No Scottish 2nd Referendum soon!

Many Unionist thinkers took this as 'NAZI SALUTE'

Many Unionist thinkers took this as ‘NAZI SALUTE’

Many will reply to the title and image and look stupid, only you can see this if you care to look. Yeah, in many Unionist places I dwell, as they dwell in our debate pages this image above was said to be “Nazi Salute” by many or some, doesn’t matter. What does matter is what we in ourselves believe. I will be voting SNP 1&2 in the Scottish Elections on Thursday 5th May 2016 along with I hope most. I seldom get involved in heated exchange on any platform around Scotland and our Freedom movement because 9 times out of 10 it turns to HATE. Yes we are all seeing, should we look, hatred within the Yes movement and it’s turned VERY PETTY! I did this blog with 2 video’s of Eddie Izzard at Madison Square Garden’s and it went down badly AS I KNEW IT WOULD. Eddie Izzard – Noah’s Ark and Moses! – Madison Square Gardens USA

Hated for saying we should vote no OR because he was on the  BBC?

Hated for saying we should vote no OR because he was on the BBC?

See, we are living in the past as a movement, we see things and name them, often badly. We share the same stuff from the BBC and other outlets over and over and over, I think I have seen the same images posted 1,000 times now…WE GET IT!! So how do we move forward as a Yes movement? I don’t have the answers but I see right now many are questioning Nicola and the SNP. Today the best chance of a 2nd Referendum is if Cameron and the Tory take the UK out of Europe, I think that would trigger an almost immediate 2nd Referendum date at least. I for one want Scotland to be in Europe, there are many pro’s and con’s for being in Europe and I see the good and bad points. For me HUMAN RIGHTS is one I feel we need. But often I look at the Refugee crisis hitting Europe and Europe as one are not dealing very well with this crisis, so it does make me thing often. See it’s good to question things always, to turn the coin around. 1 example is TONS of people replied with “Eddie Izzard was on the BBC” and that was it! Zip, leave it there. I replied with “But so was Kevin Bridges” and got hardly any replies. So it begs the question of “How clever are we in Scotland in terms of how we the people steer the Yes movement”Because Nicola and the SNP are saying NOTHING!! If we only understand the power we hold as a Yes movement and become one, we will be free sooner than we know and Nicola and the SNP are desperate for us to stand up. Sadly I can’t re-write this blog here because I can’t see different, WE NEED A NEW DIRECTION Scottish Yes Movement – Is in total control of the Unionists?

NOT WHAT I BELIEVE...But lets see who is REALLY on game and reading each other

NOT WHAT I BELIEVE…But lets see who is REALLY on game and reading each other

Still too tight wherever we look.

Still too tight wherever we look.

Lets see who reads, gives opinions and hates. The yes movement is an UTTER SHAMBLES today. People will say “Ah but when a 2nd Referendum comes we will come together” So I ask simply, how do we come together and get a 2nd Referendum? All I see today is Yes Movement hate in SOME places. I say always at the bottom of blogs “Let us see who actually reads this” and it is so obvious Unionist hate is there in the Yes Movement it is untrue!! Do you see it or will you stay on your bandwagon of false hope? Did you even read this. blamedemotivatorI don’t have the answers for today but if we look back through Scottish History we can be proud, yet we don’t apply these Scottish values in today’s modern World. Did we get cheated in the Scottish Referendum? The answer is irrelevant because we have to get a 2nd Referendum date ASAP before hate takes the movement for at least a Generation. I will vote SNP twice, I will write what I see as the truth. Never in hate, 2 emotions you are best without are hate and fear. If you can look past these 2 emotions things become clearer and also hurt. The abuse many like me get is UNREAL, but I am still here, sadly many just stopped and went back to life. I have to do this for my girls. Two wee girls around 5 years old. So I challenge you all to tell me and yourself and others “WHERE ON EARTH CAN WE SEE A SECOND REFERENDUM?” – Hate me or like me, it won’t stop me from telling a truth myself and others see so much. I want Scotland free so bad I would give my life to see Scotland free knowing my family will walk into an oppressed World and pray we end up like Iceland for example. The rest is up to you Scotland

alba-gu-brath alba_gu_brath_by_quadraro-d2xt1ch


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24 comments on “No Scottish 2nd Referendum soon!

