The Silencing of the Scottish Yes Movement

in-the-end-we- copyToday I am being shut up and so are many other good Scottish people. 2 Groups yesterday were in TATTERS when 1 mod left and another deleted another few, really this is happening all over. Divide and Conquer in 2016 in our faces and I often ask myself “Who is noticing?” I call out to every good soul who want’s Scotland free from London oppression to ‘Up their game’ Me myself am being silenced a lot. All day I was in groups and websites and I noted in 1 day 16 good Scottish Yes movement bloggers or people who have great opinions being blocked from various places. I will get a ton of abuse from people who didn’t read this blog, so watch how THEY are working in front of us but silently. We are being controlled and the people doing it are not Scottish people. I will leave it here, say no more and see who reacts to this in a way befitting of a Shill or a True Scottish freedom fighter. imagesTHIS IS NOT ABOUT ME! This is about the freedom movement and what it has become all over. Bloggers, You Tube users are all being targeted and there are many of us who see it but some are afraid to acknowledge in-case they are targeted. This blog isn’t about me, it’s about a lot of people trying to just tell the truth and being chastised, almost blindly for it. The blog below was me asking a simple question. I am boring myself asking this question but there are a LOT of us, and I trust them all who want to expose people. They will expose themselves and it’s up to you to see them or deny them. Never in hate, always for debate. At this stage there is no coming 2nd Referendum and I am looking at the SNP and asking myself “What are they doing?” Are you? I don’t hate the SNP, I just wish they would help control this more. Maybe they are, maybe me and others are that voice. But maybe they are not and there are other reasons. All I know 100% fact is we MUST get back to where we were before 17th September 2014

Scottish Yes Movement – Is in total control of the Unionists?

We MUST get back to how we were on 17th September 2014!

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