Eddie Izzard – Noah’s Ark and Moses! – Madison Square Gardens USA

One of the best comedians on Earth

One of the best comedians on Earth

The blog I did this morning below this one was me just asking logical questions about Religious Scripture. I have a few friends I love to bits who believe these 2 stories below in the Video of Eddie Izzard live at Madison Square Gardens, New York. Noah’s Ark is impossible, will I tell you why? TRY IT!! 2 of Millions of Animals on 1 boat. Think about this, people REALLY believe 2 Kangaroo’s managed to get from Australia to what is now called Iran. Iran alone upset’s and offends some when it’s debated, but go do some research and 100% the Noah’s Ark scripture bible story was what we call today Iran. Then we have the Moses story. He led the Hebrew’s out of Egypt and led them for 40 YEARS to another desert πŸ˜€ Seriously. If I was there after say 20 year’s I would be like “WHERE THE FECK ARE WE GOING MOSES” Then he left for months, they waited, never went looking for him, never made sure he was eaten by horses or something. Moses climbed to the top of a mountain and talked to a burning bush πŸ˜€ Now do a LITTLE research and Moses climbed an active volcano! So maybe a bit lost in translation over 2,000 years or so? I mean 1 of these 10 commandments is “You Shall Not Covet Your Neighbour’s Ox” – I SHIT YOU NOT! Do you know what ‘Covet’ means? It means to like! So 1 of the 10 commandments is “Don’t like your neighbours Ox” Eddie tells the story better below. Eddie is English/French for the many who won’t know him but his political/religious comical ways made him HUGE IN THE USA!!! Now how did that happen? He toured over 40 venues in the USA in 2014 and these are 2 video’s, small parts about 2 stories from Eddie inside Madison Square Gardens. I do try to understand scripture but use a bit of logic πŸ˜€ As ALWAYS! No hate. Just questions and LOGIC! So to sum up. If you are Religious and you like your Neighbours dog! You are going to Hell on aΒ technicality because “Do not covet your neighbours Ox” means your Neighbours Dog, it implies “Don’t like your neighbours Animals” I am just quoting scripture here. don’t you dare blame me. So if you believe in Scripture and do Religion…STOP LIKING YOUR NEIGHBOURS PETS πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Seriously, you couldn’t write this…Yet someone did. Jesus’s name is NOT Jesus, it’s ‘Yeshua’ Helen of Troy named him Jesus and the bible was altered or edited πŸ˜€ I shit you not. Don’t get me started I could write a book on this πŸ˜€ But I would love a Radio show. Again “NO HATE” Just implying Logic πŸ˜€


Eddie Izzard on Moses
Via Stephen Pierce on You Tube


Eddie Izzard Stripped: Noah’s ArkΒ 
Via Michael Ting on You Tube


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