  1. Hi Shauny, howzitgoan? Hope you’re doing well. It’s been a while, and I thought it was about time I dropped round your place and said hello, so here I am. Now just before I get in to talking about this post there’s something I just have to say. I was looking at the stuff you’ve got at the right hand side of the page there, and I clicked on one of the videos from Braveheart, the one about Bruce. Seeing it, I remembered it as the final scene of the movie, with the wee Mel Gibson speech at the end. And I’m afraid it also reminded me of the main reason that movie always gives me the shits. His portrayal of Bruce in the film, well, let’s just say if Bruce was alive today he could sue Gibson for millions. And he’d win. He (Gibson) repeated the 600 year old lie that Bruce fought on the wrong side at Falkirk. We know for a fact that it’s a lie, because the English campaign was well documented, and we know that after the battle Edward I’s army made a lengthy detour on their way home, hoping to find Bruce, who was at the time leading his own band of rebels in the South West. They never did find him of course, until he was good and ready in 1314. Which brings me to my main point – that voice-over. Yes, Bannockburn was in 1314, and yes those who fought with Bruce were Scottish patriots, but those are the only things which are true in that whole speech. They were not starving, they did not ‘charge the field’ and they did not ‘fight like warrior poets’ (whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean). They fought like a well-trained, well-disciplined, well-led army. They fought to the detailed plan of the greatest tactician and strategist Scotland has ever produced. That is why they won. The English army outnumbered Bruce’s by roughly 4:1, but it wouldn’t have mattered if there had been twice as many of them. The outcome of the battle was certain long before they even crossed the border. Such was the superiority of Bruce’s strategic thinking over his opponents’ that they never in fact stood a chance. Now I admire Wallace as much as the next man, assuming the next man is also a patriotic Scotsman, he showed us we could resist, he started the fight back. But I admire Bruce more. Why? Because I think if we Scots have a national character flaw it’s that we’re too fond of our heroic failures, our glorious defeats. Bruce was the leader who knew how to win, and was prepared to make whatever personal sacrifices it took to do so. We could do with a leader like that today.

    Speaking of which… back to the matter at hand. The movement. The independence movement. What/who is it, and what does it need to do? Well, for one thing (and this has been the cause of some of the nasty arguments you’ve been seeing in social media) it’s not the SNP. Many people are confused by this, and the Unionists were only too happy to add to that confusion during the campaign by conflating the two things. As far as they were concerned, as they kept telling us ad nausium, it was all about the SNP, or all about Alex Salmond and his personal ambition. But as anyone who was actually part of the ‘Yes’ campaign on the ground knew, nothing could be further from the truth. Obviously they supported it, but the movement was far broader than that. Where I was in ‘Yes Clydebank’ the majority were not SNP members, or even supporters particularly. The chief organiser was an independent, as were most of the leading activists. I myself am, and intend to remain, an independent. The local SNP leadership saw that it was being well-organised and were content to go with a ‘hands off’ approach. That’s how we got what may well have been the highest ‘Yes’ vote in the country. Don’t be confused, we were a part of West Dunbartonshire, but that’s a much bigger area. Dumbarton actually voted ‘No’ (more middle class you see), but our scrutineers put the vote for Clydebank town at a minimum of 65%. And that’s because it was a broadly-based, grass roots campaign that included, but was certainly not limited to, SNP supporters. That’s how it’s done. And that’s what we need to do again. We especially need it because the SNP CANNOT be the face of the independence campaign just now, for a couple of important reasons.

    The first reason is that they spent their political capital on the last one. They put in their manifesto, back when Holyrood came into being, a wee commitment that if they ever won an outright majority, they would call a referendum. Nobody thought that much about it at the time, because nobody was ever supposed to get an outright majority. However, come 2011, ye widnae credit it, all of a sudden they had an outright majority, so they had to bring it on. A bit sooner, as I think Eck would admit if he was being honest, than he or anyone else had imagined. But they had served a term as a minority government and done well enough at it that the Scottish electorate trusted them with a bigger vote and a majority. They had therefore earned the right to put the question. However, as we know, it didn’t get up. Now I for one am not convinced that the result was totally legitimate, but like yourself I’m not going to waste any time pushing that barrow. We’ll just be labelled barking mad conspiracy theorists, and it will detract from the arguments we have to make. But the point is, having won in 2011 and held that referendum in 2014, the SNP cannot go into the very next election saying, “We didn’t like that result, we want a do-over and we want it now!” That would just come across as petulant, toys oot the pram kind of behaviour. This leads me to the second reason. There will be many issues in this year’s Holyrood election, but independence will not, and cannot, be one of them. The SNP’s task is to persuade Scottish voters to continue to trust them to run the Scottish Government. Not the independent Scottish Government we’d all love to be voting for, but the actual, existing Scottish Government. They don’t have the luxury of saying that independence will fix everything, and without it we’re all screwed (true though that might be in many ways). They need to have viable policies for every policy area that Holyrood DOES have control over. Before Holyrood existed, they could quite happily remain a single issue party, but they now have to put themselves forward as a party of government, with ideas to deal with everything they might conceivably have to deal with. It’s an election, it’s not a second referendum, and the SNP have no choice but to treat it as such. The real question is, is there anything they can do to hasten a second vote, without looking like a child throwing a tantrum?

