If Jesus, the Son of God was to return. What form would he take?


This is a subject I will talk about in real terms but also a fun side, Religion, God and Jesus we can mention and smile right? Often these days “Don’t take my name in vein” is said, without actually being said. Hope that made sense, people are always looking to be offended or loved, often it’s hard to see middle ground, but all aside, I think I am the middle ground, you may be also, Millions might be, just so you know I don’t mean just me. God, Jesus and Religion have been a constant in my life thus far, from a kid going to Catholic School on Sundays to growing older and dropping Religion but not God. I pray every day to MY GOD. I believe we can do this. Religion is man made, or in 2016 ‘Human made’, we got to speak and write correctly these days don’t you know? A black board at school is now a white board and I could mention another 100 things that are politically uncorrect to say these days, I am not racist, but like apartheid in South Africa, the whole thing did a 360 and the people who were in charge are no longer in charge. I have friends who moved to South Africa and came back because the good of what happened seemed to backfire (So I am told) and the White man got nothing, listen, this is all I know. Song below by Gary Barlow is one I actually like 😀 YEAH! I was surprised also 😀

Gary Barlow – God (lyrics)
Via Candy Thatter on You Tube

12645184_210078512673163_5370334492929198950_nBack on point however. Often I will share fun images of God or Jesus and most will laugh or just get it and smile, strange as it is many think it’s real and I am talking a truth, the image to the left is the point I am making. I shared it around a few places, 90% laughed and 10% thought it was serious 😀 I am not laughing at them, I am just laughing at ‘Human Nature’ and what we as a species do. The World war’s over God’s, Religion gets the blame and it’s been an ever present in our species known historical records. See I go with Science always. I don’t know if I believe in ‘evolution’ because if we came from apes, why are there still apes and where is the line from apes going back the way? Yeah! The missing link right there. I think ‘creationism’ is more likely, but not in a Religious way or Religious teachings way. There are many in Religion, now when I say Religion, please don’t apply God for now. Many in Religion don’t believe dinosaurs existed at all, they put aside the 10’s of thousands of skeletal remains to one side and deny science. The gap between dinosaurs and man as Religion will tell us is like BILLIONS OF YEARS. This makes many ask “What was God doing all this time”, this leads to the repeated answer of “God has no time, to God time is all times, and all years” If that is the case why did he put dinosaurs on Earth? Non sensual, non thinking and lacking in logical thinking creatures. Imagine 3 dinosaurs talking about God or a higher power, yeah you can’t, neither can I. Because I am Science I can only look at what traces of proof we have, what we can see and prove. The Black Knight Satellite is in our Orbit and was first theorised in the 1800’s by the famous and clever Nikola Tesla, then heard by ham radio operators World wide. Not 1 Country took credit for this Satellite when it was finally acknowledged by our World. It was first heard almost 80 years before the first human made object was put into space, way way before sputnik was even a drawing or a thought in someone’s mind. I wrote about this here ‘Mysterious Black Knight Satellite’- very latest info from 8th July 2015 and I then thought about the Adam and Eve story. What if an Alien race was dying or their planet was dying and 2 billion years ago they found our Earth? What if they came from a dying Mars we all know factually now that was once alive? The Black Knight Satellite is so well known it is beyond a conspiracy theory, it is there, NASA have shown us, European Space agency, Russia, China and Japan have all talked about, even the Vatican City (VVTT) have even heard and seen it if we believe certain Priests who let slip.

I have no idea what the game is, who started it, who will finish, if it will ever finish or why we are here. Is it design or a jesus-dinosaurfluke? Think science or think Religious teachings and only 1 can give more than the other in terms of proven facts, and that is the part I will lose Religious people because the answer is Science. Science can prove small things like why does our eyes water themselves to how far away is the Moon from the Earth. Religious teachings are speculative and need HUGE commitment and faith to believe. Some were born into this faith so it came easy for them, some like me were not born strong into a Religion really, so we look for other ways. At early ages many of us don’t have Religion so our minds do the natural thing and THINK. When a person is born they are a white canvas, just a blank baby, what we feed that baby is like drawing a canvas painting, it just takes it’s own form and picture as the person grows up. My partner and I had two amazing little girls 6 years ago now, two little blank canvases. I have talked to them about God, they are so confused. Apply Santa logic and you get close when trying to speak to a 5 or 6 year old kid about a superior being that we can love and trust to make our lives all good and fuzzy. In the end all I offer is speculation but I do ask “If Jesus came to Earth today, what way would he use to talk to us all?” For me the answer is so very simple, MUSIC! I don’t think if there is a Jesus and he did come back he would appear in all the clouds around our round Earth and speak to us. I think maybe he would be a singer, he would try and show us right from wrong in his lyrics. In today’s World we MUST ask if that was the case, would the World accept? If there is a Jesus and God then there is Satan, the Devil and his workers. What if they are at play and we as a species must choose the man with amazing lyrics or people who say the man with good lyrics is a bad man? Seriously, try and think about it that way and I will leave you 3 songs as a hint of what I am trying to say here. I do not ever try to make people lower nor above myself, I just have a curious nature and it’s a good thing to have, it’s served me well in my Journey, a journey I am still on and I have no idea where it will take me as I type today. I pray to God when bad things happen, but I also pray to my God when GOOD THINGS HAPPEN. Bob Marley on love and musicJohn Lennon said “We measure God by our Pain” and I must be honest, I do see this happening. People praying to God when the unthinkable happens in their life and they are in pain or need help. People reading this who do pray should maybe now go and pray and smile and thank God you were here to read this and do whatever you are going to do today…. For now x PS: I am not saying Michael Jackson was Jesus. But what if he was, what if Evil destroyed him and we fell for it? It is 1 possibility from BILLIONS of possibilities. Today this story fits for me, I harm nobody. Thoughts? And please, no hate! I don’t do hate and if you are Religion you are taught to not throw stones. Why do Religious people turn away from questions? Because it’s easier? Why did I write this? See, we all have things we write and talk about. We are all EQUAL! Why did Michael have the World in his hands, always hid from it, yet was chastised so badly? Just look at these lyrics and think. Please


Michael Jackson – Man In The Mirror (lyrics) 
Via Rose Martin on You Tube

Michael Jackson Human Nature (Lyrics)
Via JJ01310 on You Tube


Michael Jackson Heal The World (Lyrics)
Via JJ01310 on You Tube


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4 comments on “If Jesus, the Son of God was to return. What form would he take?

  1. It’s certainly an enticing concept that God speaks or would speak to us via music and lyrics to it…all are moved by music so it’s a vessel most appealing. Me – I imagine God not speaking at all but implanting thoughts into our minds that make us feel what we should feel??? Hm.

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    • I love how people can talk about the untalkIble and not fall out 😀 We all have some kind of belief system that makes sense to us as individuals, and that is a good thing. I think it is less control and more alone thinking. Would make the World far better in my opinion. Opinions are good, 1 main reason I do blog. Just to see if others around the globe share the same reasons as I do….And when it happens…It makes it all worthwhile

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