumption and corporation, by people who will make money. Corporations dictate all the USA trading tax in and out, that is Fascism, this is why I say the USA is Fascist. Many Americans say “No we are not”, then I ask “Define Fascism” and they can’t so the block me. I have been over this 100 times this week. An American friend, a brilliant man, Archbishop Eddie Tatro calls America ‘Communist’ He is a good man, but I disagree, the USA is Fascism at Government level, define Fascism and you can’t deny this story. Over here we care, because it’s so small here, we see the poor we see every night on the news how the poor are getting poorer, we see them every day all over my side of the World. Due to the 2008 US Housing scam, millions of 1st World people were burnt badly and still paying tax money for it. 3 or so People went to court in the USA for this and all were acquitted because the Federal Reserve were in on it, also Bush and his family and the Clintons ALL have shares in the American Federal Reserve or entities set to make money from it. That is illegal for any political standing person to gain with no insight of purpose, or declaration of intent. Apply the Bilderberg Group to all this, reported by Sky TV in 2013 as it was held in Watford, UK. bilderbergBilderberg Conference Watford ‘Too Secret’ and we see a meeting where the UK Prime Minister and the fiscal men of Political London and World go to a meeting with no meeting minutes, this is illegal practice but same as ‘W’ and his running mate Dick Cheney starting a War and taking home a huge fiscal prize, they caused War so Halliburton would make Billions and in turn give to it’s shareholders, and the POTUS was one of them. I ask, how fecked up is our World. The small detail! I am glad I share it because ALWAYS it is the big story


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Surveillance-2010-window-blinds-camera-cctv-usa-flag by Will Varner

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13 comments on “2008 US Housing Scam – WE ALL pay it back. Iceland Jailed, we bailed them

  1. What has Russia got to do with the US Housing bubble crash of 2008? I have heard of this show on Netflix. Maybe I will give it some time. But what about the point to the blog? x
    You should give that movie a watch. STUNNINGLY good! And strangely accurate..


      • Yeah, I get that Anne. Something we try to do every day. Very hard being so high in Northern hemisphere here, literally you (we Scots) have to almost hibernate January till March…So you fill your home with as much fun as you can…-7 the other night, that is below 0, pee outside, you snap it off 😀 x

        Liked by 1 person

      • No, that was the Roman Empire that invented indoor plumbing. And I say “We have Electricity and Running water”…As all the time American’s are “Shocked” or “Surprised” we have a KFC, McDonalds or any other American outlet for rotten food. Seriously so many times I have been asked by American’s “Shaun, do you wear a kilt to go shopping” 😀
        You have been to Italy and India, you know tradition’s of both Countries the same as a few guys wearing kilts to a Scottish Wedding, because nobody wears kilts to Work or any other reason than a wedding 😀
        I think some look at Scotland as a 2nd World Country. The only difference is our Buildings are 500+ years old and we have a GREAT RULE of no high rise or huge buildings taking the skyline away. Edinburgh was built on 3 dormant volcano’s. So most places you are you can see Edinburgh Castle and Arthur’s Seat & Crags.

        Arthur’s Seat
        From a few view points it looks like a lion. Scotland’s symbol is the ‘Rampant Lion’ So it fits..

        And Edinburgh Castle – Edinburgh Castle is built high on an impressive 700 million year old extinct volcano called Castle Rock, in the middle of what is now the city of Edinburgh. People have lived on Castle Rock since the Bronze Age, around 850 BC it was first used, and there has been a World loved Castle on the site since at least the 8th century.

        And going to my Dads, when we all go up there are ‘Rules’ 😀 No Internet, No TV unless we all want to watch something. No football on TV, so me and my Brother (Example) will go and watch it on a laptop or something in a room on another wing of his property. He caught us about 6 years ago and threw my laptop on the floor…
        Old guy set in his old ways and even though he threw the laptop, he laughed when he did it. He had to buy a new one next day 😀

        Funny old life Anne… x


      • Yeah, throw everything else away, you nailed it!! Always you get your words correct and they mean something and they help me…
        Daddy is here…Often I don’t feel I am, I am like a Ghost just looking on. But I am trying to do better…and I guess I am..
        Thanks Anne x


      • Totally agreed. I had a moment with Courtney (Oldest age 6) last week. I always take them to bed, read, talk, whatever. Then I give them a hug and a kiss. Courtney started to blush almost. She was feeling love and I think it confused her. THAT WAS A MOMENT. Talked to her about it the next day was amazing. Like I say always and other parents will understand. The HONOUR and PRIVILEGE of bringing two wee babies, to wee girls then little ladies, utterly privileged I feel… lol

        You hit the nail on the head Anne..x


      • It was a moment I am guessing most Dad’s have with their girls at this age? lol..x
        Being at their birth and now sitting talking to them about the Solar System (They know more than me 😦 ) and other things just amazes me. But you know this, you have 2 amazing kids who gave you the joy of Grandkids.. x

        Blessed we are… For sure x
        Money is evil..
        Love for the right reason is what life is about. Nothing else in my opinion. I learn daily these days, and it’s amazing fun and my girls help me so much. In my Gym they make it fun when they are around and it keeps me going. I got their boxing things and it’s just always fun. Dawn wasn’t too sure about girls and boxing training. But when you say it’s ‘Not to fight’ or to ‘Hit people’…It is for fun and fitness, it becomes that…
        You only reply as you, do because you know this love… I get that x


      • The deaths and suicides hit all Continents. A few in London, France, Germany, Australia and Canada from memory. Strange as it is, not 1 bank defaulted in Russia or China. Japan had issues if my memory is good (My memory is never good 😀 )
        It seems the G8/G20 members are all defaulting still, and these were the Countries to really shaft people like you and I all over the World. Actually the G7/G19 is what it’s called for now as Russia have removed themselves for just a while, they will come back.

        From outside looking in, just an opinion, your Son is lucky he never took the high demands of Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs had more suicides than any other bank. Money these guys make is disgusting, and they don’t have family life, as you say, working 17 hours a day. No money would I take to live that life in that environment… x

        A few links here are on story. A few for some reason tagged into “Banking Suicides” search on blog..



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