    Well, I think there is, and this is where I’m going to disagree with you on one point. Don’t worry though mate, unlike some I am perfectly capable of expressing a different opinion without being a dick about it. So here it is. If I was Nicola Sturgeon (now now, stop it, get that mental image of me in a peach coloured twin set and pearls right oot yer heid), if I was in her position, here’s what I would do: I would take the more courageous decision and call on SNP voters to direct their second vote to another pro-indy party or group. Why? Well, have a look at that opinion poll chart you’ve got above. The SNP are on 56%. Labour are on 20%. That gives the SNP close to ALL of the constituency seats (which means an outright majority). If even half of that 56% followed her recommendation, then that other party or group would get something in the region of 28%. That would make them easily the second largest grouping, and therefore the official opposition. So both government AND opposition would support independence. That would consign the Unionist parties to the margins and continue the task, which got off to such a great start last year, of pushing them into a position of irrelevance in Scottish politics. This would not only hasten the advent of a second referendum, it would also significantly increase its chances of success. Sure, they’d have different policies on a bunch of other issues. That’s kinda the point of an opposition. But the voices in favour of the Union would be a lot quieter, and those voices would start to sound increasingly like a lunatic fringe. We’d be able to say that nobody in Scotland seriously supports the Union any more, nobody worth mentioning anyway.

    As a political strategist of some experience, I have to think that’s the smart move. The pragmatic move. The Labour Party in Scotland is down. It has broken faith with the people, lost touch with its grass roots, and it’s on its knees. This is not the time to give it a chance to get up and catch its breath. To give it a platform as the official opposition from which to build. No, this is the time to deliver it a good solid kick in the heid, then kneel on its windpipe till it breathes its last. We gave them well over a hundred years. What did they give us? Rhetorical question, the answer’s obviously heehaw. But which party or grouping would I/Nicola support? Well, that’s a bit of a no-brainer for me. It can’t be the Greens, because they are standing against SNP candidates in some constituencies. And as such an arrangement would have to be reciprocal (the other lot would have to direct their 1st votes to the SNP), that’s not going to work. And it cant be Solidarity, because the cold, hard world of realpolitik says you don’t come back from a perjury conviction. You just don’t. No matter how tightly Tommy’s supporters close their eyes and how hard they wish. So RISE it is. And that’s no bad thing, because it’s not a party, it’s a coalition. A bit like the ‘Yes’ campaign was. A coalition is potentially more adaptable, more flexible than a party, and of course there’s even room for independents. Like me. If such an arrangement could be reached between it and the SNP, then it would virtually BE the ‘Yes’ campaign. And we could all put our differences aside, go back to working together for the greater goal, and look forward to our once more bright future. 🙂


    • I stopped reading when you said “Braveheart movie”…Why? Because always when I do a blog and people change subject…It makes the message less..

      Thanks for ‘dropping in’



      • Well, you said in your reply to the first comment that, “I hope we get some thoughts.” Now I’ve given you quite a long and thoughtful comment, the vast majority of which is directly relevant to the original topic of the blog post. I was hoping for a thoughtful response. I wasn’t aware that you had a rule about not mentioning any of the clips you have on the side, so can I respectfully request that you let that go just this once and read the whole comment? I think that would be fair. On my own blog I have a link to my music page. There’s usually no connection between that and the subject of the blog post, but if someone says, “I like your music,” or “I hate your music,” I’ll take that, because it’s my link after all, I put it there. But hey, if it means that much to you, I promise not to stray ‘off topic’ again. I think you’ll find the rest of the comment (which I put a good couple of hours into by the way) interesting at the very least, and I’d very much like to hear your thoughts on it. So let’s start again, eh?



      • Awww come on buddy, don’t 😦 Please understand what I battle in every moment to get my mind working. If anything, we are both petty? Also 3 replies went to spam from you, 3 the same and this. Give me time and I answer no hate or issues. Lets please not go up “That road” as it ends quick in me. I suffer reality, so here is just free opinions, I am not fully paid here, I am learning always how to blog better and interact and reply to everyone buddy



    • How rude of me…
      Hope you are doing well also…
      Really mate, reason I never read on was because you diverted the debate from the topic of debate to your hatred of a movie 😀
      Seriously? lol….
      We good?
      Or you going to hate? lol


      • Please ignore that previous question, I was just testing. Because I tried to answer at the time and for some reason my comments just kept disappearing into the ether. So yeh, we’re good. I’d just like to say that I had no idea you had some sort of rule about not commenting on your clips, I’m happy not to do so again, but can I ask if you could let it go on this occasion, because the rest of my comment was directly relevant, thoughtful and, I think you’ll agree, quite interesting. It also took a good couple of hours to write, so I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. So, as a favour, would you please just skip the first paragraph and read the rest? Just this once? How does that sound?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Every other day I change the video’s on the side bar. I just throw stuff up, some love, some dislike it. Hate is too strong a word for these scenario’s 😀 OK…Will again and reply to it,…Braveheart bit aside…. PS: Buddy I been up 2 days straight, 12:38 PM where I am…No sign of sand or men… Will read and reply mate.. Cheers..


    • WOW! Well hands in the air time for me. I am so tired but that was a good read. I have thought similar to be fair but never took that leap of faith in terms of a ‘Scottish Coalition’ to be honest with you. But now I read what you write and I see it as possible for sure. I am a guy who will blog TO LEARN. And the reason I do this is because it’s all I can do. I would rather be doing Football, DJ’ing while I am still young and a whole lot more.. So here I am learning about THE WORLD I wrote about our World when people did call me “Tin foil heed” I did this almost 6 years ago on Above Top Secret.
      This is an EPIC site but it does have UFO’s and Aliens and Ghosts so part of it is just interesting, the rest superb. Biggest site on Earth for it’s cause.. I was spinning this in 2000 before 9/11, in-fact I seen a Global ‘Problem Solution Reaction’ happening before it did, and this was a time the internet was as slow as reading a 1,000 page book in an hour, or something like that.
      I did laugh HARD @ (now now, stop it, get that mental image of me in a peach coloured twin set and pearls right oot yer heid) 😀 Great sense of humour there 😀
      I am going to read more of what you write if that is ok. Why? Because I know I will learn something. I am not a “Know it all” and would hate myself if I was coming across as such, I am above nobody, below nobody. I respect people sure, but your opinion is as good or as bad as the person’s opinions reading it. That is what I learnt in my 20 or so years in early Social Media like Yahoo Chat and MSM Messenger when it took over the World like Facebook and Twitter today.
      I have always wanted to do a Radio show because when I lost my voice @ Football and being a DJ I had to feel I was helping you know? I ran a club called Gorgie Hearts and we had Saturday seniors (I managed and owned) Sunday Adults pub team and several boys clubs. In the end I had to stop and I handed it all to a club with money called Red Hall Star…
      Why am I telling you this? Because I really dislike Social Media mate. I am here through necessity to be honest. I have no family or friends I would speak to in the street or any homes on Facebook, it’s a Dangerous place. I got a family member Dead and 1 in jail due to a Facebook argument gone wrong. Not people I brought my 2 20 ish year old sons around. Today I have a reason, a purpose, and that is to learn EVERYTHING I can from TOP PEOPLE like yourself in order for me to look my daughters in the eye when I am older (42 now) and say “I tried”…They are 5 and 6 and make me smile and live even when I can’t. I am blessed to have my partner, family and friends who stuck with me when I went into my bubble..
      This was me 3 years ago highly medicated and lost and hurting because my life had gone. But we moved home, we are near the old Barnton hotel. Why do I tell you that? Because I like you. I think we could both learn something from each other, certainly I from you. All you said made sense, and I will now copy and paste what you said, research it to death and maybe do a blog and add you in with a blog of yours? Would that be ok? Maybe even Re-blog and add my own 2c…
      Please, feel free to join me here:

      Don’t have to tell me who or where you are my friend. I think we would have good debate because you are totally on point in what you say. Very educated and I can almost see an expert of sorts behind your font. You are a decent man…
      Please accept my friendship? I need to learn more Buddy. I see the human side and the suffering mostly in our World. I stand with Palestine but never hate Israel. I am pacifist, Nationalist, but I lost 2 emotions. Hate and fear. When I lost them blogging and a thirst for knowledge became the order of the day, in a controlled manner, I don’t live on here, it’s bad for one’s health I see in others for sure…

      Great comments…
      And next time? Keep your movie thoughts to yourself? 😀

      We good my friend…
      We good…

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    • OK..Read it 😀
      You did ask for a reply 😀 So here goes..
      I hear you on the Braveheart video’s but please understand over 60% of people who read my Blog are not Scottish, not even European. So to some in say? America, Australia, South Africa may see it as something that reminds them of Scotland. There are Ex-pats who have commented on various media about “Watching that stupid movie almost made me want to come home”..To people in Scotland, Scottish Born it’s BULL$H1T! I get that buddy. But it was still a strange comment. Was it needed? I don’t think so. But now I have explained, can we put 2 video’s that I do change daily or every few days, that are no longer there..Behind us? 😀 Can we do that 😀

      I am glad we met in the middle now we both know and now understand the question …
      P.T.0 😀

      OK…Great read and I also think vote SNP then Tommy or something, so the 2 biggest parties want the same thing will work. I know I do a lot of images of SNP, Alex, Nicola, but I do so for whatever reason.
      I think perhaps you and I could do with a voice chat because I can’t really give you full answers because, well I just can’t. This is kinda a reason. Back when Rangers screwed the Tax Man I was a Celtic fan writing about it..Looking back it was STUPID..But I was on TV, Radio the lot, I got carried away. Check .. Keep reading you will understand why I share..

      ShaunGibson1888 SSB 14 04 12 RE Lenny


      All this was amazing fun, I was speaking with Journalists and other well known people. I was so deep into the story I have Emails from Craig White to ‘whoever’ trying to sell Rangers when it was in Administration. Now Craig was doing this knowing he was looking at jail, but we had him cornered, we knew it all. Tommy In Glasgow was a guy VERY VOCAL and fun. I didn’t do this for hate, I did it because it felt right. Never did I hate. But my last ever blog on this was “Rangers will be back to the top league in 5 years with same stadium, name, and fan’s, fans who like some Celtic have a song book…BUT! Where I am leading you was to Channel 4’s Alex Thompson. He was ALL OVER THIS story and was threatened by a Journo who worked with the Daily Record who then went to work for the Rangers. So here I was having phone calls with a War Correspondent 😀 It was surreal, I loved Alex before 1 penny was missing from the Marble Stair case….
      …Why do I tell you all this? Because he was 1 of many who taught me ‘Structure’ on my blog. And it took time. I started with a blog called “PrayngForOneDay” and it was depressing as it was about my disability..So I backed it up, closed it and paid for ShaunyNews and if you go back 3 years on my blog the blogs have no Images, just You Tube and font…

      I don’t care for any 1 politician or political party when it comes to freeing Scotland..I believe the people will mate. I agree with all you say. But you are 1 from a lot to tell me a video was doing what? to page 😀 Mate we good ok..
      It worked so well this has happened in less than 18 months..

      Yeah, nearly 1.5 Million hits 😀 – WTF! RIGHT? 😀

      Many at this stage would get lost and think I am boasting..I hate compliments mate. I dislike any kind of validation of correctness. I am an ex Football Manager of 15 years and every one of the 50 + Trophies and Medals my teams won, be them the club I owned or at another club coaching..They are memories for me. I was a DJ, I lost my voice buddy to 3 Disabilities. And this is why I am here today.
      Truth be told when I am done with the boxing and killing myself in pain to get muscle tone 100% so I don’t die in 5 years… I will stop blogging. This is an ends to a means or an means to an end..And it’s kinda addictive also.

      I read a LOT of blogs and opinion, but buddy I only ever reply when I have something good to say. I never throw stones or give a moment to a moment I don’t want..

      We good? 😀
      Sorry mate…I am a talked, I lost my voice..This is it now buddy…All I have to live in the outside World today IS HERE…Sad or what?
      But soon I will be gone and all this bullshit will be done…
      Maybe you and I will remain friends? I hope you, people speak well about you and you do seem a decent person.
      For now.. lol
      Really bud, I didn’t have to share all that but you asked, so I told you every single thing you could ask. You know me now..And I know you a little more…
      Self image is not what I am here for, nor are numbers
      I want this Country free for many reasons…Here are 3…

      My partner and my 2 girls…My sons are all growd up and in love…I am only 42 😀 Pain hit me mid 20’s…And here I am…Now how was that for an answer to “Why have Braveheart Photos” 😀 HA HA #WeGood… I know we are


      • Shauny mate, you didn’t have to go to all that trouble, you already replied to me anyway, here and on the phone. Those two replies that just popped up were the first two I wrote, ten days ago, and they didn’t work at the time. They just disappeared, I thought forever. So I left it for a while and tried again, That time it worked and then we talked.

        Lots of interesting stuff there though. I’d love to discuss my plan for Scottish football with you one day, but that’s another subject. I’ll just say this for now, you don’t have to respond, but we’ll talk about it sometime – clubs should be clubs, not companies. 🙂

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      • Ach it’s just font mate and I was bored..
        And if you want to talk football with me, eat and go to the toilet 1st. Don’t start any jigsaws and prepared to be TACTALIZED to Death 😀 Like some I am just Andy Gray tactical board talk 😀

        …And it’s never a bad things to share your reality with people. It allows people to say “Like him” or “Hate him”…so humouring happens. It’s the net, nobody gets harmed…And I know you know all this..

        So I agree and have a good weekend buddy.. lol

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      • Hi Shauny, hope this goes in the right place. Certainly it’s ok to mention me, quote me, or whatever. Always happy to get a wee bit more exposure, and always happy to stand by what I’ve said. I read your article, and there is one piece of confusion you might want to clear up with an edit (?) – The Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) is not Tommy’s party. It used to be. Then there was a split as a result of his court case. He was kicked out, and formed his own party, which is called ‘Solidarity.’ The SSP still exists, and is now a part of the RISE alliance. I make no judgement on Tommy, or on the rights and wrongs of his split with his former comrades, because I wasn’t there and I don’t know ALL the facts. But I’m working on it. 😉

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      • Appreciate you letting me know buddy..If truth be told I just copied and pasted the wrong parts. Most of what you see is copy and paste…If I tag in a News organisation, everything below is copied from the source, the rest above is mind..Sometimes I just ask questions because I also want to learn how others would do things. This is why we have these groups..Ton of people learnt something tonight. So like I said yesterday? to you… It doesn’t matter who tells the story or truth, just as long as it’s told’…And tonight nobody can be in any doubt over the question…It is about 65% for SNP 1 & 2 and 35% who will split votes up… So tonight information was shared and I have you to thank for helping myself and others to understand the 2 vote rule better…There are many opinions and things didn’t agree on in the 100+ groups and 1,000 comments I am nearly done answering, and that can only be good…We have to debate this stuff. Like what we both agree on, the big stories are always known, the small stories, the stories where we could change things..These kinds of blogs only a handful of people do, I am glad I am one of them…Had I been here 3 years ago I would be laughing 😀 I wasn’t here then, I had a life…But this is good fun to be fair…
        Ta mate.


  2. Ok, 2nd attempt to reply, the first disappeared into the ether, not sure why. I’ll copy before posting this time, just in case. No, we’re fine, as I said in the post (if you had read on), I can disagree without being a dick about it. All I’m going to do is say that I had no idea you had a rule about not commenting on the clips you put up on the side, so I would respectfully request that you let that one go just this once, and I won’t do it again. The reason being that you said you were hoping to get some thoughts, and what I’ve written is a lengthy and thoughtful response, the vast majority of which relates directly to the original topic (and which took a good couple of hours to write by the way), so I’d very much appreciate hearing what you have to say about THAT, rather than about my brief foray into being a movie critic. How does that sound?



    • Sounds better fun than this, Sorry, can you please point me to where you ask me to reply? I answer hundreds of people a day over spectrum of media sharing or by having opinion. One thing I learn as my mind activates is no matter what WE write, people will disagree, hate, annoy. Once we accept this, it becomes so easy to play this stupid game of “Who speaks best” Always I say “Matter not who tells story, opinion or truth, just as long as someone does” I focus on stories that are not obvious because obvious is repetition and almost boredom my friend..
      Please remind me where you ask I reply please mate. Cheers


      • Relax mate, and check the dates on those comments. They were made before all my other ones, and before we spoke. Those are the ones I thought had disappeared. Went in the spam folder did they? Well, that’s one mystery solved, but nothing to be concerned about now. We sorted all this out, well they are dated the 2nd, so ten days ago. 🙂

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      • I get hundreds a day (Notifications) I will have a look backwards and find it buddy…Cheers for being decent… ‘Respect’ – PS: Good to find people who can act well on Social Media..Too many want to be the tough guy when in-fact they are not…Tough guys, real men, they don’t do that crap…So respect once more…Refreshing even… lol

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